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Operable Glass Facade the AGP FULLVIEW SERIES ....... all glass for total vision

Macquarie Apartments, Sydney



Macquarie Apartments, Sydney

The striking design feature of this prestige apartment building is the unique operable glass facade.

elements and diminishes noise from the city traffic and enable habitation of the balcony spaces all year.

Designed, manufactured and installed by Architectural Glass Projects Pty Limited, this facade allows the residents to capitalise on the Sydney climate.

This is the first building in the world to have a fully operable glass facade that is structurally supported entirely by glass. The facade can fully open or close in just five seconds.

This glass facade is motorised to fully open in fine weather and provide maximum protection from the environment in inclement weather. It acts as a screen wall that provides protection from the

In the architect’s view this is a tectonic construction of elements conceived as a transparent and operable facade that floats against the cantilevered balconies of the apartment build-

155 Macquarie Street Sydney

For optimum clarity and unobstructed vision, the structural glass fins run full height from floor to ceiling. Special pivot bearings and axles were designed so that the two fins of glass act as an assembly. Any deflections caused by movement in the building is accommodated by the fin assembly. An internal balustrade is also fully supported

by the glass fins to further enhance the unique design. In each apartment the facade is divided into ten independent operable zones that allow the resident to open sections of the facade to meetheir individual requirements for that day.

For safety protection special active infrared sensors are mounted in the ceiling to provide an invisible safety barrier on the inside of the entire glass facade. A purpose built control system with a central processing unit and a programmable ROM chip was designed for each apartment. All motors, safety sensors, limit switches and brakes are connected back to the control system. When strong winds or a storm approach a signal is sent to the control system in each apartment and any open windows will automatically close.

Low iron glass provides unsurpassed optical clarity. It is possible to look through many layers of glass and still be able to see images clearly. There is no colour distortion on the edges of the glass blades where normal glass would appear green.

155 Macquarie Street Sydney

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AGP Fullview Series  

the AGP FULLVIEW SERIES ....... all glass for total vision ARCHITECTURAL GLASS PROJECTS PTY LIMITED Macquarie Apartments, Sydney

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