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How it works

Social Networking?

Poken Activation

Poken - how does it work? Easy. In the real world... you can instantly connect with new friends, across social networks, and track when and where you meet them. Simply touch the hands of the Poken together for 2-3 seconds and you are connected. Then when you're at any computer with internet access, the hand pulls out of the body to reveal a USB connector. Plug the hand into the computer and easily upload your new contacts to the PokenHub.

The fun stuff! Once you have activated your Poken, you can choose what social network profiles you would like to share with people when you meet them in the real world. Multiple profiles can be setup, so you can control what information you share! After you have set them up a small logo of the social network you are sharing will be displayed on your Poken Card - each icon is a direct link to your profile. Your Poken card only shows the basic information you wish to share. Your contacts can view your Poken Card, but if they want to see more, they have to click the logo to view your profile on the social networking site.

You and your friends can view all of your contacts alphabetically, or chronologically in your "social timeline", to see how "out an about" you have been. You can also send messages, group contacts, and keep secret and personal notes about your contacts!

So go find your poken!

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Poken - a must tool for social networks. Learn how poken works.