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SKI TO WIN There are people who ski once a year in Vail, and there are people who ski because their hearts are connected to skiing in every move they make in life. In this eBook we teach you the critical psychological and physical "secrets" that will take you as an amateur to para-professional skier to the next level. Check out our website here: By now, you've heard about the sweet spot - the place on the ski where you can truly feel the balance, and control the navigation almost with a mind to foot connection. This simple guide will show you the step by step process in order to balance the system properly. Why does this matter? Well - the way that the boot/ski connection works, is extremely sensitive. It is what makes the difference between a bad set of skis and a good set of skis. There are several aspects of skiing that you are able to control and a few you are not able to control. You are able to control:  Your Posture - the way you stand and move  Balance - the way your body is centered, as well as your equilibrium  Speed - the velocity in which you are travelling, or stopping  Equipment - skis, poles, boots, masks, etc You are not able to control:  Climate - the weather outside, as well as the elements  Conditions - how the mountain is, bumpiness, trees, etc  Radius/Steepness of hills

SKI TO WIN Given this, we have everything that you need in our guide. Read more about it here. http Our eBook covers it all. We are so confident that this guide will help your "game" that we have released an actual guide that is available to everyone. This free download will truly change the way that you ski. These movements that it drills into your game, has changed the way many skier across the US, Canada, and throughout Europe. More can be found here, as well as the free download for the taking here: If you are a quick learner, you will pick up at least 2-3 tips by the time you go out skiing the next time. There are many names that you might already recognize that have used this guide that have picked up priceless tips to help the way they ski, and the manner in which they do it. Do yourself a favor and check out the guide today, we have everything it takes to change the way you ski, you will not regret it.

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