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On Location: George Bush Presidential Library & Museum, Texas A&M University


If you were on American Idol, what would you sing?

I Believe by American Idol Season 3 Winner Fantasia

Who is your favorite superhero?

Superman, Because He Can Save The World!

What movie do you know pretty much every line to?

Blade 2 “You want me to hunt them for you?”

What would the message on your ideal fortune cookie say?

“Happiness is near.”

If you could see a concert, what three performers would be in it?

Ne-Yo, Beyoncé, Lil’ Wayne

What is your ringtone?

Take A Bow By Rihanna

Who was your teen crush growing up?

Bow Wow

What Olympic event would you compete in other than hoops?

Triple Jump

What is your favorite Aggie Tradition?

Any Aggie Yell

What do you like to collect?

Lucky Pennies

What are your goals for the upcoming season?

To Work Hard and Win A National Championship!

What makes you unique?

My Willingness To Forgive and Forget

2008-2009 Women's Basketball Yearbook  

2008-2009 Women's Basketball Yearbook