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530 West 25th Street, New York, NY

Frenetic staccato strokes and vibrant colors characterize Elvira Fournier’s paintings. Bursts of light and energy flow from every point, displaying Fournier’s exuberant passion for her work. Thickly layered materials create the painterly effect of Fournier’s abstract expressionist pieces. Fournier likes to let her imagination run wild as it propels her across peaks, valleys, spirals and swarms of existential and spiritual philosophizing. The ‘Deep Jungle’ series baptizes the viewer in splashes, sputtering greens and blues. The Cathedral invites the viewer into another sort of spiritual encounter, throwing violent blues from a technicolor foreground.

With abstraction, Fournier notes that figures “become strange” forcing one to look differently at that which was once familiar. Fournier’s work does just that by filtering her everyday inspirations (her garden, her travels, her mountain town, and her dog) into deeply felt expression: swooping lines and cascading colors confront the eye in a wild flourish. In her work, Fournier asks the viewer to access memories of past lives carried by the soul in a cosmic transcendent journey, like in Soul Resurrection where we see swirling shapes in geometric pageantry flocking the otherworldly scene.

Fournier lives and works in León, where she is able to dedicate herself full-time to her arts practice.


Abstract Landscape I, 2021 Oil on Canvas 35.5” x 41” $3150 BUY ON ART-MINE.COM
BUY ON ART-MINE.COM Attain, 2022 Oil & Ink on Canvas 46” x 33” $3400
Babylon, 2022 Oil & Ink on Canvas 37.5” x 37.5” $3100 BUY ON ART-MINE.COM
BUY ON ART-MINE.COM Cacao Ceremony, 2022 Oil on Canvas 29.5” x 48.5” $2950
Deep Jungle, 2021 Oil on Canvas 20” x 27.5” $2400 BUY ON ART-MINE.COM
BUY ON ART-MINE.COM Deep Jungle II, 2022 Mixed Media on Canvas 28.5” x 37.5” $2900
BUY ON ART-MINE.COM Dimension VII, 2020 Mixed Media on Canvas 56.5” x 60.5” $4150
Dimension X, 2020 Oil on Canvas 39.5” x 32” $3000 BUY ON ART-MINE.COM
BUY ON ART-MINE.COM Fibonacci, 2021 Oil on Canvas 46” x 35.5” $3250
Grutas, 2018 Oil on Canvas 23.5” x 20” $2300 BUY ON ART-MINE.COM
BUY ON ART-MINE.COM La Flor de la Vida, 2022 Mixed Media on Canvas 40.5” x 35.5” $3100
Microcosmos II, 2022 Oil on Canvas 30.5” x 50.5” $2650 BUY ON ART-MINE.COM
Pericarp, 2022 Oil on Canvas 53” x 33.5” $3400 BUY ON ART-MINE.COM
Plenilunio, 2022 Oil on Canvas 43.5” x 36.5” $2750 BUY ON ART-MINE.COM
BUY ON ART-MINE.COM Soul Resurrection, 2022 Mixed Media on Canvas 37.5” x 37.5” $3100
BUY ON ART-MINE.COM Staircase, 2022 Oil on Canvas 37.5” x 37.5” $3100

My works require careful observation, so that all the elements that make up a piece and the story they tell can be uncovered. The story, however, is not set, but rather deciphered based on each individual’s perception. I want people who look at the piece, make it their own, and see what each stroke, shape, and texture evokes in them.

My sources of inspiration are nature, spirituality, and theology. I channel my inner world as well as invisible and intangible energies, those that move the world and the universe.

With my work I hope to offer a source of knowledge, inspiration, and development for human minds. I wish to excite and captivate viewers by presenting a unique perspective. I see art as a tool for developing individual and collective consciousness, one that can help society connect with its purest essence.



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