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Mid-Point Review



Chwarae Teg Mid-point review

Starting Point

Chwarae Teg has been working across Wales for 20 years championing education, entrepreneurship, work-life balance and flexible working. We help women to overcome the obstacles that prevent them from making a full and consistent contribution within the economy and deliver a number of projects to directly support them in the workplace. Agile Nation is our most ambitious project to date and is supported by £12.5million of funding from the European Social Fund and the Welsh Government. Agile Nation was developed to have a positive and lasting effect on the progression of Welsh women in the workplace. By providing support

to women and employees; employers and educators we have developed a rounded approach to proactively highlight gender equality, career advancement and a reduction in the pay gap. In this report, we are delighted to share with you Agile Nation’s key achievements to date, together with comments from the people who have benefitted from our work. Encouragingly, we are already seeing Agile Nation make a quantifiable difference to the working lives of its participants and the businesses we are supporting.


Agile Nation in Context Women represent 47% of the Welsh workforce and yet only account for: • 26.2% of senior positions in politics • 15.1% of “top jobs” in the media and culture sector • 10.2% of directorships in leading UK businesses (Source: Equality and Human Rights Commission (2011) Sex and Power)

I hope you’ll find this report offers a useful overview of the Agile Nation journey and achievements so far and that it gives you an insight into the difference we are making.

However “employment practices which promote equality of opportunity and facilitate a healthy work-life balance for employees can lead to upturns in company profitability. Where this is achieved on an

Katy Chamberlain Chief Executive Chwarae Teg

employer-by-employer basis through initiatives such as those supported under the Agile Nation project, wider economic development at a local, regional, national and wider European level can be achieved.” (Source: Ecorys-Arad (2012) Mid-term Evaluation of the Agile Nation Project)

Contents Introduction


Agile Nation Touch Points


Contact Details


Review Point


Starting Point – Agile Nation in Context 3

Future to 2014


Action Point – Agile Nation Structure


Key recommendations


Delivery Point


Agile Nation Summary


Agile Nation is responding to the current employment situation and labour market trends in Wales. Where:

Agile Nation:

• 30.5% of women in Wales are economically inactive

• aims at helping women overcome the obstacles that prevent them from making a full and consistent contribution within the Welsh economy

(Labour Force Survey, Jan – March 2012)

Chwarae Teg National Office Anchor Court, Keen Road, Cardiff CF24 5JW Tel 029 2047 8900 Agile Nation Central Project Team Unit 2 Melin Corrwg Business Parc Cardiff Road Upper Boat Treforest Mid Glamorgan CF37 5BE

Agile Nation South East Wales Unit 2 Melin Corrwg Business Parc Cardiff Road Upper Boat Treforest Mid Glamorgan CF37 5BE

Tel 01443 824411

Tel 01443 824410

Agile Nation South West Wales Suite B Scarlet Court Dafen Industrial Park Llanelli Carmarthenshire SA14 8QN

Agile Nation North Wales Bryn Eirias Abergele Road Colwyn Bay Conwy LL29 8BY Tel 01492 514237

Tel 01554 770612

• 64% of women are underemployed (i.e. working part-time because they are unable to find full-time work) (TUC 2012) • The disparity between pay for men and women in Wales continues • Women are half as likely to start a business as men (4.4% compared with 7.6%) (GEM, 2009)

• has been developed to offer a holistic approach to address these ongoing gender inequalities

• is meeting the changing needs of employers through promoting equality, diversity, flexible and remote working and work-life balance. • supports the aims of Europe 2020, the European Commission’s economic strategy which plans to deliver smart, sustainable and inclusive growth, with emphasis on equality and diversity, social cohesion and innovation.

This document is also available in alternative formats, including large print and Braille. To request your free copy please call 029 2047 8900 2


Chwarae Teg Mid-point review

Action Point – Agile Nation Structure

Delivery Point

Developed by Chwarae Teg, Agile Nation offers a unique multi-strand approach to promoting equality in the workplace and

Agile Nation has been delivering the:

providing women with genuine and lasting career and personal development opportunities.


• Ascent programme since 2009 • Evolve programme since 2010



Ongoing: • The Fair Foundations education strand will start in 2012 • Transnational partnerships are in development • First research findings will be published in 2012

Ascent Ascent Delivery


Members events

Number of Women

2500 Online resources


ILM 5 day training

1000 Additional modules




Transnational Partnership




Fair Foundations

Training needs analysis

Targeted March 2014


Achieved April 2012

Personal development record

1-2-1 mentoring

Evolve Evolve Delivery


Employers and Businesses. Adopting best practice E&D strategies Remote working

Delivering gender balanced learning to educators

Shared learning across Europe

Increase knowledge on the issues that impact on women’s progress in work

Online resources

600 Number of Business

Supporting employed women to improve skills, confidence & development

Remote Working


Enrolment Equality & Diveristy Workshop

400 Flexible Working

300 200 100 0 Targeted March 2014

Achieved April 2012

Strategy Development

Consultancy Service

Effective progression & development of women in the Welsh workplace 4


Chwarae Teg Mid-point review

Agile Nation Touch Points



Agile Nation 24/7

Contact hours with participants

129 Ascent participants have undertaken extra modules

Online Career Development Resources



399 Ascent participants

Accredited Centre

accessing mentoring scheme

40 Members Events

Agile Nation touch points

80 Employers receiving bespoke support

Employers have attended the Evolve workshop

120 ILM Level 2 & 20 Level 3 Ascent courses 227 Ascent participants entering further learning 6

Womenspire 7

Chwarae Teg Mid-point review

Review Point


Project Participants






Agile Nation independent evaluation report “The project’s relevance is seen as strong because inequalities still persist”

South West





South East

655 177 Women


1,107 Qualifications gained by Ascent participants 8% ahead of target



Case Studies

Downloadable Factsheets

“Both employees and employers have seen direct and indirect impacts from the project”

Timeline 2008 2009

“Many employers felt that the support had positioned them more favourably and competitively in the current economic climate” “The mid-term evaluation found that Agile Nation has much to be proud of”

In the news

33,003 Visits 17,975 Unique 179,771 Page views 45.16% New visits

183 pieces of coverage

> Project developed > Project approved • Emma Richards, Project Development Manager wins National Training Award

> Ascent launched

“Participants felt that the range of support options available was a key strength of the programme” “The support was considered as responding appropriately to need, and seen as relatively unique.”


• Special recognition received in the British Female Inventors & Innovators Awards

> Website goes Live


> Evolve launched • Agile Nation participant Michelle Willis won Network She Businesswomen of the Year • Agile Nation Womenspire campaign wins Chartered Institute of PR Pride award for Best Use of Digital PR


> Agile Nation 24/7 goes live • Agile Nation participant Cheyanne Staley won Workplace Learner of the Year award

> Research programme developed > Transnational partnerships explored


• Agile Nation featured in exhibition at the National Waterfront Museum, Swansea

> Training Allowance launched > Fair Foundations launched



Chwarae Teg Mid-point review

Future to 2014

Key recommendations

• 40 Primary Schools will be engaged through Fair Foundations

The following recommendations have been extracted from the independent Mid-term Evaluation of the Agile Nation Project report.

• 2,790 Women will have taken part in Ascent • 450 Businesses will have taken part in Evolve • Online forums will be added to Agile Nation 24/7 • Evolve Business Webinars • 3 Pieces of Research Findings published in 2013/2014 • Transnational Partnerships • Exemplar Employer Programme developments • £200,000 of training allowance support will be provided


>> Incorporate initiatives to support the sharing and cascading of knowledge and understanding beyond the individual to the rest of their organisation. >> Promote the work of Agile Nation to Employment, Social Affairs and Inclusion as well as the Regional Policy Directorates-General of the European Commission. >> Consider a targeted approach to helping employers in sectors that are predicated to grow (e.g. green technology) >> Target women in sectors that are traditionally male dominated.

“Thanks to Evolve, eight women now have access to remote working and are benefitting from improvements to their work-life balance. This has had a positive effect on the business as a whole; we’ve noticed an increase in employee retention and motivation and also improved client relationships due to the same high quality service being delivered when staff work remotely.”

>> Strengthen and focus referral pathways and consider how intermediary agencies might support delivery by signposting to the Agile Nation project. >> Channel and target support at employers who could benefit the most from Evolve.

Outlook Expeditions, Bangor

“It gave me the confidence to apply for a new role and made me feel comfortable about approaching new challenges in and out of work.”

For further information visit: Figures provided correct as of April 2012

Lauren Hayes, Abercarn



Agile Nation Summary

Agile Nation is an in-depth, large scale, multi-strand project that is working to make a positive difference to the women and businesses it supports. This work is being supplemented with the launch of the latest strand that targets educators; through the establishment of transnational partnerships; and through the commissioning of research. With such a high level of activity taking place across all aspects of the project, the mid-term evaluation was an important undertaking as it allowed Agile Nation to be independently assessed.

Most importantly, the evaluation also provides a series of recommendations. Taken individually, these present fine-tuning opportunities, that when applied in combination will further support the effective and timely delivery of the project. The recommendations detailed in this report are currently being actioned by the Agile Nation team, and as the project enters the second half of its planned lifecycle the aim is to build on the successes achieved so far. This will help to ensure that Agile Nation will continue to deliver a project that makes a positive difference to individual women, employers and educators across the Convergence areas of Wales.

In essence, the findings serve to confirm the value of the project itself and the multi-strand delivery approach being taken. It also acknowledges the positive impact being made by Agile Nation on its participants.

You can download a copy of the Mid-term Evaluation of the Agile Nation Project at 12

Mid-Term Report  

Agile Nations mide-term report