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Based out of Feucht, Germany and founded in 1918, FELLA-Werke GmbH has over 90 years of experience in forage harvesting equipment. Soley focused in forage, FELLA has been able to perfect their mowers, tedders and rakes beyond what a larger company may be able to do. FELLA is widely known for having the broadest product range of mowers, tedders and rakes! Being a German company with German engineers and German thoroughness, every machine is tested before it leaves the company.

If size matters, FELLA is your company! MOWERS: (with / without tine or roller conditioners) from 5.3 - 35.0 ft Visit us: TEDDERS: AG Connect 2011 from 13.2 - 57.5 ft Booth 3441 RAKES: Jan. 07 - 10, 2011 from 10.0 - 41.0 ft Atlanta, Georgia

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Visit us: AG Connect 2011 Booth 3441 Jan.07 - 10,2011 Atlanta,Georgia AADVANCED MARKETING SOLUTIONS INCORPORATED Being a German company with...