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Get A Variety Of GREEN WASTE RECYCLING Services Under A Single Roof

Mobile Wood Grinding Services

1. Grind woods, stumps, brush, construction and demolition waste. 2. Durable and long lasting machine that holds its value. 3. Also offers mobile tree grinding, land & clearing services and brush removal services.

Green Waste Dumping Services


Branches, trees, logs Non-painted wood, lumber, plants Brush, Manure, Shavings and dirt

Green Waste Recycling & Disposal


Composting provides you a valuable soil fertilizer


Reduces disposal costs while creating a valuable usable product.


Reduces landfill and associated environmental effects.

Green Dumpster Rental

Haul Away Green Waste Wood Manure Dirt Concrete Trash

40yd. Dumpster Service

Delivery Services

Mulch Delivery Service

Wood Chip Delivery

Sand & Gravel Delivery

To – Homeowners Landscape contractors Plant nurseries Gardner’s Tree Trimmers

Sod Delivery Service

Landscape Sod, Sprinkler and Mulch Supplier


         

Compost Seed Topper Planter Mix Potting Mix Medium Dark Woods Small Dark Wood Chips Medium Light Wood Chips Small Light Wood Chips ¾ Pea Gravel 3/8 Pea Gravel

        

Ameri-Red Wood Chips Ch0c0late Brown wood chips Horizon Gold Woodchips Desert Gold Wood Chips Black wood chips Screened Soil D.G. Base Concrete Sand

Little About Us‌

For over 37 years, Agriscape, Inc. has been producing organic recycled compost, organic top soil, potting mix and a variety of colored wood chips. It offers delivery services to all five Southern California Countries: Riverside County, San Bernardino County, San Diego County, Orange County & Los Angeles County.

We have 2 locations Contact Us

Murrieta Address: 37760 Borel Rd. Murrieta, CA 92563 Lake View Address: 18712 Bridge St. Lake View, CA 92567 Phone: (951) 696-0651

Get a Variety of Green Waste Disposal Services under a Single Roof  

For over 37 years, Agriscape, Inc. has been offering variety of green waste disposal services including green dumpster rental, mobile wood g...