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OUR COMPANY PROFILE Who We Are Mid-Central Land Services, Inc. (MCLS) is a privately held Indiana company with its principle office in Evansville, Indiana in the hub of the Illinois Basin. We are a third generation land company and have provided a full range of land services to a distinguished and growing list of clients in numerous industries for the past 35 years. Who We Serve We have effectively served clients in the energy, telecommunication, transportation, transmission, utility and other industries throughout the United States. MCLS can accommodate you whether you have a small project requiring one individual for a week or a large project requiring an entire team for an extended period of time. What We Do We provide a full range of land services and administration including, but not limited to, Acquisition and Negotiation, Title and Abstract, Project Evaluation and Supervision, GIS Maps and Reports. Where We Work We work on projects anywhere in the United States; strategically locating regional offices throughout the country to meet our clients’ needs. Our ability to understand our clients’ requirements and quickly and effectively execute a strategy to enter into a project area coupled with our track record of effectively handling all phases of land work throughout the United States, has afforded us the opportunity to work on many projects outside of the basin in which our principle office is located.


• M  CLS maintains a core group of oil and gas professionals with an extensive background in the oil and gas industry, knowledge and previous experience in project management, accounting, finance, computer science and law.

• Our dedicated professionals have a comprehensive knowledge of the ever changing market place.

• W  e have both the human and technical resources at our headquarters to handle various types and sizes of projects.

• W  e analyze the local laws and customs, county requirements and computer and information systems in order to develop the optimum project design.

• W  e have an excellent track record of utilizing independent contractors with industry experience and have an experienced group of project managers.

• W  e treat all of our projects as if we were spending our own money. We epitomize accountability and cost consciousness by constantly looking for ways to increase efficiency and keep costs to a minimum.

• We often are able to anticipate our clients’ needs and stay one step ahead of the project.

• R  elying heavily on our project management, computer and business reporting background, we work with the client to create an efficient reporting and communication system.

• O  ur focused and measured approach to project management paired with our well rounded workforce gives us the competitive edge to provide a superior work product in a timely fashion at a competitive price.

#75058 MidCentral E Brochure  

Introduction brochure for Mid Central Land Services, Inc.

#75058 MidCentral E Brochure  

Introduction brochure for Mid Central Land Services, Inc.