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Time for an affair with a cup of


Instant Espresso

Bezzera Instant Espresso

In your hand is no ordinary can of espresso. Our instant Italian espresso is made out of 100% Arabica handpicked coffee beans, the world’s finest. Micro roasted in small batches by the Italian Roastmasters. Bezzera creates richness of flavor and quality that cannot be matched by any other brand. We are the Bezzera family, proud to carry on our love and dedication to our secret family espresso process, which was founded by Luigi Bezzera in 1903. Our mission is to combine the old tradition with new technology and refined process to serve you the best cup of espresso you’ve ever had.

Made in Italy.

Net Wt. 8.8 oz.

Luigi Bezzera was an owner of a manufacturing business, but not very successful. In his spare time he enjoyed sharing a cup of good coffee with his family and friends. He carried a passion to enhance the flavor of the coffee and to speed up the preparation process. After couple of sleepless nights in 1903, the very first espresso machine was born. Luigi was not successful in marketing the machine and sold the rights to his espresso machine patent in 1905 to Desidero Pavoni.


Bezzera Instant Espresso Instant Espresso Time for an affair with a cup of

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