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Final Exam – MBA Digital Marketing

1. Read the entire article and then choose one resolution that you think would have the most positive impact on a hotel’s internet success. The resolution that I choose and that I think would have the most positive impact on a hotel’s internet success in “Regularly post new content”.

Why do you feel this particular Resolution is most important? For what types of hotels? I feel that this particular resolution is most important because a presence on social networks can have benefits only if it is an active presence. An active presence means that you post new content regularly, at least three to five times per week. This resolution is important because more and more hotels or businesses build their presence and brand on social networks, so the concurrence is more and more important, and, if you post a new content only one time per month you would be quickly exceeded by the others. The goal of a presence on social networks is to buid, to create a relation of trust between you and your fans / followers, so for that it is essential to post new content at least three to five times per week. This resolution is essential for all the types of hotels, because all the hotels (independent, chains, groups...) must be present on social networks.

What additional actions would give that Resolution even greater impact? Drive more impressive results. It is important and essential to post new content regularly, but this content must be interesting!! So, I think that this Resolution will have a greater impact if it will be associated to two others resolutions explained in this article: “”Write interesting and engaging posts” and “Give users a Reason to visit your page”. Indeed, update regularly your social network is important only if you share posts which interest and help your community. Moreover, a regular new content gives good results only if you arrive to attract users on your page. So, these three resolutions will work together and if they work efficiently, you will have very good results. The use of these three resolutions together is the best recipe to success on the social networks.

Research three examples of hotels (or other businesses) that are successfully executing this Resolution online. 

My first example : Blackberry (Official facebook page in France and in UK)

On the Facebook page of BlackBerry France, there is a new post at least one time per day (between Monday and Friday). Posts are interesting and diversified, with sometimes open-questions in order to attract users to visit the page and give some reviews.

On the facebook page of BlackBerry UK, there is a new post at least one time per day (during the week). Posts are diversified with at least one open-question per week (a game with lot for the winner) . The posts are not the same that these on the page of BlackBerry France.


My second example : Noika (Facebook pages in France and UK)

On the Facebook page of Nokia France, there is at least one post per day as well in week as in week end. The posts on this page are very diversified and, in the majority of them, fans’ comments, reviews, feedbacks, opinions are asked. It is a good way to attract users to visit the page, and to encourage fans and followers to participate and communicate with the community.

On the Facebook page of Nokia UK, there is at least one post per day as well in week as in week end. The posts on this page are interesting and are different that the posts of the page of Nokia France. On the Nokia UK page, posts are more information, actuality share with the fans. There are not open-question, just some videos, pictures and articles.

My third example : LG (Facebook page in France and Germany)

On the Facebook page of LG France, there is a new post approximately every two days (only during the week). The posts are diversified, with some posts about LG’s actuality, about videos,...there are few games with lot for the winner.

On the Facebook page of LG Deutschland, there is a new post at least one time per day, as well in week as in week end. The Facebook page of LG UK is less active than the Facebook page of LG Detschland, that’s why I choose this page for the example on LG.

2. From the article, what role does technology play in a hotel’s internet strategy success? If you are an independent, limited budget hotel (or business) what steps would you take to compete effectively online? In a hotel’s internet strategy success technology plays an important role. Indeed, today it is essential to be present online, and not only with an official website, but also with a blog, with accounts on some social networks... Technology has a big role in all types of businesses, because it is a way to communicate with your community, your friends, your fans...Today, with technology we can develop our notoriety, to expand our targets, to reach new customers. If we are an independent hotel, with a limited budget and we want to compete effectively online, we need to develop several steps: 

Create a website or update our website => It will be clear, optimize for social networks, be attractive...

Create a free account on the most important social networks => Like Facebook and Twitter. It is essential in order to be in constant relation with your community and show that you are at the entire disposal of your community, your customers to propose them the best services.

Put the links of these accounts on our official website => it proves our presence on the web.

Share regularly interesting posts => It is essential to be present online and to be able to post new content at least four times per week I think. The content must be diversified, so, we need to share our actualities (the actual offers if we are a hotel for example), videos reportage about our hotel ...), photos...

Be available => We need to be available in order to respond as often as possible to questions of your community. If we want to show your capacity to be at the entire disposal to our guests, we need to respond at any questions.

Be honest, helpful and friendly => I think it is the most important point and this step will be respect every time, everywhere! If people come on our social network account, it is not to have a “sales’ speech” but, to communicate, to learn about our hotel.

Be referenced on several search engines => Like Google and Bing in order to appear on the first search engines pages results. It can be by using a PPC strategy (maybe less expensive than to pay a fix amount every months).

I chose to present you two independent hotels which are creatively reaching customers without expending large resources. 

Hotel Duquesne in Paris (a three stars hotel)

When we go on the website of the Hotel Duquesne, we have on the right some tripadvisor reviews. It is a good strategy to attract new customers.

On the website we can see that this hotel is present at least on two social networks (Facebook, Twitter) and on Skype. It has also a blog. It is interesting to give the skype account, because that permits to visitors to have a direct contact with the team of the hotel.

On these two accounts, there is a new post at least one time per day during the week. It is the same posts on these two social accounts. Posts are interesting and not only about the hotel.

On the facebook account, you can book online and also, you can have some reviews of TripAdvisor.

On the blog of this hotel, there is a new post at least one time per week. It is not the same posts that the posts on its social accounts.

There are links to go on the Facebook account and Twitter account. For Facebook, there is the possibility to click on “Like”.

There is a sondage, that is a good strategy to collect the feedback and opinions of visitors.

Hotel Taylor in Paris (a three stars hotel)

On the website of the Hotel Taylor, we can click on « Visit the blog » and go on the blog.

On this website, we can see that this hotel has a Facebook page. In fact, it has also a Twitter account that is not mention in the website.

For this hotel, the blog is used to present the hotel (the team, rooms...) but also like a concierge with posts on several restaurants in Paris. The posts are the same topic on Facebook account and on Twitter account.

To conclude, I can say that for me, these two hotels are a good model of a great online presence without a large budget. I think that the first example has a greater strategy and model to use technology, social networks to reach customers, than the second example.

3. From the Build your Own Brand videos series-What are the key elements to online branding according to Loic LeMeur?

In Loic LeMeur’s videos, he gives us many key elements to online branding, to build very well your brand online. In this sense, as he said in the first video of this series, today, the most important is “Being shareable on social networks”, in regard to growth of the place of all social networks in the world. 

It is essential to have an account on each of the most important social networks. Indeed, we need to be present not only on Facebook and Twitter but also on others like Linked in, Flickr, Formspring, Foursquare...

He advices to use the same name everywhere. In this sense, it is essential to be present and to be easy to find on all social networks, so, if we take the same name everywhere, we facilitate the research of our potential fans and followers.

In order to facilitate the research of our potential fans and followers, he advices also to optimize our website for social networks (making the links of our accounts, utilizing some “widgets” or “addThis”,...)

One other key element is about what you share. It is essential to share interesting things and very frequently (as often as possible). We can share a multitude of things; it can be a video, a text, a link, a picture, a product review, a post on our passion, our present location (on foursquare)... We must be interesting in our posts if we want to build our own brand online with success. Also, it is essential to be careful of what we share and where.

It is important to share daily or regularly, and, to adapt the post to each support that we use. In this sense, our visitors on Facebook are not the same than our visitors on Linked in. Moreover, when we want to share a full page text, it is better to post it on our blog.

It is essential to get best sources, best experts on the topic we have chosen to talk about because our goal is to help people to understand, to share with them a good information and analysis about one topic. For that, we can use Google reader, videos (to explain what we learned about this topic reading a book on it...).

It is important, according to Loïc LeMeur, to use one or several question and answer sites such as We need to use this type of sites, because people like asking questions and getting answers. Moreover, we do not know very well what people want to know about your brand, and what they want to read in your posts, and, the best way to know is to ask them. We need to answer at their questions regularly, as honestly and transparently as we can.

One very important key element is to talk in a friendly way and to help people. In this sense, social networking is not like traditional marketing, but, it is about building trust, building a community. Indeed, social networks are not a campaign, we cannot speak like a press release or a marketing brochure, and we do not talk only about our product and not about ourselves all the time. It is essential to see social networks like a conversation between us and our community. People prefer to be easily attract by a friendly communication than a marketing communication. According to Loïc LeMeur in his videos “If you keep creating trust and talking in a friendly way, and helping and trying to understand your community, then it will work”

“Listening is as important as sharing” is one key element gave by Loïc LeMeur. In this sense, as we said when we talked about question and answer sites, it is essential to take attention at the fans and followers reviews, feedbacks. For example, we are a hotel, and on our facebook page, a fan writes a negative feedback, we need to listen this fan and to give a response. In contrarily, if he writes a positive feedback, it is important also to listen and to respond at this fan.

In order to be on the top of all of these social networks, we need to share frequently interesting posts, but we need also influencers. In order to understand who our influencers are, we can use some sites like klout or Peerindex.

Finally, the last key element is “Do not criticize your competitors”. As we said below, social networks are not a marketing brochure, a campaign, so we must to respect our competitors and not criticize them. Our social networks accounts are not the place to criticize or show the defaults of our competitors, we must focus only on our community, our fans, our followers.

To conclude, to build our own brand very well online, according to Loïc LeMeur, we must to be present on all the most important social networks, to be on the top of all those. We must to create a link of trust and confidence between us and our community, talking in a friendly way; listening, answering and helping people; sharing as often as possible interesting things. We must also to be aware of the constant evolution of the technology, of the development to the social commerce for example.

For example, I decide to show you two hotels, which use these key elements successfully in my view. They are Hotel Le Bristol and, The Hotel Plaza Athénée in Paris. In my view, these two hotels are present in the most important social networks (facebook, twitter, linkedin, youtubes...), they share interesting posts regularly (at least one post by day for the Plaza Athénée), they have optimized their websites for their social networks, they talk in a friendly way to their fans and followers. Between these two hotels, I think that the Plaza Athénée is the best, and it takes care to its presence on social networks, this hotel posts multitude types of posts like short texts, pictures, videos, special offers... and it talks not only about its product, its offers. I chose Le Bristol for the second hotel because, even if it posts less regularly than the Plaza Athénée, I found interesting on its Facebook page, the onglet “Welcome” in which there is a picture of the hotel and it invite the visitor to click in order to join its community.

Just we need to click to go in their facebook account or twitter account.

Facebook account of Bristol Hotel.

Links of all Plaza Athénée’s accounts in social networks.

Facebook account of the Plaza Athénée

4.From the Build your Own Brand video series – choose any two onlines tools that were mentioned. From the Build your Own Brand video series, I choose Seesmic and Klout as the two onlines tools which I want to study here.

Describe how a hotel could use these tools to effectively engage their customers. I think that the use of these two tools online is one of the best ways, for a hotel, to engage their customers. is a tool used to manage social media platforms in order to be more efficient in the management of all social networks’ accounts. Indeed, with this, a hotel can pilot all its social networks in the same time and, in the same place, platform. That is essential to have a better engagement of its users, its customers. With this tool, the hotel can communicate easier with its community, and can share easier than if it needs to go on each different social network’s account it has. is a tool used to manage its influencers. For a brand, it is very important to know who its influencers are, in order to maintain a contact with them and to encourage them to be a very good influencer. Klout will measure the internet influence of the hotel based off of its Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn activities. Indeed, this tool will measure Retweets, Likes, and Comments to decide how high or low the Klout score of the hotel is.

What actions would be needed to put the tools in place in a hotel? First of all, the creation of accounts in the most important social networks would be needed to put these tools in place in a hotel. In this sense, Seesmic is a platform in which gathers in a same place all feedbacks that a hotel can have on all its social networks, and before to collect feedbacks, comments, and reviews, an account on these social networks is imperative. Moreover, Klout is an online tool to measure the influence of the hotel, and to know its influencers. This tool is based on the analysis and measure of the Twitter account, the Facebook account and the Linked in account of the hotel. Then, I think that it is important to set up a team whose mission is to manage the social accounting networks, and the management of the influence on Internet. So, this team will work with these two online tools.

What problems would the use of the selected tools solve? The use of the selected tools would solve two important problems.

The use of Seesmic would solve the problem and the difficulty to manage many different accounts at the same time. In this sense, it can be very difficult to update all the social networks’ accounts of a hotel every day if we do not have a software like Seesmic to pilot these accounts in a only one place. The use of Klout would solve the problem to have a little influence on social networks. Indeed, if we do not use a measure tool to measure and understand our influence on internet, we do not know if our work is efficient, and, we do not know who can influence positively our hotel. With Klout, we can know our influence on three important social networks, and, we can know who our influencers are (to be in contact with them, to talk with them,...).

What problems would the selected tools create? The use of Seesmic would create a problem in the update on each account. We need to adapt our message, our post at each social network, but, if we update all on a same place, software, we can have the problem to forget this adaptation, this differentiation which is important. The use of Klout would create a problem on the relationships. In this sense, if we know the persons who influence our hotel, we can focus on them and forget the others, and that it is a problem. We must maintain the contact and maintain a bond confidence with all the people who follow us on the social networks, influencers or not.

Why did you select these specific tools? I select these specific tools because it is more and more important to be present on social networks, but this presence will be efficient and active. Seesmic can help a hotel or a business to have an active and efficient presence on social networks facilitating the work on all the accounts this hotel or business has. Klout is a good and interesting tool which can help us to develop a really good relation between us and our influencers.

5. Select five of the following terms. Define in your own word include a screenshot example of each term. 

Rate Parity:

It is a general strategy, in which a hotelier decides to maintain the same rates and the same conditions on all its public channels. In this sense, in all public channels we will find the same prices for the same type of product and the same conditions. For example, if we look for a booking at the California Hotel in Paris, from February 18 th to February 19th, we have a superior room at 220 euros and a premium superior room at 245 euros. We can see also two different offers for a superior room : With breakfast includes at 195 euros or with a prepayment at 198 euros.





It means “Pay Per Click�. It is an advertising model which consists in the fact that we put an advertising on several websites, mainly on the search engines. We will pay a certain amount to these search engines or sites each time that one on their visitor click in our advertisement and so, go in our website. On the search engines, we will find these types of advertisements on the top of the pages results but also on the right like on Google. I think it is a really good strategy with it, we can be present on the top of the page results on search engines, so we are more visible and, we pay only in function of the number of clicks!




Aggregator sites:

An aggregator site is a website which gathers information coming from several sites on a single site. It can be a question of a specialized site on the news such as Google news which allows us to have information and current events of the world coming from many Internet sites; a specialized site on the videos like YouTube‌ What is the strategy of that? It is to facilitate our researches and to permit to us to gather all the data that interest us in only one website.

Popurls is a good aggregator site in which you can find different categories: one part on the news, on part on the pictures, one part on the videos... It is very complete and very interesting to visit.


Social commerce:

When we go on a website and if we buy something, it will share to your friends, your community. In this sense, they can read a stream of what you have bought. And that can influence them to buy the same product. It is a mix between social media and e-commerce. I think that it is a very interesting thing. Why? Because what you say about what you bought influence your friends, your community. Every day, millions of opinions, reviews and conversations are shared online; and, these interactions influence the buying decisions of millions of others (your friends, your communities). So, social commerce is a very good marketing strategy; it will drive a lot of sales. Indeed, if you just bought a iPhone 4 and you share this information online (on social networks, on websites like,, your friends will be interested to know why you bought this mobile phone, if it is a good purchase, and, if your friends like your responses, are convinced by your answers, they might also buy the iPhone 4.

This is an example of a post on a facebook account. A man just bought his flight ticket on Delta and, in this post, he shares the information with his friends and his community. His friends and all the persons who read this post, can be easily influenced by this post (a guest review) than by a publicity of the airline company.



It is a small post on Twitter. It is the same thing that the status on Facebook. It is very important to know that a tweet is limited to 140 characters only, so it is a very small and succinct message. I think that it is very important to update your status as possible as you can because it is one of the essential factors which attract visitors, fans, followers. For me, more the tweet is interested and “hooker� more persons want to know more about you, about your brand.... Moreover, your tweets can be read by your followers but also by others, because, they will appear in the search results. So, if you want to attract more and more persons, you need to write a tweet on one

of your favorite topic, on your product, brand... in order to appear in the good search results (key words similar...). For example, you make a “tweets research” with as key works “Hotels paris”, you will find persons who talked about hotels and / or Paris in their tweets and you can be interested to followers these persons.

Tweets of persons (not a company account or a business account). Just people who want to share their knowledge about hotels in Paris.

Professional, Business accounts. They are three accounts about hospitality, and these tweets are some offers about hotels in Paris.

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