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Texas A&M University Agriculture Headquarters W e e k l y R e p o r t : 11 / 1 6 / 0 9 - 11 / 2 0 / 0 9

North View

1st Floor MEP Rough-In

1st Floor SOCF @ HQ

Main Entrance Stone Soffit


Texas A&M AGC Chapter Jobsite Visit

Placed first deck slab on carton form between grid 1-7 on Thursday 11.19.09.

MEP above ceiling rough-in at the 1st floor is ongoing.

Placed 5th floor deck grids 11.5-16 on Tuesday 11.17.09.

Started columns on the 5th floor deck that will support the roof deck.

Preparing the service yard foundation in ongoing.

Installing service feeders for TTI.

Placed first floor slab on carton forms @ the VC.

Continue to place columns at the VC 1st floor.

Completed the MEP rough-in at the first floor on the VC.

Held Texas A&M AGC Chapter jobsite visit on Friday 11.20.09 @ 11:30AM.

Skanska will have a Tailgate for the Baylor game on Saturday 11.21.09 at the jobsite.