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NEWS THAT MOVES Five Reasons to Outsource

Volume One, Issue Two Quarter 2, 2018

By Daniel Barberi, Business Development Manager


No one can possibly be the best at everything. What we can do, is try to make the best decisions with the information that we’re given. Here are five reasons we believe it’s the right decision to outsource your therapy services to Agility Health.

Labor Costs

When we think of outsourcing labor, it’s usually not associated with a cost savings – but it should be. By outsourcing labor, you create opportunity within your organization to reduce other administrative positions and costs. With additional resources, you increase your potential for staff acquisition and retention. Outsourcing brings with it, added manpower and infrastructure that may no longer be needed within a specific department.


Program Development


Patient Satisfaction




Strategic Marketing

Long-term strategic partnerships with service providers can introduce new market opportunities. With motivation to continue earning your business, outsourced partners need to be innovative and competitive in their markets. They bring added resources for customizing programs to meet the specific needs of your patient profiles.

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Who We Are Agility Health, a leader in therapy management, is in 24 states nationwide with over one million patient visits each year.

The most important metric in knowing you’ve been successful in providing quality service is patient satisfaction. Outsourcing to a company with a narrow-minded focus leads to specialized care and improved quality of patient care. Keeping up with all of the changes in healthcare is demanding enough. Outsourcing a department to a company with specific knowledge and a proven track record of success allows hospitals to focus more efficiently on their core business. Strategic marketing is identifying a specific target audience and seeing a measurable return on your investment. Marketing is a key component in driving your business forward. If neglected, your business becomes more vulnerable to the competition and less likely for growth.

Find out how we can help improve your therapy department’s productivity and patient outcomes.

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Provides Nationwide Injury Prevention “The more employees a business has, the higher its workers’ comp expenses tend to be. Even an injury that most people would consider relatively minor, costs an employer a large sum of money,” stated Kimber DiVincenzo, Program Manager. “Anything you can do to reduce workers’ compensation claims is a smart business move. Work-Fit is a nationwide leader for injury prevention in the workplace. This is achieved through applying sports medicine techniques to preventative care. DiVincenzo explained, “Work-Fit

is a wellness company that places health care professionals in clients’ sites. They’re qualified to provide OSHA first aid and comprehensive injury rehabilitation immediately after an injury occurs.” One of the most effective approaches to lower workers comp rates is to institute a workplace wellness program. Better yet, hire a company that specializes in creating custom company wellness programs.”


injury prevention success with early intervention


decrease in sprain/strain recordables in one year


customer/employee service satisfaction

Kimber DiVincenzo Program Manager

Say hello to Attract Top Talent Danny Over my 10 years at Agility Health, I’ve learned what it takes to deliver the best possible rehabilitation services. It requires a true partnership where everybody contributes and ultimately, everyone wins. I look forward to working together. Contact us today to discuss how your therapy program is running. Daniel Barberi Business Development Manager 616.356.5034

With the increased challenges the healthcare industry has faced in recent years, staff acquisition and retention are more important than ever. The unemployment rate is at a 17-year low, which equates to a more competitive job market. Businesses are struggling to attract and connect with younger generations. Most healthcare facilities don’t have the resources or personnel to efficiently staff their departments. With other pressing demands within your organization, recruiting is just not on the radar. So how do we solve this problem? Partnering with Agility Health, gives you immediate access to a wide variety of resources and a proven system of effectively recruiting toplevel talent. The money invested into recruiting quality, long-term

Social Media Pages

including accounts with Facebook, LinkedIn, and more

Dedicated Recruiter for building rapport and streamlining the hiring process

Student Affiliation program to connect with graduating students

Networking through trade shows, job fairs, and conferences nationwide

hires can help offset those costs and give you the ability to grow and develop new services for your patients.

Rehab to Home HealthBridge Post-Acute Rehabilitation is a new, short-term skilled nursing center that is designed to help you or your loved ones recover after an illness, injury, or surgery. Agility Health provides a therapy services team for this facility including physical, occupational, and speech therapists. Together, an individualized care plan is created for each patient, with the goal of maximizing independence and mobility. The facility includes 65 private rooms and a 3,000 square foot rehabilitation gym. Their service doesn’t end when the patient leaves the facility though; they provide the tools for a successful transition back home.

Managing your Therapy Department

with a Private Practice Mentality | By Brian Potter, Vice President of Operations What is a Hybrid? The Similarities often include: definition can vary depending on • General delivery and philosophy if you are talking about plants, of care animals, cars or business models, • Clinical specialty services like but common to all would be the sports rehab, women’s health, process of combining two different concussion or spine specific things into something new. How programs is this idea of a “Hybrid” relevant • Both provide service to hospital to running your therapy program? employed referral sources Let me explain. Differences may include: When we look at outpatient • Non-profit versus For-profit therapy, there are predominantly • Insurance participation – Most two different players competing, private practice clinics don’t hospital rehabilitation departments see Medicaid or other poor and private practice clinics. reimbursing plans Both strive to provide for the • Marketing – Often, private rehabilitation needs in their practice market themselves as community and although there more convenient, lower cost and are similarities in how they do higher quality than hospitals this, there are also distinct • Productivity expectations and differences. operating hours

You could list others but the point is this – both rehab delivery systems have advantages and disadvantages. So which is better? The answer is BOTH! This unique and shared perspective has allowed us to be very successful with our hospital clients. By blending these two systems, we offer a “hybrid therapy program” which combines strengths from each platform and delivers significant improvements in key areas such as patient satisfaction, productivity, referral management and increased revenue.

Brian Potter VP of Operations

Agility Health 607 Dewey Ave NW Grand Rapids, MI 49504 | 616.608.1818

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The Center for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) is issuing new Medicare cards. Here’s what you need to know: • These new Medicare cards will feature unique Medicare numbers, which will replace the current Health Insurance Claim Number (HICN) • New cards began shipping in April in waves by geographical location and will be completed by the April 2019 deadline • To prepare, you should be verifying Medicare patients’ addresses, as they will not receive their new card if their address is not up-to-date • New Medicare patients will only get a card with the Medicare Beneficiary Identifier (MBI), so your systems need to be ready to accept the new MBI • There will be a transition period from April 2018 through December 2019 when providers can use either the HICN or the MBI

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News That Moves | Volume 1, Issue 2  
News That Moves | Volume 1, Issue 2