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Texas A&M University Agriculture Headquarters Weekly Report: 3/22/10-3/26/10

South View of HQ

Erecting Scaffold

HQ Roof

Framing Eyebrow

Window Frames

Starting to install sheathing on the eyebrow.

Continue to install the main roof on the HQ.

Completed the framing and sheathing of the south elevation of the HQ.

Window frames are being installed on the south side of the HQ.

Erecting masonry scaffold on the southeast side of the HQ.

Continue to damproof the south exterior wall on the HQ.

Installing the eyebrow on the north side of the HQ.

Panel installation at the service yard is ongoing.

Installing fan power boxes throughout the HQ.

Installing electrical panels throughout the HQ.

Installing metal flashing at the window sills on the south elevation of the HQ.

Panels at Service yard


W e e k l y R e p o r t : 3 / 2 2 / 1 0 - 3 / 2 6 / 1 0 South View of HQ Framing EyebrowHQRoof Erecting Scaffold Panels at Service yard Wind...