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Thanks to the age of the internet, there are many online residual income opportunities and ways to start-up an online business today. You can find a business opportunity that you will be able to create an ongoing income even when you are not working. This has been come to be known as a residual income opportunity. We will take a closer look at two residual income opportunities in this article. When talking about residual income opportunities two different systems come to mind, online network marketing and two tier affiliate marketing programs. They are both ways you will be able to get paid on the efforts of others by recruiting people under you. Quite a few people have probably heard of online network marketing. It is also known as multi level marketing, or mlm. In this type of business you recruit a down line of distributors and get paid on their purchases and sales. You will also earn an income on the sales of distributors that they recruit. Many multi-level marketing programs will pay you several levels deep. This is a great residual income opportunity because you get paid over and over after your effort is completed. With network marketing, to create a residual income you are going to have to spend most of your time recruiting. This can be time spent on personal recruits and helping your downline along in there recruiting efforts.You will need also need to spend some quality time on training for your group. As you can see it does not take to many personal recruits to build a very large sales force. As your group continuous to grow so can your residual income. The difference between two tier affiliate marketing programs and network marketing is that in affiliate marketing you only get paid on your sales and the sales of your personal recruits. You do not earn money on the sales of affiliates that they recruit. Affiliate marketing can still be a great residual income opportunity to create an instant income. As you get more websites and affiliates recruited you can still earn residual income over and over for years to come on all products sold. The key to creating a residual income with affiliate marketing is three things : The first is create and manage a large number of personal web sites. Second, recruit quality "top gun" affiliates to sell for you. And third is to start your own affiliate marketing program. Although you do not get the benefits of a large downline several levels deep like network marketing provides, you can still make a very large income with affiliate marketing. In summary two tier affiliate marketing and network marketing are both excellent residual income opportunities you just need to find the right one that will hold your interest.

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==== ==== For The Best Work From Home Opportunities, Please Visit: ==== ====

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