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What is EVS? It is once in a lifetime opportunity to do a voluntary service abroad for up to 12 months, totally financed by EC (Erasmus+ Programme). EVS means “European Voluntary Service” and it’s a mobility programme that anyone with less than 30 years can do - once in a lifetime! There is no other restrictions - you don’t have to be a student to do it, you can be from any country and of any nationality. EVS can be short term or long term (from 2 weeks to one year) and a youngster can do it in any country except for the one where they live in. Volunteers get accommodation, health insurance, language course, return airplane ticket,, pocket money and Youthpass certificate. They do the service up to 35 hours per week and have paid free days - 2-2.5 days per each month of their EVS. EVS is 100% financed by Erasmus+, which is EU programme that supports mobility of young people and professionals. You can learn more about all the conditions on the website Management of Erasmus+ in Portugal is done by Portuguese National Agency with headquarters in Braga and website

What is DO STH NICE? DO STH NICE: Discover Opportunities, Seize The Day, Never Ignore Creative Energy was an EVS project consisting of 2 activities. One long term EVS, from July to October 2016, and one short term EVS, lasting for one and two months during summer 2016. We received 6 volunteers: Jovana from Serbia, Tibor from Hungary, Dragan from Bosnia, Katrina from Latvia, Beatrice from Romania and Marko from Serbia. The project followed the main objectives of Agora Aveiro: helping creation of more active community and raising awareness of some important social issues. Volunteers supported local activities of Agora Aveiro, helped with organisation of already scheduled activities but also proposed their own ideas and managed their own projects with the help of our local volunteers. Some of the activities they took part in were: Human Library, Suspended Coffee, I love Aveiro, Language Exchange Meetings, creative workshops… Our partners in this project were: Radi Vidi Pats (Latvia), GEYC (Romania), ReCreativity (Hungary), BINS (Serbia) and Centre for children, youth and family (Bosnia and Herzegovina)


Everyone less than 30 years old can do EVS service, for up to 12 months, in any country.. It’s once in a lifetime opportunity.

Did they do sth nice? Volunteers were invited to join the existing activities of Agora Aveiro, but also challenged to develop their own projects. All the way, they had support from Agora’s staff and local volunteers. When they were asked to 1 describe themselves before and after EVS and 2 to say what was the most important thing that they learnt, these were the answers:

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Beatrice Panduru

Dragan Ostic

Katrina Ozola

Before EVS I wished I was doing something more meaningful both for me, and for the society. During I discovered ways in which I can do this, and now, months after, I am fulfilling dreams.

Before EVS, I didn’t have clear idea about things that are worth working and living. After EVS it crystallized and working and living are way easier now.

Before EVS sometimes I felt like a hamster running on a wheel; long hours at the office, no time for activities I used to do before just for fun! After EVS I felt more inspired, full of energy and now I find time to do something nice every day, both to myself and people around.

That friendship and cooperation go beyond cultural boundaries, as long as there is good communication.

About Freedom!

I learned how to organise my time and how to develop initiatives.




Jovana Georgievski

Marko Radojevic

Tibor Miglinci

Before EVS I wasn’t sure if people could live a life without 100 existential stresses a day. After Portugal, I know there are at least few places in the world, where this is possible. The fact itself is a happy thought for life.

Before EVS I didn’t know anything about EVS and Aveiro and didn’t know what does it mean being a volunteer and living abroad. After EVS I became a big promoter of EVS and Aveiro became my second hometown.

Before EVS I was not sure if I can face different challenges. After EVS I realised that I can probably do anything.

That I should be more self-confident and not go so harsh on myself, because I’m not as bad as I think I am. I’m just fine :)

You never know where your friends for life can be and when you will meet them.

That people that are important to me deserve more of my time.

I LOVE AVEIRO This lovely project was proposed by Katrina, but everyone instantly loved it. It’s a an online storybook with texts and photos showing interesting places, people and traditions of Aveiro. As part of this project EVS volunteers also repainted the iconic stairs of Aveiro: I love Aveiro.

W ORKSHOPS Marko, Tibor, Jovana and Dragan organised over 30 workshops in just 2 months. These workshops were free of charge and open for anyone who wanted to participate. We learned about traveling, languages, culture, psychology etc. They also provided several free walking tours in Aveiro. Over 300 people attended workshops and tours.

H UMAN LIBRARY After 3 months in Aveiro, three long term EVS volunteers organised and participated in the Human Library event which objective was promotion of EVS. We had six “human books” that are somehow related to EVS, and over 40 “readers” participated.


Every year, Agora Aveiro promotes the importance of mental health and so EVS volunteers organised interesting activity to celebrate this day.


Beatrice participated in these casual meetings where people come to learn languages in Bucharest and decided to develop it in Aveiro. It was a great success and still today, many months after, people gather once per week on Language Exchange Meetings that our local volunteers keep organising.


EVS volunteers accepted with great excitement challenge of implementing project “Suspended Coffee” in Aveiro. They designed themselves promo materials, established partnerships with the cafes and promoted it. This project still lasts in Aveiro: in 8 cafés around the town customers can pay for an extra coffee and whoever wants can take it for free later.





You can also do it! If you would like to have a similar international experience, contact us. Agora Aveiro, besides hosting, also sends EVS volunteers abroad. See more on our website, get in touch with us or visit us personally. We can help you find your dream EVS project. | |


Do sth nice EVS Project @ Agora Aveiro, Portugal  

“DO STH NICE: Discover Opportunities, Seize The Day, Never Ignore Creative Energy” was an EVS project consisting of one long term EVS (July-...

Do sth nice EVS Project @ Agora Aveiro, Portugal  

“DO STH NICE: Discover Opportunities, Seize The Day, Never Ignore Creative Energy” was an EVS project consisting of one long term EVS (July-...