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Storage solutions SAN and NAS solutions for SMBs from D-Link

Storage solutions | SAN & NAS solutions for SMBs

In this day and age, information and intellectual property (IP) constitutes the majority of a company’s assets, which in turn makes your storage infrastructure a very valuable asset. The challenge faced by small businesses however, is that cultivating this asset usually requires solutions that are frequently too complex and always expensive.

Is your storage fit for purpose? You depend on your information to stay competitive, manage operations, produce goods and services, and report on progress. So, in a world where business continuity is critical, file accessibility, disaster recovery, back-up capabilities and the IT that supports these functions needs to be in place and tuned for efficiency. Maintaining communication, production, reporting, compliance and archiving practices, together with the need to deliver data and documents quickly, recover lost and corrupted files, search for internal information and maintain vigilance against fire, flood, theft and deliberate and accidental data loss requires continuous access to information stored on computing resources. As data continues to proliferate and expand within a business, the storage challenge can only grow and intensify. However, the large costs typically associated with implementing the necessary storage solutions are often the reason that many small businesses fail to address this issue, despite the even larger costs that this inaction can expose businesses to. D-Link acknowledges this business conundrum through our range of storage solutions which provide products that enable businesses to make the leap that their organisation needs to be competitive today, simply and affordably.

Data recovery Compliance

Business continuity


100% uptime

The cost of data loss – FUD factor or reality?

Time for a new approach?

There is much talk in the media about the cost of data loss to a company - costs that can even potentially lead to a business’ demise. But is this simply a case of the exaggerated FUD (Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt) factor, or is this risk a reality for SMBs?

D-Link understands that most businesses see the need for a more sophisticated storage infrastructure, but cannot reconcile the cost or the complexity associated with implementing this. In addition, D-Link also recognises that many smaller organisations simply don’t have the IT resources and expertise to make sound decisions concerning storage. An appropriate storage system at a reasonable cost and low complexity is becoming seen as one of the biggest business challenges of today, and has subsequently led D-Link to develop a series of storage solutions that deliver high performance storage without the complexity, and most importantly, at a sensible cost to your business.

Firstly, a central data repository that is available locally or remotely, 24x7x365, is a major business benefit and this is what SANs can provide. Moreover, with a SAN storage solution in place, it is possible to incorporate redundancy to provide access to the data even in the event of a problem such as a critical failure caused by flood or fire. The reality is that many companies now rely heavily – if not entirely – on their network and are regulated to retain data, so any “downtime” where data is unavailable can quickly become very costly. Worse still, complete data loss can be truly disastrous for a business, not simply as a result of accidental deletion or failed drives, but through security breaches and wilful data destruction.

Our storage solutions are based around dedicated storage that provide the ability to centralise your storage into a single pool, allowing centralised management of data. Centralising data access also makes data management far easier and more flexible. With this come further cost benefits, especially on a day-to-day administration basis when it comes to adding and changing server and user access.

The pain points of SMBs • Business continuity & 100% uptime • Managing growth - especially the growth rate of data and the pressures of keeping data accessible while still effectively managing access • LAN bandwidth and the need to manage disaster recovery • Protecting virtual servers • Responding to compliance • Extended working hours coupled with shrinking back-up windows • Reduced budgets and staffing levels

Storage solutions | SAN & NAS solutions for SMBs

D-Link storage solutions The D-Link range of storage solutions offers small to medium businesses a storage solution that delivers efficient managed network storage. They provide secure, centralised data accessible and manageable from anywhere. Ensuring minimal data loss is an obvious benefit for any company and perhaps a life-saver. Add in key elements such as scalability, data redundancy and support for new wave applications such as IP surveillance and you have a future-proofed storage solution to confidently move forward with.

Storage solutions that make business sense

• Controlled, secure access to data at all times, both locally and remotely. • High performance SAN or NAS systems – so data is accessible at very high speeds, with zero impact on the users’ PCs or the application servers themselves. • High levels of simple scalability and support for longer term capacity planning. This prevents SMBs running out of storage space – to cope with increasingly exponential data storage requirements. • In-built resilience and redundancy features to ensure 24x7x365 data availability to minimise, and almost completely remove, expensive data loss & downtime. • Locally or remotely located storage, making it perfect for other applications such as data archiving and disaster recovery. • Tiered, secure access methodologies so the administrator can tailor data access to suit their user base, with different types of users being given specific access rights to different sets of data, as required.

How D-Link storage addresses the real needs of SMBs


Data availability



Our network storage enclosures come with multiple bays that provide the ability to start small and grow large - on demand and cost effectively, providing long term investment protection.

Data needs to stay available online 24x7x365, which is why incorporating various RAID levels provides both performance and resilience benefits.

With our storage solutions, managing users, securing access to data, and the manageability of the data itself becomes an all round easier task.

For higher levels of performance and scalability we offer multiple Gigabit Ethernet interfaces to provide fault tolerant access to your data. These can be treated independently, or have the capability to be aggregated together for a high-speed IP-SAN architecture with built-in resilience.

In the event of a power failure, our storage solutions are battery-backed with 72 hours of battery life to ensure that data currently residing in the cache memory of the storage array and system RAM is retained – ensuring transactions are not lost.

Given the sheer amount of data, the ability to easily search and find the storage enclosure, drives and data is an essential requirement. Also our simple web-based management and configuration interface makes it easy for companies to transition to a SAN environment. Moreover, our solutions are easy to setup and configure to minimise both deployment time (often critical with getting storage online) and potential human error. In addition, the interface enables users with various access rights to perform different tasks. Easily scheduled (or real-time) file backup ensures valuable data is not lost. Backups can be scheduled to run automatically and it is equally simple to perform a real-time backup in the event of an emergency situation arising.

Storage solutions | SAN & NAS solutions for SMBs

Which solution is best for you? D-Link dedicated storage solutions come in two forms – SAN (Storage Area Network) and NAS (Network Attached Storage). Both present storage capacity to a network – the way they connect however, is different. NAS has traditionally been used to centralise file and print sharing resources, whilst SAN is used to provide a scalable storage platform upon which business critical applications can be run in addition to providing centralised file and print sharing.

SAN is the storage solution of choice for enterprise businesses, but the cost and complexity of Fibre Channel has often made it prohibitive for smaller businesses. A combination of the internet, the deployment of high speed Local Area Networks and the emergence of IP SANs & iSANs has brought the benefits of the SAN architecture to a broader market. However, until now, there have been limitations with throughput and performance. D-Link has moulded these new technologies with Gigabit Ethernet to provide solutions that offer you the performance to carry both storage and network traffic.










NFS/CIFS protocol




FC or IP switch

RAID Disk array

NAS RAID Disk array

D-Link NAS storage solutions offer distinct benefits to businesses that require: • Share-ability at the file level • Ease of use - Ethernet connectivity • Storage management • Automated operations • Storage reconfiguration & migration

A D-Link SAN storage solution is essential for any business looking to simplify and scale their storage architecture. D-Link’s dedicated SAN storage products provide: • Improved data availability • E asier storage manageability and provisioning • C  entralised data sharing, easier replication and movement • Simplified backup architecture • Automated storage operations


A guide to the D-Link storage solutions D-Link offers a wide variety of SAN, NAS and mixed-capability solutions that leverage the technologies and protocols already mentioned. We help organisations regain control of data and reduce exposure to data loss disaster. Our integrated solutions protect your intellectual property, enable instantaneous restores and ensure business continuity. The products listed here offer flexible SAN and NAS network storage solutions. For more information, please visit

Storage Area Network (SAN)


The xStack DSN-1100-10 iSCSI Storage Array provides up to 10TB storage capacity for the SMB customer. It is ideally suited for workstations needing additional capacity or small businesses looking to consolidate or add extra storage capacity.


Network Attached Storage (NAS)


DNS-323 The xStack DSN-2100-10 iSCSI Storage Array is a rack mountable storage enclosure capable of providing up to 16TB storage capacity. Its 4xGbE ports add redundancy and throughput to any data intensive application.



Single drive Network Storage Enclosure, using a single SATA drive, enables users to directly connect the DNS-313 to a computer via USB to transfer data and then connect directly to the LAN to share documents, photos and videos.

The xStack DSN-3200-10 iSCSI Storage Array adds up to 30TB storage capacity to your servers. It has eight 1GbE ports capable of being grouped together to increase bandwidth to 850MB/s for increased throughput and redundancy.

The DSN-3400 implements the industry’s first fully integrated 10GbE interface, providing up to 1160MB/s bandwidth. It offers a high performance alternative to 4Gbps Fibre Channel for data intensive applications such as video editing and pre-press.

Two Drive Network Storage Enclosure, enabling users access to protect and share data files locally or over the Internet through the built-in secure FTP/SSL server. With integrated access, control specific users or groups can read or read/write to folder or files based on permission.

DNS-343 Four Drive Network Storage Enclosure adding enhanced RAID functionality and security. The DNS-343 boasts Microsoft Active Directory support as well as an officially licensed and integrated BitTorrent™ client.

Storage solutionsSAN and NAS solutionsfor SMBs from D-Link  

In this day and age, information and intellectual property (IP) constitutes the majority of a company’s assets, which in turn makes your sto...

Storage solutionsSAN and NAS solutionsfor SMBs from D-Link  

In this day and age, information and intellectual property (IP) constitutes the majority of a company’s assets, which in turn makes your sto...