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prime printing technologies


Prime Printing Technologies

Positioning and Philosophy Prime Printing Technologies is a Pelikan Hardcopy Production AG brand. It stands for top quality with the best value for money on the market as well as having innovative power together with an optimised time to market. Behind the new brand there are decades of experience and enormous market-proven development, manufacture and sales of imaging toners and inks to the printing industry. That is why prime printing technologies products are based on the sound competence of our own technology centre – located in Switzerland in the centre of Europe. Our company philosophy consists of uncompromising customer focus, professionalism and high quality continuity ensured by strict monitoring and control. Assured fast response times – directly from the factory to the customer’s warehouse – are of prime importance to us. As market partners with the printing industry and distributors of private labels in the European market, we set standards in reliability, customer proximity and flexibility. That is why we offer a comprehensive range from which all products and solutions can be tailor-made as required; perfectly suited to the specific market requirements and needs of our customers.

Vision and mission We are proud of our successes, but we continue to work hard every day so as to ensure that our product range will continue to meet the rapidly changing requirements at all times in the future. All of our customers should be able to benefit directly from the innovations and achievements of our technology to an even greater extent that at present. In this way we are real facilitators who enable our market partners in industry and distribution to achieve substantial and sustainable success: Your success is our goal!


Prime Printing Technologies

Divisions Our company Pelikan Hardcopy Production AG offers a variety of different products. Not only are we known for our solid, high-quality products, but also for our tailor-made solutions for every individual customer or company. We offer to the consumers a reliable alternative to the products of the printer manufacturers, providing the same quality and yield but at a more attractive price. Be it in the field of private label, in the field of our multitude of toner solutions or in the area of ink with our industrial UV ink. One step ahead – our sales managers are always in touch with our customers. Just give us a call and the sales manager will hop on a plane and head in your direction. Trust our technology. Trust us! We are there for you!

Branded printer supplies We can offer a fully customized private label packaging layout, which integrates the Pelikan Hardcopy Production AG product line smoothly into your existing range. Pelikan Hardcopy Production AG Toner and Inkjet products are available in Prime Printing Technologies brand and Private label design.

Toner technologies All Prime Printing Technologies toners and finished goods in bulk, like toner cartridges are developed and produced within our production plant in Europe. Our team of specialists ensures that all toners, as well as compatibilities are up-to-date in terms of market requirements and are in tune with technical trends and developments. All bulk toners are available in bottles, bags and barrels. We can guarantee that only tested, high and stabile quality products find their way into the market.

Industrial inks Ensure your success with Prime Printing Technologies Industrial inks. Pelikan Hardcopy Production AG is well known as the technology leader in consumables and industrial inks. Pelikan Hardcopy Production AG, the Swiss technology company of the Pelikan group, is dedicated to new ink and printing technologies. With Prime Printing Technologies Industrial inks we started a successful new development to serve the digital printing and packaging industry. Pelikan Hardcopy Production AG is a partner of the printer and printhead manu­ facturers. Our Prime Printing Technologies Industrial inks are mainly used in the pharmaceutical, cosmetics, and food industries, with excellent print results on folding boxes, aluminium blisters, aluminium foil and OPP films.

OEM and R&D Services Working in harmony with our customers, we produce optimum solutions for the various industries. Our many customers include significant original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) who trust us to develop and manufacture printer supplies for their needs.

Empties We are always looking for empties. Collecting empties – protecting the environment in the continually developing market of printer supplies, recycling and waste reduction are high profile issues. One of the largest collectors of empty cartridges in Europe, Pelikan Hardcopy Production AG collects empty inkjet and toner cartridges and provides wide individual collection programs adapted to each customer. We offer a return process tailored to your individual requirements utilizing numerous proven collection concepts.

prime printing technologies


Prime Printing Technologies

Research and Development Pelikan Hardcopy Production AG has achieved excellent quality, thanks to heavy investment in research and development. All Prime Printing Technologies products are developed and manufactured in our own production plant in Europe. Within our R&D Department a team of specialists is dedicated to the ongoing developments of toners, inks and other consumables and thanks to a consistent quality management system, Pelikan Hardcopy Production AG can guarantee that only tested, chemically and technically faultless products of high quality standards find their way into the market. In order to achieve the best results, Pelikan Hardcopy Production AG has invested in some highly sophisticated equipment for measurement and analysis, including an electron microscope and a GC/MS spectrometer. These scientific instruments allow Pelikan Hardcopy Production AG to set stringent standards when purchasing raw materials and to use only those materials which are safe for both environment and health.


Prime Printing Technologies

Quality and Warranty Based on the company's experience in manufacturing printer consumables, Pelikan Hardcopy Production AG can offer a wide range of semi-finished parts for toner and inkjet cartridges, as well as finished products for inkjet, laser and LED printers, fax machines and dot matrix printers.

Top Quality Prime Printing Technologies printer consumables conform to all established international standards. Safety and compatibility with OEM equipment is confirmed by independent authorities. Prints of perfect sharpness, brilliant colours as well as high yield have secured top positions for Prime Printing Technologies ink products in consumer tests in leading magazines.

ISO 9001 / 14001 Certified / OHSAS 18001 Pelikan Hardcopy Production AG has been maintaining a quality management system according to the specification of ISO 9001 for many years. In February 2005 the effectiveness of the QM-system was approved by SGS and thereafter extended until 2007. Pelikan Hardcopy Production AG has been certificated since 1998. These principles, specified in the Pelikan Hardcopy Production AG company policy, apply to all levels of production, distribution, R&D as well as the world-wide sales and marketing of the products. In an era where international laws regarding the environment are becoming stricter all the time, we put our main emphasis on the development of environmentally friendly manufacturing processes and raw materials proven not to be damaging to health.

DIN 33870 / DIN 33871-1 Standard Pelikan Hardcopy Production AG was one of the first producers of recycled toner and ink cartridges to have fulfilled the new DIN 33870 (toner) and DIN 33871-1 (inkjet) standards requirements. All our range of Prime Printing Technologies toner modules and inkjet cartridges are produced according to this German industrial standard. The DIN standard describes the strict requirements and tests for the treatment of used inkjet cartridges. The standard specifies the criteria for the condition, storage, packaging and identification. Before the products meet and comply with this standard, they must undergo exhaustive tests and meet specified conditions. These tests cover genetically harmful effects (AMES test), toner adhesion, yields and tests in climatic chambers.

Tested and certified






308034 Toner Cartridges



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2 years guarantee LGA tested for harmful substances tested Nordic Swan Ecolabel Print stability / Toner adhesion


Prime Printing Technologies

Contacts Do you have any questions, comments or suggestions? Do you need additional information about Pelikan Hardcopy Production AG, our products or services? We would be pleased to hear your feedback.

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