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Within Creativity GRC 104 April 13, 2014 Agnes Diego


By watching Japanese anime, I found a community that drew fanarts and it led me to learning Photoshop.I then became a cosplay and started becoming known amongst a lot of my friends and the word startedgetting out. I helped others with cosplays and uploaded tutorials. I was then pushed to make a cosplay page and some encouraged to start a Youtube channel. I started a page but did not stay committed to it. A friend then encouraged me to get with a girl to make me a logo for my cosplay page and my page had been increasing ever since. I got back to editing photos and detailing them and adding little characters and decided I wanted to make logos or at least explore the business of making logos. Today I mix the world of graphics design with my cosplaying.

NUGGETS • Started watching anime • Found photoshop and fanarts • Started cosplaying • Began a cosplay page • Found a girl who made logos • Inspired to make logos • Took graphics design



When I first started sketching, I wanted to split a photo of myself into two different personalities and explain the side of me that was a cosplayer and the side of me that was a graphic designer. However as designing went on, I found that making a timeline going from cosplayer to graphic designer and then going about how they both intertwined was much more cleaner and organized; also meaningful to me. Below you see my early years and sketches to then mixing up my hobby with the inspirations of becoming a graphics designer.

My timeline


Here we look at zoomed shots of my timeline to take a better look at how I designed them.


Putting pictures of my life was a risky way to approach my timeline, so I decided to drop down lines from the bubbles to make the reader see the sections of my life. I slightly separated each cluster of bubbles to also help organize the timeline for the audience. In the end, I feel like this timeline is a good, clean, and fun piece to show people.

GRC 104 April 13, 2014 Agnes Diego

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