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Yoga for Every “Body”

The Benefits of Precision Alignment–Yoga for Seniors


throughout the arms and legs where diabetics need it most.

any consider yoga an activity meant for young, flexible bodies that can bend into a pretzel with ease; however, those who are older and less flexible can enjoy a yoga practice just as much—and potentially benefit from it even more.

“Yoga helps seniors grow and age with ease rather than resistance,” states Jenny Cooper, an alignment yoga instructor at the Yoga Shed in DeLand, FL. “I see a lot of differences from people that feel that they are victims of their body, they feel stuck in their body, and I’ve seen them quiet liberated through practice.”

“There’s a level of yoga for everybody’s body,” says Betty Larsen, 72, a certified yoga instructor since 1988. Larsen’s concentration lies in a style called precision alignment yoga (or Iyengar yoga), which focuses on posture and breath control to promote strength, mobility and stability. Precision alignment yoga is especially beneficial (and incredibly accessible) for older generations that struggle with immobility. And the practice also helps treat nearly all the common health issues that arise with age. That’s why it’s so important for seniors to not be too intimidated to give yoga a shot—even if they feel restricted by their bodies. As Larsen explains, alignment poses are often tailored to accommodate a specific body or level of ability, “We modify the poses using chairs, cushions, bolsters, belts, blocks, and if someone is in a wheelchair—we simply revert to chair yoga.” Aligning the body creates a sense of ease, lightness and stability for seniors that may feel burdened or pained by their bodies. Larsen, who has worked with seniors at both beginner and advanced levels, states that alignment yoga is also, “a great compliment to physical therapy.” Mary Pollock, one of Larsen’s senior students, can testify: “I know how

By Courtney Senecal

Through the years, Cooper has instructed seniors with knee and hip replacements and even some with artificial limbs, “It’s a way to work the muscles that sometimes they overlook in physical therapy, so we’re focusing on feeling and awareness rather than repetition and numbers.”

much y o g a long term and short term has benefited me,” says Pollock, who now practices alignment yoga regularly. She credits her routine with helping her bounce back from a rather serious slip and fall on ice, “It protected me from the consequences of my injury, and I think it helped me recover from that injury better.”

Cooper explains that deep breathing exercises alone can have a tremendous benefit for all of the body’s systems and internal organs. She strongly promotes the restorative benefits of simple, controlled breath work for students of all ages—but notes that it’s especially valuable for those suffering from serious immobility or the early effects of Alzheimer’s or dementia, “… even if it’s just to help manage the confusion or depression.”

Even at the beginner level, working to improve balance, strength, flexibility, and body awareness through alignment yoga creates resilience in one’s body, helping to avoid or lessen the trauma of an injury or ailment. Through slow stretching and deep breathing (creating space between the bones and joints) alignment yoga can help treat the pain, fatigue and depression resulting from conditions like arthritis, fibromyalgia and multiple sclerosis—just to name a few. The style of yoga is also highly recommended for individuals with diabetes because it lowers blood glucose and promotes circulation—especially

Cooper recommends that seniors new to yoga schedule a private lesson, so the practice can be concentrated on a routine that’s specially tailored to a specific body and ability. Reinforcing the fact that alignment yoga can


Photo by Joseph VandenBerg “Instructor Betty Larsen assists her student, Mary Pollock, with a chair pose.” truly benefit virtually anyone, she states, “Unless your doctor says you shouldn’t breathe or think, I would consider it.” Interested in trying yoga? Contact the Yoga Shed, a studio specializing in Precision Alignment Yoga located in DeLand, FL. (386) 943-9180

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Just like captions on TV - for your telephone! Enjoy phone conversations confident you’ll catch every word. The CapTel® Captioned Telephone allows people with hearing loss to read everything their caller says on this amplified telephone. Setup and on-site tutorial included, all for under $100. • Free captioning service • Built-in answering machine • 3-month money back guarantee Keep your existing phone service provider, no monthly fees or contracts to sign

Contact Your Local Outreach Representative Sandi Robertson - 407.443.9409 CapTel® 840i

Captioned Telephone 407.443.9409 AgingTree_f.indd 1

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APRIL 1ST, 2014

Feature Article

Free Guidance for Seniors and Families



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Medicare Cuts Cause Frustrations

A National Bidding Program is Now Affecting Millions of Seniors


ince July of last year, Joe Costanza has been waiting to receive the same home medical supplies he has picked up on a regular basis for nearly a decade. Joe, 68, relies on sleep apnea therapy to treat his chronic COPD, and for the past four years (every three months or so) he’s received routine maintenance items like filters and tubing—as well as essential replacements for worn out headgear and masks—all covered by Medicare. Months ago, Joe received a letter from his local supplier stating they could no longer provide his equipment due to recent changes in Medicare. Undergoing chemotherapy treatment for Leukemia, Joe’s sleep apnea therapy was never his biggest concern; however, when he realized his relationship with his supplier was severed, and his supplies were cut off, frustration and worry began to set in.

For suppliers and Medicare beneficiaries, it’s clear that what’s happening is more than just an inconvenience: It’s a health issue. “With flu season, our apnea patients need to adhere to regularly changing their filters, but Joe is at risk because he can’t get his supplies,” states Priscilla. And with Joe’s health record, he can’t afford to wait.

If you require home medical equipment, and you’re a Medicare beneficiary, chances are you may have recently encountered a situation much like Joe’s. The implementation of Medicare’s competitive bidding program has caused patient unrest and serious delays in essential product distribution that many beneficiaries count on. Some have had to pay out of pocket to receive their supplies, while others (like Joe) have just had to wait and suffer.

By Courtney Senecal

The Dangers of Competitive Bidding

Due to competitive bidding, smaller, more independent providers are shutting down and being driven out of business because they simply cannot compete with the bids given by larger companies. Unfortunately, many of these smaller-scale, local suppliers are more attentive, personable and caring—mostly serving small communities where patients are likely a neighbor, rather than a number. cont. on page 12

Durable Medical Equipment How the Medicare order process compares to retail and online purchases

The Competitive Bidding Program for Durable Medical Equipment, Prosthetics, Orthotics and Supplies, was created by the Medicare Modernization act of 2003 and signed into law by former President George W. Bush. The introduction of the program, designed to weed out multiple companies selling the same products, was delayed until 2011.



Order Process


Order Process

Order Process

Customer selects product

Customer selects product

Company receives order from prescriber

Store gets prescription if needed

Company gets prescription if needed

Store verifies prescription meets state requirements

Company verifies prescription meets state requirements

Company verifies: prescriber is licensed prescriber is enrolled in PECOS customer does not have same or similar equipment already customer has completed an office visit with the prescriber office visit notes meet all Medicare requirements office visit notes are signed by a doctor prescription meets all Medicare requirements

Customer pays Order Complete

Customer pays Company ships product Order Complete

If any item cannot be verified, the customer declines the order or pays in full Company enters order Company makes delivery

Last year, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) conducted the competitive bidding program in Florida, forcing home medical equipment providers to compete with aggressive “bids” on product prices in order to remain Medicare-contract suppliers. The bidding program has since pushed out smaller providers in favor of larger corporations, who can offer cheap bids for what some believe can only be less quality medical equipment and less personalized services. Now, both patients and trusted providers are suffering.

Company educates customer on use of equipment Company collects all completed paperwork from customer


“We felt helpless at this point,” states Priscilla Kincaid, a representative with Joe’s regular home medical equipment provider. “It’s happening more and more, we can’t help the patients that we’ve built relationships with over the years. We see them at the grocery store, we know their families – we know them and the health issues they struggle with – and we’re just having to say, ‘I’m sorry but we can no longer provide this service to you.’”

Through Medicare, the government is committed to lowering the budget by paying less money for the medical supplies beneficiaries are entitled to, and the competitive bidding program is a way to drive home medical equipment companies to lower their numbers to the absolute bare minimum in order to be elected as a Medicare-contract suppliers. The change is not boding well for seniors and disabled individuals that require coverage for life-sustaining home medical supplies, like Joe.

Medicare can audit claims and take back payments for up to 7 years after a claim is paid.

Company bills Medicare Medicare pays claim Medicare denies claim and does not pay Company appeals decision Customer keeps equipment Company collects all patient files and sends copies to Medicare Company waits 60 days for Medicare’s decision to pay or not Medicare audits claim and does not pay Company appeals decision Customer keeps equipment Company collects all patient files and sends copies to Medicare Company waits 60 days for Medicare’s decision to pay or not Company receives Medicare payment Company bills other insurance for balance and customer for co-pay Order complete


Medicare Cuts Cause Frustrations cont.

As the aggressive competitive bidding for Medicare-contract suppliers spreads throughout the nation, seniors are going to have little to no choice when it comes to where they acquire DMEPOS (Durable Medical Equipment, Prosthetics, Orthotics, and Supplies). And with less providers in the market, beneficiaries will be met with a homogenized selection of medical equipment, products and services, all falling under a cheaper, less-acceptable standard. With the environment of competitive bidding the way it stands now, the level of service and quality of products distributed by home medical equipment providers will suffer greatly. Seniors will not get the same kind of reliable services, top-of-the-line equipment and concentrated customer care that is naturally in place when medical companies have a healthy competition with one another to rise to the top of the market. As the government continues to regulate and restrict the choices beneficiaries have, big-name suppliers will rule the market and the consumer’s right to choose will go out the window. Seniors and beneficiaries can forget about having

like wheelchairs, oxygen, and feeding tubes, enables millions of Americans with disabilities and chronic illnesses to remain safe and independent at home.

250 DME’s share of Medicare spending has been nearly the same for more than 10 years, even as total Medicare spending has significantly increased.

200 150 100


50 0


As smaller suppliers continue to lose bids, senior beneficiaries like Joe are finding that their new Medicare-contract HME providers are located much too far from their homes—most often 20-30 miles, or even as far as a state away—which means any seniors needing life-sustaining home medical equipment will not be able to easily access the products they need.

Durable Medical Equipment,


Such is the case with Joe. Priscilla admits, “I called his wife just to see how he was doing because I haven’t heard from him in a while,” she went on to explain that her other regular customers are dealing with much of the same thing, “I’ve seen patients with Velcro wearing off of their equipment because they haven’t been able to settle with a provider who can serve them.”



DME’s share of total healthcare spending in 2011 was nearly half of what it was in 1960.


Medicare paid for less than one-fifth of all DME purchases in 2011.


54.8% $7.7

In billions

The majority of DME purchases were paid out of pocket in 2011.


Only administrative costs accounted for a smaller percentage of total Medicare spending than DME in 2011.

All data is from the 2012 CMS National Health Expenditure Accounts report.

the range of choices they’re used to. Beneficiaries will also notice a significant downgrade in the quality of the DMEPOS they’ve been entitled to through Medicare since companies must adjust their products in order to handle the bare minimum price bid. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

be taken before it’s too late. AAHomecare encourages citizens to contact their Senators and Representatives to urge their support for an alternative to the competitive bidding program. Through their advocacy efforts, AAHomecare remains hopeful about the future of a mutually beneficial relationship between Medicare, suppliers and beneficiaries. “We are confident that we can make some fixes, but it’s going to take patients actually contacting Congress for the changes to be made.”

What’s Being Done to Fix the Problem?

Organizations like the American Association for Homecare (AAHomecare) are taking steps to remedy issues resulting from competitive bidding through lobbying, educating the public and advocating for change. Their main message: “Competitive bidding for home medical equipment is bad medicine for patients, providers, and our nation’s financial health.” Julie Driver, senior manager of marketing and communications for AAHomecare, states that when competitive bidding goes nationwide in 2016, “there’s no way around it.” Beneficiaries and suppliers will be stuck with the flawed model unless action can 12

How You Can Help Advocate Against Competitive Bidding

If you would like to advocate against competitive bidding, join the thousands of individuals that have asked Congress to replace the program with a sustainable alternative. Visit the AAHomecare Action Center to send a letter to your Congressman. Simply scan the QR Code below (or visit www., click on the Action Center link and enter your zip code. That’s all it takes.

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What is Aging Tree? The Aging Tree is an all-encompassing resource for the transition into senior life. Whether you are giving some forethought to your journey into aging, or you want to get educated and find some help for yourself, mom, dad, grandma or grandpa, Aging Tree will provide informative and educational guidance—with various options for the most qualified Florida elder services along the way.

How Can Aging Tree Help Me? The initial senior care discovery process can be a little daunting and stressful for anyone considering elder care services or products for themselves or a loved one. Often times an event occurs that accelerates the need for comprehensive senior care guidance, such as a slip and fall, hospital visit or new diagnosis. Understandably, our clients find themselves frustrated trying to navigate the senior health care system, while having to make important decisions about health and wellbeing rather quickly. This is where mistakes can occur–and this is where Aging Tree can be of great assistance, saving you time, money and ensuring peace-of-mind. Aging Tree is a unique company that provides one-stop shop solutions. Our resource center gives seniors and their families a place to start as they begin to confront the many aspects of senior living and elder care, sharing unbiased information on senior options in an extremely helpful and effective format. Our Senior Care Advisors can provide a quick solution or a comprehensive, proactive plan–even for families attempting to help mom or dad from a distance. The best part is: our Senior Care Advisor Services are FREE! Experts in Florida senior services and senior living options support our organization, and the foundation of Aging Tree is reinforced by a variety of professional companies and associations that have passed rigorous standards for quality, ethics and reliability.

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Hearing Aids Direct

Orange City Veteran Doesn’t Give Up


ast summer, Fred Gilliam sat in his office, covered his mouth with his hands, and asked a question that left one of his patients in tears: “What did you have for breakfast?”

out and began to walk away, when she suddenly heard the shopkeeper calling out behind her and, literally, could not believe her ears.

Despite decades of seeking treatment for her condition, Karenann was told again and again that she would never have the ability to hear, “My parents were always told that nothing would be able to help and that a hearing aid would be useless.” Still, she continued to seek the expertise of hearing specialists, and all of them concluded that there was no hope for Karenann Provost her condition.

It’s a simple, everyday question; but for Karenann Provost, hearing that question was nothing short of a miracle. Karenann has been profoundly deaf for her entire adult life. Relying on reading lips to get by, she has been able to live a relatively normal existence—she’s traveled, gone to college, worked, and gotten married—but Karenann, nearly 70 years-old, never had the ability to hear the world around her.

“All I ever prayed for is to be able to hear sound to know what’s happening around me – if only just to hear and be aware of something dangerous.” Today, Karenann is able to hear that and so much more. “I didn’t even know my Boston terrier Bonniebell snored!” she exclaimed, “and I called my neighbor the first time I heard the toilet flush, I thought there was an explosion.” Thanks to the patience and expertise of Fred Gilliam with Hearing Aids Direct, Karenann continues to notice incredible improvements in her hearing each and every day, “Lately, it’s amazing, I’m responding to people’s conversations and I don’t realize if I’m lip reading or hearing a person.” Recently, after forgetting her Mastercard at a local retail store, Karenann stepped

After years of sitting through multiple consultations, testing with top neurologists and audiologists all over the United States and even in England and South Africa, Karenann proved everyone wrong. Sitting with Fred Gilliam at Hearing Aids Direct in the small town of Orange City, FL, Karenann finally gained the ability to hear. “It took a hearing specialist like Fred who patiently played with the machine and kept adjusting, his compassion…he’s more dedicated than any neurologist or audiologist… he knows what he’s doing,” and, much like Karenann, “He doesn’t give up.” When Fred recounts the experience with Karenann nearly a year ago, he too gets misty-eyed, and (not surprisingly) he’s still in a bit of shock, “When the brain goes for years and doesn’t hear speech, how could it possibly understand what speech is? Medically and clinically it was impossible.”

Fred and Karenann have proved what many of us wish to believe: that with dedication and patience, nothing is impossible. While most specialists considered the act a waste of time, Fred invested many, many hours into Karenann’s treatment without getting paid. He says it’s all because he was, “…willing to take a chance even if there was just a 1% chance of helping her,” admitting, “If the patient is willing, I should be willing, too.” Knowing the extent of what’s possible, both Karenann and Fred express frustration with those that suffer from hearing loss and don’t take it upon themselves to seek treatment. Fred admits that for most seniors, denial is a big issue. Usually hearing loss is very gradual, so it’s hard for seniors to recognize the problem and accept the reality and severity of their situation. According to Fred, seniors suffering from hearing loss must realize they’re heading down a slippery slope—one leading to a decreased quality of life, multiple health issues, and a condition that may eventually be irreversible.

By Courtney Senecal One sign of an individual in denial, according to Fred: “They’ll tell everyone else they’re mumbling and to speak up, but really it’s all them.” Another telltale sign, “The individual will become withdrawn,” ceasing to participate in conversations and losing out on the joys and benefits of being social. Karenann, who regularly volunteers her time with the elderly, knows firsthand that it’s hard to get seniors to come around, “First they don’t admit they need a hearing aid, and then they say they’ve heard from other people with older, noisy devices that they’ll be disturbed, and that just doesn’t apply with new hearing aids.” With today’s advancements in hearing technology, it’s time for seniors to give up any apprehensions they may have about seeking

Studies show that seniors who do not seek treatment for hearing loss are very likely to suffer from depression and even dementia. What’s more – as audiologists and specialists like Fred know – (from left) Evan Gilliam, Fred Gilliam and the longer the brain Karenann Provost stops processing sound and recognizing speech, the higher the chance treatment and acquiring a hearing the loss of hearing will become aid. permanent and untreatable. That’s why it’s so important to confront Karenann’s advice to seniors with those experiencing hearing loss, hearing loss: “just go into a test and encouraging them to seek help. The try.” problem then lies in getting them to listen.


APRIL 1ST, 2014

Free Guidance for Seniors and Families

My Senior Life



Kohl’s Plaza-Orange City

Back on Course: The Journey Resumes

67-Year Old Polish Kayaker Resumes Trans-Atlantic Journey to New Smyrna Beach, FL


ith a mission to be the first person to kayak across the Atlantic still intact, 67 year-old, Aleksander “Olek” Doba is back on the water and determined to land in New Smyrna Beach, FL, thanks to the help of several Bermuda-based sponsors. After severe storms left the ocean-kayaker with a broken rudder on February 13th, he sat hundreds of miles north of his intended course and began to lose hope. Knowing he couldn’t complete the last leg of his journey without a rudder, his initial thought was “it’s a tragedy,” then he composed a text message to expedition strategist, Andrzej Arminski, and friend, Piotr Chmielinski (eagerly awaiting his U.S. arrival), explaining it was impossible to continue the voyage without a working rudder. Hours later, he received a response: If he could manage to make it to Bermuda with a broken rudder, they could conduct the necessary repairs and Olek could resume his record-breaking expedition.

of commission, Piotr Chmielinski feared for his friend’s safety. From Bermuda, Chmielinski chartered a fishing boat called Frog Cutter, and with its crew sailed to the area where a SPOT transmitter showed Olek’s kayak was positioned. After a 13-hour trip, finally seeing Olek’s kayak in the distance was, “exciting and emotional,” for Chmielinski. “A tiny speck approaching us gradually grown on the horizon [sic]. 500 meters, 300, 200, yet we couldn’t see Olek. 100 meters, 50, and surprise - there is no one in the kayak! We circled and for a moment the worst thoughts came to my mind. Then Olek emerged from his cabin, where he was dressing and preparing for our meeting because usually he paddles naked for his own comfort.”

With temperamental waters at large and a kayak virtually out

Rudder repaired - at “Ocean Sailes” Steve Hollins’s repairing service shop.

his kayak. For the first time in nearly five months, Olek stood on solid ground. “I put my feet on the concrete and I felt that this concrete was shaking,” Olek explained, “ I staggered as if I was drunk. I felt very stable in the kayak, where I stood, did gymnastics and had no imbalances. And here, the world is wobbling.”

From there, the broken rudder took just two days to repair, but acquiring the resources and transportation needed to reposition Olek exactly where he left off in the Atlantic would take some time. Luckily, about ten days after Olek Map where “Spirit of Bermuda” is landed in planning to take Aleksander Doba: Bermuda, the Bermuda Sloop Foundation—a youth-based organization focused on character building through sailing— stepped in to return Olek’s vessel to the very place where the Polish kayaker was forced to interrupt his record-breaking journey.

Determined to continue his voyage without help, Olek followed Frog Cutter to the coast of Bermuda, navigating dangerous coral reefs and strong winds and rain. Finally, in the darkness of 3:00 a.m. on February 24th, he reached land and descended from

The Bermuda Sloop Foundation offered their ship, Spirit of Bermuda (a replica of the small sailing ships built in Bermuda between the seventeenth and nineteenth centuries), to transport Olek’s kayak about 320 miles southeast—right back to where he was blown off course. Additional sponsors of the voyage include Butterfield and Vallis CEO, Jim Butterfield, the Sandys Rotary 19

By Courtney Senecal

Spirit of Bermuda

Club, the Bermuda Tourism Authority, and Rubis Gas, a company that already donates fuel for Spirit of Bermuda’s youth voyages. The Spirit of Bermuda departed on March 23rd to bring Olek back to his point of diversion. From there, Olek will continue paddling 900 miles towards Florida with the very same supplies he was left with when he arrived in Bermuda a month ago. He is expected to reach the coast of Florida in about 4-6 weeks.

You can follow Aleksander Doba’s progress on Twitter, @aleksanderdoba, or on Google+, Aleksander Doba Atlantyk 2.

Know an out-of-this world volunteer? Don’t just thank them, nominate them!

Johana Knox Award


Nominations are now being accepted for the 2014

For Community Service Excellence

The Johana Knox Award for Community Service Excellence was established to honor Johana Knox for a lifetime of devotion to her community. The award recognizes, celebrates and encourages outstanding volunteers in Southwest Volusia. In recognition of Johana’s devotion to children, a new youth award was introduced in 2013. This year there will be two awards presented, an adult award and a youth award for an outstanding volunteer under the age of sixteen. Nominees will be recognized at the 2014 Johana Knox Awards Dinner at 6 pm on Thursday, June 19, 2014 at Deltona Commission Chambers, 2345 Providence Blvd., Deltona, FL 32725. Nomination forms are available by calling Florida Hospital Fish Memorial Foundation at (386) 917-5423 or email your request to All nominations must be submitted electronically no later than Friday, May 16, 2014.

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Peace of mind at home or away. CellularAlert


CellularAlertTM System

Sends help at the push of a button — no landline required. The CellularAlert System from Medical Alert plugs into any home power outlet. A Personal Response Associate speaks with you, assesses your situation and sends the appropriate help.



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MobileAlertTM System

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Mobile Alert Help Button


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For more information about Medical Alert call:

386-774-2446 985 Harley Strickland Blvd. Suite 100 Orange City, Fl. 32763. Next to Michael's in the Kohl's Plaza

APRIL 1ST, 2014

Free Guidance for Seniors and Families

Dear Savvy Sue



Kohl’s Plaza-Orange City

Ask Savvy Sue By Savvy Sue

Hi Y’all

...So, every time she got address labels, greeting cards, or nickels in the mail—she reciprocated with a check. OUCH!

Ask Savvy S ue


his month I’d like to share a concern I have about solicitations. I think most of us are generous with our time and money and have a sincere interested in helping those less fortunate—but, solicitations are out of control! We should all continue to be kind and contribute to the causes we truly want to support; but, we also have an obligation to protect our seniors from being taken advantage of. Because our seniors have been so generous in the past—their information is now being shared (electronically) and they are solicited to give, give, give and buy, buy buy! My elderly mother-in-law receives approximately three phone calls daily requesting she contribute to some “worthy” cause or another. In addition, she receives at least that many requests through the mail. She is still independent, but when I reviewed her banking statements, I was appalled at how much money she gave for do-

nations within a short period of time. When she was asked about these contributions she replied, “Well, they make me feel so guilty . . . if I don’t give.” I have heard this over and over again from other caregivers. One of my friends shared that her mother felt an obligation to make a donation if she received something in the mail from an organization. So, every time she got address labels, greeting cards, or nickels in the mail— she reciprocated with a check. OUCH! She didn’t even know what some of the recipient organizations represented.

of her elderly patients, the patient received several calls within one hour encouraging her to purchase internet services. The patient didn’t even own a computer! She shared that she has also overheard unsolicited telephone requests from businesses urging her patients to purchase all types of products including: new c r e d i t cards, medical supplies, and insurance. Her big concern is that most of these people have no need for any of these things and many agree just to get off the phone. Some are also suffering from dementia and don’t even realize what they are agreeing to purchase.

aren’t paid, seniors run the risk of having their utilities shut off or worse. To avoid having a beloved senior victimized, have them designate a power of attorney for finances. This person should sort through the mail, pay bills, balance the checkbook and carefully monitor financial accounts regularly. This could save your senior from financial nightmares. Please email any comments you may have about senior finances, senior products or senior services to customerservice@agingtree. com with Comments for Savvy Sue in the subject line. Or you can contact me or one of the other compassionate senior living advisors at Aging Tree, 985 Harley Strickland Blvd., Unit 100, Orange City, Florida 32763. Either way this is free! Let Savvy Sue help you.

Seniors also are prey to unethical or even illegal business practices. A physical therapist friend, who works primarily with seniors, stated that while she was visiting one

The National Council on Aging states that most seniors need help keeping their finances straight. Therefore, many seniors run out of money and quit paying their bills. When their bills

I’m looking forward to your comments.


Sincerely, Savvy Sue

APRIL 1ST, 2014

Free Guidance for Seniors and Families

Mental Health Branch



Kohl’s Plaza-Orange City


Mental Health Shouldn’t Be a Stigma...Ask For Help!


eeking help from mental health professional issues still holds a stigma. This makes the task of “seeking” more challenging. Yet sometimes it takes more than just asking for help, sometimes we need to know “how” to ask for help. The following is a very personal story, yet I wanted to tell it, in hopes that you and others would not have to go through the same discouraging experience we encountered. A number of years ago, a few years into our marriage, my wife and I were having some marital issues. After talking about it, we decided to seek the help of a mental health professional. I asked around our community and was given a name of someone in another town. So we called and made an appointment. We arrived and filled out paperwork and then were led into the counseling office. This mental health provider did not greet us, choose to sit across the large room at his desk not facing us, and asked a long list of questions, seldom looking up. This experience was very traumatic to both of us, and without hesitation we decided not to return to that office. A short while later, we got up our courage again, and made an appointment with another mental health professional. Though this time was not as traumatic, it was still not what we needed. Feeling like it would be almost unbearable to go through this process again, we stopped seeking professional help for our marriage at that time. Fortunately, we chose to work through our issues together, and with the help of friends, family and a faith in God we were able to resolve some of our problems. Since then, we have found some mental health professionals who were a

• If I use an “outside the network” provider, what is deductible, and what is the difference in the amount paid or percent reimbursement; and what is my copay. • Are there dollar limits, visit limits or other coverage limits for my MH benefits? • Is there a specific list of diagnoses for which services are covered? If so, is my diagnosis one of those covered by my policy?

good match for our situation, and they were able to help us along our journey. If my wife and I would have known “how” to ask for help, we would have been more likely to get the specific help we needed. Let’s take a look at the steps of how to go about choosing a mental health professional? would be a (1) First, recommendation is to see your primary care physician (PCP) to rule out a medical cause of your problems. After you know your problems are not caused by a medical condition,

(3) You will want to get two or three referrals from your PCP or insurance company. If you are planning to go the private

By Loren Fish, LCSW about the therapist’s expertise, education, and number of years in practice. Does the clinician specialize in treating specific diagnoses; or focus on a particular age group? What can the client expect from the clinician during the session and what will the clinician expect of you (the client) during and between sessions. Also, what determines the course of treatment, and when is treatment considered completed? (5) If you are satisfied with the answers, make an appointment.

(2) You will need to find out what the mental health coverage is under your insurance policy. Here are some questions to ask: • Do I need a referral from my PCP to see a mental health professional (MHP)? • Do I need pre-approval or pre-authorization¬ before I see a MHP? • Do I need to see a MHP who is on a list provided by my insurance company (in a “network”) or am I free to choose any qualified professional? If “in network” provider, you can usually find a directory online or ask your PCP.

pay route, it is recommended that you have your top three as well before making an appointment. There are several online sites that can help narrow it down to clinicians with your preferred criteria. (4) When calling a potential provider’s office, it is important to confirm: availability, location, fees, if they offer a sliding-scale; and that they do in fact accept your health insurance?

Also, make sure the clinician has experience helping people whose problems are similar to yours. You may want to ask 23

(6) During treatment it is to important to evaluate how the clinician is benefiting you, and whether you are accomplishing your stated goals. Please remember that you are the expert on you. The clinician may have education and experience, yet they are not you. Advocating for yourself is one of the best things you can do as a mental health client or medical patient. I hope that these guidelines will help you be able to grow and learn in all areas of your life, so that “When wisdom enters into your heart, and knowledge delights your soul, Then will Counsel preserve you, and understanding will keep you, And deliver you from tragedy, and from those who speak lies.” Proverbs 2:10-12 (GNV).

APRIL 1ST, 2014

Free Guidance for Seniors and Families



Kohl’s Plaza-Orange City

Classifieds Industry Jobs

Used Medical Equipment

Used Medical Equipment

Home Maker/Companion

Used Items for Sale

Pursuit Scooter with an oxygen holder in the back, swivel seat, cup holder, basket and battery charger - $2500 Call Charlene - 386-451-4600

Jobs available, experience preferred, reference and backgrounds checks. Qualified individuals call: 386-774-9090

Used Medical Equipment Vienna Medical - 386-774-2440 Red Jazzy Select by Pride Mobility18 inch Seat $300.00 Blue Jazzy Elite by Pride Mobility 16 inch Seat $650.00 Red Jazzy Elite by Pride Mobility 18 inch Seat $650.00 Red Jazzy Select by Pride Mobility 20 inch Seat $300.00 Red Shoprider Power Chair 18 inch Seat $200.00 Invacare Shower Chair / Commode Wheelchair Model # 6895 $200.00

EasyPulse POC Oxygen Concentrator (PM4150) Includes: Standard Carry Bag AC Power Supply DC Power Supply Cords (2) External Batteries Deluxe Carrying Bag $2,000 OBO Call Anthony - 619-507-7104

Used Drive Medical Hospital Bed Call Scott Vance 386-804-2205 $500 OBO 2 Mausoleum Spaces at Deltona Memorial Gardens, Original price 13K selling for 11,500 includes 2 spaces Contact Maria Perez 678-540-0023

! r e t s a E y p p a H

Senior Personals

Used Harmar Scooter Lift Only Holds Scooters $300.00 Used Bruno Inside Boom Lift Model # USL-670 $650.00 NEW! Pride Silver Star Boom 250 $1500 NEW! Kia Sportage Class II Hidden Hitch $100.00 Portable Oxygen Concentrator “Life Choice” ACTIVOX Complete unit working perfectly Used only 15 minutes. No smoking no pets clean home. Paid over $3,500 from a local Medical supplier who ordered for us. Will take $2,000 or best offer-we will pay shipping. Call Cathy - 305-4814585


Don’t forget Your


APRIL 1ST, 2014

Free Guidance for Seniors and Families



Kohl’s Plaza-Orange City

Crossword- Calendar of Events April Calendar of Events EDUCATIONAL SUPPORT

Diabetes Nutrition Education Class - 386-917-5271 Summit Building Suite 211 10:00 AM - 11:00 AM April 17, 2014 Open Family Forum & Book Signing Guest Speaker David Troxel - 407-322-2207 Atria at Lake Forest 5:30 PM April 9, 2014


HEALTH CARE PROFESSIONALS NETWORKING Healthpros Networking April Hosted By Florida Lutheran Retirement Center 4:00 PM - 5:30 PM April 15, 2014 386-774-2446 Ext 303 Wine and Cheese Open House Horizon Bay of Orange City 4:30-6:30 PM April 16, 2014 West Volusia Ethics Coalition (Private Event) Orange City Nursing and Rehab 12:00 AM - 1:00 AM April 22, 2014 Healthcare Salsa Event (Private Event) Gateway Center for the Arts (By Invitation Only) 6:00 PM –9:00 PM April 25, 2014



Summit Medical Office Building 386-917-5000 (Directly behind the hospital) 7:00 AM - 9:00 AM April 8, 2014



Leukemia, Lymphoma, Myeloma Support Group Florida Hospital Fish Memorial Cancer Institute 5:00 PM - 6:00 PM April 3, 2014 Sleep Apnea/CPAP Support Group - 386-917-7600 Florida Hospital Fish Memorial 6:00 PM - 7:00 PM April 9, 2014 Breast Cancer Support Group - 386-917-5000 Florida Hospital Fish Memorial Cancer Institute 5:00 PM - 6:00 PM April 10, 2014 Bereavement Support Group (Aging Tree) 2:00 PM - 3:00 PM April 15, 2014 Alzheimers Support Group (Aging Tree) 11:00 AM - 12:00 PM April 16, 2014 Diabetes Support Group - 386-943-4727 Florida Hospital Fish Memorial 9:00 AM - 10:00 AM April 17, 2014 Transitions Support Group (Aging Tree) 10:00 AM - 11:00 AM April 24, 2014 Cafe con Leche Support Group (Aging Tree) 5:30 PM - 6:30 PM April 25, 2014


Call SMS for Your RX Savings Card! Call Senior Medical Supplies, Inc. to receive your FREE RX Network Free Discount Prescription Card! Phone: (407) 936-3360

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SMS may also be able to help you Pre–Qualify for other services that could provide added financial relief and security! When you reach one of our friendly customer service representatives, ask them how you could possibly qualify for Free Prescriptions, Free Cell Phone Service and / or Free Vision Care!


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Medical devices that often eliminate the need for surgery! Phone: (407) 936-3360 Se Habla Español

*See our Products at Aging Tree

We Accept Insurance: • Medicare • Private Insurances • Workers Compensation • All Credit Cards

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