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ANGIE GOELLER Vs. The Real World

ABOUT ME After completing my Bachelor degree in Psychology, I decided to head towards a more creative field. Advertising had always been in the back of my mind, but come the summer of 2011, it was in my hands. Originally planning to go down the Art Direction path, I discovered Strategic Planning. It was the perfect blend of my two passions, research and creativity.

INTERESTS If not found behind the glow of my laptop, I can typically be discovered doing one of three things. First, walking around the neighborhood of Lakeview, looking for a new hole-in-the-wall shop or restaurant. Second, enjoying a few craft beers with my friends, while people watching. Or third, sitting in front of my TV playing video games.

STATS Research Creativity Design Teamwork Communication Drive Fun


Wrigley 5gum


Thermador Freedom Induction Cooktop


John Deere 2013 9 series Round Baler


Box O Zombies


MARCH 2012

Wrigley Gum

Men & women, 16-25 are two times more likely to chew gum compared any other age group. Today, young adults are strongly drawn to products that are energizing and stimulating.

What’s going on in the market:

Target audience:

Sugar-free gum leads in the market. Wrigley did have a decline in sales in 2011 due to the lowering economy. This year they plan to consistently create new, fresh flavors in sugar-free gum to keep the customer interest rising.

16-25 year old, female & male. The consumers are gamers and tech savvy, with social media websites in which they regularly use and update. Up to date with latest technology, such as smart phones & tablets.

Current perception of this brand/product:

What’s the single most important thing to say:

5gum is still a young in this market and has done well with being recognized as a sugar free gum. Seen as a fresh, hip, alternative to the standard brands like Trident or Spearmint and Doublemint.

5gum is a unique sugar-free gum with long-lasting energizing flavors.


Wrigley’s biggest competitor, Kraft, has Stride gum which directly competes with 5Gum. Stride aims towards the same target audience and focuses on long-lasting, invigorating flavors as well.

Highlight 5gum’s long-lasting, energizing flavors while promoting their newest online game.


PrintUsing 5gum as energy source for electronic devices to emphasis the energizing, longlasting effect.


Thermador Freedom Induction Cooktop

Consumers are frustrated with the lack of space when cooking. Especially when they're cooking large meals and need more space, control, and freedom over the placement of their pots and pans.

What’s going on in the market?

Target audience:

Kitchen appliances are using modern technology, with features like touch screen buttons and sensor capabilities. In today’s economy, many people are renovating and upgrading their appliances so sales have been steadily growing.

28-60 year old, highly educated, upper class men and women. Enjoy having parties at home, cooking and entertaining their guests. Enjoy wine tastings, trying new recipes, and expanding their palette. Like cooking magazines and cooking TV channels.

Current perception of this brand/product:

What’s the single most important thing to say:

Thermador started as an inventive brand, introducing stainless steel appliances and the first wall oven/cook top in the ‘40s. Today, Thermador is a luxury brand, with innovative technology but high prices.

Thermador Freedom Cook top is the first induction cook top to allow complete freedom in placement of pots and pans.

Objective: Introduce Thermador Freedom Induction Cook top and it’s revolutionary flexibility in cookware placement.

Competition: LG & Samsung are considered more affordable and easier to acquire in the kitchen appliances. GE & Samsung are biggest competitors with induction cook tops, their cost targets more towards middle to upper middle class.

OutdoorAt European Market. Chef w/ demo cooktop, customers place pots and pans. Chef hands out recipe cards with information about cooktop on back

InteractiveGame visited on Thermador site, pick and place various sizes of pots & pans PrintShows events where many pots/pans are needed and how easy it is with cooktop. Connects with consumer & need for space/freedom during holiday events (images are roughs)


John Deere 2013 9 series round balers

Farmers are looking for affordable, but durable equipment. Have tendency to stick with brands traditionally used by family

What’s going on in the market?

Target audience:

Sales in agricultural equipment have been steadily on the rise for John Deere. So far this year, the US Market has been the leader in their worldwide sales. Everyday equipment, such as lawn mowers, have been on the rise, while commercial equipment has stayed fairly stable.

25-65 year old male commercial farmers. Typically hold a high school degree and often, an associate or bachelor degree in agriculture. Most American farmers are second or third generation farmers. They hold a sense of pride that they are doing what their father and grandfathers did to support their country and family.

Current perception of this brand/product: John Deere is considered the traditional American farming brand. They lead sales in Farm Machinery in the United States. The average commercial farmer considers their products to be expensive, but worth the cost.

What’s the single most important thing to say: John Deere 2013 9 series Round Balers continue John Deere’s legacy of strength and speed and will eliminate downtime while dealing with the toughest crops and conditions.



Encourage farmers to purchase or upgrade to the 2013 9 series Balers through explaining their updated features and connecting to the tradition of John Deere equipment.

Biggest competitor of round balers is CNH company, with the brand New Holland. Their sales are significantly less than John Deere. Their signature trademarks include, but aren’t limited to, Biodiesel equipment and ABS Supersteer system.

Continue the tradition of speed

Continue the tradition of durability

with John Deere 2013 Round Balers

with John Deere 2013 Round Balers

Your great, great grandfather used the strongest animals in the worst conditions and on the toughest crops so his farm would prosper. Now you have the oppurtunity to continue that tradition. With John Deere’s new 2013 Series 9 Round Balers, you can handle any crops in any conditions. With self-adjusting roller baffles, new gearbox output shaft & an improved gate cycle time, the new 2013 Round Baler’s Baler are anything but standard.

Your great, great grandfather used the fastest animals to get the job done at harvest time. Now you have the oppurtunity to continue that tradition. With John Deere’s new 2013 Series 9 Round Balers, you can efficiently prepare your crops and begin to feed your livestock and family. With a quicker gate cycle time, fully adjustable hitch, & the 9 series self-cleaning belts, the new 2013 Round Baler’s are anything but standard.

Continue the tradition of strength with John Deere 2013 Round Balers

Your great, great grandfather used the strongest animals to power through the toughest conditions. Now is the oppurtunity for you to continue that tradition. With John Deere’s new 2013 Series 9 Round Balers, you can handle any crops in any conditions. With a new and improved output shaft, Diamond Tough Belts, & larger tires the new 2013 Round Baler’s are anything but standard.

Print- Focus on the tradition farming with tradition of JD equipment and how it remains with the Round Balers

Outdoor-Along country road surrounded by farm land

Direct Mail- Sent to farmers as if greeting card from JD. Calls them to stop by dealer and/or site


box o zombies

Inspired by creator's children, who were playing with little green army men, acting as if they were zombies.

What’s going on in the market?

Target audience:

Almost anything zombie related is popular right now. Collectible toys are for a select group of people, but there is definitely a market. Video games for mobile devices, like the iPhone and iPad, are also very popular. The top games are “fun-runners” (ex. Temple Run) and social challenge games (ex. Words with Friends, Ruzzle).

Between 18-25 years old, male and female. Typically in college or recently graduated. Enjoy watching sci-fi movies and TV shows, such as Walking Dead. Read comics, toy-enthusiasts, and play video games.

Current perception of this brand/product: ‘Box O Zombies’ has only been around since late 2011. Began as small, detailed toys (think little green army men), which were released in early 2012. Sales have been fair so far, but not excellent. Facebook page has over 2,400 followers, with an average of 5% interacting daily with their page.

Objective: Develop a complete identity for the ‘Box O Zombies’ brand to use towards promotion of toys and game through blog posts and articles.

Competition: Plants vs. Zombies - sold at Walmart and ThinkGeek. com, more accessible and known. Cartoon-like figures. Z.O.M.B.I.E.S- smaller market, much like the ‘Box O Zombies’ market, similar in size and color.

Additional Information: Developed by Shawn Recinto, who got the idea when his sons played with little green army men and would imagine zombie hoarders. ‘Box O Zombies’ figures are 2.5 inches tall, come in Sickly Green or Pale Purple. Each box comes with six figures and costs $14.99.

Current Logo

Updated (still in progress)

Web and event banners in early stages

Angie Goeller

I aim to identify & approach the target consumer as an individual, intelligent person, making them feel as if work was made specifically for them.

Creative Strategist | Designer (: (740) 972-2634



COLUMBIA COLLEGE CHICAGO [Chicago, IL] 2nd Bachelor Degree in Advertising Art Direction Graduating: May 2013 • Learned research methods & how to prepare creative briefs • Create campaigns; print, outdoor, interactive, & guerrilla ads THE UNIVERSITY OF TOLEDO [Toledo, OH] Bachelor of Arts, Psychology Graduated: May 2011 • Dissertation on Behavioral Psychology and Advertising • Developed skills in research and application of results

Internship Experience

INTERN- IMMERSIVE REALMS, INC [CHICAGO, IL] DECEMBER 2012–APRIL 2013 • Assist in Social Media updates (Twitter & Facebook) • Create strategy for marketing output • Develop marketing campaign

Work Experience

CUSTOMER SERVICE JOHNATHAN BREITUNG SALON & LUXURY SPA [CHICAGO, IL] SEPTEMBER 2012-CURRENT • Gained insight into working with high-end clientele • Developed understanding of products and their importance to the consumer • Updated social media markets, such as Facebook CUSTOMER SERVICE XEX HAIR GALLERY [CHICAGO, IL] • Learned about the beauty industry, including products, services, and clients • Wrote monthly blogs and upkeep social media, i.e. Facebook & Twitter • Helped during photo shoots and events

Computer Skills Photoshop | Illustrator | InDesign | SPSS Microsoft Office | Excel |Powerpoint Final Cut Pro |Basic HTML

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