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Rinsing Programme update – demerit date extended to 1 June 2014 We have had a great response to the Rinsing Programme and the latest results show that 95 per cent of farms are now testing below 30 parts per billion. This puts the Co-operative in a very strong position as we anticipate and stay ahead of ever-changing customer and country requirements. Demerits for residues were due to be implemented from 1 December 2013, however, we have decided to extend this to 1 June next year to coincide with the new season. This gives all farms the opportunity to be re-tested during the shoulders of this season without financial or demerit penalties. It also gives detergent companies additional time to resolve any teat spray and detergent formulation issues. This has been communicated to farmers today, 13 November 2013. The Rinsing Programme has been a huge collaborative effort with farmers, Milk TestNZ, detergent companies, Farm Dairy Assessors and the Co-op working together to test and find solutions for any farm with residues above the 30ppb limit and we would like to thank you for your continued support. Farmers that still have questions or need help, are being encouraged to call the Supplier Services Team on 0800 65 65 68. We have also done a big spread in the November Farmlink including some handy tips to keep residues in check throughout the season and use and application of Teat Sprays (outlined below). Thanks for the continued support from our Farm Dairy Assessors and the detergent companies, your commitment helps to ensure that Fonterra remains one of the world’s leading dairy Co-operatives. If you have any questions or need help, call Brendon Radford, Food Safety Operations Manager on 07 839 8359.

Keeping residues in check throughout the season: For farmers who already have a successful rinsing programme in place, they can maintain their good rinsing processes throughout the season by documenting their rinsing programme so everyone on-farm can follow the same practice. For questions on rinsing programmes, farmers can call the Supplier Services Team on 0800 65 65 68 or their detergent representative to discuss the product and processes they are using. Questions can also be posted in the farmer forum on Fencepost under Community & Events>Forum>Milk Quality>Detergent Rinsing Programme

Focus on teat spray residues: Teat spray if not used correctly can also leave residues in your milk. To get the most benefit from teat spray and reduce the chance of demerits, follow these guidelines for post-milking teat spraying: •

Only use teat sanitisers that are approved under the Agricultural Compounds & Veterinary Medicines Group – this name should appear on the label.

August 2012

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Always mix to the label recommendations and dilute to the correct concentration for use for the appropriate time of season. Fonterra recommends that farmers discuss their use and application with their teat spray supplier if the product they are using is creating a residue detection.

Fonterra has received a number of questions about pre-milking teat spray – here’s what you need to know: • • •

Most teat sprays kill bacteria as the spray dries – which can take up to 10 minutes Using a non-approved teat spray prior to cups going on or using an approved product against label instructions can cause residue issues. Fonterra knows of only one approved pre-cupping teat spray in New Zealand that comes with a wiping requirement prior to cups going on – talk to your vet / teat spray company for more information.

Fonterra Rinsing Programme Update November  
Fonterra Rinsing Programme Update November