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Volume VI, Statewide Issue 4

September 2013

One year makes a difference September corn yield forecast far better than 2012

by Greg Forbes As the 2013 harvest nears, yield predictions become clearer. On September 13, USDA-NASS released the monthly corn yield forecast, which predicted a statewide yield average of 162 bushels per acre. September’s forecast dropped one bushel from August, which may be attributed to hot and dry weather conditions in late August and early September. The September forecast was released before rains drenched parts of Iowa from September 16 to September 22, although Roger Elmore, corn specialist with Iowa State University Extension, said he believed the precipitation would not drastically change the yield forecast. Elmore also credited the predicted drop from August to September to more accurate readings, as corn crops are mostly mature and most ears are

filled out. He expected October’s forecast to be more accurate than September’s. Regionally, the report estimated northwest Iowa to experience an average of 175 bushels per acre, the most in the state. Northeast, east central and north central Iowa are all expected to see 167 bushels per acre or better. Central Iowa is forecast at 162 bushels per acre while southeast (158 bushels per acre) and west central (153 bushels per acre) are projected at less than 160 bushels per acre. Southwest Iowa looks to fall to 147 bushels per acre while south central Iowa could experience average yields at just 133 bushels per acre. YIELD, Page 6

September’s predictions for corn yields vary from region to region across Iowa. Timely precipitation and soil quality play a big part in the expected yields. Pictured above, a farmer in western Iowa begins combining corn. Photo by Bruce A. Binning





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September 2013


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Spilling the beans about the importance of ag USB analysis shows impact to nation, states

by Gordon Wolf The Animal Agriculture Economic Analysis released by the United Soybean Board (USB) and funded by the soybean checkoff can be a valuable tool to further educate farmers and consumers and those who influence decisions how important animal agriculture and agriculture in general is to the national economy and to the economies of individual states, including Iowa. Laura Foell, of Schaller, a member of the United Soybean Board, said state soybean boards have been given the analysis and that the information has been made available to the USB’s partners who have the ability to talk to their legislators. Foell explained the USB cannot lobby. The USB, which administers soybean checkoff activities, is different from the American Soybean Association (ASA). While both work to improve the success of U.S. soybean farmers, the ASA works on state and national policy issues. The law prohibits checkoff dollars from being used to influence governmental policies. Foell said the Animal Agriculture Economic Analysis contains information to educate not only politicians but also consumers as it shows how important animal agriculture, including pork production, is to Iowa and Iowa’s economy. Foell said pork production in the United States grew by 20 percent in the last 10 years but in Iowa, pork production grew by more than 50 percent in the same time period. “As a non-livestock producer, I know how important this is,” she said. She said 79 percent of the soybean meal used in Iowa in 2011 went toward pork production, and if not for pork production, Iowa soybean farmers would see a lot of raw soybeans and soybean meal shipped overseas. She added that 3.4 million tons of soybean meal was used in Iowa for pork production during that year. Throughout the nation, poultry production uses 50 percent of the soybean meal produced in a year; pork production uses 25 percent. Soybeans have long been used in pork production, Foell said. “Soybeans have a lot of the essential amino acids that pork needs in order to grow,” she said. “Soybeans are a great protein source.” She said many farmers and consumers may find it interesting that when Iowa soybean farmers harvest their crop and the soybeans are crushed, two-thirds of the crop ends up as meal and one-third is used for other purposes, such as soybean oil. Seventy to 80 percent of soybean oil goes toward human use. Foell pointed to the importance of supporting animal agriculture at the local and state levels, stating that animal agriculture created more than 22,000 jobs in the last 10 years, resulting in more property and income taxes paid. Animal agriculture also accounted for a $5.5 billion increase in economic output for Iowa. “We’re in a whole chain together – livestock farmers, grain farmers, school systems that use property taxes, that state government, that used income taxes,” she said. “When the rest of the economy was slow, agriculture was the bright spot,” she said. “We have been number one in Iowa in soybean production for years. This year we were overtaken by Illinois. We had the drought, then flooding, and then back to drought.

A focus of the United Soybean Board (USB) is to develop new and more uses for U.S. soybeans. Information from Laura Foell, a USB director, is that one of every two rows of soybeans is exported. She said new, value-added uses of soybeans will create more jobs and help the economy. Pictured is a scene from last year’s soybean harvest. File photo by Bruce A. Binning

Every year is different in the business of agriculture.” Foell said among the development of the uses of soybeans has been research in ways to bring out more of the essential amino acids, to develop soybeans and soybean meal to lessen the smell from livestock facilities and to increase the energy derived from soybean meal. “We’re trying to tweak the soybean meal and soybeans in general, to increase production for yields and to increase the protein in the meal,” she said. Research into improvements in soybeans and soybean meal and for new uses for soybeans is paid for through the national checkoff. Every time a producer sells a bushel of soybeans, half a percent of the market price receives goes into a national pot of money, said Foell. As legislated by Congress, half of the money stays in the state where the soybeans were produced and the other half goes into the national pool of checkoff funds. Foell is one of 69 volunteer directors on the national board that look how to improve soybeans and also how to improve the bottom line for soybean producers. She said besides research, the USB is involved in promotion, development, communications and education, and that’s why the checkoff is important. “We’re looking for more uses and a better product,” Foell said. She added the USB is working on high oleic soy oil. Information from the USB’s website ( said that high oleic soy oil is a promising new oil with no trans fats and better functionality than commodity soy oil. The soy checkoff plans to conduct in-person meetings and demonstrations with food-company representatives to market the oleic soy oil. Companies will be presented with the advantages of high oleic oil so they will be more likely to use the oil when it becomes available. Foell said finding new uses for soybeans is a task that the soybean board is involved with. She mentioned some recent new uses such as car

seats in Ford vehicles, carpet backing and backing for Astroturf. She added that soybeans are used for animal feed, of course, but the soybean board is working with aquaculture. Foell said overseas nations have a huge demand for protein to feed fish in the aquaculture industry as fish in the wild are declining. Information from the USB said that checkoff-funded research shows the growing aquaculture sector has the potential for strong growth as it is one of the fastest growing sectors in global animal agriculture. The USB has partnered with 11 Qualified State Soybean Boards (QSSBs) and the Soy Aquaculture Alliance (SAA) to focus on growing the U.S. aquaculture sector through the use of soy as a sustainable feed, information on the USB’s website said. Additional information from the USB said the U.S. Soybean Export Council is working with the China Ministries of Agriculture and Environmental Protection to introduce a high-intensity production system developed in the U.S. that can be adapted to existing pond systems in China and that the Iowa Soybean Association supported the introduction of this technology at the Pingway Fish Farm in eastern China. “We’re looking at many new ways to take our supply of soybeans and put it to use to help feed a growing world,” she said. Foell said currently, one of every two rows of soybeans is exported. “If we can develop more uses and send that valueadded production (overseas), it will develop more jobs here and will keep our economy going,” she said. “In my seven years on the board, this is something we’ve been looking at.” “I think the soybean farmers understand it’s a volunteer job,” Foell continued. USB directors are appointed by the U.S. Secretary of Agriculture and can serve a maximum of three threeyear terms. Foell said, “The board is there to try to help with more uses of soybeans, to help the economy and help farmers do the best they can.”

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Report predicts total soybean production down from last year by Greg Forbes Combines have hit fields throughout Iowa as farmers are ready to conclude a bizarre growing season. In the Soybean Brief, issued September 23 by the Iowa Soybean Association (ISA), ISA Board member Sheila Hebenstreit estimated that soybeans harvested in Green County during the weekend of September 14 yielded 30 to 35 bushels per acre. The early reports fall short of the statewide average yield estimate of 43 bushels per acre, down three bushels per acre from August’s forecast. Despite dropping in the last month, Iowa’s forecasted yield is nearly two bushels per acre better than the national average of 41.2. The national bushels per acre prediction also dropped since August but is up 1.6 bushels per acre compared to last year’s September yield forecast. Despite improved conditions, Iowa’s soybean production is projected to drop 9 million bushels compared to 2012. The report notes that pod clusters were lacking on Iowa bean plants. The drop in bushels per acre may be attributed to inclement weather throughout

the planting and growing seasons. Heavy rains delayed soybean planting into late June and many acres throughout the state were left unplanted. The rain gave way to a cool-weather drought that featured a July that produced less than an inch of rain statewide. On the third week of August, temperatures around the state climbed into the upper 90s, further complicating growing conditions for all crops, particularly late planted soybeans. The USDA September crop report showed that just 34 percent of Iowa’s soybean plants are at “good” or better condition. Just 69 percent of the soybeans have turned color whereas nearly 90 percent of plants would have colored this time of year. A mid-September rainfall helped alleviate some of the effects of the drought in some regions of the state. However, southeast Iowa reported 97 percent of topsoil moisture at “short” or “very short”. Information compiled from ISA Soybean Brief. The complete document is available as a PDF on ISA’s website at The link to the document is located on the front page.

September 2013

Coalition joins call for action on disaster aid denial Iowa agriculture, business and electric utilities, in partnership with government officials, joined together to urge action on a recent decision by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) to deny federal disaster aid in the wake of devastating storms earlier this year. In the letter, which was submitted to members of Iowa’s congressional delegation during the week of September 15, the coalition asked that they join them in asking FEMA to reconsider a recent and drastic policy change impacting rural electric cooperatives and municipal utilities. Coalition members stated, “When a partner, particularly one that is a governmental entity whose fundamental purpose is to help you get back on your feet after a disaster, backs out of its commitments, it can have a tremendous negative impact on our community’s entire fabric.” Following a late winter snow, ice and wind storm in April, a federally declared Major Disaster included Lyon, Osceola, Dickinson, Sioux and O’Brien counties. Three of Iowa’s electric cooperatives and two municipal utilities suffered damage. Instead of following established policy and practice, FEMA stated that federal disaster aid could not be issued because

the affected electric cooperatives did not conduct comprehensive laboratory testing on every mile of wire on an annual basis. The test in question is not performed as a matter of industry practice, or required to meet any industry or engineering standard. In addition to being denied disaster aid following this storm, FEMA’s decision could force Iowa’s electric cooperatives to repay tens of millions of dollars in previously awarded aid. Representatives from Iowa’s electric cooperatives traveled to Washington, D.C., earlier this week to meet with representatives from Iowa’s congressional delegation, which submitted a letter to FEMA earlier this week asking they meet with Iowa’s electric cooperatives and other stakeholders to find a resolution to the matter. “We’re pleased to have the support of such a broad coalition of organizations in the state who understand the devastating impact FEMA’s decision will have on rural Iowa,” said Marion Denger, president of the Iowa Association of Electric Cooperatives. “We are hopeful that FEMA will realize their decision is not only unfair, it’s not in the best interest of Iowa communities and our member-consumers.”

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September 2013

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and I were stretching our than it is now. Ah, the long culinary chops with lamb hair of youth! stew from an Irish Pub and A few years after I graducrab cakes at another place, ated high school, it merged my husband had hamburgwith another one, so I don’t ers for lunch every day, really have a homecoming and steak for supper every because the high school is night. Seriously. I can’t in the other town. I don’t make this up. think I’ve ever made it to a Getting back to my husclass reunion either. I think band’s birthday, he said he our 25th was last year, but wanted to go out to eat that I’m not sure we did anynight. That worked for me thing. I didn’t know about ... no cooking! it anyway. So I asked him what he I’ve been trying to be adwas going to do during the opted into our school sysday, besides the normal tem. My husband graduchores of course. ated from here and both of He wanted to go look at my boys will graduate from cattle with the boys. Yep, here. that’s right. He wanted Maybe they can make By Christy Welch to spend his day walking me an honorary graduate through various pastures at some point. Until then, in Nebraska and Iowa scouting cattle that I’m a graduate without a high school. could be purchased for next year’s 4-H and The next morning the boys all set out to FFA projects. scout for cattle. I was thankful that I didn’t Last weekend was also homecoming have to go. and a class reunion for my husband. We They ended up not getting back until rewent to the game, then out with his class ally late, so we headed off to the restaurant afterwards for awhile. One of the ladies of my husband’s choice for supper. said he looked exactly like he did in high Guess what he ordered. school. I laughed, because when I married Yep, steak. him his hair was about 3 inches longer But, so did I.




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September 2013

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2009 NH T9020 865 hr, 18.4x46 dls, PTO, 24 spd, less 3 pt


1.9% 5 Yrs Fixed APR On 9330, 9430, 9530 & 9630 Tractors JD 9560RT, 875 hrs, 36” belts, 26 frt wts, 4 hyd, pst w/ efficiency mgr ..............$327,500 JD 9560R, ‘12, 1098 hr, 800 dls, radar, 2-1400 lb wts, #5830 wts......................$279,900 JD 9630T, ’10, 1302 hr, 36” tracks, 26 frt wts, dlx cmft ......................................$262,900 JD 9630T, ‘10, 1462 hr, 36” tracks, frt wts, 4 scv, wide swing drawbar...............$259,900 JD 9630, ‘11, 691 hr, 800 dls, dlx cab/active seat, 4 scv, 0% for 5 yrs.............. $259,900 JD 9630, ‘11, 960 hr, 800 dls , dlx cab/active seat, 4 scv, 0% for 5 yrs............... $249,900 JD 9630, ‘11, 1171 hr, 800 dls , dlx cab/active seat, 4 scv, 0% for 5 yrs.............$236,900 JD 9630, ‘10, 634 hr, 800 dls , dlx cab/active seat, 4 scv, 0% for 5 yrs............... $247,900 JD 9630, ‘10, 1540 hr, 800 dls-Mich, Hi flow, hyd, 5 scv, 0% for 5 yrs......... ......$222,900 JD 9630, ‘09, 1363 hr, 800 dls , dlx cab/active seat, 4 scv, 0% for 5 yrs..............$226,900 JD 9630, ’09, 977 hr, dlx cab, active seat, 800 dls, 2800 lb wts………………. .$243,900 JD 9630, ’09, 1084 hr, dlx cab, active seat, 800 dls, HID lts, leather seat…........$227,900 JD 9630, ’09, 1126 hr, dlx cab, active seat, 800 dls, 4 scv’s……………............$218,900 JD 9630, ‘09, 1244 hr, dls cab, active seat, 800 dls-FS, hid lights.......................$219,900 JD 9630, ‘08, 1724 hr, 800 dls, active seat, dif lok, #2800 lb wts........................$195,900 JD 9630, ‘08, 2057 hrs, dlx cab, active seat, 800 dls, 4600# rr wts, 1800# frt....$199,900 JD 9620, ‘05, 2069 hr, dlx cab, active seat, 800 dls, 4930# rr wts, hid lts...........$169,900 JD 9510RT, ‘13, 501 hr, 36” tracks, 4 hyd, 26 frt wts, radar, wrty til 2/2014.... ...$299,900 JD 9510R, ‘12, 606 hr, 800 dls, 2800 lb rr wts.................................................... $266,900 JD 9530T, ‘11, 640 hr, 36” tracks, 4 hyd, 26 frt wts, buddy seat...................... ...$268,900 JD 9530T, ‘11, 1188 hr, 36” tracks, 4 hyd, 20 frt wts, 0% for 5 yrs.....................$249,900 JD 9530T, ‘10, 1595 hr, dlx cab, 36” tracks, radar, 26 frt wts.......................... ....$249,900 JD 9530, ‘11, 532 hr, 710/42 Michelin tires, active seat, hid lts, 2800 lb rr wts.. $254,900 JD 9530, ’11, 415 hr, dlx cab, active seat, 800 dls, 2800 lb rr wts……… ..........$245,500 JD 9530, ‘11, 1215 hr, dlx cab, active seat, 800 duals, 0% for 5 yrs................... $219,900 JD 9530, ‘10, 974 hr, 78 gpm, 5 scv, 800-Mich duals, hid lits.............................$239,900 JD 9530, ’10, 737 hr, dlx cab, active seat, 800 dls, dif lok, 0% for 5 yrs....... ......$226,500 JD 9530, ’10, 631 hr, dlx cab, active seat, 710 Mich-duals, hid lights, 1400 lb…$239,900 JD 9530, ’10, 745 hr, dlx cab, active seat, 800 dls, dif lok, 0% for 5 yrs....... ......$226,500 JD 9530, ’10, 642 hr, dlx cab, active seat, 800 dls, dif lok, HID, 0% for 5yrs.... ..$236,500 JD 9530, ’10, 1355 hr, dlx cab, active seat, 800 dls, dif lok, 0% for 5 yrs..... ......$217,900 JD 9530, ’10, 1785 hr, dlx cab, active seat, 800 dls, dif lok, 0% for 5 yrs..... ......$194,900 JD 9530, ’10, 1779 hr, dlx cab, 4 new- 800 dls, dif lok, 0% for 5 yrs..... .............$211,900 JD 9530, ’09, 1031 hr, dlx cab, active seat, 800 dls, dif lok, 2-1400 rr wts……. $208,900 JD 9530, ’09, 1078 hr, dlx cab, active seat, dif lok, 800 dls…………………. ....$206,900 JD 9530, ‘08, 1455 hr, dlx cab, active seat, dif lok, radar, 800 dls.................. .....$199,900 JD 9530, ‘08, 1976 hr, dlx cab, active seat, dif lok, HD Gudgeon, 800’s..... .........$187,500 JD 9530, ‘08, 2270 hr, dlx cab, active seat, dif lok, radar, 800 dls............. ..........$183,900 JD 9530, ‘08, 2358 hr, dlx cab, active seat, dif lok, radar, 800 dls............... ........$179,900 JD 9530, ‘08, 4244 hr, flx cab, active seat, 800 dls, dif lok, radar................. .......$161,900 JD 9520T, ‘03, 2930 hr, pto, 4 hyd, 30” tracks, HID lts, at valve, frt wts.......... ...$161,900 JD 9520, ‘04, 2773 hr, 800 dls, AT vlv, #2800 rr wts.................................. .........$145,900 JD 9520, ‘04, 2988 hr, 710/42 dls, active seat, hid lts...................................... ...$152,500 JD 9520, ‘03, 3712 hr, 800 dls, active seat, dif lok, 4 hyd, #3030 rr wts.......... ...$139,500 JD 9520, ‘03, 3271 hr, 800 dls, active seat, dif lok, not at rdt..............................$135,900 JD 9520, ‘02, 5720 hr, 710/42 dls, active seat, ATU 200, pst, 4 scv.............. ......$120,900 JD 9520, ‘02, 6847 hr, 710/70R38, 4 hyd, dif lok, 2800 lb rr wts.................. ......$119,900 JD 9460R, ‘12, 713 hr, 710/42 dls, PTO, #2800 wts, radar, wrty until 1-6-14.. ...$244,900 JD 9460R, ‘12, 120 hr, 800 dls, active seat, #2800 wts, wrty until May 2014... ..$267,500 JD 9460R, ‘12, 482 hr, 710/42 dls, bareback, active seat, wrty til 10/14............. $247,900 JD 9410R, ‘12, 399 hr, 710/42 dls-Michelin, PTO, radar, HID lits................. .......$254,900 JD 9410R, ‘12, 748 hr, 18.4x46 dls, 3 pt/pto, pst, 5 hyd, radar, ext wrty........... ..$264,900 JD 9410R, ‘12, 453 hrs, 710/42 dls, PTO, radar, wrty until 1/23/2014........... .....$249,900 JD 9410R, ‘12, 328 hr, 710/42 dls, pst, bareback, wrty until 2/24/2014..............$239,900 JD 9430, ‘10, 682 hr, PTO, 710/42 dls, #2800 rr wts, dif lok, radar, leather... .....$236,900 JD 9430, ‘10, 702 hr, dlx cab, active seat, 710/42 dls, 4 scv, pst trans........ .......$222,900 JD 9430, ‘10, 810 hr, dlx cab, active seat, 710/42 dls, 4 scv, pst trans.......... .....$220,900 JD 9430, ‘09, 1173 hr, dlx cab w/ active seat, 710/42 dls, pst, 4 hyd.......... ........$215,900 JD 9420, ‘04, 2600 hr, 710/42 dls, pst, bareback, 4 hyd, active seat, #2800 wts...$152,900 JD 9420, ‘05, 4072 hr, 710/42 dls-Mich, bareback, 4 scv, hid lits, dif lok.......... .$135,900

JD 9420, ‘04, 2949 hr, 710/42 dls, 24 spd, dlx cab/active seat, 4 hyd.................$126,900 JD 9420, ‘02, 4547 hr, 710/42 dls, 24 spd, dlx cab/active seat, 4 hyd.................$124,900 JD 9400, ‘99, 5450 hr, 710/38 dls, 24 spd, 3 scv, less dif/lok........................... ....$74,900 JD 9330, ‘10, 869 hr, 620/70R42 dls, active seat, pst, 4 scv.............................. .$205,900 JD 9320, ‘02, 2137 hr, 24 spd, 620/42 dls, 4 scv, 3 pt hitch, rear wts.................$139,900 JD 9300, ‘99, 4250 hr, 24 spd, 710/38 dls, 4 scv, radar, dif lok, at valve............ ...$98,900 JD 9300, ‘97, 5385 hr, 24 spd, 710/38 dls, pto, 4 scv, dif lok........................... ....$89,900 JD 9360R, ‘12, 215 hr, 3 pt/pto, dlx cab, active seat, 4 scv, 18.4x46 dls............ .$248,900 JD 9230, ‘10, 611 hrs, 3 pt/pto, dlx cab, active seat, 4 scv, 18.4x46 dls..............$209,900 JD 9230, ‘10, 1038 hr, 3 pt/pto, dlx cab, active seat, 4 scv, 18.4x46 dls..............$199,900 JD 9230, ‘10, 1597 hr, 3 pt/pto, dlx cab, active seat, 4 scv, 18.4x46 dls..............$189,900 JD 9220, ‘04, 4080 hr, 620x42 dls, 1000 pto, dif lok, active seat, powershift..... $140,900 JD 9200, ‘00, 3943 hr, 710/38 dls, 24 spd, dif lok, 4 scv, 1000 pto, rear wts........$89,900 JD 9200, ‘98, 4477 hr, 20.8x42 dls, bareback, 4 scv, dif lok, 24 spd.....................$86,900 JD 9200, ‘97, 5381 hr, 620/70R42 dls, good interior, new exhaust.................... ...$81,900 JD 9200, ‘97, 5452 hr, 24 spd, 20.8x42 dls, 4 scv, dif lok................................... ..$76,900 JD 9200, ‘97, 5372, 24 spd , 20.8x42 dls, dif lok, dlx cab, 4 scv......................... ..$77,900 JD 9200, ‘00, 6201 hr, 24 spd, 20.8x42 dls, 3 scv, dif lok................................ .....$75,900 JD 9100, ‘01, 2534 hr, 24 spd, bareback, 3 scv, 18.4x42 dls-FS-new............... ..$107,900 JD 9100, ‘98, 4718 hr, 18.4x42 dls, bareback 24 spd............................................$72,900 JD 9100, ’98, 4382 hr, 24 spd, bareback, 4 scv, 20.8x38 dls………………… ....$76,900 JD 8970, ‘93, 4870 hr, 24 spd, 710/38’s, 4 wcv, new steering pins..................... ..$71,900 JD 8970, ‘95, 7537 hr, 12 spd, 710/38 dls-90%, 3 scv, 400 hp.............................$57,900 JD 8870, ‘94, 3533 hr, 24 spd, Dif lock, new turbo, 20.8x42 dls...................... .....$72,900 JD 8870, ‘94, 4430 hr, 24 spd, dif lock, new water pump, 3 scv........................ ...$70,900 JD 8870, ‘95, 5749 hr, 24 spd, 710/38 dls, 4 hyd, bareback, #1800 rear wts........$63,900 JD 8870, ‘96, 4125 hrs, 24 spd, 20.8x38 dls, 3 pt hitch, 3 scv, dif lok.............. ....$65,900 JD 8870, ‘95, 4203 hr, 20.8x38 dls, 3 pt hitch, 24 spd.........................................`$64,900 JD 8960, ‘92, 8340 hr, 24 spd, 20.8x42 dls, 3 scv, bareback, 400 hp................. ..$43,900 JD 8360RT, ‘11, 871 hr, IVT, 5 hyd 25” tracks, hid lits, wide drive whl... .............$267,900 JD 8360RT, ‘11, 760 hr, IVT, 5 hyd, 25” tracks, wide drive whl, hid lits..... ..........$266,900 JD 8360R, ‘12, 667 hr, IVT, ILS w/ dls, 5 scv, 18.4x50 dls, leather, hid lts. .........$281,900 JD 8345R, ‘10, 596 hr, IVT/ILS w/ frt duals, 4 scv, 18.4x50 rr, frt fenders. .........$239,900 JD 8345R, ‘10, 1256 hr, IVT/ILS, 18.4x50 rr, 4 scv, 60 gpm, 8 frt wts.... ............$230,900 JD 8345R, ‘10, 1972 ht, IVT/ILS, 18.4x46 rr, 5 scv, HID lits................................$216,900 JD 8345R, ‘10, 2105 hrs, IVT/ILS, 18.4x46 rr, 5 scvs, 22 frt wts, leather seat... .$219,900 JD 8335RT, ‘12, 307 hr, IVT, 18” tracks, 5 hyd, 72” track spacing.......... ............$259,900 JD 8335RT, ‘13, 246 hr, IVT, 18” tracks, hid lts, leather, 6 scv, 22 frt wts............$264,900 JD 8335RT, ‘12, 515 hr, IVT, 18” tracks, 6 scv, extd wrty............................ ........$247,900 JD 8335R, ‘12, 477 hr, IVT/ILS, 20.8x46 dls, 5 scv, frt fenders, leather............ ..$249,900 JD 8335R, ‘12, 432 hrs, PST, ILS, 20.8x46 dls, 5 scv, frt fenders, leather seat... $241,900 JD 8335R, ‘12, 463 hr, IVT/ILS, 18.4x50 rr, 4 hyd, frt duals, 14 frt wts...............$242,900 JD 8335R, ‘11, 733 hr, IVT/ILS, 18.4x50 rr, 4 hyd, 2800 lb rear wts.............. .....$236,500 JD 8335R, ‘11, 1101 hr, IVT/ILS, 18.4x50 rr, 4 hyd, 2800 lb rr wts.....................$218,900 JD 8335R, ‘11, 784 hrs, pst, 1500 mfwd w/ single 380/38, 5 scv, hid lits...........$210,900 JD 8320R, ‘10, 721 hrs, IVT, 1500 frt duals, 5 scv, hid lits, 12 frt wts.................$212,900 JD 8320R, ’10, 525 hr, pst, ILS, 20.8x46 dls, 5 scv, hid lts, leather…………. ..$215,000 JD 8320R, ’10, 995 hr, pst, ILS, 20.8x46 dls, 5 scv, hid lts, leather…………. ..$212,900 JD 8310R, ‘11, 517 hr, pst, 18.4x50 dls, 380/38 dls w/ 1500 mfwd, 4 hyd........ .$213,900 JD 8310R, ’11, 190 hr, pst, 18.4x50, 1500 mfwd, 4 scv, 60 gpm, 4 hyd……… .$207,900 JD 8295R, ‘11, 509 hr, pst, 5 scv, 18.4x50 dls, 1300 frt axle, 60 gpm.................$192,900 JD 8295R, ‘11, 1489 hr, ILS, 5 scv, 18.4x46 dls, frt dls, hid lts...........................$203,400 JD 8295R, ‘11, 1656 hr, ILS, IVT, 4 scv, 18.4x50 dls, frt 420/34 dls, hid lts........$195,900 JD 8295R, ‘10, 1569 hr, ILS, pst, frt singles, 18.4x50 dls, 4 scv, rear wts...... ....$191,900 JD 8295R, ‘10, 1640 hr, pst, 4 scv, 18.4x50 dls, fenders, active seat.................. $174,900 JD 8285R, ‘12, 619 hr, pst, 4 scv, 18.4x50 dls, 4 scvs, leather seat.................. ..$192,900 JD 8285R, ‘11, 315 hr, pst, 4 scv, 18.4x50 dls, 60 gpm, radar, like new............. $192,500 JD 8285R, ‘11, 875 hr pst, 4 scv, 18.4x50 dls, 1300 mfwd, fenders, radar... ......$173,900 JD 8285R, ‘11, 1010 hr, pst, 18.4x50 dls, pst, 1300 frt axle, 4 scv, 60 gpm.........$172,900 JD 8260R, ‘12, 223 hr, pst, 18.4x46 dls, 4 scv, 8 frt wts, #2800 rr wts...............$187,900

JD 8260R, ‘12, 376 hr, pst, 18.4x46 dls, 5 scv, 8 frt wts, #2800 rr wts...............$186,900 JD 8260R, ‘11, 780 hr, pst. 18.4x46 dls, 5scv, 540/1000 pto, less wts.............. .$181,900 JD 8235R, ‘12, 477 hr, 18.4x46 dls, pst, 540/1000, 4 scv, frt fenders..................$169,900 JD 8530, ‘06, 3500 hr, IVT/ILS, 18.4x50 dls, frt duals, hid lits, 4 scv........... .......$169,900 JD 8520T, ‘03, 3685 hr, 24” tracks, 20 frt wts, 42.5 gpm w/ 4 scvs ....................$135,900 JD 8520, ‘02, 5382 hr, 20.8x46 dls, ILS, pst, 4 scv, active seat...........................$119,200 JD 8420, ‘04, 4317 hr, 18.4x50 dls, ILS, pst, hid lts, AT rdy, 4 hyd..... ................$133,900 JD 8420, ‘02, 7541 hr, 18.4x46 dls, ILS, 42 gpm, 5 scv, hid lits, 8 frt wts...... ....$110,900 JD 8410, ‘00, 8718 hr, 710x38 dls, 3 scv, 840 loader w/ joystick.................. ........$84,500 JD 8220, ‘05, 2128 hr, 420/80R46 dls-Mich, pst, AT rdy, 3 scv, 42.5 gpm..........$124,900 JD 8220, ‘03, 3279 hr, 20.8x42 dls, mfwd, 22 frt wts, 3 scv, 1000 pto, fender... $123,900 JD 8200, ‘97, 7513 hr, 2wd, 18.4x46 dls, 8 frt wts, new frt tires, 3 hyd............. ...$52,900 JD 8200, ‘97, 3726 hr, 2wd, 18.4x42 dls, 3 hyd , quick hitch............................. ...$61,900 JD 8130, ‘09, 808 hr, mfwd, pst, active seat, 540/1000, 3 scv, 12 frt wts......... ..$156,900 JD 7280R, ‘12, 816 hr, IVT, 18.4x46 dls, 4 scv, 1000 pto, frt fenders, radar........$175,700 JD 7215R, ‘12, 460 hrs, IVT, 18.4x46 dls, 4 scv, 540/1000, HID lits............. ......$162,500 JD 7200R, ‘12, 408 hr, IVT, 18.4x46 dls, 4 scv, 540/1000, hid lits................... ...$157,900 JD 7930, ‘07, 1688 hr, mfwd, IVT, 18.4x46 dls, TLS front axle, HID lits......... .....$147,900 JD 7830, ‘11, 482 hr, mfwd, AQ, TLS, 18.4x46 dls, hid lts, 540/1000, AT rdy... ..$152,900 JD 7810, ‘02, 5291 hr, mfwd, pwr shift, 2 scv, 540/1000 pto, 14 frt wts...............$82,900 JD 7810, ‘99, 5667 hr, 2wd, 16 spd, 2 scv, 18.4x42 Mich duals, wt brkt........... ...$59,500 JD 7810, ‘98, 7849 hr, 2wd, pq trans, 18.4x42 dls, has been underhauled........... $54,900 JD 7800, ‘95, 9939 hrs, mfwd, powershift, 3 scv, 18.4x42 dls, 16.9x28 rr........... $49,900 JD 7800, ‘93, 8976 hr, 2wd, 19 spd pst, 18.4x42, 11L, 3 scv’s............................. $37,900 JD 4755, ‘91, 13222 hr, mfwd, 20.8x42 dls, 16.9x30 frt, 3 scv, pst................. .....$29,900 JD 4450, ‘84, 6495 hr, mfwd, pst, 18.4x38 dls, 14.9x26 frt............................... ...$39,900 JD 4840, ‘82, 8125 hr, ps trans, 18.4x42 dls, 3 hyd, frt fuel tank.............. ............$17,900 JD 6430P, ‘12, 609 hr, cab, mfwd, 24 spd, frt fenders, 3 scv, air seat, less jystk....$82,900 JD 6430P, ‘09, 712 hr, cab, 673 ldr, mfwd, 16 spd, R&P axle, air seat.......... ........$71,900 JD 6230P, ‘09, 706 hr, mfwd, cab, 16 spd w/ lhr, 2 scv, dlx exhaust.................. ...$54,900 JD 6115D, ‘12, 40 hrs, open, 2wd, 563 loader w/ 85” bkt, joystick.................... ...$47,900 JD 5105M, ‘12, 205 hrs, cab, mfwd, 32 spd, 3 func joystick, 18.4x30............. .....$50,900 JD 5100M, ‘13, 2 hrs, 32 spd, joystick, 2 rear scv, cold weather pkg.............. ......$55,900 JD 2840, 4455 hr, 18.4x34 rr, 2 scv, 148 loader, cab........................................ .....$10,900 JD 2840, ‘77, open, 18.4x34 rr, straight, tach reads 2179 hr...................................$8,900 JD 2240, ‘81, 2916 hrs, 8/2 trans, JD 145 loader w/ indep vlv, 1 rear scv....... ......$12,500 JD 2555, 3210 hrs, turbo chrgd eng, 1110 loader, 1 rr scv, yellow................. .........$9,400 Cat MT765, ‘07, 2118 hrs, 4 hyd, 3 pt/pto, 25” tracks, 4 hyd, 20 frt wts.......... ..$156,900 Cat 85D, ‘98, 5734 hr, bareback, 4 hyd, 30” tracks, 360 hp........................... .......$47,900 Cat 75C, ‘93, 5545 hrs, 30” tracks, 3 pt, 4 hyd, air seat, 10 spd pst, frt wts..........$34,900 CIH 535, ‘08, 1700 hrs, 710/42 dls, 16 spd, Gold signature edition, 4 hyd..........$194,900 CIH 500 Quad, ‘12, 510 hrs, 4 scv, leather, Tracks-90%, AFX monitor........... .....$292,900 CIH 485 Quad, ‘10, 2109 hrs, 30” tracks, leather, 4 scv, AFS 600 guidance.... ....$223,900 CIH 385, ‘10, 1250 hrs, 18.4x46 dls, 1000 pto, less 3 pt ....................................$209,900 CIH STX 375, ‘05, 1744 hr, 620/42 dls, 4 hyd, bareback, pst, less wts............. ..$141,900 CIH 350 Steiger, 604 hrs, 3 pt/pto, 4 scv, 18.4x50 dls, pst, leather, 8 frt wts......$216,900 CIH 350 Steiger, 749 hrs, 3 pt/pto, 4 scv, 18.4x50 dls, leather, frt and rr wts... ..$199,900 CIH 9270, ‘91, 5112 hrs, 24.5x32 tires, 12 spd, 4scv, 335 hp...............................$41,900 CNH 340, ‘12, 440 hrs, 18.4x50 dls, 4 scv, susp frt axle w/ dls, 10 frt wts...........$224,900 CIH 215, ‘10, 725 hr, 18.4x46 dls, pst, air seat, 3 scv....................................... ..$127,900 CIH JX95, ‘04, 304 hrs, 18.4x34, 3 hyd, 13.6x24 frt............................................. $35,900 CIH 95 Farmall, ‘08, 500 hrs, cab, L730 NSL loader, joystick, bale spear/bkt.... ...$42,900 CIH JX55, ‘05, open, mfwd, 1 rr scv, 14.9x28 rear tires, left hand mech rev.... .....$17,900 NH T9030, ‘08, 800 hrs, 710/42 dls, 24 spd, 4 hyd............................................. $149,900 NH TJ375, ‘06, 2098 hrs, 710/42 hrs, 24 spd, 4 scv, Trimble Guidance, 375 hp...$123,500 NH 9680, ‘95, 3798 hr, 12 spd, bareback, 4 scv, 24.5x32 dls, bareback............ ...$59,900 Versatile 856, ‘85, 7093 hr, trans rebuilt, 3 pt, 4 scv, 18.4x38 tires......................$21,900 Agco Allis 8765, ‘99, 2wd, 18.4x34 rr, 540/1000, 12 spd trans w/ rev, 2435 hr....$14,900 Ford 4610, 2822 hrs, 2 scv, 8 spd, 2wd, 16.9x30 rr, 3 cyl diesel.................... .........$7,900

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September 2013


328E Skid Steer 328E Skid Steer

• Interim Tier 4-emission engine • State-of-the-art monitor • Over 100 attachments available

A shining example of customer input. The 328E was shaped by customers like you. They wanted more foot room, so Deere designed a flat floor with 25% more of it. They asked for easy hydraulic attachment, so Deere added connectunder-pressure auxiliary couplers. Plus, the 328E features more power with it's EPA Interim Tier 4 engine!






Commercial x Up to 50% savings on monthly heating and cooling cost. x Limits condensation with its air tight barrier x A Green product, healthier for people and the environment.

2335 230th Street Ames, IA 50014 138 West Circle Drive St. Charles, MN 55972 111 Washington Street Raymond, IA 50667 515-292-5714 Cell: 515-201-2826 507-932-5005 319-277-7603 Cell: 319-486-8472

3303 Cedar LN NW Bemidji, MN 56601 218-766-6607

1-IFR9 Statewd(IcyneneInsulation/Kinzler)KS

September 2013


Annual Farm Crawl offers tours of eight farms The seventh annual Farm Crawl will offer tours of eight independent family farms in south central from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. on Sunday, October 6. Last year’s Farm Crawl attracted more than 1,000 visitors. The farms are located in south Marion County/north Lucas County (one hour south of Des Moines). Farm Crawl participants drive themselves from farm to farm to visit the animals, meet the farmers, sample the goodies, purchase locally grown and produced products and have lots of fun in the beautiful Iowa countryside. Several of the host farms will have guest area businesses and farms that produce fiber/yarn, photo cards, artisan beer, honey, pastry, wine, and pork. Entrance to all of the farms is free, although admission will be charged to the corn maze at Dan-D Farms). Practical Farmers of Iowa (PFI) is the major sponsor of the Farm Crawl. For more information, maps and directions, visit the Farm Crawl website at www. Pets are not allowed on the Farm Crawl for the safety of farm animals and guests. The eight farms are: Blue Gate Farm (Jill Beebout and Sean Skeehan): Certified Naturally Grown, chemical-free produce, pastured eggs, and honey bees. Sample homemade jams, jellies and honey; guided tours of the gardens and season-extending high tunnels. Guests: Peace Tree Brewing Co. (Knoxville), Aunt Louise’s Cinnamon Rolls (Russell), Glorybe Photo Cards (Columbia) and Still Waters Fiber Farm (Pleasantville). Cookies and herb lemonade. Coyote Run Farm (Matt Russell and Patrick Standley): A 110 acre farm being rebuilt to profitability through relational marketing and sustainable agriculture with chemical-free produce and cut flowers, pastured poultry and eggs, hormone-free/ grass-fed and grain-fed beef, and mules. Self-tour the farm and high tunnel. Refreshments available. Crooked Gap Farm (Ethan and Rebecca

Making quick work of silage chopping

Book): A good representation of contemporary homesteading, the Books started their farm on an empty 40-acre piece of land that had been fallow fields and timber for many years. Their heritage and rare-breed animals include woodlot pigs, grass-fed cattle, pastured lambs, pastured rabbit, pastured broilers, laying hens and guinea fowl. Purchase meat and hand made soap. Blacksmith demonstrations throughout the day. Dan-D Farms (Dan Dennison and Family): 20-acre Corn Maze, racing pigs, barn yard animals, hay rides, giant slide, and pick-your-own pumpkins. Refreshments available. Pierce’s Pumpkin Patch (John and Joy Pierce): Thousands of different pumpkins, squashes, gourds, decorative corn and Halloween celebration décor. Enjoy brisket or pork sandwiches, jumbo hotdogs and all the fixings. Reichert’s Dairy Air (Lois and Jack Reichert): A small goat herd, micro-dairy with custom built milking barn and cheesemaking plant. Sample several varieties of delicious, award-winning, artisan cheeses and see the goat herd. Guests: Grape Escape Winery (Pleasantville) and The Stamps Family Farm (heritage pork from Chariton). Schneider Orchard (Arnie and Jane Schneider): Stroll through the orchard, enjoy fresh fruit pie ala-mode, apple crisp and caramel apples. Tractor wagon rides for kids through the orchard. Chariton FFA will conduct games and activities for the kids. Rope-making demonstrations plus Pipers Candies will be on the grounds with special treats. White Breast Pottery and Weaving (Sharon Seuferer and Carol Oliver): Visitors will see how local clay, from beneath the waters of White Breast Creek, is used in making pottery that reflects the area. View the beautiful loom-woven rugs made onsite. Visit a herd of miniature horses. Pottery, broom-making and loom demonstrations. Live music and refreshments. Guest: Marlys Sowers, basket weaving.

Guiding a 12-row chopper through a field southwest of Denison, Gary Vetter makes short work of silage chopping in mid-September. The huge chopper is German engineered and has 800 horsepower, the biggest chopper made.

After chopping, a small mountain of silage is packed down by three tractors.

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September 2013

October 4 deadline for three EQIP conservation initiatives

Elaine Utesch, (bottom left) of the Triple U Ranch in Correctionville, hosted 17 Mexican meat buyers on a Meat Buyers Trade trip to Iowa. Photo submitted

Correctionville farm hosts Mexican meat buyers Seventeen meat buyers from Mexico learned about Iowa beef production on a tour of the Triple U Ranch near Correctionville on September 10. Hosted by the Utesch family –brothers Craig, Brad and Kirk and their families - the buyers checked the pastures to see the cow/calf operation and then visited the feedlot to learn about the finishing end of the beef business. The buyers represented the Mexican National Meat Processors Association and 12 companies in Mexico that purchase U.S. beef. Past Iowa trade teams to Mexico have developed relationships with the buyers and encourage them to visit Iowa on a return trade trip. “Craig and I had an opportunity to attend a meat trade mission to Mexico several years ago where we met some of the same people who came to our farm. We’re proud to show them how three generations of the Utesch family make their living by raising cattle, crops and caring for our land,” said Elaine Utesch, Iowa Beef Industry Council director.

USDA’s Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) is accepting applications in Iowa field offices for three special program initiatives through October 4 - the Organic Initiative, Seasonal High Tunnel Initiative, and On-Farm Energy Initiative. Through these initiatives, NRCS provides technical help and financial assistance at a higher rate than many other conservation programs. Each initiative includes its own set of eligible conservation practices. They are funded through the Environmental Quality Incentives Program (EQIP) – USDA’s largest and most popular conservation program. Through EQIP, eligible farmers address soil, water and related natural resource concerns on private agricultural lands. Five percent of EQIP financial assistance dollars are set aside for beginning farmers, and another five percent is reserved for socially-disadvantaged farmers. NRCS accepts applications for all programs on a continuous basis, but recently announced October 4 is the first signup cutoff deadline to fund fiscal year conservation program applications in Iowa for fiscal year 2014. More information about these initiatives includes: On-Farm Energy Initiative – enables a producer to find ways to conserve energy on the farm through an on-farm energy audit, providing financial assistance to implement various measures and practices recommended in the audit. Practices include typical conservation such as cover crops, no-till and windbreaks to very practical energy improvements like high efficiency lighting for aging livestock facilities and more efficient motors for grain dryers. During fiscal year 2013, NRCS provided more than $800,000 Iowa farmers through the Energy Initiative. Organic Initiative – provides assistance to certified organic producers and those transitioning to organic production to meet their conservation goals. Examples of eligible practices include prescribed grazing, nutrient management, pest management and conservation crop rotations. Since October 2012, NRCS has provided more than $500,000 to Iowa producers covering nearly 1,200 acres through the Organic Initiative. Seasonal High Tunnel Initiative – provides financial and technical assistance to producers to build high tunnels, helping to extend the growing season for high value crops in an environmentally safe manner. Iowa producers received about $335,000 since October 2012 to fund 53 seasonal high tunnels. For additional information about these and other NRCS programs in Iowa, visit and click on “Programs.” Individuals can also visit their local NRCS office located in each county’s USDA Service Center.

More than $7,600 to be awarded at Beef Scholarship Extravaganza

Cody Wilson, left, of the Triple U Ranch in Correctionville, explains cattle feeding to two Mexican meat buyers visiting Iowa with a Meat Buyers Trade Team. Photo submitted

“We put them in our pickups and drove right out into the pastures,” said Craig Utesch. “They had so many questions about our cattle, our machinery, and how we raise our crops. They were surprised we had to harvest all our crops before it snowed and also wanted to know how many crops we get each year! And of course they loved the ribeye steaks that the Woodbury County Cattlemen

grilled for our supper.” Coordinated by the Iowa Economic Development Authority, the biennial visit includes tours of Iowa meat processing plants, livestock farms and special business meetings with meat exporting companies in Des Moines and Sioux City. The “Meet the Buyers” sessions allow Iowa beef and pork suppliers to meet privately with the buyers and negotiate business.

Twenty Iowa companies registered to meet with the buyers during the week of September 9-11. Mexico is the second largest U.S. beef export market in volume and third in value. Recent reports show exports of beef and beef variety meats added almost $273 to the value of a fed steer in July. Beef export activities in Iowa are funded by the $1-per-head beef checkoff.

The 19th annual Beef Scholarship Extravaganza will take place Friday, December 13, at Kildee Hall on the campus of Iowa State University in Ames. More than $7,600 in scholarships will be awarded. The deadline for teams to enter the competition is November 1. The contest, sponsored by the Iowa Cattlemen’s Foundation, is open to teams of high school juniors and seniors; however, team members do not need to be from the same school. Extravaganza tests student knowledge at 10 stations that cover all aspects of beef cattle management and beef marketing issues. Stations include: Handling and Health; Nutrition; Marketing (Beef cut evaluation); Seedstock Merchandising; Job Interview; Keep-Cull Replacement Heifers; Reproduction; Beef Management Challenge; Credit and Finance; Beef Industry Issues and Advocacy. Station protocols will be sent to registered teams and are posted on the ICF website, Registration information is also on the site. Scholarship dollars won at the Extravaganza can be used at any university or community college. In addition, if the student will be attending Iowa State University, Kirkwood Community College, Hawkeye Community College, Muscatine Community College, Des Moines Area Community College or Iowa Lakes Community College, those institutions offer additional matching scholarships to students on the winning teams. The entry fee is $200 per team; and a team can consist of two or three students. The fee covers noon lunch, snacks and an Extravaganza t-shirt. For more information call the ICF offices at 515-2962266, or email

September 2013


Rain helps a little but wind hurts more Strong winds whip through Iowa as harvest nears by Greg Forbes A mid September windstorm, coupled with a summer drought and May snowstorm, completed what has been a bizarre crop season from a weather standpoint. The week of Sunday, September 15 to Saturday, September 21 brought heavy winds and rain throughout the state. Iowa State Climatologist Harry Hillaker stated the statewide average rainfall for that period was slightly more than half an inch, the wettest week this year since late June. That Thursday alone areas in Mills County recorded nearly three inches of rain while a majority of areas stretching from southwest to central Iowa recorded more than an inch of rain. Northwest Iowa was not as fortunate as some locations received less than one tenth of an inch. Hillaker did not mention sections in northeast Iowa amongst those who enjoyed a plentiful rain but the weekly Iowa drought monitor map released September 19 by the National Drought Mitigation Center indicated northwest Iowa is comparatively in less of a drought than the rest of the state. The mid-September rain helped boost the year to date statewide precipitation average to 30.12 inches, nearly 1.5 inches above the annual mark for this date. On September 23, 2012, Hillaker said the statewide average was at a barren 20.59 inches of precipitation year to date. While Iowans welcomed the rain, it may have fallen too late in the growing season to improve crops. The crop summary for the week ending September 22 issued by the USDA reported that crop conditions improved slightly with 37 percent of corn planted reported in “good” or “excellent” condition and 34 percent of soybeans planted at “good” or “excellent” condition. Hillaker said the rains fell too late to show significant improvement but crop conditions may be

based on overall appearance. The rain may have caused some corn and soybean plants to green or allowed some ears to gain additional kernels. Despite the rain that fell, Hillaker said current moisture levels in soil on September 24 may actually be less than the same date last year. “It may not be that much difference because of the dryness the last two to three months,” he said. “We had quite a bit more rain last August.” Hillaker added, however, that the rain received earlier this year mixed with intermittent rains in the late summer have allowed water levels in fields and streams to stay steady. “That extra 10 inches of rain shows in river levels and farm ponds,” he said. “It hasn’t been dry enough, long enough to have a big impact on those things and this late in the season, they aren’t likely to dry out a whole lot more.” While most crops were too far into the growing season to benefit from much needed rain some plants were ripe for the picking when accompanying winds swept through parts of Iowa. Hillaker explained 19 counties received heavy winds along with the rainfall. Some reporting counties estimated gusts up to 70 miles per hour. Hillaker added that the highest recorded gust, reported by the Ankeny airport, was measured at 66 miles per hour. Mark Licht, a field agronomist with Iowa State University Extension who serves counties in central Iowa, said corn plants were susceptible to wind damage because of the period in the growing season and dry conditions. According to Hillaker, Dallas and Polk counties received the most amount of wind-related damage, both of which are in Licht’s service area. “Most of it was just wind damage, I didn’t hear of much hail damage but be-

cause we’re so late in the season, the heavy wind just lays it flat,” Licht said. Licht continued that he did not have an estimate as to the number of acres damaged but described the loss as considerable. “We don’t know what the acreage is right now but we do know it was a fairly significant area,” Licht said. The area damage included Winterset, Adel, Dallas Center and east to the Des Moines area. Licht said the crops damaged may still be harvestable but heavily depended on the maturity of the plant. “It can probably be salvaged if they (farmers) can get it picked up. It depends on how close to maturity it was,” he said. “If it was mature and was dried down to a certain extent, it will last better than that corn that’s laid down and isn’t mature. It (damage) basically kills the plant and stops the maturity process.” He added that crops that are still growing and have been blown over by wind carry enough moisture to be vulnerable to ear mold. The crop report showed that crops not damaged by wind are nearing harvest ready. The crop report stated that some farmers have already begun to harvest their earliest planted corn and soybean crops. However, corn crops, at 35 percent mature, are well behind the average rate for this time of year. Hillaker said the late planting date along with a cooler growing season will result in a later than usual harvest, especially compared to last year. Hillaker credited the early harvest of 2012 to the early planting season and abnormally dry growing season. “Last year, we had a record warm and dry spring so everything got planted quite early and it developed quickly,” Hillaker stated. “Moisture-wise, there wasn’t much need to wait for the crop to dry down so that accelerated the harvest even further.”

Mother nature’s mood swings May snows and September heat waves highlighted the weather pattern of 2013 that in all reality, has followed no pattern. Multiple interviews with Iowa State Climatologist Harry Hillaker have revealed that 2013 has had temperature swings and misplaced weather occurrences rarely seen since Iowa weather records began. The historic drought of 2012 continued into the late winter until record precipitation in April all but quenched dry conditions. The statewide average precipitation for April was measured at 6.52 inches, breaking the old record of 6.25 inches set in April 1999. A snowstorm welcomed the advent of May, dumping nearly a foot of snow in Lake Mills, Forest City and Britt. But just more than a week later, all memory of the late blizzard evaporated along with the snow as areas on May 14 recorded the first triple digit temperatures of the year. May not only saw a blizzard and 100 degree heat but was also doused by a statewide average of 9 inches of rain. The heavy rain eventually pushed planting season well into June. Some field agronomists with Iowa State University Extension estimated that as many as half of the soybean acres in their respective regions had not been planted by the first week of June. Many fields remained unplanted. By the time farmers were able to fill suitable acres, the rain disappeared. Although July finished with a statewide average of less than an inch of precipitation for the month, July also ended more than a degree below average normal temperatures. Hillaker said July 2013 saw an average of just five days with 90 degree temperatures, a mark reached and exceeded more than 20 times in July 2012. July 27 and 28 even saw lows in areas across the state drop into the low 40s. Some weather stations even reported record lows. When late July highs barely reached 70 degrees, Hillaker estimated that Iowans may have seen the last of oppressive heat but the cool jet stream yielded to a high pressure dome of warm temperatures. The last week in August brought the first 100 degree temperatures of the official summer and temperatures in the upper 90s persisted into September. On September 9, areas in Iowa once again recorded triple digit temperatures but by September 21, other locations had already reported the first frost of the fall. Rain once again returned to the state on the third week of September as some areas reported nearly 5 inches of rain for the week. Thursday, September 19 proved to be the wildest day of the week, dumping 3 inches of rain on some towns and blowing through with gusts near 70 miles per hour. As the calendar nears the end of the year, the wild, unpredictable weather has shown Iowans may be in for an exciting winter.

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Farm Bill may not get to president until late October, Grassley says

by Gordon Wolf During his Capitol Hill report, a taped interview with one radio station and one newspaper on September 19, U.S. Senator Chuck Grassley stated he believes a new farm bill won’t get to the president’s desk until late October. In May the U.S. Senate passed its version of the farm bill, which included provisions for agriculture and food stamps. The farm bill is normally passed by the Senate and House as one bill, not split into the components of agriculture provisions and the nutrition program. But in July, the House passed an agriculture-only farm bill and last week passed a nutrition bill. Grassley said the bill will now go to a conference committee of House and Senate members. “I suppose it won’t get done by September 30 (the expiration date for the current Farm Bill) but not too far out there,” Grassley said. Last year the current five-year farm bill, which was passed in 2008, was extended for one year. Grassley added, “I think they’re going to get a compromise, and there’s not much compromising to be done on the farm bill (agriculture part), basically do away with direct payments and keep crop insurance.” He said other minor differences exist in the agriculture provisions, but these are only minor, compared to the major differences between the Senate and House versions on how much to save in the nutrition program. The Senate’s bill proposes $4 billion in savings and the House version proposes $40 billion in savings. “Somewhere between $4 and $40 billion you have to find a compromise and pass it because you’re not going to get a farm bill through the House that doesn’t have food stamps in it,” Grassley said. He added, “I would expect we’ll be getting a farm bill to the president sometime in late October.”

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September 2013


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September 2013

Mike Naig is new On-line Extension resources answer deputy secretary of questions about late harvest, low prices Iowa ag department Iowa Secretary of Agriculture Bill Northey announced Wednesday that Mike Naig has been hired as the new deputy secretary for the Iowa Department of Agriculture and Land Stewardship. He will start with the department on September 4. Naig previously served as manager of state and local government affairs for Monsanto. He has been active in the agribusiness industry for over 13 years, also having served in public policy roles for CropLife America based in Washington, D.C.; the Agribusiness Association of Iowa; and the Iowa Biotechnology Association. As Deputy Secretary, Naig will assist in management responsibilities for the Department focused on the areas of personnel and budget. He will also support the Department’s efforts to be accessible to Iowans by traveling regularly to represent the Department at meetings across the state. Naig grew up on a farm near Cylinder in northwest Iowa and is a graduate of Buena Vista University in Storm Lake, with degrees in biology and political science. He and his wife Jaime have two boys.

Members of the Extension crops team from Iowa State University responded to producer questions related to the late spring, dry summer and slow crop development by hosting meetings in north central Iowa last week. Extension field agronomists Mark Johnson and Paul Kassel discussed crop maturity, crop drying, potential effects of an early frost, and pre-harvest preparations at meetings in Clarion, Wesley and Sheffield. Charles Hurburgh, Extension grain quality and handling specialist, spoke of 2013 crop quality, including moisture and test weight variability, potential diseases, and the best practices for handling and storing the crop. Iowa State specialists Chad Hart, Extension economist, and Kelvin Leibold, Extension farm management specialist, reviewed the 2013-2014 crop market outlook at the meetings. For the benefit of those who did not attend the meetings, ISU Extension and Outreach made video recordings of the presentations available on the Iowa Grain Quality Initiative website at • Crop Maturity – Mark Johnson (9 min) • Grain Quality and Storage – Charles Hurburgh

(14 min) p3jly245js7/ • Crop Market Outlook – Chad Hart (15 min) https:// The Extension crops team makes the most current information related to crop, harvest, storage and handling issues available through the Iowa Grain Quality website and Integrated Crop Management (ICM) News, an online newsletter. ICM News articles are published at www.extension.; newsletter subscribers receive notification when new articles are published. Hart and Leibold are frequent Ag Decision Maker authors. Ag Decision Maker (AgDM) updates and news are available at The AgDM newsletter and updates are published every month; subscribers receive notification of the publication of new materials. As the drought situation continues in Iowa, new material is added to the Dealing with Drought – 2013 webpage. The webpage offers information for dealing with crops, livestock, stress, home and yard and financial concerns during drought situations at www.extension.



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September 2013


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Beginning and aspiring farmers invited to apply for PFI’s savings incentive program Beginning and aspiring farmers are invited to apply for Practical Farmers of Iowa’s (PFI) 2014-2015 Savings Incentive Program. Applications are due by October 4. The two-year program pairs beginning and aspiring farmers with experienced mentors; offers participants the chance to save money and receive matching funds while learning how to build a profitable farm; and seeks to support the next generation of farmers through guidance and a firm knowledge base on which build their farm businesses. To access an application online, visit or call the PFI office at 515-232-5661 to request a copy through the mail. Up to 25 applicants will

be admitted in this fourth round of programming. Those admitted will be part of the Class of 2015, and are selected by a committee of Practical Farmers members using a scoring system that rewards a noticeable commitment to developing applicants’ independent farm goals. All farm enterprises, sizes, production methods and marketing practices are eligible. Selections will be made in early November. To date, about 60 people have been or are currently active in the program. The Savings Incentive Program works by encouraging enrollees to save up to $100 per month for two years. After 24 months and completion of all program requirements, participants will earn a dollar-for-dollar

match on money saved up to $2,400, for a possible $4,800 to use toward purchasing a farm asset. As part of the program, participants will be paired with a mentor, with whom they must meet in-person at least three times in the first year. Participants must also: Open and manage a savings account with Practical Farmers’ partner bank Create or fine-tune a business or whole-farm plan Attend at least four PFI events per year (online, on-farm or in person). PFI events include online trainings, field days, conferences, workshops and more Conduct quarterly reviews via email, phone or in-person with PFI staff to check on progress toward goals and program require-

ments Complete all forms and requested information on time “Through this program, Practical Farmers of Iowa and its supporters have forced me to look at our farm from a completely different perspective,” says Karla Hanson, a current enrollee who raises sheep near Monona. “Without the deadlines and goals required of SIP participation, I would not have moved forward with our farming plans as quickly.” Jordan Scheibel, another current enrollee who grows produce and herbs at Middle Way Farm near Grinnell, said applying to the Savings Incentive Program helped solidify his farming intentions. “When I applied, I was on the fence about how committed I was

to farming. Getting accepted made my commitment public.” He added that entering the program made him feel like he was “now on the hook” to follow through on building his farm business. “It was the necessary kick I needed to solidify my intentions and realize that farming was possible, and that I had the support I needed to be successful at it. This program has clearly made a difference in my life and my ability to move forward with my farm,” he said. Requirements for the program are modified this year to consider those not yet farming on their own. To be eligible for the Savings Incentive Program, applicants must either be farming on their own now and have farmed for five

or fewer years, or have some experience working for a farm business. This includes, but is not limited to: internships, apprenticeships, working as an hourly or salaried employee or working on the family farm. Applicants must also reside in Iowa or farm in the state (out-of-state residents are eligible, as long as they are farming in Iowa), and be members of Practical Farmers of Iowa (candidates can join at www.practicalfarmers. org or by calling 515-2325661). For more information about the Savings Incentive Program or application process, contact Marc Strobbe, PFI farm viability coordinator, at 515-2325661 or

NASS reports slight decrease in cattle on feed for September Cattle and calves on feed for slaughter market in Iowa for all feedlots totaled 1,130,000 on September 1, 2013, according to the USDA, National Agricultural Statistics Service, Iowa Field Office. The inventory is down 5,000 head from August

1, 2013, and down 10,000 head from September 1, 2012. Feedlots with a capacity greater than 1,000 head had 550,000 head on feed, down two percent from last month and down seven percent from last year. Feedlots with a

capacity less than 1,000 head had 580,000 head on feed, up one percent from last month and up five percent from last year. Placements during August totaled 142,000 head, an increase of 34 percent from last month but down 11 percent from last year.

Did we miss someone? If someone you know is involved in agriculture in Iowa and would also like to receive Iowa Farm & Ranch, let us know by filling out the subscription request below. It’s free! SUBSCRIPTION REQUEST

Name _______________________________________ Address ______________________________________ _____________________________________________ Phone ________________________________________ Mail this coupon to: IOWA FARM & RANCH P.O. Box 550 w Denison, Iowa 51442 Or fax to 712-263-8484

Feedlots with a capacity greater than 1,000 head placed 66,000 head, up 38 percent from last month but down 13 percent from last year. Feedlots with a capacity less than 1,000 head placed 76,000 head. This is up 31 percent from last

LOADERS Fiat FR 7B, cab, grapple ... $21,000 John Deere 444J, AC, QC, 75% tires, painted .......... $65,000 Case 721B, cab, 2.75-yd. .. $43,500 Case W-14, cab, 1.5 yd .... $15,000 Hough 60E, cab, 2 bkts, grapple........................... $20,500 New Holland L150, 38 HP, 520-hrs. .......................... $21,300 New Holland L170 Skd Ldr, cab .................................. $23,500 Komatsu WA320-5, 3.5 yd, AC, Aux hydraulics .............. $110,000 Komatsu WA150-6, AC, hyd, ride control 175 hr........ $115,000 Komatsu WA200-5, AC, ride control, 80% tires, 885 hrs ........ $110,000 Cat 257B Skid Loader, new track, AC, 3200-hrs .................. $27,500 EXCAVATORS John Deere 350D, LC, GP bkt ..................................... $145,000

month but down 8 percent from last year. Marketings for August were 140,000 head, down three percent from last month and down 17 percent from last year. Feedlots with a capacity greater than 1,000 head marketed 73,000 head, up 14 per-

Komatsu PC300, hyd, thumb, bkt, QC ......................$210,000 Komatsu PC300, AC, aux hyd .................. $120,000 Komatsu PC300, AC, Aux hydraulics ....................... $70,000 Komatsu PC 270, AC, Hyd thumb .................... $180,000 MISCELLANEOUS Gehl 4840 Skd Ldr cab, new tires .........................$19,500 JCB 1110T Track Skd Ldr 1325 hr, 82HP, AC ........................$40,000 Case 850K Series 2 LGP Dozer, AC ripper, 28” shoes, sweeps.....$67,000 Komatsu SK1026 Skd Ldr 900 hr., AC .....................$32,000 Komatsu D85 Dozer, 264-hp, ripper ............................$210,000 JCB 260 Track Skd Ldr 84HP, 750 hr., AC ...........$58,000

cent from last month but down 13 percent from last year. Feedlots with a capacity less than 1,000 head marketed 67,000 head, down 16 percent from last month and down 21 percent from last year. Other disappearance totaled 7,000 head.

Hypac C530AH, 2002 model, 9-wheel roller, ................$28,000 Doosan/IR 260 cfm Compressor 170-hrs ...........................$20,900 Doosan/IR 185 cfm Compressor 120-hrs. ..........................$15,500 Ranco 2-Axle Pup Trailer ......$13,900 Swift 80’ Conveyor ...........$65,000 Dresser TD 7H Dozer, ROPS ..............................$17,500 Dressta TD 25H Dozer, 310 HP, AC, ripper ............................$145,000 JCB 36’ Forklift .................$55,500 Komatsu GD650 Grader with snow wing...............$75,000 JCB 40’ 10,000# forklift ....$43,500 Galion A550 Grader, 14’ moldboard,4 new tires ..............$34,500



EAST HWY. 12 ABERDEEN, SD 888.762.6312

I-90 & N. DEADWOOD RAPID CITY, SD 800.658.3047


Page 16


September 2013

A visit to the Clay County Fair

Patricia Higby, energy education and outreach coordinator with the University of Northern Iowa, records Dawson Miller’s wind power as he uses his breath to power a miniature wind generator Sunday at the Clay County Fair in Spencer. Miller and his father, Gordy Miller, of Storm Lake, visited the wind energy displays at Central Park on the fairgrounds. Higby helps teachers teach about wind energy and other types of energy by providing solar car kits, wind turbine kits, a pedal power energy bike and by providing classes and workshops through the Fabulous Resources for Energy Education (F.R.E.E.) program at UNI. The kits are loaned at no charge. Once the teachers have completed their lesson, they send them back to the F.R.E.E. program. For more information, educators can contact Higby at or call her at 319-273-6012. Sunday’s theme at the fair was Iowa Wind Energy Day, sponsored by the Iowa Wind Energy Association.

Farmer Bob drives his uniquely decorated tractor and wagon around the fairgrounds. This is the second year that Farmer Bob has been at the Clay County Fair. Photos by Gordon Wolf

4-H and FFA members exhibit their cattle in the show ring on Sunday.

An attraction at the Iowa Egg Council booth was the serving of hard-boiled eggs on a stick. Visitors could season their eggs with salt, pepper or Cookies Flavor Enhancer.

Abby Galm, of Spencer, shows Jersey cattle from the Jones Dairy near Spencer to visitors at Grandpa’s Barn at the Clay County Fair. Visitors could see or touch a number of animals, including a Highland cattle calf, a rooster, piglets, chicks, an ostrich, turkey, alpacas, rabbits and pot bellied pigs.

Rows and rows of field corn were on display after being judged in the best 10 ears contest. Mary Jane Parsons, of Webb, was the district champion and Clay County champion. The corn was on display in the upper level of the Agriculture Building.

September 2013


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Change Any Chisel Plow into a Vertical Tillage Coulter Machine Save $10,000 to $15,000 with our user-friendly conversion kits! EXCLUSIVE 4 BALL BEARINGS ON THE SHAFT!

We have 4 ball bearings that make it a very heavy duty unit. We have other innovative parts like the DUST SHIELD. Kit includes 18” boron “earthen harden” 13 wave coulter blades and bolts. Works on wheat stubble, corn stalks, and soybean residue in fall and spring. Cut up trash in the field or dry out the ground so you can plant days earlier.

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YIELD, from Page 1 Elmore said northwest Iowa’s high prediction may be attributed to its soil quality and timely precipitation. “They (northwest Iowa) picked up some rains we haven’t had in the rest of the state and they’ve got good soils,” he said. “Normally, if you’re looking at the upper sixth of the state, they are usually a higher productivity that the rest of the state.” Although the statewide predicted average is nearly 17 bushels per acre below the 30 year trend line, Elmore said farmers can expect far better yields than last year’s September estimate of 137. Elmore said the improvement is due to consistent spring precipitation and a milder, albeit abnormally dry, summer. “The rain in the spring alleviated the problems so it wasn’t quite as intense and stressful (as last year),” he said. “The time for silking was a lot more conducive but since then, we’ve lost moisture.” While snow and heavy rain throughout April, May and into June delayed a significant amount of planting as late as mid-June, some farmers were able to plant relatively early. Elmore said some farmers have begun harvesting those fields planted before heavy rains wreaked havoc

on progress. But due to heavy rains followed by hot, dry conditions, early harvest reports have not been favorable. Areas near Carroll County and Ames have reported yields below or slightly above 100 bushels per acre. “It was stressed out. Some of the fields coming out already are the ones that are stressed more,” Elmore said. “They will yield less than the average because of that.” Elmore said due to the inconsistent weather and relatively harsh conditions, farmers are advised to carefully analyze fields and get stressed crops out of fields as soon as possible. “We really advise that they (farmers) are walking fields and looking for the fields that have the most stress because the stalk quality is most likely very poor,” El-

Speed Tills. The Joker RT Series from Horsch The unique design of the Joker allows you to accomplish light to agressive tillage and excellent soil finishing. With depth management from 1”-5” and working widths of 23’-37’, the RT Series gives you precise tillage at high speed.

September 2013

more said. “The longer the stressed crop stands, the more likely it’s going to fall down and make harvest difficult. If they’re ready, pull them.” Despite stress last year, Iowa was able to fair better than a majority of corn belt states. At 165 bushels an acre, Minnesota was one of the only states the recorded a higher statewide yield than Iowa. Some states struggled to reach 100 bushels per acre and Missouri recorded a sparse 95 bushels per acre. Elmore said recent projections this year have shown Iowa falling below yields of other states. Elmore added that this time of year, the effects of weather throughout the growing season show the unpredictability of agriculture. “Every year is different,” he said.

broken springs repaired chad Wittrock, oWner


ll pro door compAny

residential • commerical • industrial

wE DO it all!

The Joker gives you what vertical tillage can’t.

all wORK guaRantEED!

Unlike vertical tillage, the Joker is a true residue management system. That means it perfectly sizes residue and incorporates it into the soil for fast decomposition. The Joker also consolidates the soil and promotes faster warming. This helps manage moisture better and gets you planting faster. • Manage heavy residue/stubble • Fast seedbed preparation • Pasture/hayland/CRP renovation • Manure/Fertilizer incorporation

Sorensen Equipment, Co.

Sectional Overhead Doors • Dock Equipment Spring & Section Replaced or Repaired Remotes • Keypads • Hinges • Rollers call for a free estimate!

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Fall Harvest

SPECIALS! Blair, NE PureGrade® Liquid Starter Fertilizers are high in orthophosphates and can be safely banded in-furrow at planting time and foliar applied for better fertilizer efficiency.

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September 2013


Page 19

Broke Down at Harvest?

Get Up with Inland!

If your truck quits, Harvest won’t. Trust Inland Truck Parts and Service to get you back in the field – fast. • Parts for all makes and models of trucks & trailers • Drive-In repair service • Remanufacturing of all manual and AllisonTM transmissions, drivelines, differentials & transfer cases • Complete in-house component rebuilding Call or visit an Inland location near you: 5678 N.E. 14th St Des Moines, IA 50313 Phone: 515-265-9901 800-362-2970

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Degelman & Summers 20’ to 85’Riteway, Land Rollers Approx. 50 to 60 on hand 20’ to 85’ Land Rollers Aprox. 50 to 60 on hand

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September 2013

EASIOPEN SEED BOX OPENER EASILOAD UNITS AVAILABLE: • 2 Box Standard • 2 Box Lo Profile • 3 Box • 4 Box • 200 & 300 EasiBulk

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SEPTEMBER AND OCTOBER IOWA LAND AUCTIONS FARMERS NATIONAL COMPANY was named the #1 Land Auction Company in 2012 and 2011

by The Land Report, The Magazine of the American Landowner. 7KXUVGD\2FWREHU_“$FUHV*UXQG\&RXQW\ ,RZD$‡&RQWDFW%RE5HJHQZHWKHU$)0$JHQW   







Demand for high quality farmland continues to be very strong! For information about these auctions or any of FNC’s quality services, contact:



September 2013


Page 21


SALE CALENDAR Ask your Auctioneer to List Your Sale Here. Or Call Iowa Farm & Ranch at 800-657-5889.

WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 2 • Online Only - 369 Lots 6:00 a.m.,, 15 Tractors, Combines, Dump Trucks, Semis, Grain Trailers, Livestock Equipment. Airplane and more! Stock Big Iron Company (D) THURSDAY, OCTOBER 3 • 80 +/- acres Horton Twp, Osceola County, Ocheyedan, IA, 10:30 a.m. Viola Schmit Trust, Owner. Vander Werff & Associates, Rich Vander Werff & Todd Hattermann (D) SATURDAY, OCTOBER 5 • Special Weigh Cow Sale, Denison Livestock Auction Bldg. Pauley Family Auction Service LLC, Auctioneers (D) • 2 Real Estate Auctions, 9 a.m. Pisgah, IA nice 2BR ranch home, 864 sq. ft., Burbridge Family Trust, owners. 11 a.m. Charter Oak, IA selling residence on 2.5 lots, older home, 2 vacant lots. Wanda Throckmorton Estate, owner. Randy Pryor Auctioneer, Woodbine, IA, 712-644-7610. • 160 +/- acres Union Twp, O’Brien County, Paullina, IA, 10:30 a.m. Elizabeth Miller Estate. Vander Werff & Associates, Rich Vander Werff & Todd Hattermann (D) SUNDAY, OCTOBER 6 • Sievers Farms, 2 p.m. American Legion Hall, Walnut, IA 309 AcresM/L Pottawattamie County Land, Osborn Auction LLC (D) WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 9 • Online Only - 196 Lots 6:00 a.m.,, Tractors, Combines, 2 Fire Trucks, Grain Trailers, Livestock Equipment. Dozer, Motorgrader and more! Stock Big Iron Company (D) THURSDAY, OCTOBER 10 • 300.85 =/- acres Lincoln Twp, O’Brien County, Hartley, IA, 10:30 a.m. Harvey & Anna Post Estate. Vander Werff & Associates, Rich Vander Werff & Todd Hattermann (D) SATURDAY, OCTOBER 12 • 148.17 Taxable Acres m/l, Crawford County Farmground 8:00 a.m. William (Bill) and Hope Truitt, owners. Sale to be held at Denison Livestock Auction, 501 N. 9th St., Denison, IA. Pauley Family Auction Service, LLC, auctioneers (D) • Small Household Sale 8:45 a.m. at Denison Livestock North Building. Pauley Family Auction Service, LLC, auctioneers (D)

SATURDAY, OCTOBER 12, continued • Maxine Schiltz Estate Auction, 11 am 1124 Toledo Ave, Dunlap, IA. Schaben Auction Service (D) • Special Cattle Sale 11:30 weigh-ups, 12:30 feeders, Anita Livestock Auction, Anita, IA. Bernard Vais and Jesse Vais, Auctioneers (AUD) SUNDAY, OCTOBER 13 • Dale & Linda Nelson Antique, Collectible & Primitive Auction, Noon, 508 S. Edgerton St., Exira, IA, Osborn Auction LLC (D) SATURDAY, OCTOBER 19 • Special Weigh Cow Sale, Denison Livestock Auction Bldg. Pauley Family Auction Service LLC, Auctioneers (D) THURSDAY, OCTOBER 24 • Heistand Farm 343, LLC Land Auction, 11 am, 340.95 Acres, Schaben Real Estate LLC (D). THURSDAY, OCTOBER 31 • Special Calf & Yearling Sale, Denison Livestock Auction Bldg. Pauley Family Auction Service LLC, Auctioneers (D) THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 14 • Real Estate Auction, 320 Acres, m/l Section 31, Washington Township, Crawford County, IA, Muenchrath, sale managed by Schaben Real Estate, LLC (D)

Upcoming Land aUctions! Thursday, October 3, 2013 • 10:30 am

80 +/- acres located in Horton Township, Osceloa County IA To be sold from the farm location: From Ocheyedan, IA, go 1 mile N, 2 miles W on Hwy 9 & 1 1/2 miles N of Starling Ave. Viola Schmit Trust, Owner

Land auctions Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Sibley American Legion, 817 3rd Ave., Sibley, IA 10 a.m.

160 Acres Osceola County

Section 35 East Holman Township Offered in 2 tracts. Outstanding all tillable farm - 74.8 CSR On Hwy 59 - Sibley/Melvin area Ample county tile outlet

Bloxham Agricultural Enterprises LLC, owner

Wednesday, October 16, 2013 94.6 Acres Pocahontas County Section 18 Sherman Township

Auctioneers: Jon Hjelm, ALC 712-240-3529 Chuck Sikora 712-260-2788

The Acre Co. Spencer, IA 712-262-3529


Saturday, October 5, 2013 • 10:30 am

160 +/- acres located in Union Township, O’Brien County, IA To be sold from the Paullina Legion Building, Paullina, IA Elizabeth Miller Estate

Thursday, October 10, 2013 • 10:30 am

300.85 +/- acres located in Lincoln Township, O’Brien County, IA To be sold from the farm location: From Hartley, IA, go 1 mile W on Hwy 18. Adjacent to Hwy 18 and Van Buren Ave. Harvey and Anna Post Estate

View our website for these auctions at Specializing in Iowa Farmland Auctions!


Wednesday, October 2, 2013 First Lots Scheduled to Close at 10:00 AM Central Time

Vander Werff and Associates


Rich Vander Werff, Sanborn, IA - 712-261-0298 Todd Hattermann, Paullina, IA - 712-348-0111

15 Tractors, 2 Combines, 2 Dozers, 4 Semi Trucks, 8 Straight Trucks, 2 Dump Trucks, 2 Mixer Feed Trucks, Bucket Truck, 2 Grain Trailers, 4 Flatbed Trailers, 3 Livestock Trailers, 7 Grain Carts, Grain Storage, 8 Headers, 6 Manure Spreaders, 2 Rakes, Sprayers & Floaters, Tillage Equipment, Livestock Equipment, Lawn & Garden, Hay Equipment, Airplane, ATVs/Recreational and much more!

215 Main St., Sanborn, IA 51248 • 712-729-3264 1-IFR9(Upcoming LandAuctions/Vander Werff)VS

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712-263-2122 or Iowa Toll Free 800-657-5889

Attractive all tillable farm. Productive soils - 74.7 CSR Available for 2014. Pocahontas/Havelock/Albert City area


It’s Keyword Searchable and it notifies you. Find exactly what you want!

Visit our auction website at

Sign up for the Notify Me System and Midlands Auctions will automatically email you when an item you are interested in matches items listed in an auction advertisement or use our keyword searchable option.

369 Lots Selling!

The next auction is on October 9! Big Iron is seeking motivated independent sales representatives and district managers; send your resume to is a division of Stock Auction Company, 1-800-937-3558 1-IFR 9 StatewdTA39(Big Iron 10-2 sale/StockAuction/ss


Wednesday, October 9, 2013 First Lots Scheduled to Close at 10:00 AM Central Time


196 Lots Selling! 7 Tractors, 2 Combines, 3 Grain Trailers, 2 Fire Trucks, 3 Pickups, 4 Straight Trucks, 2 Air Seeders, 3 Balers, Planting & Tillage Equipment, Grain Cart, 3 Headers, Livestock Equipment, Dozer, Motor Grader, Lawn & Garden, ATVs and much more! The next auction is on October 16! Big Iron is seeking motivated independent sales representatives and district managers; send your resume to is a division of Stock Auction Company, 1-800-937-3558 1-IFR 9 StatewdTA40(Big Iron 10-9 sale/StockAuction/ss

Page 22


September 2013

Classified EQUIPMENT

Tilliage Equipment for Sale

Tilliage Equipment for Sale, cont.

Livestock Equipment For Sale, cont.

Other Equipment for Sale, cont.

Tractors For Sale

IA: C-IH 12R36”Vertical Fold 3 pt, always shedded 308-9955515

IA: new idea 2 row mounted corn picker. Good shape, $500. 712246-1847

IA: IH 560 gas Fendens fast hitch. NF good rubber Westendorf W130 losfrt zz45,000 515-368-1358

A:Used Ringsted welding stalk smasher, large unit covers 80038 duals, 1 1/2 years old, like new 641-590-1820

Other Equipment for Sale

IA:Orthman MP3 Tracker Guidance system, 2 blades, always shedded, $4,700. 641-5902815

IA: 60 John Deere tractor, overhalued, power steering, new tires, very straight, with loader and #5 mower. Extra 60 John Deere tractor for parts. Extra head and carborator. 712-5459126 or 402-740-4842 IA:Field Ready. MF 850 late new parts. 712-387-5361 IA: IH 560 gas fast hitch narrow front narrow front, good tires 15-5-38 with WL30 Westendorf loader $5,000. 515-368-1358 IA: Wanted International 340 UT tractor 712-722-0486

IA:Hiniker 6000 cultivator unitslike new 319-521-7220 IIA: JD MI tractor wide front, nice starts, good runner, 300 IH tractor good and starts and run good. 641-425-6139 IA: 1995 Agco Hugger 636 C. H. went to 30 in rows $3800 used on R62. 712-837-4468

Grain Harvest & Handling Equipment For Sale

IA:1942 Case Wheatland D tractor, wide front, new front tires, runs good. 712-857-3417

IA:I1997 Case-IH 2188 with 30 ft JD bean head specialty rotor machine in great shape 712880-0484 for details.

IA:JD MI (tractor) wide front starts and runs good. 300 IH (tractor) nice tractor good starter and runner 641-425-6139

IA:Demco 550 or 650 gravity wagons. Call 712-210-6587

IA:JD3020 diesel dual hydralic narrow front synco range. 712384-2438 IA: Aggo white 6086 tractor, diesel, 80 hp. NFWD Westendorf TA28 loader, only 2,179 hrs. $19,695 641-592-1211

IA: Combine head movers from 25’ to 40’ wide please call 712210-6587 IA: New Orthman dry bean cutters 308-995-5515 IA: 12 x 72 PECK Auger. Flighting is excellent. 2 years old. 712-270-0735 IA: 1440 combine new price $2,700 IF not sold by July 15 will part out good unit or lots of excellent parts. 712-375-5077

We offer free classified ads to farmers! Buy, sell, or trade your stuff with us FREE*

Hay Equipment Wanted IA:2 15” dual wheel rims for A-e Roto baler all-crop combines. 262-716-5250, Atlantic,Ia

Irrigation Equipment For Sale IA: WINCO GENERATORS, NEW & USED, 1PH 50KW $4,170. KATO LIGHT NEW 1PH AND 3PH WINPOWER USED 1PH $1,000. CALL WES SEBETKA AT, (641) 990-1094

Livestock Equipment For Sale IA: Feeders 24’ hay feeders meals on whells. Saves hay, saves time & saves money. Call 712-210-6587 IA: 24’ Hay feeders meals on wheels, Saves hay , saves time and saves money. Call 712-2106587 IA: 2 Smidley Fedders, 10 hole with lids, new, priced to sell. 641-590--2815 IA: 14 double disc fertilizer openers for JD or Kinze planters with 2 inch bar, discs measure 15 inches, $50 712-375-5077

IA ANHYDROUS APPLICATION UNIT Equaply® non pump system is perfect for side dress. Equal rows, reduced outgassing. Stops freezing. From $7900. JBI Enterprises, Brunning. NE IA: Cas 1948 VAC rebuilt generator and carburetor. New battery. Runs good. $2,000. 515-432-5163. IA: For Sale: 55 gallon drums. Only $5 each! Smitty Bee Honey, Defiance, Ia 712-748-4292 IA: Calument 3200 gal spreader tank with 4 knife enjector. Asking $4,500. 515-249-2512 IA: Balzer 1500 gal tank Magnum left front fill single ayle 21.5 tires w/quick attached hose. Like new call 515-379-1170

LIVESTOCK & ANIMALS Livestock For Sale IA: Dorset Rams fall and Jan born Dorset Ewes and Few southdown Ewe lambs 641-4493226 IA: Minature donkeys any sex any age emailwdbrink@wiatel. net or call 712-353-6730

IAHawkins Fertilizer Units, 16 units and parts, $125 per unit. 641-590-2815 IA: JD Fert. Openers, single disk, frame mounted, 16 units, excellent $570 each unite. 641590-2815 IA: Friesen 22 ton bin, with heavy factory skid $3,200 call 712-766-3239 IA: Watermelon style hog oiler $350, six section John Deere harrow wooden eveners $700 Parker 200 bushel wagon Westendorf gear $2,400. 712420-3030 IA:1973 Case 1737 skid loader 3,031 hrs. $4,195. 641-5921211

IA: Leonard Limousin & Angus Bulls for Sale Private Treaty. 70 red, black, polled Limousin and Angus bulls, Holstein, Iowa. 712-368-2611. IA: Registered Gelbvieh Bulls, quality black gentle polled yearning bulls. Hobbs Gelbvieh 641-766-6779 or 641-2030863 IA: Dorset Rams. Thick meaty type Call 712-882-9840 IA: Steer and heifer show prospects. For more information and photos, visit our website at or call 515-370-0695. Dana

IIA: 1995 international, 4000 series, 6 cyl. ,13 ton., 7x12 flatbed. ,13,000 miles. ,duals wheels., mallard 712-857-3432 IA: Hog oiler round $350, JD 2-row cultivate fits only 50 520 $350 conectible, 14-14-21/4” solid JD tool bar 3 point 712420--3030

Mail, fax, or email it to us. Iowa Farm & Ranch Attn: Classifieds PO Box 550 Denison, Iowa 51442 Fax: 712-263-8484 Email:

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September 2013


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Classified Livestock Wanted IA: Farrowing unit 1,500 to 2,000 sows, can switch to nursery or finishing. In compliance, Ia NC Iowa. Call 641-5902815

Hay, Grain & Forage For Sale IA: Good clean, bright sm sq in semi loads 641-658-2738 IA: Custom hay hauling; big rounds, big square etx can haul troughout midwest. For Sale Round Big Squares of Alfalfa/ Grass & straight Alfalfa 641640-0492

Hay, Grain & Forage Wanted IA: “Wanted: Alfalfa, round and square bales, picked up or deliver, call Roy at Pleasant Acres. 620-804-1506 IA: Quality small or lg sq Alfalfa or misxed in semi loads 641658-2738

VEHICLES Cars/SUV’s For Sale IA: 1966 Ford Galaxy convertible parts or restore 515-9814067 IA: 1986 Monte Carlo LS fixed up $6,000. 1961 Chevy pickup original 3/4 ton $6,000. 712253-1261

Campers/RV’s For Sale IA:8 ft Shadow Cruiser pickup camper 3 way refrig, toilet, furnace. $1,000 obo. 515-9715487

Vehicle Parts/Service IA: 2 11.2 x 24 like new tires on 8 bolt rims $350. 319-9811438

AROUND THE HOME Antiques For Sale/Wanted IA: Antique oak ice box 39” tal land 27 1/2 “ x 27 1/2” 515295-2903 IA: Estate Sale September 14 & 15 8am - 4pm. Soldier Community Building. This will be a two day sale featureing the John Deere toy & memorabilia collection of Marvin Larson. This is not an auction. All items will be priced to sell. Remaining items will be discounted for day two. Precision Classic Tractors & implements new w/boxes, Prestige collection new w/box, Collector Edition new w/boxes, numerous 1/64 scale tractors, some I.H. collection, lots of fixer upper toys - large selection of wheels, tires, & misc. parts, metal signs, clocks, shadow boxes, tools antique items, Please direct any questions to John Larson 712-830-5398.

Household Items For Sale/Wanted

Other Wanted

IA: 100% Wood Heat- no worries. Keep your family safe and warm your family safe and warm with an Outdoor Wood Furnace from Central Boiler RDC Truck Repair 712-647-2407 (828-831)

IA: Wanted to buy old farm tools, hand woodworking tools, old seed corn items, hand cornsheller, cream separators. Call 515-8900262


Alfalfa and Grass Hay/Straw

100 Truck Loads Make an offer! Mention this ad for your best deal!

Other IA:Guineas for sale. 712-4643610 or 641-414-6177


Guard Rails

Other For Sale


Call Dave at 605-520-6341

Safety Highway Products

85-IFR9Statewd($2.20/SafetyHwy Products)SS

89-IFRSTATE(Thompson Hay&Straw ForSale)TA

IA: Steel post. Dennis Becker Bancroft, Ia 515-538-1547

Tire Town inc.

IA: Two 8 x 5614” tires on rims w/5 holes 75% usable 712-7843452


200 Gal. Minimum FREE pickup service within 200 miles of Sioux Falls Toll Free: 1-866-304-6070

When the Price Makes the Difference and Quality Won’t Be Compromised

FOR SALE 2014 Wilson 50’ Triple axle 72” sides Ag Hopper Air Ride with Scale 2014 Wilson 43’ Tandem axle 66” high sides Ag Hopper Air Ride with Scale

Call for Complete Specs

Midwest truck

sales & leasing l.l.c. OMaha, ne 402-934-7727 89-IFR9State(MidwestTruckSales)S

Exira Auto Sales

Why isn’t your classified ad here, to be seen by THOUSANDS of Farmers? See page 22 to place your ad today!

Hwy. 71, Exira, IA • 712-268-5345

‘12 Dodge 3500 SRW Crew Cab 4x4, leather, diesel, auto, 74K.........$31,900 ‘11 Dodge 1500 Quad Cab SLT 4x4, 5.7 Hemi, 23K...........................$25,000 ‘11 Dodge 3500 SRW Crew Cab 4x4 Diesel, auto, longbed ...............$21,900 ‘11 Jeep Compass Latitude 4x4, 19K.................................................$15,900 ‘10 Dodge 3500 SRW Crew Cab longbed 4x4, auto, diesel................$31,900 SOLD ‘10 Dodge 3500 SRW Crew Cab, 4x4, diesel, longbed.......................$28,200 ‘10 Chevy 3500 Crew Cab Dually 4x4, diesel, auto, utillity bed..........$23,500 ‘10 Dodge 2500 Crew Cab, longbed, 2WD, 5.7 Hemi.........................$14,800 ‘09 Chevy 3500 SRW Crew Cab 4x4, longbed, diesel, 175K..............$19,400 ‘09 Chevy 2500 X Cab 4x4, diesel longbed, auto ...............................$17,900 SOLD ‘09 Chevy 2500 Reg Cab 4x4, 6.0 gas, 79K .......................................$18,700 ‘09 Chevy 2500 Reg Cab 4x4, auto, 6.0 gas ......................................$13,900 ‘08 Chevy 2500 Crew Cab 4x4, diesel, longbed, auto ........................$18,900 ‘08 Honda Ridgeline CR, 6-cy. auto, 4x4, 73K ...................................$16,700 ‘08 Dodge 3500 SRW Quad Cab, 4x4, diesel, auto, shortbed ............$16,700 ‘08 Chevy 1500 X Cab 4x4, 5.3 V8.......................................................$8,950 ‘07 Chevy 2500 Reg Cab 4x4, diesel, 92K.........................................$19, 800 ‘07 Dodge 3500 Quad Cab Dually, 4x4, auto, flatbed, 5.9 diesel........$18,700 ‘07 Dodge 3500 Reg Cab Dually 4x4, 5.9 diesel, auto .......................$17,800 SOLD ‘07 Ford Ranger 2WD, Reg Cab, 4-cy., auto.........................................$4,900 SOLD ‘06 Dodge 2500 Quad Cab 4x4, shortbed, diesel, auto ........................$9,400 ‘06 Dodge 3500 Quad Cab 4x4, Dually, diesel, auto...........................$18,900 ‘06 Dodge Reg Cab Dually flatbed 4x4, diesel, 6-spd.........................$16,800 ‘06 Chevy 3500 Reg Cab Dually, 4x4, diesel, auto. ...........................$13,900 ‘06 Chevy Colorado Reg Cab 4x4, 5 cyl, auto 97K...............................$3,200 ‘05 Dodge 3500 Quad Cab Dually, 6 cyl, 4x4 diesel, 181K.................$17,900 ‘05 Dodge 3500 Quad Cab Dually, 4x4, diesel, 6spd, 172K ...............$17,800 ‘05 Dodge 3500 Quad Cab Dually 6spd, 4x4, diesel...........................$17,600 ‘05 Dodge 2500 Quad Cab, longbed 4x4, 6spd, diesel.......................$16,900 ‘04 Dodge 2500 Reg Cab 4x4, 5.7 Hemi auto, 53K..............................$9,800 ‘03 Dodge 2500 Quad Cab longbed 4x4, diesel, auto.........................$13,900 ‘03 Dodge 2500 Reg. Cab 4x4, diesel, 6spd ......................................$12,600 ‘03 Ford F-350 SRW Crew Cab 2WD, 7.3 diesel, 88K........................$11,900 ‘03 Chevy 2500 Reg. Cab 4x4, 5.0 auto...............................................$4,900 ‘02 Dodge 2500 Quad Cab 4x4, shortbed, diesel, auto ........................$8,400 ‘02 Ford Explorer Limited 4x4, V8, leather...........................................$3,400

E-Z Haul Hay Trailers Flatbed & Equipment Trailers

TNT SALES John Thomas 515-490-4181 Dallas Center, IA

20.8-42 14-Ply R-2 Full Tr . $1200 18.4-34 New 10-ply ......... $690 15.5-38 10-ply, New ........ $558 480/70R34, New FwD . $1100 14.9R46 UseD 80% .......... $750 14.9R34 sLIGHTLY UseD 70% $500 320/90R46 IRReGULaR ..... $900

Nationwide Shipping Special Prices • New & Used All Sizes • Major Brands We Deal

800-444-7209 • 800-451-9864


1-IFR9Statwd&10(Tire Town/Users/John)S

JOB OPENINGS - CASE IH FARM EQUIPMENT DEALER Progressive Case IH dealership is seeking dependable full-time employees to fill the following immediate openings


Equipment Sales Position Ag Service Technicians Parts Counter Position Precision Farming Position Competitive pay and benefits package including Health insurance, Dental insurance, 401(k) Matching, Life insurance and More! Go to our website for applications and to view other job opportunities.

712-263-4637 • Denison

Want more sales? Each month, put your message in

1-IFR SW(Jobopenings2013)VA

Iowa Farm & Ranch Call 712-263-2122 to place an ad.

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September 2013

A division of Titan Machinery - 100+ locations strong A division of Titan Machinery - 100+ locations strong ,528




2011 Case IH AF8120

1281716, 315 Sep Hrs, FT, AHH, HD Rear Axle, Chopper 406 ENG, 315 SEP ,726

2009 Case IH AF9120

1530213, 402 Sep Hrs, FT, AHH, HD Rear Axle, 519 ENG, 402 SEP ,267



2007 Case IH 7010

2135504, 986 Sep Hrs, UPTIME READY, New Cone, FT, 1431 ENG, 986 SEP

2008 New Holland CR9060 1331390, 1059 Sep Hrs, UPTIME READY, Contour, 1502 ENG, 1059 SEP 726


2 $68,7


2008 Geringhoff RD1230

1295361, FT, Chopping, (7010,8010,7120,8120,9120)

2010 Case IH 3412 1707586, 12R30, Fits 7010/7120/8010/8120 827


1 $67,4




2010 Case IH 8120

1202146, UPTIME READY! 540 sep, Pro 600, 20.8R42 Dis, 791 ENG, 540 SEP



, $178


2011 Case IH 7088

1254972, 213 Sep Hrs, UPTIME READY, FT, AHHC, Fore/Aft, 280 ENG, 213 SEP

2009 Case IH 7120

1583311, 931 Sep Hrs, Crary Switch, FT, RT, Chopper, 1198 ENG, 931 SEP



2009 Case IH 5088

1548498, 617 Sep Hrs, UPTIME READY! FT, 867 ENG, 621 SEP



See our total inventory with videos, photos and more description

2004 New Holland CR970 1295513, - Sep Hrs 1911, UPTIME READY! RWA, Dls, FT, 2552 ENG, 1911 SEP 73


2008 John Deere 612 1691077, 12R30, (9660/9760/9770)





2009 Geringhoff RD830 1807873, 8R30, Fits 2188/2366/2388, RotaDisc, 2000 ENG


2006 Case IH 2412

1271529, 12R30, Fits 7088/7010/8010, FT, HHC, Dual Dr



2006 Case IH 2212 1280729, 12R30, Fits 1688/2188/2388/ 2588, FT, HHC

Used Iron with a 100% Guarantee.*


Guaranteed Iron at a Guaranteed Steal

2012 John Deere 635FD 2190903, 35 ft (9660, 9760, 9860, 9770, 9870) 558

2010 Case IH 2162

1308658, 40’, Fits 7010/ 8010/8120/8130, 3” Cut, Poly 17



2006 MacDon 974

1485781, 36 ft. Transport (7088, 7010, 8010, 7120, 8120)

2009 New Holland 98D 1911669, 8R36, CR960 CR970 CR9070, Ear Savers, Poly

2008 New Holland 88C 1538814, 36’, Flex Draper, (CR9060/CR9070), Fore/Aft 92


2004 John Deere 893

1777696, 8R30, Knife Rolls, Hyd Deck Plates, FT

• 1 Year/500 Hour • Sell your Iron on Power Train Warranty our FREE on Select Units* Classifieds 618




1999 New Holland 996 1230689, 8R30, Fits TR Series, Low Prof, Std Rolls

1995 Case IH 1083

1808305, 8R30, Fits 1688/ 2166/2366/2388, FT, HHC



1998 Case IH 1063

1963327, 6R30, (1680/ 1688/2166/2188), Knife Rolls

BE THE FIRST! DO NOT MISS OUT! *Some restrictions apply

Sioux City, IA Outlet 712-239-0888 Moorhead, MN Outlet 218-233-3700 A division of Titan Machinery - 100+ locations strong

Titan Outlet Store The #1 Source for Used Equipment At Outlet Prices! IFR9Statewide(TitanMachinery)TS

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