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The high security revolving door The AGP Security-FV series revolving door is a state of the art automatic security door providing simultaneous entry and exit. Australian designed and manufactured, the AGP ‘FV’ Series provides a modern prestigious entrance along with security features to ensure only authorised persons are allowed entry and egress. Bi-directional Access Control The AGP Security-FV is fully automatic and can provide continuous security access in both directions simultaneously. The revolving door provides a greater throughput of traffic and reduces the need for full time manned security at the entrance of a building. AGP Security-FV can be manufactured in a range of sizes from 1500mm to 2400mm in diameter and either 3 or 4 leaf configuration. Aesthetic Appeal Apart from the high security features of AGP ‘FV’ series, the design of the revolving door is stylish and modern, providing a striking entrance to any building. The unique full glass construction of the carousel, with no metal central column, provides clear and unobstructed vision.

Flexible Design AGP can advise on the level of security options and safety features required for your door and will custom build a security entrance to meet your requirements. Quality Finish The Security-FV revolving door can be supplied in a range of finishes including powdercoated and anodised aluminium, stainless steel, brass and timber. All cladding is folded over to provide a neat finish with no visible fixings. The side walls of the door can be either curved or faceted safety glass. Ballistic and attack glass options can be provided for even greater security.

How does the Security-FV work? Door Operation The door is fitted with a two (2) position key operated mode switch. The key can be removed in either positon leaving the door set in that mode. These functions are as follows:

‘ON’ Mode This mode is used when the door is in normal security operation ‘LOCK’ Mode The door is locked. Should automatic sliding clamshells be installed, these will automatically slide across to close off the entrance for greater security at night.

Dimensions and Capacity















2100 - 2800

2100 - 2800




A 1500 - 2400

A 1500 - 2400

Note: All doors can be custom built to any size required


AGP is the quality leader in the field of security Security Sensors In the centre rotating ceiling there are infrared presence sensors that will detect users in each segment of the revolving door. Should a person attempt an unauthorised entry into the revolving door, these sensors will detect them and sound a alarm, preventing the revolving door from operating and other people from using the door, until the unauthorised user has left the door.

entrance technology. For more information, contact us: 9 Liberty Road Huntingwood NSW 2148 Australia Telephone (+61) 02 9671 0000 Facsimile (+61) 02 9672 1951 Email:

AGP Security - Revolving Door  

entrance of a building. AGP Security-FV can be manufactured The AGP Security-FV is fully automatic and can provide column, provides clear an...

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