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Texas A&M University Agriculture Headquarters Weekly Report: 4/5/10-4/9/10

South Elevation of HQ

Brick Veneer @ Service Yard

MEP Rough-in @ VC

Exterior Framing Northwest Side

Limestone @ the HQ

Sheathing @ Eyebrow

Thermal lines installation to the Visitors Center are 80% complete.

Exterior Limestone block installation is ongoing on the Southeast elevation.

Damproofing is complete on the first floor southeast elevation of the HQ.

Window frames are 75% complete on South elevation.

Continue to erecting masonry scaffold on the southeast side of the HQ.

Brick veneer installation at the service yard is 100% complete.

Exterior framing is being installed on the northwest side of the HQ.

Electrical distribution panels and wiring ongoing in HQ.

Installing sprinkler piping in the VC.

Laying out duct work at the VC and installing plumbing piping.

Sheathing of the eyebrow is 50% complete on the south side of the HQ.


W e e k l y R e p o r t : 4 / 5 / 1 0 - 4 / 9 / 1 0 Brick Veneer @ Service Yard Sheathing @ Eyebrow South Elevation of HQ Exterior Framing N...

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