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“I feel more confident than ever that the power to save the planet rests with the individual consumer�, - Denis Hayes

Benefit #1 Disposing green waste effectively saves the environment. Storing green waste in your yard emits harmful liquids that can contaminate your community’s soil, air and water quality. When you handle this waste to green waste disposal companies they’ll dispose it efficiently without causing any effect to the environment.

Benefit #2 Letting green waste in your yard can attract flies, rats and roaches that carries harmful diseases. When disposed effectively, you can save your family from the diseases caused by animals.

Benefit #3 When you hire a green waste disposal service, you indirectly join hands in Green Earth. This means you’re encouraging recycling and other green technologies.

Benefit #4 Green waste disposal service compost the green wastes. Composting turns green waste into a range of high quality and natural soil conditioning products such as mulches, composts, blended soils and potting mixes, that are used in landscaping.

Benefits of Compost  Improves the structure of soil and its nutrient retaining properties.  Improves pastures and crop yields.  Reduces synthetic fertilizer usage and pesticide.  Reduces soil borne diseases. Materials that can be composted include: garden pruning, leaves, grass clippings, weeds, plants & flowers and hedge trimmings.

If you want to save both the environment and your family, seek help of Agriscape, Inc. that offers professional waste disposal service.

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Benefits of green waste disposal service  

Dumping green waste in your yard? Letting green waste in your yard can effect environment and your health. Read the benefits of green waste...