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Versatile tripod security barrier AGP Trilock provides an effective means of controlling pedestrian access and is characterised by its extremely reliable mechanism, robust construction and stylish design. The attractive design of the AGP Trilock makes it particularly suitable for environments such as reception areas in corporate, governmental and financial offices, museums or passenger terminals. Bi-directional access control AGP Trilock can provide either single- or bi-directional control. The following working principles are possible in either direction: • Free access • Access permanently mechanically locked • Access controlled electronically Emergency AGP Trilock is available with either rigid or collapsible arms in fail-secure or fail-safe versions. While the fail secure models ensure that the entrance stays blocked in cases of emergency or power failure, fail-safe models will either unlock to freely rotate or drop the collapsible arm, depending on the type of mechanism chosen.

Access authorisation Users are typically authorised by means of an access control system such as a card reader, although authorisation via an external manual override, for example at the reception desk is also possible. After authorisation, the tripod mechanism unlocks for a rotation of 120°, allowing access to one person. To create access for wheelchairs or persons with large goods or luggage, an AGP Winglock can be installed as a side gate.

Standard Dimensions and Capacity A Unit length (mm)

B Passage width (mm)

C Arm length (mm)

D Arm height (mm)

E Unit height (mm)

F Overall width (mm)

Capacity (persons/ minute)












Stylish Design Finishing AGP Trilock cabinet is finished with linish stainless steel. The top and front cover are available in a number of custom materials, such as stainless steel, marble, glass and a choice of timber finishes. The three arms are constructed of linished stainless steel. Construction AGP Trilock cabinet is stylishly designed with a slight curvature at the back of the cabinet. The top panel is detachable to allow easy access to the electronics located on top and the mechanism below. AGP Trilock mechanism is developed for a long life, using self-lubricating parts. Options available • Rigid or collapsible mechanism • Top and front cover of stainless steel satin finish, glass, veneer plating, cherry-, oak-, or beech-wood • Adaptation of the unit for installation of a card reader subject to the measurements and characteristics of the reader • External push buttons • External control panel • An electrical counter to monitor the number of passages • Matching guide rails with mid rail or glass infill, in a variety of dimensions

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Bi-directional access control secure models ensure that the entrance stays blocked in external manual override, for example at the reception...