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July 2020

JOHN CALVIN PEEK ‘00 Agricultural Economics

From the Dean

Two great challenges confront us today: our commitment to be a diverse, inclusive college where everyone can thrive; and our commitment to meet our three mission areas during this unprecedented health pandemic.

We are committed to providing a safe and welcoming place for everyone to learn, work and grow. Together, we can ensure this is a place where diversity and inclusivity yield equity and opportunity for everyone in the CAFE family. We must listen, share and learn from others as we all work to stop hatred and bigotry. We must commit ourselves to action just as we have acted to help our students, colleagues and communities deal with COVID-19. We are developing our plans to educate, support and sustain our college family as we emerge from the pandemic into what many call a “new” normal. We must also plan, educate, support and encourage our college family to understand how we can take action to build more equitable and just spaces and work for sustainable and significant change. Change requires shared action. We cannot wait for others to act; rather, it is our individual initiative and collective action that ensures our college family provides the support, celebrates the uniqueness of individuality and forges pathways of opportunity for everyone. We also face the ongoing challenges created by COVID-19. We are making difficult--sometimes painful--budget decisions and finding new funding opportunities with the same essential priorities that have guided us for more than 150 years. We continue to be directed by our commitment to those we teach and serve. As you are likely aware, the university announced its budget reduction plans for the 2020-21 fiscal year in early June. The University budget for the coming fiscal year is being reduced 10%. For our college, this reduction amounts to $9.03 million. The college’s leadership team, department chairs, unit directors and Extension administration worked through this difficult challenge and came up with a plan that includes: • Using nonrecurring bridge funding from the university and the college, for the upcoming year to allow us to avoid any possible position eliminations. There are no reductions in force or reduced hours for the upcoming fiscal year. • The college eliminated many open positions, shifted some positions to other funding sources and had some retirements in both faculty and staff. The outpouring of support for our staff was impressive. • We reduced operating funds. • We place any university funded construction and facility plans on hold. This budget cut is a challenge, but as a land-grant university, we continue to find innovative ways for fulfilling our missions while ensuring our own health and that of our families and colleagues. Like families across the state and nation, we too are looking at ways to stretch our dollars during these tight times. Our service mission to our clientele has never been more important, and our CAFE community has shown that we care in thousands of ways. And despite cuts to our programs, our commitment remains strong and we will take great care to continue to strengthen these important mission areas. So how do we stay strong? We look at innovative opportunities through new courses, research grants and partnerships with communities, fellow colleges and institutions, and public and private enterprises. We are streamlining our efforts, looking for efficiencies, seeking additional revenue streams and seeking to do “more with less.” Today’s challenges are not easy. As we emerge from these, the college, university and world will look different. But for 150 years, Kentucky and the world have leaned on our college to help in good times and during challenging times. We must and will lead the way as we seek solutions to today’s and tomorrow’s challenges. One thing you can count on is that we will be here working everyday to improve the lives of our students, communities, farms, state and beyond. As always, thank you for your support. Nancy Cox

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The College of Agriculture, Food and Environment Philanthropy & Alumni office is located in the E.S. Good Barn on the University of Kentucky campus. 1451 University Drive | Lexington, KY 40546 The Ambassador is published three times yearly by the College of Agriculture, Food and Environment Alumni Association.

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Fall 2020


As the University of Kentucky continues to monitor developments around COVID-19, the College of Agriculture, Food and Environment has been assessing risk around many of our signature experiences. In accordance with university policy, as well as recommendations from the CDC, health department, and state, our college has made the difficult decision to cancel all large scale in-person events for the fall semester. This includes but is not limited to, Roundup, the annual Scholarship Luncheon, and all alumni happy hours. We are exploring opportunities for smaller events or celebrations during the fall and spring and will keep all invitees informed as the planning progresses. We want to keep in touch and we welcome your thoughts on how we can serve you best. To stay up-to-date on event details and changes in our college related to COVID-19, please visit: In the meantime, we hope you will stay connected with the Office of Philanthropy and Alumni through our monthly CAFE Conversations. These calls are an opportunity for alumni and friends to learn more about the college, the people and industries we support, and ask questions during these unique times. To watch past episodes of CAFE Conversations or register for an upcoming call, visit: Stay safe and we hope to see you all in person soon.

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Proudly supporting the next crop of Kentucky farmers. Farming in Kentucky has seen dramatic changes over the past century. New technologies. New practices. New ways of bringing products to market. In the midst of these changes, the future of Kentucky agriculture demands that tomorrow’s farmers be educated in the field and in the classroom. Kentucky Farm Bureau proudly supports giving young farmers the tools, skills and knowledge they need

of theseinchanges, Kentuckychanges agriculture tomorrow’s Farming Kentuckythe hasfuture seenofdramatic overdemands the pastthat century. New farmers be educated in theNew fieldways andofinbringing the classroom. Kentucky technologies. New practices. products to market. Farm In the Bureau midst supports giving young theagriculture tools, skillsdemands and knowledge they need ofproudly these changes, the future of farmers Kentucky that tomorrow’s for success. Why Farm education ensures a brighter for farmers be educated in Bureau? the field Because and in the classroom. Kentucky Farmfuture Bureau all Kentuckians.

all Kentuckians. proudly supports giving young farmers the tools, skills and knowledge they need for success. Why Farm Bureau? Because education ensures a brighter future for all Kentuckians.


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farmers be educated in the field and in the classroom. Kentucky Farm Bureau

technologies. New practices. New ways of bringing products to market. In the midst

of these changes, the future of Kentucky agriculture demands that tomorrow’s

Farming in Kentucky has seen dramatic changes over the past century. New

technologies. New practices. New ways of bringing products to market. In the midst

Proudly supporting the the nextProudly crop ofsupporting Kentucky farmers. next crop of Kentucky farmers.

Farming in Kentucky has seen dramatic changes over the past century. New

Proudly supporting the next crop of Kentucky farmers.

for success. Why Farm Bureau? Because education ensures a brighter future for

proudly supports giving young farmers the tools, skills and knowledge they need

farmers be educated in the field and in the classroom. Kentucky Farm Bureau

of these changes, the future of Kentucky agriculture demands that tomorrow’s

technologies. New practices. New ways of bringing products to market. In the midst

Farming in Kentucky has seen dramatic changes over the past century. New

all Kentuckians.

Proudly supporting the next crop of Kentucky farmers.







for success. Why Farm Bureau? Because education ensures a brighter future for



As the largest cattle-producing state east of the Mississippi River, Kentucky is home to more than 2 million cattle, the majority of which are beef cattle. The University of Kentucky College of Agriculture, Food and Environment has a network of specialists tasked with supporting beef cattle producers. The UK Beef Integrated Resource Management team, together with industry and commodity groups, work through many innovative and educational ways to make sure Kentucky’s cattle producers have the knowledge they need to be competitive, sustainable and profitable. “We started this group in the 1990s, but even before then, we were working hand-in-hand with the Kentucky Beef Network and the Kentucky Cattlemen’s Association to offer vital programs to beef producers,” said Les Anderson, beef specialist in the UK Department of Animal and Food Sciences. “When you look back

over time, we have been able to impact the industry in very measurable ways and improve the overall quality of the state’s beef cattle.” In the past 20-plus years, the group has implemented successful programs such as Master Cattleman, Beef Quality and Care Assurance, Bull Value Assessment Program, Cow College, the West Kentucky Select Bred Heifer Sale and the CPH-45 program. “We’ve been able to educate nearly 4,500 producers through the Master Cattleman program,” said Ben Crites, Kentucky Beef IRM Program coordinator. “Those numbers represent participants from 117 of the state’s 120 counties.” While numbers of participants in a program is important, the economic impact of a program for a producer is equally important. A good example of this is the CPH-

45 program, which is the state’s premier feeder calf development and management program. “Since 2001, the net added value over expenses has averaged $64.59 per head, based on 362,207 head, for a total of more than $23 million in net added returns,” said Kevin Laurent, beef production extension specialist based at the UK Research and Education Center in Princeton. “In the past five years, the net added value over expenses has averaged more than $87 per head for a total of more than $4 million in net added returns.” One thing that has made the programs so successful is the network of specialist and agricultural and natural resource extension agents who have built relationships of trust with clients across the state. Producers trust the research-based information they receive and realize the value of cattle improvement beyond their own operation. “We have taken a systematic approach to meeting the needs of cattle producers,” said Darrh Bullock, extension professor for UK Animal and Food Sciences. “We assemble a collaborative group to respond to each issue, and that’s been very important because most issues are multifaceted. These teams always include animal scientists and extension agents, but we also bring in meat scientists, grain and forage specialists, entomologists, veterinarians, agricultural economists and engineers to address specific needs of the industry. Fortunately, we have all of these specialists within the

06 | JULY 2020

college, and we all work well together.” The group also periodically hosts leadership conferences where producers can network with UK specialists and industry professionals. “It really empowers producers to step out of their comfort zones and to learn from us and from each other,” said Jeff Lehmkuhler, UK beef nutrition specialist. “They are very engaged, and they are more apt to follow our recommendations when they are partners in the process.” Kentucky is a diverse state. Central Kentucky, UK’s C. Oran Little Research Center has a dedicated beef research unit that provides producers with the most up-todate information on cattle nutrition and management as well as classrooms to educate

the next generation of Kentucky cattle producers. Producers in far Western Kentucky have different needs than those in Central and Eastern parts of the state. UK Beef IRM specialists respond to each situation taking regional differences into consideration. Having specialists in each area allows for real-time responses to producers’ needs. “Western Kentucky is very different from the rest of the state in many ways,” said Katie VanValin, beef specialist at the UKREC. “Folks don’t want to drive three hours to Lexington to attend programs; they want to get in-person help with their herds where they live. We are able to bring programming

directly to them where they are and quickly respond to them.” While each region has its unique needs, many programs have a statewide impact. During the COVID-19 pandemic, much of the educational programing has moved online. The group has a website with several resources at edu/beef/irm, with broader beef resources available at “In this economic climate, Kentucky producers need us more than perhaps ever before,” Anderson said. “We will continue to serve them in any way we can.


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SKAGGS’ GIVE $250,000 GIFT TO ATTRACT THE BRIGHTEST BIOSYSTEMS AND AGRICULTURAL ENGINEERING GRADUATE STUDENTS Wayne Skaggs, from Sandy Hook in Elliot County, Kentucky, entered the University of Kentucky in 1960. The next year, Judy Ann Kuhn, also from Sandy Hook, enrolled as a freshman. The following year, the two were married and proceeded to complete their respective degrees—Wayne with bachelor’s and master’s degrees in agricultural engineering (1964 and 1966) and Judy with a bachelor’s degree in education (1968). By the time they left Lexington for Wayne’s doctoral studies at Purdue University, followed by permanent residence in Raleigh, North Carolina, UK already held an enduring place of appreciation in their hearts. “We’ve been very lucky,” Wayne reflected. “My field of interest has provided Judy and me with a wonderful professional career and an interesting and enjoyable life. That was made possible in large part by the outstanding education I received at UK as an undergraduate and a graduate student.” Sixty years after Wayne first became a

Wildcat, he and Judy created a $250,000 “Distinguished Graduate Fellowship” in the UK Department of Biosystems and Agricultural Engineering, which is part of the College of Engineering and the UK College of Agriculture, Food and Environment. “We are very grateful for Wayne and Judy’s generosity, especially in these challenging economic times,” said Nancy Cox, dean of the UK College of Agriculture, Food and Environment. “Their gift is making agricultural engineering education a reality and setting an excellent example of how we can all work together to make a positive impact for deserving students.” Wayne Skaggs’s eminent career comprises teaching and research in drainage, subsurface water management engineering and wetland hydrology at North Carolina State University for more than 47 years. He developed the first simulation model able to predict the performance of drainage and related

water management systems, including effects of design parameters on crop yields and drainage water quality. The model, called DRAINMOD, is widely used in research and application in the United States and around the world. His pioneering work led to his election to the National Academy of Engineering in 1991. “I met Wayne and Judy Skaggs when I was a graduate student at NCSU,” recalled Sue Nokes, UK associate dean for faculty affairs and facilities and professor in the Department of Biosystems and Agricultural Engineering. “I knew Wayne as a highly-respected engineer, but it wasn’t until I accepted a faculty position at UK that I learned Wayne and Judy are native Kentuckians who love Kentucky and are devoted UK alums.” Grateful for their education, Wayne and Judy wanted to give back to the BAE department. Their focus on financial support for graduate students stems from Wayne’s extensive experience as a professor. “I served on the faculty for over 42 years full-time and five years in phased retirement, and I know what it takes to sustain a strong program in our field,” he said. “In my opinion, one of the keys to my success and the success of faculty in general is getting and maintaining the support to recruit and support the graduate students. You’re after the best and the brightest because they’re crucial. They’re learning and advancing the field at the same time, so securing funds to recruit and train them is essential.” Judy, who enjoyed a 25-year teaching career in Raleigh, shares that many of her husband’s graduate students became family friends.

08 | JULY 2020

“I’ve enjoyed the relationships we’ve built over the years with the students. They become like our children almost,” she said. “We’ve had them in our home and that was a great benefit to our children as they grew up because they got to meet people from all over the United States and the world. That’s part of what made Wayne’s profession such a rewarding and rich part of our family life.” As professor for 65 graduate students during his career at North Carolina State University, Wayne Skaggs enjoys seeing many of them go on to teach and conduct research at universities around the world. Upon entering phased retirement in 2012, one of his colleague’s and former graduate student, Kentucky native George (Chip) Chescheir created the Skaggs Graduate Student Family Tree. It shows Skaggs’s graduate students, their graduate students—what Skaggs calls his “grandgrad students”—and, for a few, third and fourth generations of graduate students. Two of the students on Skaggs’s tree spent their careers as faculty members in the UK Department of Biosystems and Agricultural Engineering. Larry Wells was his first Ph.D. graduate student and is now a retired professor emeritus

after a successful career at UK. The other is Stephen Workman, professor emeritus, who served on the faculty and as associate dean for research in the UK College of Agriculture, Food and the Environment. “I am proud of the contributions these students have made,” Skaggs said. “So many of them have gone on to do amazing things.” Engineering runs deep in the Skaggs family. Wayne and Judy’s son, Steven, (BS, MS, Ph.D.) is an electrical engineer and their daughter, Becky, (BS in biochemistry, MS in education) is married to an engineer. The Skaggs have six grandchildren and

two great-grandchildren. Having blessed the college with the financial fruit of their careers, Wayne and Judy hope others will use their wealth to create new sources of funding through philanthropic gifts. “We’ve had first-hand experience of how these kinds of gifts can help us to increase resources that make a positive difference,” Wayne explained. “Judy and I both had scholarships and I’ve seen it as a graduate student and faculty member. That’s what inspires us to give back.”


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It Starts With Us


What makes a good teacher a great one? University of Kentucky students were eager to share their opinions about the best teacher in their lives, nominating them for one of the most esteemed awards on campus. The UK Alumni Association 2020 Great Teacher Award was recently bestowed upon six University of Kentucky educators. Initiated in 1961, UK’s Great Teacher Award is the longest-running UK award recognizing teaching. Two of the recipients teach in the College of Agriculture, Food and Environment.

student nominator Katelyn Cox. “He lectures in an improvisational, personable manner that allows him to easily adapt to the needs of the classroom. I could not think of any other professor who does so much for his students while balancing so many other simultaneous responsibilities.” David McNear is an Left: Robert Lou Hirsch, Plant Pathology. associate professor of Right: David McNear, Plant and Soil Science. rhizosphere science in the Department of Plant and Soil Sciences. Although he’s the professor in the

Robert Lou Hirsch is a lecturer in the Department of Plant Pathology and the director of Undergraduate Studies of Agricultural and Medical Biotechnology and Agricultural Individualized Curriculum.

One of the reasons graduate student Rebecca McGrail nominated McNear is due to his ability to teach students “from a variety of academic backgrounds including landscape architecture, agricultural education, biosystems engineering, environmental sciences and soil science. The diversity of majors in his class can be a challenge.”

“Hirsch is an animated, energetic lecturer who always keeps students laughing and learning. I remember he often used memes and other pop culture references in his lectures to help students learn and to be more relatable to students,” shared

“He has met with the program director for both landscape architecture and agricultural education to review the class structure and expectations so that he may better serve these programs,” McGrail said.

classroom, McNear says he learns just as much from his students as they do from him. “My students have taught me to be patient, to be patient with them, with time and their schedules. It’s a very different student body than it was, and they have many more things that are pulling them in different directions,” McNear said. “I try to be as accommodating to those differences in schedules and backgrounds as I can be. So certainly, that involves a lot of patience and understanding.”

WILSON NAMED DIRECTOR OF UK ROBINSON CENTER FOR APPALACHIAN RESOURCE SUSTAINABILITY The University of Kentucky Robinson Center for Appalachian Resource Sustainability has a new director. Daniel Wilson ‘13 has accepted the position at the college’s research station in Eastern Kentucky.

Resources,” Wilson said. “I want all the great things that we have going on right now to continue, and then I want to look for other great opportunities in the region, to be successful for our people, for our employees and for the college.

Wilson will continue in his current position as East Region director for UK Cooperative Extension.

The Robinson Center is located in Quicksand in Breathitt County. Its mission is to increase the long-term income and flow of economic, ecological and social goods and services from the land, natural resources and people of Eastern Kentucky and the Appalachian Region.

“I see RCARS as a unifier for our region, for extension, for research and for the Department of Forestry and Natural

10 | JULY 2020

UK CAFE ALUMNI ASSOCIATION WELCOMES NEW GRADS IN UNIQUE WAY Graduating college amid a global pandemic is far from how 2020 spring graduates envisioned ending their time at our college. Even though they didn’t get to take that famous rite of passage across the Rupp Arena stage, the college’s alumni association is making sure the transition is memorable. “Along with the Office of Philanthropy and Alumni, our association felt it was imperative to celebrate our spring graduates,” said Jonathan Furnish, executive director of the UK College of Agriculture, Food and Environment Alumni Association. “It would have been easy to send a simple congratulatory message or a nice letter with their diploma, but we wanted them to have something really meaningful.” Furnish worked with a college-wide team to create a celebration box for graduates. The box welcomes them into the alumni association and includes the usual new graduate information that will help them stay connected to and involved with the college. This is where tradition ends and

the celebration begins. Each box contains a confetti launcher, tech tattoos for their favorite devices, a business card holder and a commemorative print that will remind graduates what the college means to them. We asked Kentucky artist Rachael Sinclair to represent every major from the college and fit it into the shape of the state,” Furnish said. “What she came up with is a beautiful representation of what our college offers including some familiar campus landmarks.”

Furnish and the team included a card to guide graduates online to view a congratulatory video featuring a message from Dean Nancy Cox, college alumni and familiar faculty. “We recognize this is not the way most graduates wanted to bid farewell to their time at UK,” Furnish said. “We wanted to show them we are very proud of all they have accomplished and that we are cheering them on in their future careers and endeavors. We really hope they stay in touch and get involved in the alumni association.”

UK COLLEGE OF AGRICULTURE, FOOD AND ENVIRONMENT STUDENT ELECTED TO NATIONAL MANRRS OFFICER TEAM The University of Kentucky College of Agriculture, Food and Environment has a tradition of a strong, nationally recognized chapter of Minorities in Agriculture, Natural Resources and Related Sciences. That tradition continues with UK MANRRS member Jahqethea Johnson stepping up to the national stage as the next undergraduate student vice president for Region III. “I feel great about being elected to represent Region III,” she said. “This officer year has started with many adversities given the pandemic, but it’s given our executive team the opportunity

to strategize and challenge ourselves to make sure we live up to promoting and supporting the advancement of our members in the agriculture industry.” Johnson, who is studying agricultural economics, looks forward to working with the officer team to bridge the gap between MANRRS chapters and creating opportunities to partner with various companies in the agricultural industry throughout the year. MANRRS focuses on developing future leaders in the agricultural sector through training and providing employers with

a highly skilled, diverse workforce that includes individuals from traditionally underrepresented and underserved groups.


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Life Members OF THE UK COLLEGE OF AGRICULTURE, FOOD AND ENVIRONMENT ALUMNI ASSOCIATION Dr. Debra K. Aaron Mr. Charles O. Abernathy Mr. Billy J. Adams Mr. Clyde S. Adams Mr. David B. Adams Mr. Eldred E. Adams, Jr. Mr. Raymond L. Adams Mr. Kevin D. Addington Mr. Darold J. Akridge Mr. Patrick S. Aldridge Mr. Cyrus R. Alexander Daniel P. Allard Mr. Stephen M. Allard Mrs. Rosie L. Allen Mr. George Phillip Altman Ms. Jorga W. Altman Mr. Robert H. Amburgey III Mr. James C. Ammerman Mr. William H. Amos, Jr. Mr. Corey & Mrs. Chelsey Anderson Mrs. Lauren A. Anderson Ms. Ann W. Anderson Mr. James K. Andrew Dr. Lisa A. Appeddu Mr. David R. Appelman Dr. Raymond L. Ard Mr. Fred S. Arms Mr. Kevin S. Armstrong Mr. Ronald W. Arnett Mr. Craig L. Arnold Ms. Suzanne M. Arnold Mr. Preston Art Dr. Arthur K. Asbury Chris A. Ashby Mr. Marc B. Ashby Mr. John T. Ashby Mr. Kevin Lee Atherton Mr. Gerald W. Atkinson Ms. Beth E. Atwood Mr. Lowell Atwood Ms. Jennifer Saylor Austin Dr. David J. Averbeck Mr. Edward M. Ayer Mr. Steven Michael Bach Mr. Gerald R. Bach Gregory L. Bach, DVM Lt. Col. Robert M. Bach Mr. Joseph V. Back Mrs. Alice W. Baesler Dr. Ernest F. Bailey Mr. Carroll D. Bailey Mr. Danny G. Bailey Mr. David A. Baird Mr. Bland K. Baird Mr. Jerry C. Baird Mr. James L. Bake Mr. John M. Baker Mr. John P. Baker Mr. Shad J. Baker Mr. Howard N. Baker Ms. Judy Banks Mr. Kirk E. Barbieri Ms. Barbara Ann Barclay Mrs. Sally Reed Barclay Mr. Randy D. Barker Mr. Jason M. Barlow Mrs. Lisa G. Barlow Mr. H. H. Barlow III Molly Ruggles Barnes Mr. Joe R. Barnes Mr. and Mrs. Barney O. Barnett Dr. and Mrs. Randall Barnett Mr. Norman R. Barnhart Mrs. Josephine H. Barrows Mrs. Ruth T. Bateman Mr. Robert J. Bauer Mrs. Cassinda Sparrow Bechanan Mr. Cecil D. Bell, Jr. Mr. Harold C. Benge Mrs. Karen H. Bennett Mr. and Mrs. Gerald T. Benock Ms. Kathy Reding Bergren Mr. Michael L. Bernard Dr. Mark J. Bertram Mr. Shelby T. Bertram Mr. David L. Best Mrs. Theresa H. Bethel Mr. Jeffrey M. Bewley Mr. Michael S. Bibb Mr. James M. Bicknell Mr. David A. Bird Timothy R. Bishop Mr. Tyler Edward Bitzer Mr. and Mrs. Ryan D. Bivens Mr. Roger L. Black Charles W. Black Maj. Gen. Carl D. Black Mr. Joseph Patrick Bland Mr. Steven J. Blanford Mrs. Mary H. Blaydes Dr. Robert L. Blevins Ms. Laura Holt Boggess Mr. Jim Boling Dr. Alessandro Bonanno Mr. and Mrs. John H. Bondurant Mrs. Francine F. Bonny Mr. D. Tom Bonzo Ms. Lindsey Taylor Boone Mr. Patrick J. Boova

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Mrs. Renee W. Boswell Timothy A. Boswell Dr. Sidney C. Bosworth Mrs. Ruth J. Bowden-Wilcox Mr. Michael A. Bowman Dr. Louis J. Boyd Mrs. Paula Bozdech-Veater Mr. and Mrs. Kent S. Bradford Dr. Dwight T. Bradford Mr. Lewis P. Bradley Mrs. Angela D. Bragg Ms. Leta C. Brammer Mr. Mike F. Brandenburg Sarah B. Brandl Mr. Kevin L. Branstetter Mr. R. Fowler Branstetter David P. Bridges Mr. Barry L. Bridges Mr. Paul A. Bridges Mr. James S. Bridges Mr. Smith D. Broadbent III Mr. Brent A. Broaddus Mr. Brent Alan Brockman Mrs. Rosemary Brooks Kenneth H. Brown Mr. Tommy R. Brown, Jr. Ms. Mallory F. Brown Mr. Virgil A. Brown Mr. John M. Brown Mr. Kevin M. Brown Dr. Scott A. Brown Ms. Susan K. Brown Ms. Catherine L. Brown Mrs. Beverly A. Brown Mr. David P. Brown Mr. Bennie F. Brown Mrs. Jane Venable Brown Dr. Adlie F. Brown Mr. Robert M. Browning Ms. Sara A. Browning Ms. Sonja R. Broyles Mr. D. Shawn Brumfield Mrs. Shirley S. Bryan Mrs. Belinda J. Bryant Mr. Larry W. Bryant Mr. Charles M. Bryant Ms. Nellie R. Buchanan Mr. Donald B. Buchanan Mrs. Terry D. Buckner Ms. Jehanne E. Burch Mr. L. K. Burcham Mrs. Elizabeth S. Burden Mr. Gary H. Burdine Ms. Inez Burgan Mr. Aaron Keith Burke Mr. John L. Burman Ms. Judy H. Burns Mr. Lee W. Burns Mr. Anthony Burns Mrs. Patricia A. Burnside Mrs. Sue W. Burrier E. Stanley Burris Mrs. Georgia R. Burton Mr. George E. Burton Dr. and Mrs. Lowell P. Bush Mr. Robert R. Bush Ms. Jill M. Butler Lynn Ellen Byers Mrs. Kathy Roesel Byrnes Mr. and Mrs. Sam Cain Mr. Lawrence J. Cain Mr. Mark E. Cain Mr. Daniel Francis Caldwell Mr. Ellery Calkin, Jr. Mr. Steven Callaghan Mr. Thomas J. Callahan Mr. and Mrs. Steven H. Caller Mr. and Mrs. James S. Calloway Mr. Steven R. Cambron Mr. and Mrs. Leonard L. Cameron Mr. Roy R. Camic Ms. Susan Campbell Mr. James G. Campbell Mr. and Mrs. Earl L. Campbell Ms. Victoria J. Cannon Ms. Cynthia A. Cannon-Ferguson Mr. Timothy A. Cansler Mr. Charles H. Canter Mr. John Caraway Mrs. Marie Caraway Mrs. Melinda G. Carey John H. Carlberg Mr. C. Miguel Carlin Ms. Shannon K. Carlin Mr. and Mrs. John L. Carman Mrs. Ashley Paige Morgan and Mr. Chad Edward Carney Mrs. Debbie D. Carpenter Dr. Audrey and Mr. James Carr Mr. and Mrs. Payton L. Carrico Dr. Richard and Mrs. Sandra Carringer Mr. Charles D. Carter Mr. William E. Carter Mr. Gary W. Carter Mr. Michael W. Carter Mr. Nick Carter Ms. Nancy M. Case Mr. David W. Case

Mr. and Mrs. Russell W. Case Mrs. Tabatha Sparrow Casey Ms. Elberta Casey Mr. and Mrs. Bill Casner Mr. Thomas N. Casper Mr. Ron D. Catchen Mr. Merle G. Caudill Mr. Ollie H. Caudill, Jr. Mr. James H. Caudill Mr. Douglas E. Cauthen Mr. and Mrs. Brian Celsor Mr. Jimmy Lee Chambers Mr. Brad Chambliss Mr. James Chaney Mr. Conley Dale Chaney Mr. Darrell Kent Chaney Mr. and Mrs. Ryan T. Chaplin Mr. Thomas A. Charters Mr. Paul W. Chellgren Harold W. Childress Mrs. Janice K. Chittenden Mr. Brent R. Chittenden Dr. and Mrs. Ching K. Chow Mrs. Naomi S. Christian Maj. William A. Cisney Mr. Barry N. Clark Mr. Everitt P. Clark Marcus W. Clark Mr. J. Kelly Clarke Mr. J. Craig Clarke Mr. Steve B. Clary Dr. Wayne K. Clatterbuck Mr. Joseph L. Claxon III Mr. Mark T. Claxton Mr. and Mrs. Robert N. Clay Mr. T. Keene Clements Mr. David E. Clements Mr. Robert E. Clements Mr. Robert M. Cleveland Mr. David R. Cleveland Mr. Benjamin L. Clifford Mrs. Joyce C. Clifford Mr. Ray C. Clifton Ms. Beth H. Clifton Mr. Mark A. Clubb Mrs. Rachele R. Cobb Mr. Mark A. Cochran Mr. Thomas W. Code Dr. Richard D. Coffey Mr. and Mrs. W. Ronnie Coffman Mr. Mark S. Coiner Mr. Jay Coleman Mr. and Mrs. Stephen A. Coleman Mr. and Mrs. Paul J. Coles Mr. Daniel Glenn Collins Walter A. Collins Mr. George E. Collins Col. Ruth B. Collins Mr. Ralph W. Collins, Jr. Mr. John H. Colliver Linda R. Combs Ms. Dawn R. Combs Mr. Ralph L. Combs Mr. Dan D. Combs Mrs. Denise A. Combs Mr. John A. Combs Mr. Christopher C. Combs Mr. Matthew J. Comer Mr. and Mrs. Charles M. Comer Mr. Gregory G. Comer Dr. H. Steve Conboy Mr. Robert B. Congleton Mr. Curtis D. Congleton, Jr. Mrs. Martha A. Congleton Mr. Ben M. Conner Mr. Kenley E. Conner Mr. Wayne M. Conner Mr. Paul Conner Ms. Jill Conway Mr. Chadwick S. Conway Mr. and Mrs. Henry Todd Conway Mrs. Jean W. Conway Mrs. Andrea Cook Mr. James O. Cook, Jr. Mr. Paul A. Cook Mrs. Brenda E. Cook Dr. James O. Cook Dr. Margaret E. Cook-Newell Mr. David M. Cooper Ms. Madison Copher Mrs. Mary A. Core Mr. David E. Cornett Mr. Paul D. Cornett Mr. James C. Costigan Ms. Deena Grace Cotterill Ms. Katherine Ann Cotterill Mrs. Mary Blanton Cotton Mr. Gary E. Coughlin Mr. Robert E. Courtney, Sr. Mr. Billy E. Courts Mr. and Mrs. Douglas A. Coyle Mr. Steve D. Crabtree Mr. Donald S. Crabtree Mrs. Patricia A. Craft Donna R. Craig Mr. William B. Crain Mrs. Jennifer Powers Crank Lt. Col. Garnett E. Crask Ms. Valerie K. Cravens and Mr. Paul

B. Mulhollem Mr. Thomas L. Cravens Dr. Carla G. Craycraft Dr. James E. Criswell Mr. William B. Cropper, Jr. Mr. Michael D. Crouse Mr. James W. Crouse Dr. John D. Crouse Mr. John W. Crowder Mr. Jason E. Crowe Mrs. Susan Wood Cunningham Mr. and Mrs. Thomas R. Cunningham Mr. Ronald W. Curtsinger Charles M. Cuskaden Dr. Magid A. Dagher Dr. Douglas L. Dahlman Mr. Timothy R. Dalton Mr. Delmer L. Dalton Mr. Bradley Alan Dame Mr. Bryce Danhauer Mr. Mark J. Danhauer Mr. Bruce E. Danhauer Mr. James S. Darnell, Jr. Susan W. Davenport Mr. Gene R. Davie Mr. J. Reeves Davie Margaret M. Davila Mr. and Mrs. Donnie L. Davis Mr. Jeff S. Davis Ms. Molly M. Davis Dr. Catherine E. Davis Mr. Edgar E. Davis Mr. Jerry W. Davis Mr. Scott P. Davis Mr. Michael J. Davis Mr. and Mrs. Ben E. Davis Mrs. Katherian N. Day Mrs. Debra B. Day Mr. Joseph W. Dearen Mr. Paul D. Deaton Mr. Woodrow W. Deaton Mr. Scott Deetsch Mr. Thomas E. Deibel Mr. Michael J. DeLeon Mr. and Ms. David H. Denney Mrs. Susannah R. Denomme Mr. Eric N. Denton Mr. and Mrs. Rick Derifield Mr. Rory D. Deweese Mr. Winston P. Deweese Larry Dews Ms. Kimberly A. DeZarn Mr. Timothy K. Dick Mrs. Karen Burkhart Dick Dr. Kenneth M. Dickey II Mr. Tim J. Dievert Matthew Jacob Dintelmann Edward C. Ditto Mr. Carlton L. Dolwick Ms. Charlee N. Doom Ken Dougherty, MD Ms. Shannon Douglas Mr. Darrell T. Douglas Mr. Howard N. Downing Billy J. Downs Mr. Joseph P. Downs Mrs. Amanda Domeck Dreckman Ms. Diana May Drury Dr. Deborah and Mr. Michael Duckworth Mr. Joshua Rogers Duckworth Mr. Joseph R. Duckworth Nancy M. Dunaway Mr. James H. Duncan, Jr. Mr. Joe F. Duncan Mr. Benjie L. Dunville Mr. Jerry L. Dunville Mrs. Patricia A. Durham Mrs. Carolyn H. Durham Mr. William S. Duty, Jr. Dr. and Mrs. Michael D. Dykes Miss Patricia Ann Earle Mr. Michael Easley Ms. Nancy M. East Mr. Bryan D. Ebelhar Mr. Brad Ebelhar Mr. Kenneth L. Ebelhar Mr. Peter J. Ebelhar Dr. Stephen A. Ebelhar Dr. M. Wayne Ebelhar Mr. Garry D. Eblen Mr. Bruce T. Eckerle Mrs. Marianne Smith Edge Mrs. Beverly J. Edwards Mrs. Elaine Edwards-Yahraus Mr. John R. Effinger Mrs. Katie Wetzel Eichorn Mr. Phillip D. Elder Mr. Ronald Matthew Elkins Mr. Derek T. Ellington Mrs. Jane C. Ellington Mr. Jefferson B. Ellis Ms. Jewell D. Ellis Mr. James M. Elmore Mr. Larry K. Embry Mrs. Beverly S. Emmick Mr. Gilbert H. England Ms. Sierra J. Enlow Mr. Rick Enlow

Mr. Robert L. Enlow, Jr. Mr. Lynn E. Ennis Mrs. Lisa A. Epling Mrs. Theresa Epperson Dr. Richard A. Erdman Mr. Larry E. Erickson Mrs. Kyna K. Estes Mr. Anthony G. Estes Mrs. D. Gail Evans Mr. J. Carson Evans, Jr. Mrs. Nancye Rees Evans Mr. Samuel Chaffin Evans Mr. Joseph Carson Evans III Mr. Myron E. Evans Mr. William W. Evans, Jr. Mrs. Martha Whittington Evans Ms. Lexington M. Everett Mr. Bob Ewbank Dr. and Mrs. J. A. Ewing Mr. John H. Ewing III Ms. Kindra M. Ewing Jones Mrs. Mattie Cooksey Fair Ms. Sarah G. Fannin Mr. Larry R. Fannin Mr. William S. Farish, Sr. Mr. Byron L. Farley Marjory Lynn Faulkner Mr. W. Gayle Faust Mr. James W. Fegenbush, Jr. Mrs. Elizabeth A. Femling Dr. Paul E. Fenwick Mr. Allen M. Ferguson, Jr. Cmdr. Eugene M. Ferguson Ms. Lucy Carole Ferguson Mrs. Corinne Phillips Fetter Mr. C. Douglas Fields Glenn M. Finnell Dr. Cindy L. Finneseth Mr. David M. Finney Dr. Robert H. Flashman Dr. Jean and Col. Allan Fleming, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Wade A. Flowers Mr. Darwin V. Foley Mrs. Linda B. Forbes Ms. Danielle L. Ford Mr. Richard G. Ford Mr. Robert Hughes Foree Dr. John B. Foree Dr. Raymond E. Forgue Mr. William J. Foster Dr. Donna R. Smith and Mr. David J. Foster Dr. Lorianne Fought Mr. George L. Fox Mrs. Caroline Foy Mr. Jerry Fraim Dr. Rebecca P. Francis Mrs. Ann B. Franklin Mr. David L. Franzen Dr. Darrilyn G. Fraser Mr. J. Brent Frazier Mrs. Teena L. Freibert Dr. Mark A. French Mr. Greg M. Freyermuth Ms. Ann Marie Freytag Mr. Jack M. Friar Mr. Peter Andrew Fritsch Mr. John R. Fritz, Jr. Mr. Robert C. Froman Dr. Richard B. Frost Dr. Martha B. Frost Dr. and Mrs. Wilbur W. Frye Ms. Donna J. Fryman Mr. William P. Fryrear III Mr. Rufus Fugate Mr. Jonathan L. Furnish Mr. Lewis B. Furnish Mr. Bobby L. Gaffney Ms. Alison P. Gaito Mrs. Amanda Carol Gajdzik Mr. Kevin L. Galloway Dr. Marnie K. Gamm Mrs. Martha S. Gangloff Ms. Alison Gardner Mr. William T. Gardner Dr. Tim Gardner Mr. and Mrs. Scott Gardner Dr. Lorraine E. Garkovich Dr. Jennifer Lynn Garrett Mr. Bob Gaslin Mr. Marvin Daniel Gaston Mr. Matthew W. Gearhardt Mr. Maurice F. Genton Mr. Tyrone W. Gentry Ms. Shirley M. Gentry Mr. William K. Gentry Ms. Jane F. Gholson Ms. Karen M. Gibbs Ms. Becky Gibson Ms. Jan H. Gibson Mr. John F. Giesecke Mr. Brandon M. Gilles Mr. James F. Gilles III Mr. Terrell D. Ginn Mrs. Michelle R. Giordano Mrs. Louise C. Gladstone Mr. John C. Glasscock III Mr. Eston W. Glover, Jr. Mr. James M. Goatley, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. Carroll D. Godby Mr. James M. Goetz Mr. and Mrs. Joseph T. Goggin Mr. John D. Goggin Linda G. Gonzales Mr. Lewis C. Goodin Mr. Don Goodin Ms. Denise A. Gordon Mr. Donnie L. Gosser Mr. Billy Gosser Mrs. Linda Jane Gough, CFCS Col. Steven M. Graham, Ret Ms. Loretta S. Grannis Mr. Steven W. Gray Ms. Vonda J. Gray Larry N. Grayson Mr. and Mrs. Thomas B. Greathouse Mr. David Lance Green Dr. Jonathan D. Green Mr. Charles H. Green Mr. J. Patton Green Mr. William H. Green Mr. Joseph M. Greenwell Ms. Lee C. Greenwell Mr. J. Chris Greenwell Mr. Dwight D. Greenwell Mr. Steve R. Greenwell Mrs. Ann C. Greenwell B. M. Greenwood Mrs. Edith C. Greer Mr. Philip Todd Gregory Mr. Curtis M. Gregory Ms. Antoinette P. Greider Mr. Arnemann R. Grender Mr. John D. Greulich Dr. Timothy L. Grey Mr. and Mrs. Tod A. Griffin Dr. Mitchell L. Griffin Mr. Danny J. Grigson Mr. Kenneth R. Grisewood Mrs. Tammy L. Gross Mr. Brad C. Gross Mr. Vincent E. Grote Mr. Chad Edward Grote Mrs. Margina C. Grow Mr. Kenney R. Gulley Dr. James G. Gulley Mr. Frank R. Guthrie Mr. Albert L. Gutterman II Mrs. Christi S. Hack Mr. Thomas M. Hackney Keith R. Hackworth Mr. Joseph E. Hafley Mr. Michael Y. Haggard Mr. Matthew D. Hagman Mr. Hollis B. Hale, Jr. Mr. Kelly C. Haley Ms. Cecelia K. Hall Mrs. Nikki Anne Hall Ms. Jennifer Hall Mr. Daniel L. Hall Mr. Lee C. Hall Mr. Paul E. Hall II Ms. Janice K. Halpin Mrs. Jean B. Ham Mr. Gary D. Hamilton Dr. David A. Hamilton, Sr. Mr. Alan F. Hamilton Mr. Lowell G. Hamilton Mr. Michael J. Hammerly Mary H. Hammonds Mr. Gary R. Hammonds Mrs. Leila C. Hammons Mr. Timothy J. Hampshire Mr. James K. Hancock Mr. David W. Hancock Mr. Mike Hancock Mr. Don R. Haney Mr. Thomas C. Hanna Dr. Cathy Hanna Mrs. Nancy F. Hanna Ms. Karen Kay Hardin-Klefot Mr. H. T. Hardy III Mr. and Mrs. Stewart Hardy, Jr. Ms. Candace W. Harker Mr. James A. Harned Mr. Lyndall V. Harned Mr. Clint B. Harris Mr. David A. Harris Mr. Gene T. Harris Mr. David S. Harrison Mrs. Louise C. Hart Mr. Gerald N. Hart Mr. Perry T. Hartley Ms. Rebecca J. Harville Mr. Merion Haskins Mr. Mark R. Hatfield Mr. Harland C. Hatter Mrs. Dorothy F. Hatton Mr. Michael E. Haubner Mr. Richard C. Hawkins Ms. Pamela S. Stephens Hay Mr. Richard M. Hayden Mr. Jeff Hayes Ms. M. Susan H. Hayes Brig. Gen. James S. Hayes Ms. Mary J. Quisenberry Hays Mr. George Hays III Ms. Ashley Rae Hazelwood Ms. Cara Leigh Hazelwood Mr. Tim Hazlette Mrs. Clara N. Head Mr. Jason Headrick Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Heidel Mr. Steven Wayne Heightchew Mrs. Rebecca L. Heimstead Mrs. Annette Meyer Heisdorffer Mr. David L. Heisterberg

Mr. David S. Helland Dr. Carl Hellmann, Jr. Ms. Susan S. Helms Mr. Patrick M. Henderson Mr. Timothy M. Hendrick Mr. Bill L. Henkel Mrs. Kimberly B. Henken Mr. Michael C. Henning Mr. Donald S. Henry Mr. Gordon Henshaw Mr. Richard N. Henson Mr. Gregory T. Henson Mr. Ancel D. Henson, Jr. Mr. Fred Herald Dr. James H. Herbek Dr. Bradley J. Herbek Mr. George R. Herbst Mr. Jake W. Herndon III Ms. Mary E. Herndon Ms. Myrna K. Herron Mr. John W. Heslop Mr. Matt Hess Ms. Judith M. Hetterman Ms. Judy Hetterman-Wilson Mr. Richard S. Hiatt Dr. Andrew J. Hiatt Mr. Leroy Hibbitts Mr. Todd Hickerson Mr. and Mrs. James N. Hicks Ms. Andrea L. Higdon Dr. Stephen F. Higgins Ms. Veronica Ann Higgs Mr. J. Grant Hildabrand Mr. H. Edgar Hill Mrs. Karen B. Hill Mr. Steven D. Hill Dr. Jo Ann S. Hilliker Mr. Kenneth B. Hilton Ms. Michelle G. Hines Mr. and Mrs. Steven L. Hinton Ronald J. Hislope Mr. and Mrs. Daniel J. Hite Ms. Mary E. Hixson David C. Hobbs Mr. Ted D. Hochradel Debra A. Hockensmith Mr. Michael S. Hockensmith Mr. Max H. Hodge Dr. David L. Hodge Dr. Carolyn R. Hofe Mr. Ian K. Hoffman Mrs. Karen M. Hohlman Mr. Todd H. Holbrook Mr. and Mrs. Ted A. Holbrook Ms. Kaye A. Holbrook Miss Nancy Holder Mr. Franklin Hoopes Mr. Rick E. Horn Mr. Richard H. Horn Mrs. Jane Horn Mr. Stephen W. Hornback Mr. Matthew Taylor Horne Mr. Roger A. Horseman Mr. John C. Hoskins Rex S. Houck Mr. Phillip K. House Mrs. Brooke Jenkins Howard Mr. James W. Howard Robert L. Howard Mr. Guy T. Howard Mr. Shirley R. Howard Mr. Ted Howard Guy S. Howard Mr. Stephen M. Howerton III Mr. Sam H. Hudson Ms. Pat Hudson Mr. William H. Hudson, Jr. Dr. Barry L. Huesing Mrs. Laura Amber Huffman Mr. John P. Huffman Mr. Robert M. Huffman, Jr. Mr. Mike Hughes Mrs. Betty Martin Hughes Mr. Jacob Scott Hulker Mr. Kenneth B. Hundley Mr. Benjamin L. Hunt Mr. Roy H. Hunt Dr. Jennifer L. Hunter Mrs. Mindy A. Hunter Mr. Harold G. Hupman Dr. Walter L. Hurley Mr. Lyon B. Hutcherson, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Lee P. Hyde Mr. Mark J. Immel Mrs. Tracy Gillilan Inskeep Mr. Harold L. Isaacs Mr. Robert A. Isgrigg Ms. Rose Marie Isgrigg Dr. William N. Isgrigg Dr. Albert L. Iten Dr. Wm. Jay Jackman Dr. Stephen G. Jackson Wilburn C. Jackson Dr. Charlene W. Jacobs Mr. James Jacobson Mr. James L. Jacobus Linda Lord Jaffe Mr. Larry B. Jaggers Dr. Kathy A. Jansen Mr. Kevin R. Jeffries Mr. Keith A. Jeffries Andrew A. Jermolowicz Mr. Millard C. Jesse, Jr. Dr. David L. Jessee Mr. Gilbert P. Joehl Ms. Teresa Johnson Mr. Ted R. Johnson Dr. Darrell D. Johnson

Mr. John E. Johnson Mr. Boyd C. Johnson Mr. Charles S. Johnson III Mr. Donald E. Johnson Mr. Aaron R. Johnson Mr. Gerald C. Johnson Mr. Wesley P. Johnson, Jr. Dr. Lydia M. Johnson Dr. and Mrs. Larry D. Jones Mr. Steve Jones Darin S. Jones Mr. Mark W. Jones Mr. Ralph C. Jones Dr. James R. Jones Mr. Robert M. Jones Mrs. Virginia S. Jones Mrs. Sherilyn W. Jordan Mr. Jimmie Judge Mr. Curtis C. Judy Ms. Erin M. Jury Ms. Kay Kass Ms. Mary C. Kastner Ms. Lain G. Kay Mrs. Melanie S. Kearnan Mr. Michael A. Keen C. K. Keen Michael W. Keeney Ms. Kara K. Keeton Mr. Mike J. Kegley Ms. Diane T. Kelley Mr. Gary W. Kelley Dr. Kathryn Coughlin Kelley Mr. Klint E. Kelley Mr. J. Stephen Kelly Mr. Robert A. Kendig Mr. Richard C. Kenimer Mr. Curtis Kenimer Kentucky Corn Growers Association Mrs. Martha C. Kern Mr. Russell L. Kessler Dr. Richard M. Kester Mrs. Jane O. Key Mr. James W. Kidwell Ms. Erin Elizabeth Kimla Mr. David E. King Dr. Denis G. King Mr. Michael A. King Mr. Carl L. King Dr. Joseph H. Kinnarney Dr. Guy H. Kiracofe Mrs. Andrea Taylor Kirby Mrs. Heather L. Kirk Mr. Timothy C. Kirk Mr. Clyde L. Kirtley Mr. Todd A. Klaber Mrs. Jennifer B. Klee Mr. Dexter Knight Mr. William J. Knight Ms. Lora McGuire Knight Mrs. Laura M. Knoth Mr. Kolby D. Knott Ms. Susan M. Koehler Mr. David K. Koester Mr. John A. Kolanz Dr. Bernard J. Kordenbrock Mr. and Mrs. Robert C. Korfhage Mr. L. John Korfhage Mrs. Brenda P. Korthaus Ms. Anne E. Krehbiel Mrs. Kerry L. Krom Mrs. Raven N. Kropf Ms. Marissa M. Kruthaup Mr. John L. Kuegel Mr. William M. Kuegel, Jr. Mr. John L. Kuegel Ms. Vadivel G. Kumari Mr. Theodore R. Kuster Mrs. Patricia Lackey Mrs. Martha G. Lackey Mr. William D. Ladd Mr. Tanner Joseph Lamb Ms. Julie Lane Jennifer K. Lanham Dr. Peter S. Lansing Ms. Myra G. Lantz Mr. S. Duane Latham Ms. Blair Lauer Dr. Aroon Lawanprasert Mr. William G. Lawrence, Jr. Mr. Dwight D. Lawrence Mr. Robin H. Lawson Ms. Mary A. Lay Mr. Justin H. Leach Mrs. Martha S. Lee Ms. Sherry R. LeMaster Ms. Bridget Lorenz Lemberg Mr. John B. Leneave Mr. Mark A. Leopold Ms. Paighton E. Lewis Mr. Don Carlos Lewis III Mrs. Rachel J. Lewis Mr. Robert Lich III Mr. Benny C. Lile Mr. Brian C. Lilly Mr. Mark A. Linkous Mr. Ira Linville Mr. and Mrs. Joseph R. Lipps Mr. Sidney S. Lisanby Mr. David A. Listerman Mr. Seldon Little Timothy M. Loeffler Robin H. Logan Mr. and Mrs. Matthew H. London Mrs. Joy V. Long Mrs. Sara Long Mr. Joshua Levi Long Mr. and Mrs. James F. Long, Jr. Mr. James D. Long

Mr. Emit M. Long III Mrs. Judith A. Long Mr. John F. Long Ms. Pamela Gibson Longwell Dr. Daniel C. Loper Mr. Logan D. Louderback Dr. Logan T. Louderback Mrs. Edith M. Lovett Mr. Paul M. Loxley Mrs. Patricia A. Lucas Ms. Anna B. Lucas Mr. Brian D. Luck Dr. Joe D. Luck Dr. Haiping Luo Albert D. Luscher Mr. David Mark Lyle Mr. David S. Lyle Gary M. Lynch Robert H. Lynch Mr. Thomas L. Lyne, Jr. Mr. Kevin Lyons Mr. Keith L. Lyons Mr. Grant A. Mackey Mr. Ray A. Mackey Mrs. Alberta W. Mackey Mr. Ilus R. Mackey Mr. Glenn F. Mackie Mr. Robert E. Maclin III Mr. Robert G. Maddox Mr. John Maddux Mr. Thomas L. Maddux, Jr. Joseph P. Main Mark Allen Mains, Ph.D. Mr. James B. Major Mr. Michael M. Major Richard L. Major Konstantinos Makris Mr. Harold K. Malcomb Mrs. Nina N. Mallory Dr. Brad L. Mangeot Mrs. Nancy D. Mangrum Mr. Michael S. Manley Mr. Leslie L. Manley Bobbi Mann Mr. Randy L. Mann Dr. Richard K. Mann Mr. D. Kyle Maple Mr. Larry J. Marchand Dr. Stanton T. Marcum Mrs. Maxeen Marks Ms. Christi L. Marksbury Mr. James Markwell Mrs. Karen K. Marlowe Dr. Merritt W. Marrs, Jr. Mr. Justin K. Marsh Ms. Sarah Marshall Dr. John D. Martin Dr. James R. Martin Mr. Charles C. Martin Dr. L. C. Martin Mrs. Peggy M. Marting Mr. David W. Mason Mr. Ronald G. Mason Ms. Diane M. Massie Mr. Charles D. Masters Dr. Loys L. Mather Mr. Charles B. Mathews Dr. Gilbert L. Mathis Mr. Matthew C. Mattingly Mr. John G. Mattingly Mr. Wayne Mattingly Mr. Richard A. Mattingly Mr. Mark C. Mattingly Mr. Robert H. Mayo Dr. Alan J. McAllister Dr. and Mrs. John W. McAtee Mr. Michael W. McCain, Jr. Mr. Thomas S. McCarthy Mr. James S. McCarty Judge John M. McCarty Mr. Shelby McCarty Ms. Betsy C. McClain Mr. and Mrs. William B. McCloskey III Joanne McClure Mr. John P. McClurg Mr. John William McCord, Jr. Mr. Herb H. McCoun Mr. Danny N. McDaniel Mr. Charles W. McDavid, Jr. Mrs. Michelle McDonald Mrs. Carolyn Custer McDonald Mr. James W. McDowell, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Martin McElroy Mr. John C. McElroy Mr. James B. McElroy Mrs. Pamela Ann McFarland Mrs. Adrienne McGaw Ms. Martha A. McGehee Mr. David L. McGlothlin Dr. Vicky Owens McGrath Mr. Kevin L. McGruder Mr. Brian W. McGuire Mrs. Betty L. McGuire Mrs. Suzanne McGurk and Mr. Robert D. Azbill Mr. Louis C. McIntire Mr. Charles B. McIntire Mr. David E. McKechnie Mr. Harry T. McKee Mr. Charles L. McKenna Mr. Gerl McKinney Mr. W. Nelson McMakin Mr. Stephen W. McMurry Mr. Glenn E. McNabb Mrs. Cheryl H. McNeill Dr. Robert E. McNiel Mr. William E. Meacham Mr. Greg Meade

Ms. Savannah B. Meade Col. James S. Meador, Ret. Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Lee Meadows Mr. Randall D. Meadows Mr. Joseph L. Medley Dr. Suzanne A. Meers Mr. Timothy Melton Mr. Frank M. Melton Mr. and Mrs. James L. Menees Julia A. Meredith Mrs. Priscilla L. Merritt Mrs. Kathy A. Merry Mr. Braden J. Mescher Mr. Matthew D. Meyer Mrs. Kathy K. Meyer Mr. Adam Charles Michels Dr. James T. Middendorf, Jr. Mr. Rush H. Midkiff Dr. William B. Mikel Dr. Duane Miksch Dr. Donald F. Miles, Jr. Mr. John W. Miles Mr. William C. Miles Ms. Leslie R. Miller Mr. Sylvester D. Miller II Mr. and Ms. Aaron M. Miller Alan F. Miller Janice R. Miller Mr. Michael B. Millikan Mr. Steven T. Mills Dr. and Mrs. Gary W. Minch Mrs. Susan P. Minton Mr. Gary L. Miracle Mrs. Gerri Miracle Mrs. B. Carolyn Mitchell Mr. Billy J. Mitchell Capt. Roger D. Mitchell Ms. Reva D. Mitchell Mr. Martin E. Mitchell Mr. and Mrs. Harvey W. Mitchell Mr. J. Smith Mitchell Mrs. Christine H. Moll Mr. Darrell T. Moll Mr. Phillip M. Moloney Col. George E. Monarch III Ret. Mr. Carl B. Moneyhon Mrs. Amy L. Monson Mr. Khristopher K. Montgomery Mr. Steve Moore Mrs. Celeste D. Moore Mr. David R. Moore Mr. Myron R. Moore Mr. Mark P. Moore Mr. Joe W. Moore Mr. Tom Moore Mr. and Mrs. Thomas P. Moorman Mr. Paul Morris Ms. Katherine D. Morris Mr. Roy M. Morrison Mr. William E. Moss Dr. John Mathew Mowbray Mrs. LauraJane Y. Moyers Peggy K. Mukhalis Mr. John Casey Mulberry Mr. Joe B. Mulholland, Jr. Mr. Josh Mullins Mr. Dewey A. Mullins Dr. Lloyd W. Murdock, Jr. Mr. Shea W. Murdock Mrs. Stephanie Murphy Mr. Dale S. Murphy Mr. and Dr. L. D. Murray Mrs. Julia W. Muscarella Mrs. Dana L. Muse Dr. Christine M. Myers Hugh C. Nall Mr. and Mrs. Thommie Nalle Ms. Lenore J. Nash Mrs. Edna Land Naylor Mrs. Nanette L. Neal Ms. Letitia Necessary Mr. David E. Neely Mr. James E. Nelligan Mr. Byron L. Nelson Mr. Robert N. Nestmann Mr. Leslie L. Neumeister Mr. and Mrs. James H. Newberry, Jr. Mr. John N. Newhall Mrs. Suzan N. Newton Mr. Randy Newton Terry S. Nisbet Mr. Larry D. Noe Mr. Jeff Noel Ms. Lorie R. North Ms. Nancy S. Norton Dr. John R. Nuckols Mr. David G. O’Banion Mr. Stephen B. O’Nan Mr. Dennis E. O’Nan III Mr. Jerry M. Oak Mrs. Jane A. Offutt Ms. Brenda S. Oldfield Mr. Thomas A. Oldfield, Jr. Dr. Lawrence J. Osborne Mr. Roger F. Osburn Mrs. Marcia A. Osterhues Dr. Douglas G. Overhults Mrs. Mary Frances Pack Mr. Chris A. Pantle Mr. Richard S. Park Ms. Catherine J. Parke Mr. John G. Parker Mrs. Beth Henderson Parks Dr. Wayne A. Parrott Dr. Thomas R. Parrott, Jr. Mr. Anthony S. Parsons Mr. Scotty R. Parsons Billy R. Patton

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Alumni Focus



ohn Peek grew up on a Lincoln County farm where his father and his grandfather raised beef cattle and hay in the King’s Mountain community. He was always involved in agriculture and active in 4-H and FFA, but he didn’t head straight to the University of Kentucky after high school. “I participated in the Farm Bureau’s Institute for Future Leaders in Agriculture program,” he said. “I met my first college roommate through that program, and we went to Somerset Community College for two years before I transferred to UK to finish my degree in agricultural economics.” With an emphasis in finance and a minor in business, Peek absorbed knowledge and skills he could use to improve his registered Angus seedstock operation, Ridgeland Angus. He said being part of the College of Agriculture, Food and Environment meant more than just a solid education for a successful career. He relied on his faculty and mentors for much more.

“ “When I was having a particularly difficult day with school, I would go visit with Loys Mather (retired professor of agricultural economics),” he said. “He would always talk me off the ledge and help me see things in a way that helped me move forward.”

” After graduating UK in 2000, Peek went back to the farm and took a full-time position with Central Kentucky Ag Credit in Stanford. He is now a senior loan officer. In this role, he works with farmers in 17 Central Kentucky counties to help them carry on their family farming legacies. For students pursuing similar career paths, Peek said it is vital to learn to wear multiple hats. “I have to know how to speak knowledgeably about sales, accounting, real estate and law,” he said. “You have to learn a little about a lot of things to facilitate the loan process for clients. You have to be able to form relationships with

people and let them know you understand where they are coming from.” Peek was fortunate to have a scholarship that paid for most of his college expenses and said it made a huge difference as he graduated without debt weighing him down. Peek and his wife, Kathy, have been married for 16 years. Together they bought the family farm, where they raise their children, Kalyn, 14 and Will, 11. Peek now focuses on hay and cattle in his “spare” time. “My operation is small, about 20 cows,” he said. continued on pg. 16


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“I concentrate on quality. My goal is to try and make the best all-around animal I can.” Focusing first on maternal quality, Peek also tries to improve growth and carcass merit. All Ridgeland Angus cattle are genetically tested, and Peek uses artificial insemination and embryo transfer to support his goals. “I really enjoy the cattle,” he said. “For me, the challenge is to continually make them better and, in the process, help my bull buyers continually improve their own herds.” One thing Peek would change about his years at UK is his involvement in extracurricular activities. “I would encourage students to be involved in clubs and activities that support their major,” he said. “I had a great roommate and didn’t prioritize those activities, but I feel like I missed out on meeting a lot of great people and I know I would have made more contacts and relationships that would be helpful for my future.”

RECOMMEND RECOMMEND LEX LEX I have the distinct pleasure of planning meetings in cities across the country. I have the distinct pleasure of planning Though lots of cities have perks and pride meetings in cities across the country. points, no city rolls out the hospitality Though lots of cities have perks and pride carpet likerolls Lexington. The team at points,quite no city out the hospitality VisitLex can assist you at every carpet quite like Lexington. Thestep teamofatthe process,can ensuring thatateach component VisitLex assist you every step of theof your experience laced with Lexington’s process, ensuring isthat each component of trademark hospitality andwith unique flair. Most your experience is laced Lexington’s important: Your attendees willflair. loveMost it. trademark hospitality and unique important: Your attendees will love it. David Melanson

Assistant Director of External Affairs and

Development for the University of Kentucky Center David Melanson for Applied Energy Research Assistant Director of External Affairs and Development for the University of Kentucky Center for Applied Energy Research

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Student Spotlight


MAY 2020

HOMETOWN: Harrodsburg, Kentucky ACTIVITIES:

+Student Ambassador +Former State Kentucky 4-H President +Parasitology Student Research in Gluck Equine Research Center +Veterinary Assistant +Pre-Vet Club Q: What led you to choose the

my goals. Those strangers quickly became friends, and friends became family.

A: I come from a long line of University of Kentucky graduates. My great-grandfather was involved in UK’s original tobacco research initiatives. I was exposed to the college through 4-H and FFA events such as Ag Field Day and State 4-H Teen Conference. My first time on campus, I immediately fell in love with the old oak trees and beautiful infrastructure. With so many ties to the University and Central Kentucky, it was an easy choice for me to decide to go to UK and be a student in the College of Agriculture, Food and Environment.

Q: How is the college preparing you for your future?

College of Agriculture, Food and Environment?

Q: What does the college mean

to you? Describe your overall experience.

A: When I think of CAFE, several words come to mind including community, inclusion, opportunity and family. The entire agriculture campus as a whole is a community, I guarantee there was not a single time in my four years of undergraduate work that I walked through the ag deli without seeing a familiar face. Nor did I pass through the halls without passing a smiling face. These little interactions made a big university become a small community. Similarly, students of all backgrounds, rural or urban, found a niche within the college. From the first time I walked onto the campus, seemingly strangers believed in me and opened numerous doors of opportunity for me to achieve

A: I have had once-in-a-lifetime experiences and gained handson experience I will need in the veterinary field. I have been fortunate to participate in multiple experiential learning opportunities, from studying abroad in France to working in stockyards with the Kentucky Department of Agriculture. Through other school-sanctioned events, I have been able to travel across the United States for research and student leadership conferences. A majority of my classes in the animal science program have been handson, where we visited one of the many UK farms in the area to work oneon-one with horses and livestock. These classes and experiences not only helped me get accepted into veterinary school, but also, they began to lay foundations to my understanding of animal handling, body systems and behavior. These will be the foundations I will build on in veterinary school. Q: Where do you see yourself in 15 years? A: Since childhood, my lifelong dream has been to become a mixed animal veterinarian. UK and CAFE helped me turn that dream into a reality. This past year I applied, interviewed, and was accepted

into Auburn University’s College of Veterinary Medicine. I will begin my four-year journey to a Doctorate in Veterinary Medicine in the fall of 2020. In 15 years, I envision myself having returned to my ‘Old Kentucky Home’ to work in a small community to ensure the health of large and small animals. Once I’m back in the Bluegrass, I plan to attend UK Alumni events and cheer on the Cats every chance I get.

Q: Why would you recommend the college to future students? A: This College is much more than just an educational institution, it’s a community of diverse individuals coming from all corners of the world to support one common goal - the future of agriculture and a sustainable world. The faculty in our College are unmatched and will work just as hard towards a student’s success as the student does. There are more than 80 clubs and organizations in the College that make it easy for students to seek out their interests and explore new ones. Through courses, clubs and student-led organizations, students will find friends that will become family. Every individual in the College will also have numerous opportunities to learn beyond the walls of the classroom. THE AMBASSADOR

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Spring 2020 brought major changes to our world and university. In the face of a global pandemic, faculty, staff and students at the University of Kentucky quickly pivoted to complete the spring semester in a brand new format. The rapid transition to online education, and the resulting move of students from campus, was necessary as part of our broader moral responsibility to help preserve the health and safety of our campus and community. Although necessary, these decisions resulted in additional hardship for many of our students. For some of our students, these changes created challenges including access and affordability of basic needs like food and housing, loss of part-time work in the greater Lexington area, internet access and connectivity needs to complete coursework, and additional hardware like computers and tablets for educational use. The Basic Needs and Persistence Fund is the primary mechanism at UK to help students in their time of need. This fund provides services and support for students experiencing varying degrees of uncertainity around basic needs and/or financial distress, which may otherwise prevent them from continuing their education. The importance of this fund and the impact it can have only grows during a time of crisis. In this emergency, hundreds of donors came froward to support our students.

18 | JULY 2020

Through their generous gifts, more than $100,000 was awarded to students across the university. This united show of support provided urgently needed tools and encouragement to our students and their families. To those who have given and continue to give to The Basic Needs and Persistence Fund, thank you. Your enduring support of the Univerity of Kentucky and our students is so appreciated. Gifts to this fund ensure that every student, regardless of their financial position, has access to higher education and helps to fulfill our commitment as the University of, for, and with Kentucky.

If you are interested in supporting The Basic Needs and Persistence Fund, visit: https://uky.networkforgood. com/causes/10124-emergencyassistance-and-relief-fund. If you know a student who is experiencing hardship or a student who is in need, visit: https://www. and select “Report a Concern�.

Mr. Michael L. Paynter Dr. Robert C. Pearce Mr. Bruce M. Pearce Mrs. Mary G. Peden Mr. Jeffery S. Pendleton Mrs. Caitlin Pennington Mr. Ellis L. Pennington Pamela A. Perdue Mr. Mike Perros Mr. Kenneth E. Perry Dr. Kevin M. Perry Mr. Bart Peters Mr. Bernard L. Peterson Mr. Thomas R. Peterson Mr. David A. Peterson Mr. William J. Peterson Mr. William O. Peterson Capt. Richard W. Peterson Mrs. Laura Hanks Petrino Dr. Todd W. Pfeiffer Mr. William R. Phelps Mr. James I. Phelps, Jr. Mr. William E. Phelps Mrs. Virginia H. Phillips Mr. George M. Phillips Mr. Joe M. Phillips Mitchell W. Philpot Dr. Terry Pike Mr. Stephen K. Plenge Mr. Samuel K. Plummer Mr. Keegan W. Poe Mr. Richard T. Poe Dr. Stanley E. Poe Mrs. Deborah Pogue Mrs. Maenell C. Pollock Mr. Harold B. Poole Mrs. Sharon G. Porier Mr. Brad W. Porter Mr. Thomas H. Porter, Jr. Kimberly B. Portman Mrs. Joan Poston Mr. Nelson A. Pott III Mr. Tim Potter Dr. Gary D. Potter Mrs. Margaret H. Potter Mr. James C. Powell Mr. Rankin E. Powell Ms. Laura A. Powers Dr. Julia Truitt Poynter Mr. Phillip R. Pratt Ms. Barbara G. Pratt John R. Prest Ms. Ellen M. Preston Mrs. Mary A. Preston Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Prewitt Mr. Allen J. Prewitt Mr. James R. Price Mrs. Barbara J. Priest Ms. Tannis M. Primm Jean C. Pritchard Mr. G. Herbert Pritchett Mr. and Mrs. Thomas A. Probst Mr. Lenn R. Pruitt Mr. and Mrs. Keelan W. Pulliam Mrs. Elizabeth B. Pulliam Ms. Annette M. Pulliam Mrs. Thelma T. Pursifull Mr. Michael E. Pyles Mrs. Jamae B. Pyles Mr. Paul E. Quiggins Mr. William L. Quisenberry Dr. Linda Quodomine Mr. Dan S. Radford Mr. Leslie F. Radford Mr. David M. Radford Mr. Jonathan R. Ragan Carol H. Ragland Mr. Ray M. Ragland Dr. and Mrs. John L. Ragland Mrs. Jean A. Ragland Mrs. Karen A. Ramage Mrs. Frances B. Ramey Ms. Clarissa R. Ramsay Mr. John A. Ramsey Dr. Clovis B. Ramsey Mrs. Phyllis Amis Randall Dr. KaDonna C. Randolph James H. Randolph Mr. and Mrs. James C. Rankin, III Mr. David P. Rankin, Jr. Mr. Jerry T. Rankin Mr. Edwin E. Rankin Mr. William E. Ransdell Ms. Katherine Ruth Ransky Mrs. Kym M. Raque Mr. Tom Ray Mr. Michael K. Ray Mr. Ronald W. Ray Mr. Larry J. Reber Mr. Aaron A. Reding Ms. Anna M. Reding Dr. Michael R. Reed Ms. Kasey L. Reed Mrs. Melissa A. Reedy Mr. Clint M. Reese Ms. Emily Reichert Mr. James A. Reimann Mr. and Mrs. Reese R. Reinhold Mr. John R. Render Mr. Dariel E. Rexroat Mr. Roy D. Reynolds Mr. Robin E. Rhea, Jr. Courtney Rhein Mr. Harold C. Rice Mrs. Camille Creech Rice Dr. Shawn C. Rice Ms. Kimberly K. Rice Mr. David W. Rice

Mr. Donald R. Rice II Ms. Karen Anne Boone Rich Mr. Bruce S. Richards Mr. Benny R. Richardson Mr. Harold E. Richardson, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. D. Michael Richey Mr. Kenneth S. Ring Mr. Mark A. Ripato Lt. Col. Mark C. Ritter Ms. Lynda S. Roades Robert & Nellie Ellis Foundation Ms. Ashley K. Roberts Mr. Courtney L. Roberts Mr. Bryce A. Roberts William G. Roberts Mr. Wayne Roberts Mr. and Mrs. Glen D. Roberts Tracy Ray Robertson Mr. James F. Robertson Ms. Lora Winstead Robey Mr. Don Robinson Mr. Patrick J. Robinson Mr. Jimmy R. Robinson Mr. Randal A. Rock Mr. Terry L. Rock Mrs. Toni G. Rodgers Dr. Lorraine D. Rodriguez Mr. Keith L. Rogers Mrs. Sarah Broadbent Rogers Mr. Steven C. Rogers Mr. Joseph H. Rogers Mrs. Jacqueline S. Rogers Ms. Sally L. Roggenkamp Mr. Michael A. Rose Mr. Daniel M. Rosenberg Dr. Steve W. Rosser Ms. Lori Rotolo Mrs. Rebecca Nash Rowe Mr. Charles J. Rowland Ms. Gail Rowland Mr. and Mrs. David W. Rowlett John T. Royalty Dr. and Mrs. Willett H. Rush, Jr. Ms. Martha W. Rush Ms. Virginia L. Russell Mr. David A. Russell Mr. Michael E. Russell Dr. Joseph W. Rust Mr. Stephen F. Rutledge Mr. Todd K. Ryan Mr. Richard A. Ryan Mr. and Mrs. Ronald J. Ryan Mr. Kevin L. Sage-EL Mr. Gary R. Salmon Ellen M. Sam Mr. and Mrs. Larry F. Sanders Ms. Mary P. Sanders Mr. Larry M. Sansom Mr. Darryl K. Sargent Janie Meng Sawatsky Dr. Sandra L. Sayers Mr. Lloyd G. Saylor Dr. Roger W. Scaletti Mrs. Pamela B. Scallan Mr. James K. Schadler Mr. Christopher A. Schalk Mrs. Ashley Ross Schell Dr. Charles W. Scherer Mr. Robert J. Schimmel Mrs. Martha B. Schlegel Mr. Robert J. Schmitt Mr. Frank M. Schnapf Ms. Eliska M. Schneider Mrs. Patricia P. Schrader Dr. Joel L. Schrader Mr. Charles H. Schwabe Ms. Margaret D. Scott Mrs. Ann B. Scott Mrs. Leann T. Scott Mr. Bob L. Scott Mr. Jack J. Scott Dr. William E. Seale Mr. Brandon G. Sears Ms. Amanda F. Sears Mr. Edward A. Seay Mr. Arthur F. Seelhorst Ms. Karen Gale Sego Dr. and Mrs. Steve P. Selwitz Mr. Philip H. Sewell Mr. George E. Sexton Mr. James E. Shaffer Mr. Matthew E. Shallock Mr. Tony R. Shartle Mr. Lee C. Shaughnessy Ms. Martha L. Shaw Dr. Scott A. Shearer Mr. William P. Shearer Dr. and Mrs. Kent S. Shelby Mr. Cecil J. Shelton Ms. Renee J. Shepard Ms. Sharon L. Shepard Ms. Shirley E. Sheperson Mr. Shane G. Shepherd Mrs. Nancy L. Sherfey Ms. Kristin K. Sherman Mr. Chris D. Shewmaker Mr. Allen Shewmaker Mr. James M. Shewmaker Randall D. Shirel Ms. Chelsy Arlene Shofner Mr. Brian K. Shouse Mr. Dhaval K. Shukla Mr. David L. Shultz Mrs. Carla D. Shuman Mrs. Pamela L. Sigler Jeffrey K. Silverman Phyllis C. Simmons Dr. Alvin M. Simmons

Mr. and Mrs. Mark R. Simon Dr. Marion F. Simon Mr. Luke J. Simpson Mrs. Dottie Perry Sims Mr. Raymond P. Sims Mr. Matthew D. Simson Mr. Wayne J. Sininger Miss Rebecca L. Siry Ms. Deborah B. Sisman Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan Sisson III Dr. and Mrs. Jerry R. Skees Mr. Bryan T. Skinnell Ms. Amanda C. Slack Mr. Ed Slack Mr. Charles H. Slack Mrs. Korie Slemmons Ms. Robyn L. Slone Lt. Mary L. Slough Ms. Rita H. Smart Mr. Ryan E. Smith Mr. Joseph P. Smith Mr. Michael C. Smith Ms. Kelli Long Smith Ms. Alison Marie Smith Mr. Daniel C. Smith Mrs. Carla Smith Dr. Lanas Smith Mr. Timothy J. Smith Mr. John E. Smith Mr. Larry H. Smith Mr. Bruce A. Smith Mr. Lafe S. Smith, Jr. Mr. William R. Smith Mr. Lorendz Smith, Jr. Mrs. Marlene B. Smothers Dr. Patricia and Mr. John Sobrero Mr. Kenwood C. Soper Mr. Don Sorrell II Mr. Roger G. Southerland Mr. Joe H. Spalding Mr. Glenn D. Sparks Mr. James R. Sparks Mr. Henry L. Sparks Dr. Donald L. Sparks Mr. John E. Sparks Dr. Jerry W. Spears Mr. and Mrs. James A. Speck Mr. and Mrs. Ronald K. Spence Mr. J. Tracy Spencer Mrs. Heather Burgner Spitler, RDN,LDN Mr. Joseph W. Sprague Mr. Jerry L. Springate Dr. Judith R. Stabel Mrs. Katie Stamper Mr. Charles R. Stark, Jr. Dr. Michelle R. Starke Dr. John Howard Starnes Mr. Michael S. Staton Woodson L. Staton Mrs. Sallie B. Stebleton Mr. Brian T. Stedelin Mr. Grady D. Steele Mr. Gregory D. Stefani Larry D. Stenberg Mr. Thomas P. Stenger Mr. Gary P. Stenger Mr. and Mrs. E. Douglas Stephan Mrs. Linda P. Stephens Mr. Kennith L. Stephens Dr. Tammy and Mr. Brian Stephenson Mr. Thomas L. Stephenson, Jr. Mrs. Barbara B. Stephenson Ms. Beth C. Sterchi Mr. Wayne S. Sterling Mr. Eddie G. Steward Mr. Robert H. Stewart, Jr. Mr. Thomas G. Stewart Mr. Rick D. Stewart Mrs. Gina C. Stith Mr. Glenn A. Stith Dr. Benjamin B. Stivers Mr. David S. Stobaugh Mr. Coral R. Stober Col. Laurel A. Stocks, USAFR Mr. William C. Stofer, Jr. Mrs. Katlyn Stoker Mr. Larry K. Stone Mr. James L. Stone Mrs. Judith P. Stout Mr. Kenneth R. Stratton Mr. Thomas A. Stratton Al Strauss Mr. Alen D. Streutker Dr. Jeffrey W. Stringer Mr. Kim D. Strohmeier Mr. James B. Strohmeier Dr. Igor D. Strugatsky Mr. Jeremy D. Stull Col. Rondall H. Stull Ms. Mary E. Stumbo Suzanne Stumbo Mrs. Anna Day Sullinger Mr. Clay A. Sullivan Mr. Donald B. Summers Mr. Allen R. Sutton Mr. James M. Sutton Mr. Tommy G. Sutton Dr. Melinda Ann Sutton-Barber Mr. Kevin L. Sweasy Mr. Timothy S. Swenson Mr. Larry D. Swetnam Revelly J. Swigert Mr. and Mrs. John A. Swintosky Mr. and Mrs. David Switzer Mr. Todd Switzer Mr. William J. Swope II Mr. Brian L. Swords

Mr. John L. Tackett Mr. Jeffery R. Tackett Mr. Eddie S. Tamme Mr. Stephen T. Tamme Daniel Tandy Mrs. Susan S. Tanner Mr. Phillip R. Tapp Deborah Taylor Mrs. Brittany N. Taylor Dr. Clifton L. Taylor Mr. Richard Temple Ms. Jane S. Tenney Mrs. Nancy N. Thomas Mr. Brian N. Thomas Mr. Jeff Alan Thomas Mr. Vincent J. Thomas Raymond C. Thomas Mr. Michael W. Thomas Dr. Betty B. Thomas Mr. Steven D. Thomas Michael L. Thomas Ms. Sheena L. Thomas-Brown Mr. and Mrs. Michael W. Thompson Mr. Travis Alan Thompson Mr. Matthew Blake Thompson Dr. Kent N. Thompson Mr. and Mrs. Russell A. Thompson Dr. Sidney A. Thompson Mr. Kenneth N. Thornhill Mr. Myron Thornton Mr. Stephen K. Thurman Mr. Charles D. Thurman Mr. James A. Tipton Ms. Myra L. Tobin Mr. and Mrs. J. Clifford Todd Mr. Barry L. Todd Mrs. Melissa Lippert Tomblin Mrs. Sue W. Toncray Mr. and Mrs. Roger L. Toon Mr. William G. True Mr. James A. True Mr. Dennis R. Truesdell Mr. Floyd M. Trumbo Mrs. Laura S. Tucker Ms. Larissa Lee Tucker Mr. Jesse L. Tucker Mr. William A. Tucker Mr. David L. Tulloch Mr. Roy M. Turley Mr. and Mrs. Malcolm D. Turley Mr. Larry W. Turley Mr. David A. Turner Dr. David A. Turner Mr. Clyde A. Turner Mr. Joe T. Turpin Dr. John L. Twehues, Jr. Mr. Bobby R. Upchurch II Mrs. Lisa G. Upchurch Mrs. Jennifer L. Upton Dr. Alan P. Utz, Jr. Diana S. Vahlsing Mr. James A. Vail Dr. Russell W. Van Hellen Mr. Charles A. Van Lahr, Jr. Mr. Bert T. Vancleve Dr. Nathan L. Vanderford Mr. Sean T. VanHoose Mr. Kristopher S. VanSickle Mr. Franklin B. Vaughan, Jr. Mr. Ronald L. Vaughn Mr. Michael Venable Dr. Billy J. Vice Ms. Mary Vicini Hubbard Ms. Heather R. Vidourek Mrs. Karen A. Vines Mrs. Carol M. Vinyard Mrs. Michele L. Vise-Brown Clint H. Voils Mr. Michael J. Vucci III Mr. Robert F. Wachs Mr. Bruce William Wade Mr. Steven R. Wade Mrs. Ella Mae Wade Lowell E. Wagner Dr. George J. Wagner Ms. Mary Ellen Wagner Mr. Thomas A. Wagoner Barbara E. Wakefield Mr. Dot Waldon Mr. Robert P. Waldron, Jr. Mr. Dean M. Wallace Mr. David Wallace Mr. Charles E. Wallace Rue Wallace Ms. Allison T. Walston Mr. James T. Walters Ms. Trisha Ann Walton Mr. Larry A. Walton Keifun C. Wang Dr. Andrew D. Ward Mrs. Evelyn F. Ward Ms. Victoria Ewing Ware Dr. Paul D. Warner Mr. George H. Warren, Jr. Mr. William B. Watkins Mary T. Watley Suntken Mrs. Melinda Watson Ms. Jennifer R. Watson Mrs. Debra D. Watson Dr. Larry T. Watson Mr. Fred D. Watson Dr. Jennifer Way Mr. Daniel James Wayne Mr. Jess C. Weade Mr. and Mrs. B. J. Weak Mr. Eugene R. Weakley Ms. Catherine S. Weaver Mr. Nelson B. Weaver

Mr. John Seldon Webb Mr. Arvin Webb Webster Co. Cooperative Extension Gerald C. Weed Mr. Zeb Weese Mr. Donald E. Weiss Mr. Miller A. Welch, Jr. Mrs. Mary S. Wellman Mr. Kevin P. Welsheimer Mrs. Kimberly Wenzel Mr. Tristram O. West Mr. Garry L. Weston, Jr. Ms. Karen S. Whalen Mr. and Mrs. Joseph A. Wheatley Ms. Deena M. Wheby Drs. Donald R. and Sue H. Whitaker Matthew Whitaker Ms. Oredia Harmon Whitaker Ryan White Mrs. Joan B. White Mr. W. Reed White Mr. Allen B. White Mr. Richard W. White Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth E. White Mr. William J. Whitehouse Dr. Lon W. Whitlow Maria L. Widmer Mr. William L. Wiesman Mr. Arlyn P. Wilcox Mr. Michael D. Wilke Ms. Nan W. Wilkins Mr. Danny R. Wilkinson Mr. Jeremy N. Williams Mr. Kevin J. Williams Dr. Joe B. Williams Dr. David B. Williams Mrs. Ruth E. Williams Mr. Daniel F. Williams Ms. Christine M. Williamson Dr. Calvin M. Willis, Ph.D. Mr. John K. Wills Mr. Leonard M. Wills Mr. Charles H. Wills Mr. Gary Wilmhoff Ms. Misty D. Wilmoth Mr. Douglas A. Wilson Mrs. Laura W. Wilson Ms. Dailey E. Wilson Ms. Christine L. Wilson Mr. W. Ray Wilson Mr. and Mrs. Michael S. Wilson Mr. James A. Wilson Mary Witt Wilson Mrs. Trasci R. Wilson Mr. Robert H. Wilson Mr. Denis M. Wilson Mrs. Anne R. Wilson Mrs. Harriette H. Wilson Mr. Glenn R. Wilson Mr. Chappell R. Wilson Mr. Gregory L. Wimsatt Mr. Paul R. Winkler Darrell W. Winsett Dr. Jane Futrell Winslow Mr. Oris C. Winstead Dr. Deborah B. Witham Mr. Hilton M. Withers Mr. William T. Witt Mr. Douglass C. Witt Mrs. Mary K. Wolfe Mr. Grant Jacob Wonderlich Mr. John L. Wood Mr. M. Randall Wood Alvah R. Wood Ms. Erin B. Woodall Mr. W. Brent Woodrum Mr. George B. Wooton Mr. James T. Workman Mr. and Mrs. Joseph R. Wright Mr. Earl F. Wright Mrs. Sonja L. Wright Mr. Jeremy P. Wyles Mr. Joseph W. Wyles Mr. Kenneth G. Yeager Mr. Terry L. Yewell Mr. Robert T. Yocum Joseph G. Yocum, DVM Mrs. Brooke Yoder Mr. Glenn D. Yost Mr. Gregory Wayne Young Ms. Deborah L. Young Anetta M. Young Dr. Lawrence D. Young Mr. John S. Young Dr. James H. Young Mrs. Phyllis B. Youngblood Dr. Grace Pyles Yunker, Ed. D. Mrs. Louise W. Zachary Mr. Robert J. Zimmerman



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