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agim salija // architecture portfolio 2011

agim salija

architecture portfolio 2011

“The difference between school and life? In school, you're taught a lesson and then given a test. In life, you're given a test that teaches you a lesson.� -tom bodett

agim salija // architecture portfolio // spring 2011 excerpt from essay submitted to UIC // “throughout my life i've wanted to be an architect. it is my dream and passion to think deeply about peoples' problems and to help solve them through design. i enjoy doing that not only because i believe that it is important, but that it is something i could do well. ...i have taken classes in liberal arts such as sociology, economics, and history. to my surprise i have found great interest in all of them. these subjects all relate to one-another and architecture in how they profoundly impact mankind. at harold washington i tutored and helped students with questions about design software. i found that by helping others to learn, i was freeing them from the confusion of the computer; which allowed them to explore their designs and ultimately produce better work. i've had praise from students saying that i was patient with them and they were able to follow along due to my explanations of the tools and methods. i had no idea that teaching could be so rewarding. i look forward to build upon my experiences by continuing to be a tutor. the gratification of teaching and having someone learn from you is powerful. i now know, through my tutoring experiences, i would like to pursue some form of teaching in the future. thoughtful design through the consideration of the human condition, and building understanding through teaching are my ultimate college and career goals.�

portfolio contents photography [ 4 ] montreal // chicago // pennsylvania

graphic design [ 8 ] computer art course // harold washington college

watercolor [ 10 ] various works // self study

delineation [ 14 ] architectural drawing course // chicago architecture foundation architectural drawing course // harold washington college

architectural studies [ 22 ] van der rohe’s farnsworth house // harold washington college morphosis’ landa residence // harold washington college van der rohe’s barcelona pavilion // self study bart prince’s height residence // harold washington college

projects [ 30 ] chicago single family homes on double lot // harold washington college quad condo // harold washington college chicago single family home // westwood college list of current courses [ 47 ]

photography in a new place venturing out into the landscape no matter what the climate or time of day with no purpose but to experience something new in a new way then capture it.

� buckminster fuller // montreal biosphere

ibm building // chicago corner condition looking up into what seems like infinity.

fallingwater // mill run stratification, reflection, integrating with the surrounding nature.

biosphere // montreal nestled within in the tree tops, it looks as if it preceded all of which surrounds it.

computer art course harold washington college

graphic design in our final assignment we were to create an advertisement. i chose to do something related to an iconic structure in chicago. this advertisement for a concert series at the pritzker pavilion was completed using a collage of photos i took. the font was carefully considered for clarity and style. i created a simple logo for the pavilion to capture its recognizable billowing structure. the layout also scales very well for different formats. this advertisement could be as big as a billboard or a little as a ticket stub.


watercolor like most people, when i travel, i like to see as much as i can. even with a photograph, i often come back home with faint memories of how the place actually felt. actually taking my time and painting the scene, i can embrace it’s mood. the feeling stays with me much longer.

fallingwater // mill run, pa

monticello // charlottesville, va

holy trinity // chicago, il

inspired by monet’s houses of parliament

delineation communicating ideas through sketches can become artistry. carefully considering context, place, perspective, medium, and light/shade can not only transmit intent, but be worthy to hang on a wall. drawing is not just a verb, but a method and process. the next series of pages show works from a course i took at the chicago architecture foundation, taught by joel berman. in this class I learned how to see like an artist, and have a fun time doing it. techniques used were; thumbnail sketches, finding perspective, and rapid sketching. [15-17] following this coursework are sketches of work done in an architectural drawing & drafting course at harold washington college, taught by ivan tejeda. here we learned the painstaking methods of creating accurate and artistic architectural delineation. [18-21]

[ 14 ]

bp bridge // chicago architecture foundation

bp bridge // thumbnail process several vista were considered to capture the landscape, form and background. see previous page ↖

modern wing // thumbnail process a frontal view capturing the adjacent park & sweeping roof connects the two visually.


→ circles // ink on mylar ← lines // ink on mylar

exploded isometric // hallway graphite on mylar

pattern of lines produces negative space ink on mylar

architectural studies knowing the past can help you understand the present and future. by following in the preverbal footsteps of architects, i can attempt to understand their designs by mimicking them. mies van der rohe // farnsworth house // professor pantazis. using various plans, elevations and sections, we were assigned to reproduce a work of exact forms, lines and materials. → morphosis // landa residence // professor manaves. [24-25] mies van der rohe // barcelona pavilion // self study. [26-27] bart prince // height residence // professor manaves. [28-29]

mies van der rohe // farnsworth house harold washington college // professor pantazis [23]

landa residence // manhattan beach, ca the assignment was to interpret various photographs of the architects scale models. there was also very little supporting documentation on this building. this mode of trying to understand the building through conjecture, allowed investigation of the form and program; eventually morphing into what resembled the structure.

morphosis // landa residence // perspective harold washington college // professor manavis

barcelona pavilion // self study my curiosity provoked me to recreate mies’ pavilion.

the site is a high, wind swept cliff along the ocean in the village of mendocino, california. the meandering roof is the focal point of this home and also a response to the site. to the north the roof narrows to aid in sheltering the guests from wind and rain. to the south, the ribbed trusses open up to reveal the facade and let warm light pour in. approaching from the south, the large roof opens to welcome as you descended into the sunken front terrace. a very low roof hovers above, which is also the floor of the master suite. as you pass into the building the low ceiling disappears and you stand in a cavernous space which is heightened by the sunken living area. the undulating roof and repetition of its truss members create a play of light which is dynamic as the daylight changes position.

→ the focal point on the interior is the fireplace which anchors the living area. you travel slightly down and up and down and up again on the various spaces separated by vertical circulation, all but unified by the massive airy light roof. descending from the master suite you land on the roof of the second bedroom and further down a flight of stairs, entering the living area. this also gives an impression of multi-tiered space which heightens the separation and openness of whole house. in the center of the floor plan is a breezeway which separates the guest quarters and garage from the main living area and two bedrooms.

professor manaves // harold washington college

models & projects processing and testing design with rigor and iteration were common themes throughout my studio courses. the physicality of producing models complimented the design process and provoked further investigation of the buildings. these two processes fused themselves and produced thoughtful design. considerations of the site, use, and overall scheme were continuously analyzed, morphed, and reshaped. chicago single family homes // professor manaves [31-39] → chicago single family home // professor nuri [40-43] quad condo // professor treadwell [44-46]

chicago single family homes // 1/8� model harold washington college // professor manaves


chicago single family home in my final project, i was led from my interpretation of the height residence into a design of my own. in this design, we were to use the central ideas we discovered when replicating our interpretation. also, we were to consider different land uses according to zoning codes for the specific location. through a series of iterations i began to explore the possibilities of the site. my final scheme comprised of splitting the double lot and designing two similar single family homes. i introduced many design ideas from prince’s height residence. as his undulating roof was a reaction to the site, my roofs were a reaction to each other in a symbiotic type of relationship. also, the paneling inserts consist of solid and glass panels, oriented to provide ample light in winter and more shade in the summer. i explored the idea of breaking the main living areas up with a large double story void form in the center. two rectilinear forms squeeze the tessellated center and create a tension. this was inspired by a lecture by eric owen moss, which the class attended.

1st floor plan

2nd floor plan

at the entrance, the space is compacted with a low ceiling and an downward approach.

once entering the central living space, a sunken living area and 2nd story open space lit by a tressed curtain wall, provide a dramatic experience.

Š Agim Salija

massing iterations several options were considered, exploring rhythm, solid and void. →↘

zoning iterations considering the adjacent buildings and corner lot condition, a two story split lot was most desirable.


north east isometric section final design

Š Agim Salija

building section solid curtain wall panels act as a shade while facing the south.

facing north they allow generous sunlight.

west elevation solid panels also provide privacy at street level.

southwest view a cantilevered second floor provides shade for the 1st floor.

northwest view a cantilever in the rear of the building provides shade for the patio and dinning area.

southeast view of model the curtain wall system was simplified for the 1/8� model.

southwest view of model

single family home on chicago lot westwood college // 2007

various views of final project [40]

the model was assembled so that it could be separated by each floor.

1/4� scale model


quad condo isometric section of setbacks in curtain wall system

current coursework for the spring 2011 semester i will attend harold washington college. i’ve enrolled in two architecture courses and a calculus math course. arch 266 // concepts of planning // professor manaves this is a design-based studio course with emphasis on high-rise design. arch 174 // computer aided design V // professor manaves architectural rendering, primary software used 3ds max 2011.

agim salija architecture portfolio 2011  

architecture portfolio. visist for more info.

agim salija architecture portfolio 2011  

architecture portfolio. visist for more info.