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WHAT IS THE EUROPEAN YOUTH EVENT? The European Youth Event (EYE) is an event organised directly by the European Parliament in collaboration with a number of partners. The event, which has been organised since 2014 takes place every 2 year and gathers participants for 2 days full of activities. Groups to the EYE have the opportunity to visit the European Parliament’s seat in Strasbourg. The 2018 installment of the European Youth Event took place on 1st and 2nd June and welcomed 8000 participants. The list of distinguished speakers addressing them included: President of the European Parliament, Antonio Tajani; Vice-Presidents of the European Parliament, Sylvie Guillaume and Ramon Luis Valcarel Siso; Secretary General of the European Parliament, Klaus Welle; and European Space Agency Astronaut, Peaolo Nespoli. EYP CYPRUS AT THE EYE 2018

The participation of an EYP Cy prus group at the 2018 EYE, has facilitated by the European Parliame formation Office in Cyprus (EPIO). W support, EYP Cyprus was able to as a team of seventeen, enthusiastic y people to attend this exciting eve

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PARTICIPANTS Christos Paroutides Panos Yiallourides Erfan Mohseni Irene Constantinidou Christina Papamichail Andreas Nicolaou Themistoklis Pallikarides Margarita Samouridou Xenia Constantinou Asymina Aza Andrea Assiotou Kyriaki Konstantinou Ioannis Nikolaidis Stefanos Andreou Maria Tziaouri Hilmer Maria Kavkaridou

The event seemed like an amazing opportunity to meet active, young Europeans from all over the EU. Furthermore, it was at a great location, and amazing speakers would be there. I hope to meet as many interesting people as possible, while learning more about the diversity that bonds us as Europeans. - Andreas Nicolaou

I found the topics very interesting, from stopping terrorism and transnational crime, to business corruption and climate change. I hope to have constructive discussion important global issues and become more educated on them, as meet new interesting people with similar interests to mine - Panos Giallourides

What made you decide team to the What interested me mainly, was the appeal of going to an event at the actual European Parliament, as well as the fact that there would be over 8,000 participants there. This experience has definitely pushed me out of my comfort zone. In all honesty I was a little bit hesitant to apply; however, after having experienced EYE 2018 I’m so glad I did, I got to meet some great new people, and had an amazing time with our EYP Cyprus delegation. - Asymina Aza

It was an opportunity for me to meet er people from all Europe, to shar ions about everything which makes se and for the future. - Ioann

Just the idea of people all around Europe getting together and talking about important issues that concern all of us as Europeans made me sign up with no second thoughts. Through this experience I hoped to gain a better understanding of the workings and plans of the EU and potentially even add to the conversation. - Themistoklis Pallikarides

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I was interested to participate in the European Youth Event 2018 primarily because it is an event that happens every 2 years and I thought it would be a good opportunity to have an experience with EYP other than sessions. I was particularly drawn by the variety of events that were offered by EYE as they all seemed very interesting with wellthought topics . - Xenia Konstantinou

e to join the EYP Cyprus e EYE2018? The people and the opportunity to see and be a part of the European youth parliament. I hope to gain new friendships and a wider outlook on the political landscape of Europe - Christos Pouroutides

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nis Nikolaidis

I was interested in seeing how the youth of Europe see themselves as active citizens. - Maria Kafkaridou

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‘I was amazed at how many young people participated in the event’ - Maria Kafkaridou

‘The most striking thing about the event was the sheer scale of it, and my first impression of EYE was scary (it wasn’t really).’ - Asymina Aza

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‘The dimensions of the that I’ve never see befo more than 8000 people proved to be a success -

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ber of participants was incredible. There versity, cultural as well as ideological, n some interesting discussions.’ - Panos Giallourides

d is that there were too many people (in a very positive t 8000 participants and it was fairly obvious that it was d diverse event! Furthermore, the EP building was beauthe scenery around it.’ - Andreas Nicolaou

event! It was something ore! It was huge! With e participating the event s.’ Themistoklis Pallikarides

that there were a lot of gs going around at the eat experience to be able ore all the different parts y.’ - Xenia Konstantinou

What was your favourite thin at the EYE 2018? The relationships that I have developed with people that I had just met and now I can call good friends - Themistoklis Pallikarides

I was so excited because while I was in the queue I met people from Italy who have the same qualifications as me - Ioannis Nikolaidis

‘How eager the volunteers were to help and guide you. This created a really friendly and joyful environment.’ - Maria Kafkaridou

The people I met due to their different backgrounds and ease of connecting. - Christos Pouroutides

‘Getting to speak and address a panel of MEPs in the European Parliament on making Europe a safer place.’ - Panos Giallourides

ng about the 1st day

My favourite thing about the first day of EYE was when I participated in a workshop about education and specifically about the Schools of Tomorrow and the challenges that the education system faces in the present and will face in the future. It was a very valuable experience as we discussed and shared our thoughts and opinions in groups but also had the opportunity to mediate our most innovative and significant ideas with a Member of the European Parliament who is an expert in the field. - Xenia Konstantinou

The best thing of the first day was entering the EP. Although I had to wait for about an hour, it was totally worth it. The architecture of the building and all the events that were happening at the same time made it such a unique experience. - Andreas Nicolaou

My highlight of the second day was meeting the ESA astronaut Paolo Nespoli (IT) who gave a very inspirational speech while answering the most curious questions from us, the audience, about space and space exploration. - Andreas Nicolaou The closing session at the European parliament because young people had the chance to speak and be heard. - Maria Kafkaridou Zumba at the YoFest!

- Asymina Aza

What was your favourite thing at the EYE 2018?

A debate session that gave me insight on how people can think much differently than I do and are not afraid to voice their opinion! - Themistoklis Pallikarides The highlight of the second day was sitting inside the Hemicycle and participating in a very interesting panel discussion about Europe’s fight against terror. It is a very current topic and I really enjoyed how the panel discussion went as the speakers and experts made very valuable points about encountering terrorism and preventive actions against extremism. - Xenia Konstantinou

g about the 2nd day




Yes 75% - ‘No,

but I was able to convey my insights/ knowledge!’ - Ioannis Nikolaidis


‘The corruption index talk was really insightful, it was interesting and also morbidly entertaining to hear people’s experiences with corruption. (There were quite a few stories from people)’ - Asymina Aza

‘Yes. Now I kn the European P looks and work what European mostly concern or interested in views are, and more...’ - Christina P

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- ‘Definitely

recommend. It’s a one in a lifetime opportunity to sit and have discussions within the European Parliament, and you get to visit a gorgeous country and meet new interesting people.’ - Panos Giallourides

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‘It depends, EYE was an amazing experience for myself, but I can appreciate the fact that some people might not enjoy it; because at some times it did feel a little overwhelming.’ - Asymina Aza



Just like with my involvement with EYP I find that events such as EYE encourage an approach and atmosphere of lifelong learning and above all learning through a dialogic and interactive framework as it encourages discussion and negotiation by bringing people together. What made it so educational was the diverse ways in which the event promoted discussion and knowledge sharing as through the employment of various mediums it managed to appeal to how various interests and the various ways in which people like to learn and express themselves. - Xenia Konstantinou

Memorable Fantastic Eye-opening


THE EYE2018 IN ONE WORD Europ-informative




The European Youth Parliament Cyprus would like to than the European Parliament Information Office in Cyprus for giving our Alumni the opportunity to participate in the European Youth Event 2018.

European Youth Event 2018 - Participant Experiences  

Our team to the European Youth Event (EYE) 2018 share their experiences. The EYE 2018 took place on 1st-2nd June at the seat of the European...

European Youth Event 2018 - Participant Experiences  

Our team to the European Youth Event (EYE) 2018 share their experiences. The EYE 2018 took place on 1st-2nd June at the seat of the European...