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Entourage is a television series that was originally broadcast on the cable channel HBO. The series first debuted in 2004 and lasted for seven years, airing its final episode in 2011. The show focuses on the lives of four life long friends from Queens, New York. The boys are now amongst Hollywood’s most elite, but that doesn’t mean they’re playing by the rules. Vincent Chase (Adrian Grenier), is on his way to becoming Hollywood’s most sought after actor. However, Vincent likes to do things his own way even if it means jeopardizing his career at times. When Vince does have a high paying job, he spares no expense buying his boys new Maserati’s or a

new million dollar house for them to live in. His lifelong best friend Eric Murphy (Kevin Connolly), originally the manager of a pizza shop in New York City, now works managing Vincent’s acting career. His other childhood friend, Turtle (Jerry Ferrara) works as Vincent’s driver while his half brother, Drama (Kevin Dillion) lives off his famous brother and constantly attempts to pick back up his dead acting career. The series starts off in media res, with Vincent just having made his first real film. Vincent is still in the process of making a name for himself though and has yet to be fully established as an A-list actor. The main focus of the series follows Vince’s emerging career as an actor although Drama, Turtle and Eric are also key characters in the plot. Throughout the seasons we see the boys mature. Vincent goes through multiple career ups and downs, which end with him getting addicted to drugs. Eric eventually gets a real job in a management company, rather than just managing Vincent from inside their home. Drama gets his acting career back on track and Turtle goes back to college in hopes of becoming more independent. At the beginning of the show the boys rely on each other financially and emotionally. Throughout the seasons we see the boys take their own paths and grow from being boys from Queens to being men in Hollywood. Although they might not be

so dependent on each other as they grow older, the love and bond between the four is always very apparent. Entourage serves as both a comedy and a drama. There are a few things that make this show unique. The first, as aforementioned is that the show started off in media res. Using this stylistic technique was a good tool for setting the scene for the rest of this high paced, high drama series. Just as when the series first opens, there is never a dull moment throughout the show.

Another interesting aspect of Entourage is the unique perspective it provides on the behind the scenes, inner workings of Hollywood. Entourage is produced by actor Mark Wahlberg and is supposed to be based loosely upon his life. Although the show can be very vulgar and profane at times, Wahlberg keeps it in the show because that’s what working in Hollywood truly was like in his experience. Entourage provides an unsugar coated glimpse into the gritty parts of Hollywood that most shows and movies choose to gloss over. Unlike most comedy-dramas, Entourage focuses on a group of men instead of trying to make it more viewer friendly by making the main characters men and women. But the characters in the show are so diverse

and relatable to each viewer in their own way. Whether you are male or female you can relate to Drama’s constant struggle to rise back up to the top. And everyone has that one friend like Vince who they are jealous of because they are good looking and always get what they want. This show appeals to the viewers’ human nature and thus a much vaster majority of people as opposed to trying to target a specific age group or gender. Entourage also appeals to many people because it is both a comedy and a drama and has the perfect amount of both. The show is certainly drama filled because we see all the ups and downs the characters encounter, but little bursts of comedy are inserted throughout the show to make it not so dark. One of the most outstanding instances of drama in the show is seeing the rapid rise and decline of Vincent as he goes from being Hollywood’s Golden Boy to crashing and burning as his hard core drug addiction takes over his life. Although this series of events are very intense and dark, once again little bits of comedy thrown in and there help lighten the show.

Throughout the seven seasons of the show we see many changes in the characters’ personalities and in their relationships with other people. The four friends financial situation change, their romantic relationships change, but one thing never changes: the friendship amongst each other. The boys are surrounded by some of most successful people in the world but they still act like the boys from Queens. Throughout the show the four friends look out for each other and share in each other successes. If one of the boys has even the smallest problem they can always count on their friends to be just a phone call away. For example whenever Vincent is filming or has a meeting with his agent all of the boys are right there with him. Whenever Vince gets a big break he always looks out for his friends. If he’s not helping Turtle manage rappers than he’s asking if there’s a role for his brother in one of his movies. Overall I recommend Entourage to people who are interested in all different types of shows. Entourage is about a bunch of people who live the ideal life. Who wouldn’t want to be living in Hollywood with their three best friends? I think the show does a great job showing us how you can really become anything you want to. Whenever Vincent doesn’t want to do something, he stands his ground and although it may seem like he made the wrong decision it always works out for him in the end. The show is

entertaining and always leaves you wanting to know what will happen in the next episode. Throughout the seven seasons you start to feel like you know the characters and really become entangled in their lives to the point where you feel like they’re your own friends.

Entourage Review  
Entourage Review