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February 2011 Editor: Melissa Easley, CPS/CAP

Mind, Body, Spirit Refining Your Résumé How long has it been since you reviewed your résumé? Would your résumé stand out in a crowd? Whether you are looking for a new position or not, keeping your résumé updated can give you a certain sense of accomplishment and perspective on your career path. Here’s some tips on refreshing that important document.

around with how the emphasis changes with new rearrangements.

you spend on professional development?

Use Action Verbs

Tailor the Résumé to the Job

When describing your prior job experience and duties, use active language. Instead of starting your sentence with a noun, start with an active, descriptive, impressive verb: developed, created, assisted, managed, supervised, etc.

Try a Different Style

Include Statistics

Microsoft Office has many templates with a variety of styles and themes. Try putting your information in a new order and play

Give numbers to provide concrete details in describing your job duties. How much money did you save in cost efficiencies in dollar amounts? How many people reported directly to you? How many hours did

If you are applying for a new position, read the job description carefully and tailor your résumé to emphasis the skills the employer is seeking. For example, if the position is based on skill and experience, then the beginning of your résumé would not be your educational background. Whether the applicant screening is done by a human resources department or a manager, let their first impression by, You are the best candidate for their specific opening.

Certified Professional Secretary (CPS) Certified Administrative Professional (CAP) Exam Dates May 6th, Friday -CAP May 7th, Saturday -CPS Mind, Body, Spirti…………………1 Standard of Integrity…….……...2-3 President’s Message………...…….3 Events Around Town………….…..4 Chapter Events……………..……...5

Deadline for Registration is February 15th! COMING THIS FALLOrganizational Management, the CAP-OM

The Month of February February was named after the Latin term februum, which means purification. Synonyms for purification: cleansing, sanitization, decontamination, distillation, refinement, refining

Standards of Integrity   Interna onal Associa on of Administra ve Professionals (IAAP)   Along with our February theme of purification and refinement, the Standards of Integrity is the perfect starting point for all members of IAAP and our Chapter –Melissa Easley, Editor

Preamble.   IAAP  members,  chapters,  divi‐ sions,  affiliates,  Interna onal  Board  and  Headquarters  Staff  will  exhibit  the  highest  stand‐ ards  of  integrity  through  core  values;  ethical  representa on;  and,  transparent  demonstra on  of financial stewardship.   Members  around  the  world  will  focus  their  skills,  energy  and  commitment  to  excellence  in  support  of  IAAP  by  conduc ng  business  responsibly  and  in  a  manner  that  reflects  favorably  to the Associa on.  

Respect ‐   We  create  respect  within  our  profession  and  associa on  through  listening,  understand‐ ing and acknowledging member  feedback.    

We will  encourage  the  diversity  of  views,  with  compassion  and  respect  for  the  rights  of  others  to  hold  values,  a tudes,  and  opinions  that  may  differ  from  our own.  

Commitment ‐  

Adaptability ‐  

IAAP has  a  responsibility  to  the  people  it  serves  and  shall  not  prac ce,  condone,  facilitate  or  collaborate  in  any  form  of  dis‐ crimina on  on  the  basis  of  race,  color, sex, sexual orienta on, age,  religion,  language,  disability  or  socioeconomic status.  

We ensure  the  success  of  our  associa on  by  embracing  posi‐ ve  change  and  by  nurturing  diversity,  crea vity  and  vision‐ ary thinking.   We will encourage others to op‐ erate  outside  of  their  comfort  zones,  facing  ambiguity  with  a  spirit of innova on and forward  thinking.  

IAAP Core Values*:  

Integrity ‐  

Communica on ‐  

We demonstrate  this  corner‐ stone of our profession through  honesty,  accountability  and  high ethical standards.  

We will conduct our profession‐ al ac vi es in a manner that will  reflect well upon the profession.   Page 2

We  are  steadfast  in  our  goals  to  develop  learning  opportuni es  for career‐minded administra ve  professionals  and  to  strengthen  efficiency and effec veness.  

These Standards  will  also  en‐ compass  full  support  for  the  Confiden ality  and  Conflict  of  Interest Statement and the IAAP  Code  of  Conduct,  with  keen  awareness  of  compliance  with  the  law  and  always  working  from a posi on of trust.  

It is  readily  accepted  that  infor‐ ma on  given  and  assessed  must  be  based  on  truth,  fairness  and  accountability.  We  will  obey  the  law,  perform  in  good  faith,  and  seek fair outcomes.  

We cul vate  and  maintain  ex‐ cellence  by  remaining  ap‐ proachable  at  all  levels,  com‐ munica ng openly and building  strong rela onships.    

*The IAAP Core Values noted in  bold type are those approved by  the Interna onal Board of Direc‐ tors on November 1, 2008.   

Ethical Business   Conduct for IAAP  Members   Trust   IAAP members shall:     P A S S I O N AN D P U R P O S E

Maintain truthfulness and hon‐ esty, not compromising either of  these for advancement, honor  or personal gain.     Encourage open communica‐ on, crea vity and dedica on.    

Zealously guard against conflict  of interest or its appearance.   Ensure that others receive credit  for their work and contribu ons.   Take responsibility for our own  errors.    

Share knowledge.  

Maintain dignity and poise un‐ der all circumstances.  

Be loyal to your employer and to  the ideals of confiden ality, re‐ spec ng and protec ng privi‐ leged informa on.     S mulate and maintain an envi‐ ronment of transparency.    

Behavior     IAAP members shall:     Establish procedures that pro‐ mote ethical behavior and hold  employees, members and oth‐ ers accountable for their con‐ duct.     Recognize our behaviors and  how we affect those around us.   Respect each other, our leaders  and our members through our  ac ons and the quality of our  P A S S I O N AN D P U R P O S E

Sheila Dotson, CPS/CAP

Live and work by the highest  ideals by establishing, prac cing  and promo ng professional  standards.  

Chapter President Message.


Exemplify loyalty and conscien‐ ousness.  

Ethical  Business  Conduct  of  Those Who Represent and Gov‐ ern IAAP.   The  Interna onal  Board  of  Di‐ rectors,  Execu ve  Director  and  Headquarters  Staff  shall  act  in  the best interest of the associa‐ on  and  not  in  their  own  inter‐ est or in that of another organi‐ za on;  and  act  as  reasonable  and  prudent.  They  shall  main‐ tain  the  confiden ality  of  infor‐ ma on  entrusted  to  them  from  whatever  source,  except  when  disclosure is authorized or legal‐ ly mandated. They shall not use  confiden al informa on for per‐ sonal  benefit  or  to  benefit  per‐ sons  or  en es  outside  the  as‐ socia on.  Any  known  or  poten‐ al  conflicts  of  interest  shall  be  openly  communicated  before  considering  any  business  trans‐ ac ons on behalf of IAAP.  

Howdy Aggieland! I hope every‐ one is having a wonderful Febru‐ ary despite the extreme weath‐ er we are experiencing. Hopeful‐ ly that groundhog was correct,  and our cold weather is going to  end sooner than later.    This is a good opportunity as we  are staying warm inside to pre‐ pare for the IAAP year‐end and  make sure you are on track for  Member of Excellence. I encour‐ age every Aggieland member to  check this out!   The Louisiana Division mee ng  is coming up and offers the op‐ portunity to earn lots of recer ‐ fica on points, make tons of ad‐ min connec ons, and rejuve‐ nate your passion for the admin  career.   I have made so many connec‐ ons through my Division  friendships and look forward to  a ending every year. If you are  interested let me know and I’ll  help coordinate transporta on  and roommates.   Happy Valen nes to each of you  and I encourage each of you to  con nue to have Passion & Pur‐ pose in everything you do!  Sheila Dotson CPS/CAP   

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Hospice Happening Event Details

Saturday, February 19th 6:00-11:00PM Brazos County Expo Complex Dinner Buffet, Auctions, Blackjack, Craps, Roulette & Texas Hold 'Em Tables

Notable Quotables: The human story does not always unfold like a mathematical calculation on the principle that two and two make four. Sometimes in life they make five or minus three; and sometimes the blackboard topples down in the middle of the sum and leaves the class in disorder and the pedagogue with a black eye. ~Winston Churchill P A S S I O N AN D P U R P O S E

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Upcoming Chapter Events February 17 at 5:30 pm TAMU General Services Complex, Room 101A

Advanced Communication for Professional Organizations

Presented by Royce Hickman, President/CEO of the BCS Chamber of Commerce 1 Recertification Point will be awarded

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Bounce Back—Bounce Higher 2011 Spring Conference March 7-9, 2011, Tampa, Fla.


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