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Texas A&M University Agriculture Headquarters Weekly Report: 2/22/10-2/26/10

North View of HQ

Roof Drain Piping @ VC

Electrical Secondary

South Side View of HQ

Parapet Wall @ VC

Pipe Insulation

Installing electrical secondary to the Visitors Center.

Finished framing and sheathing the mechanical and electrical rooms of the 1st floor

Continue to top out corridor walls throughout the HQ

Fan Power Box installation is ongoing.

The misc. steel being installed at the south elevation will be complete by next week.

Installation of the main roof at the HQ is ongoing.

Panels and feeders are being installed in the electrical rooms on the 1st floor

CMU parapet at the high and low roofs of the VC is roughly 85% complete.

Eyebrow steel at the south elevation is completely hung.

Framing and sheathing exterior walls of the penthouse is 80% complete.

The mock-up has been approved by the Design Review Baord.


W e e k l y R e p o r t : 2 / 2 2 / 1 0 - 2 / 2 6 / 1 0 Roof Drain Piping @ VC Pipe Insulation North View of HQ South Side View of HQElectri...

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