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On behalf of the Open Assemply of Engineers Lefteris Virirakis Kiki Grevia Fotini Georgakopoulou Maria Kassola Julie Psallida

Greek Pavilion 15th International Architecture Exhibition La Biennale di Venezia Association of Greek Architects


At the liminal state that Greece is in, emersed inside a deep recession, an economic crisis, us architects, as the rest of the greek society, are struggling to cope. The problems we are confronted with, together with the rest of the engineers’ specialties,

are numerous.

Our profession is constantly being challenged: collapse of the construction sector by a decline amounting to 85% in 6 years (with a continuou decreasing trend), unemployment and underemployment, increases to social security contributions and taxes directed even towards the unemployed. The architects’ profession is being downgraded to non creative bureaucratic engineering services such as settling illegal constructions.

We loyally overs

*Collective action of the “Open Assembly of Engineers�, a self-organized, nonthe devaluation of our profession and the forced dismantling of Public structur

see our democratic interests

-hierarchical movement initiative, where we decide and act together, resisting res and Commons.

Nonetheless, we are being treated as privileged even when essentially unemployed. As a result, many have been emigrating for economic or employment-related reasons, whereas the majority of those chosing to stay in Greece end up uninsured, heavily indebted while many are forced to abandon their profession.

Against the logic of individual and personal solutions, we have chosen to stay and fight collectively. We participate in the Open Assembly of Engineers:

a self-organized movement initiative of engineers who live by their work, where we share our views, decide and act together in


We react to the disdain of our employment, the dissolution of society and our lives, to the inactivity or consent of our institutions and

to the systematic

looting of our security funds

We assert the rights for: access to healthcare for all unconditionally, the exemption from social security obligations for those of limited or no income, the drastic reduction of social security contributions and their adaptation to our real financial status,

and auctions of properties

the recognition of unemployed and underemployed engineers, the dissociation of social security clearance with the right to practice one’s profession, so that thousands of our colleagues can work again. To the stopping of foreclosures

s due to social security debt


as well as fighting against other problems that we face both our colleagues and ourselves.

We express our solidarity and encourage our correlation to other initiatives that fight for rights that are being violated, even for rights that seem evident but are now at risk of being abolished, as the right to........................

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The initiative of the Open Assembly of Engineers begun in and so far we have pursued various objectives and have achieved some small victories that have improved our lives in difficult times, by offering us a way out through creativity, collective expression and



To us, a movement is the active participation and involvement in social procedures to react, resist and keep the tabs on institutions, bodies, funds, laws and regulations that oppress, violate and disregard our rights (as humans and workers) and destroy the quality of our lives.

At the same time, as active members of a struggling society, we consider

positive contribution

our actions as a through interaction, to processes that promote realistic and beneficial solutions to the matters at hand.

We see our profession as a living cell of society and its economics. Î&#x;ur collective is also a living part of the city, which, steming from realism, the identifiable reality, aims at improving the social and political conditions while envisioning the people as an organism.

Open Assemply of Engineers  
Open Assemply of Engineers  

A presentations of a self organised movement initiative