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examples of tens and multiples of ten being used in the bible to denote completeness.

1st Edition 1st Quarter 2010

Here at Remnant, we believe that 2010 will be a Brilliant Season! As the scripture records in Isaiah chapter 60, “Behold, darkness shall cover the earth and great darkness the people; But the Lord will arise over you and His glory will be seen upon you. The gentiles shall come to your light, and Kings to the brightness of your rising.” This is a time of divine reaping of souls and benefits from on High!

Praise The Lord! It’s the year 2010 and I am so grateful to God for the many trials that He bought me through and the triumphs that He brought me to during the year 2009. “Many are the afflictions of the righteous,” says the Psalmist, “ but the Lord delivers him from every one (Psalm 34:19)!” “He is faithful that promised (Hebrews 10:23).”

Biblically, ten is a representation of the fullness or entirety of a thing. All of man’s moral laws were derived from the ten commandments. God showed the fullness of his wrath toward Egypt with ten plagues. Jesus related his second coming through the tale of the ten virgins. These are just a few among the many

Through the recession and multiple traumas of the last decade -- from the Y2K scare of 2000 and the terrorist attacks of 2001, to 2004’s Hurricane Katrina and the 2006 Tsunami in the Philippines -- this is a time of Glory for God’s Church. His people have been placed in a realm of opportunity to spread the message of Good News and the soon coming King! Opportunity doesn’t mean glamour on all accounts. The “darkness” mentioned in the scripture is represented by the natural disasters and depravity in the world around us. People are looking for truthful answers to the troubles that plague them today. As Believers, we hold the Key to piercing the darkness: The Risen Christ! I believe we will begin to see signs and wonders emerge throughout the Church in greater measure as the Body of Christ comes to realize the

fullness of God’s Power within. Greater fervency and devotion in this last hour will mark the saints to such a degree that people of authority and social prestige; “kings” of this present age will come to the Church for healings, deliverance, and the answers and advice that they need. They themselves will begin to experience the fullness of Christ!

We the members of Remnant of Christ , welcome our newest members: Mr. Jason George, Elder Daniel Courtney, and Miss Tiffany Johnson.

Jan 30 @ 5:30pm "Unsung Heroe" Awards Honoring Evangelist /First Lady Terry Williams of Rhema Ministries, Mr. and Mrs. Greg and Michelle Darby, and Elder Daniel Courtney. Jan 31 @ 4:00pm Bishop Andrew Williams and Rhema Ministries will be rendering the evening service of Abiding Branch Worship Temple. Remnant of Christ will be there to fellowship with both ministries.

Remnant of Christ honored Pastor Keturah Smith as the 2009 "Unsung Hero". She pastors Miracle Refuge and Deliverance Ministries of Haines City, FL. Pastor Keturah is also an elementary teacher at Garner Elementary where

she has taught for many years.

During the Summer Youth Dance Camp Program , girls ranging from ages 5 to 21 were trained in the ministry and method of liturgical praise dance. Many thanks to Pastors Bobby and Maureen Shaw, Minister Minnie Hamilton, Mrs.Brigette Harris and Mrs. Cache Townsend for entrusting their girls to our care and also their faithful attendance to the dance sessions! Also, special thanks to our dancers for their zeal and effort! May God continue to bless you all as you lift His name in dance! It was all of you that made the Summer Dance Camp a success!

The Under the Big Top Rainbow Tea and Celebration with special guest Mrs. Angel Coleman from the Miss Black Florida USA Pageant was a treat. Special Thanks to all Who participated including Minister Donald Lewis; Pastors Tim and Tracy Powell of All About Jesus and their congregation; to Co-Pastor Patricia Jenkins and her staff who decorated such a beautiful table; to Gregory and

Michelle Darby for the setting up and management of the food tables; to the young men who were in charge of the music and who were also the Christian Rappers; Last but not least, to First Lady Veria Walker of Abiding Branch Worship Temple of Lakeland, FL for her attendance. We had a wonderful, Holy-Ghost time Under the Big Top!

We truly honor God for sending such an awesome Man of God in our midst to set the year 2009 off to a tremendous start ! Thanks to Dr. /Elder Alfonso Boone for preaching this one night Revival. Dr. Boone Pastors Church of God by Faith in Memphis, TN. He is married to Fist Lady Cleopatra Boone. We thank the Pastors and the Church of God by Faith congregation from Dade City, FL, that accompanied him! We also thank Pastor Christopher Darby and the Zion Hill Missionary Baptist Church of Winter Haven for allowing us to host the Revival in their sanctuary. We were especially blessed to move into our building of worship located at 3545 Recker Highway in Winter Haven, FL. Special Thanks to Pastors Solomon and Patricia Jenkins and New Dimension of Faith of Lakeland, FL for ministering the dedication service. The Open Air Revival was a collaborative project of Bethel

Gospel Tabernacle and Remnant of Christ Ministries to reach lost souls for the Kingdom. There, many were ministered to and prayed for. Special thanks to Apostle Charles E. Williams , Pastor Jesse Hamilton, and the Faith Revival Time Outreach Ministries of Bethel Gospel Tabernacle from Lakeland, FL. As a result of the Open Air Revival, Remnant of Christ gained a member.

We were delighted and blessed to have Pastor Tim and Tracy Powell and the All About Jesus congregation to surprise us by coming to fellowship with us in October of 2009. Following their visit was a series of fellowship services called Family and Friends Sundays. Pastors who also graced our pulpit during the Family and Friends Sundays were: Pastors Bobby and Maureen Shaw and Ambassadors of Christ Ministries of Lakeland, FL Apostle Charles E. Williams and Bethel Gospel Tabernacle of Lakeland, FL. Pastor Tracy-Walker Jones and

Abiding Branch Worship Temple of Lakeland, FL. Pastor Jesse Hamilton and Bethel Gospel Tabernacle of Lakeland, FL AND Bishop Andrew Williams and Rhema Ministries of Winter Haven, FL Special thanks to each of you that gathered together your congregation and bought them along to fellowship with us. If either of you need the participation of the Remnant of Christ Ministry, please feel free to call upon us.

Thanks to: Pastors Bobby and Maureen Shaw and Ambassadors of Christ Ministries in Lakeland,FL Pastor Tracy Walker-Jones and First Lady Veria Walker and Abiding Branch Worship Temple in Lakeland, FL Pastors Tim and Tracy Powell and All About Jesus Ministries in Winter Haven, FL Pastors Solomon and Patricia Jenkins and New Dimensions of Faith in Lakeland, FL. Pastors David and First Lady Bernadette Dennis and Flaming Fire International Outreach in Orlando, FL

Thank you all for inviting us to come to your house of worship to serve you and your congregation whether it was through in by the Word of God or Praise dance!

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