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Alumni Highlight Haley Fortier, ASA alumni 2006-2007 (7th grade), is currently a senior attending Glencoe High School in Hillsboro, Oregon. Presently she is taking seven courses, and is in the process of competing for one of ten full-ride scholarships to George Fox University and was also accepted to St. Katherine College. In her free time Haley likes to take photographs, play girls club lacrosse at GHS, and read. (Note: in 2006, ASA retained a small cohort of middle school students after they completed their elementary studies. Currently, ASA enrolls only students in Prek-5th grade.) Q: What is your favorite memory from life at Agia Sophia Academy? A: My favorite memory of ASA would definitely have to be the experience and relationship I had with my teacher, Father Edward Hillhouse. Anybody who has ever met Fr. Ed could agree that his inner child is still very much alive, and yet he simultaneously maintains the presence of a respected and loved teacher. In a nut-shell, he had this "I'm-the-King-of-the-classroom-and- by-the-way-you-guys-are-awesome-but-I’mgoing-to-push-you-to-be-better” loveable personality. Q: How did your experience at ASA help you outside of the academic environment? A: At ASA I was provided with many things that kids in public middle schools were not: a morally safe environment, love, and a sense of security that let me know I was expected to be nobody other than myself. It is because of these attributes that, outside of the academic environment, I was able to grow in a healthy way. Spiritually, socially and emotionally I was deeply strengthened because I was taught what morals and values are, how I could identify what mine were personally, and how to keep them solid and implanted in my life. Lessons that pertained to this were not performed in the classroom; they were a part of my life and dealings with those around me--both peers and adults. In any area of my life that I found conflict, I also found a solution by consulting my personal beliefs. If I was ever unsure about something, I could always consult a teacher, any of them, because I knew they cared. I feel that the recognition of my morals through my interactions with others at ASA helped me to identify and clarify what kind of people I wanted to be around. In turn, it helped me to find a group of stable friends, in a place where being stable and firm in your beliefs is a rare thing to find. My friends have challenged me to be better than my best in all aspects of my life. That’s the standard that ASA presented to me.

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Gifts and Donations We thank all those who generously gave in support of our school. This list includes gifts received between November 2, 2011 through February 7, 2012.

$3,000 - $7,000 Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Cathedral Endowment Committee James and Kathleen Ketrenos* $1,000 - $2,999 Frank and Margaret Bitar Foundation Andy and Christina Contes* Holy Trinity Greek Festival Committee Intel Foundation for Matching Gifts to Education $201 - $500 John Apostolos Brent and Katherine Braden* Anastasia Cosse Ted and Janet Deming Dn. and Mrs. Innocent Duchow-Pressley Bill Gulick Kathleen (Sandy) Johnson Dr. Dimitris and Mrs. Kathleen Triantafillou Nicholas and Mary Triantafillou* Stefanos and Mary Vertopoulos

$100 - $200 Anonymous (2) Argyro Apostolou Petros and Susan Bournelis Dr. William and Mrs. Merop Courogen John and Jennifer Davis* Michael and MariLou Diamond James and Georgia George Dr. John and Mrs. Catherine Lingas Mirela Mangiurea Dan* Dr. and Mrs. Gregory Papadeas Ramona Paul* Riverview Abbey

up to $99 Michael and Cathleen Amen Janice Anten Helen Antonis Paul and Christina Blankenstein* David Butler and Michelle Neiss* Katherine Karafotias Dr. Joshua and Mrs. Naomi Knight* Louise Kopp Sophia Kremidas Sophia Kriara James and Mary Nonus Gerasimos and Theodora Tsirimiagos Christopher and Rosina Vlessis

In Kind Jean Shaffer

We’ve made every effort to ensure an accurate listing of gifts and donations. Please inform the school of any error or omission.

*Indicates ASA Parents

ASA Spring Newsletter 2012  

The Who, What, and How Report

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