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101 Plaza East Blvd, Suite 203, Evansville, Indiana 47715 Phone 812.476.9393 • Fax 812.476.9950 • Member of IRWA, AAPL and ILTA

To whom it may concern: Creating a long term relationship with a preferred vendor takes one step out of the equation when you are moving a project from conception to implementation. Our goal is to cultivate long term, mutually beneficial relationships with our clients so they know that when we work on a project they will consistently get a superior work product at a competitive price delivered in a timely and professional manner. MCLS is a third generation land service company that has served clients in the energy, telecommunication, transportation, transmission, utility and other industries for the past 35 years. MCLS has provided a full range of land services to a distinguished and growing list of clients in 24 states. Our primary services include, but are not limited to, acquisition and negotiation of leases, right-of-ways, easements and surface agreements, mineral and surface title, including due diligence, curative work and abstracting, project evaluation and coordination and GIS mapping and reporting. MCLS maintains a core group of professionals with an extensive background in the oil and gas industry, knowledge and previous experience in project management, accounting, finance, computer science and law. We have both the human and technical resources at our headquarters to handle projects of all shapes and sizes anywhere in the United States. Please take some time to review of our material at your convenience. If you are interested in working with us on one of your projects or have any questions about our services or company then please contact Scott Lee our Manager of Land and Business Development at (812) 476-9393 or e-mail Regards:

Nathan E. Perdue Chief Operating Officer/Chief Financial Officer

Our Services

OUR SERVICES ACQUISITION AND NEGOTIATION • Oil and Gas Leasing • Windmill Leasing • Right of Way and Easements • Surface Use Agreements • Seismic Permits and Agreements • Damage and Claim Settlement When you are acquiring a lease or surface agreement or negotiating a damage settlement with a landowner, you may be the only link that the landowner has to the client for which you are providing the service. We realize that it is our responsibility to understand our clients’ project goals and forms and relay this information in a professional manner. It is important to understand any questions or objections that a landowner may have and be able to properly articulate them to our clients so as to create an environment where both parties are entering into a mutually beneficial relationship. We understand that if a landowner deals with a well informed, honest and competent landmen then the chances are good that both parties will make an informed decision. TITLE SERVICES • Mineral Title • Surface Title • Curative • Abstracts Each courthouse comes with its own records management system and requirements, just as each project has its own parameters and milestones. Our experienced landmen are able to work efficiently and accurately in all environments. We can provide complete lease packets using our forms, utilize forms from the client or tailor the lease packets to meet the needs of our clients’ project. Our work product is accurate, timely and is presented in a format that provides our clients with the information that they need. We relay our general findings and impressions of the status of the land in the area to ensure that our clients have set the appropriate parameters for their search. PROJECT EVALUATION AND COORDINATION • Due Diligence • Design and Implement Project Strategy • Professional Written and Verbal Status Updates • Anticipate Clients’ Needs • Liaise with Necessary Entities to Accomplish Goals Understanding all of the components of moving your project from conception to implementation may seem like a daunting task. Before you can make a good business decision about the economic feasibility of your project, you need to have all of the facts. MLCS can accommodate you whether you need due diligence on an existing project or an outline for a proposed project. Once your project is up and running, you will need someone that understands your project goals and parameters and can design a strategy to execute them given the climate, rules and regulations within the project area. You will also need accurate and timely status updates to ensure that you are steering your resources in the right direction. For 35 years, MCLS has worked throughout the United State providing these services to our clients to help them reach their goals. GIS MAPPING AND REPORTING • Lease Take-Off Maps • Lease Status Maps • Drill Site Location Maps • Lease Record Management • Customized Project Reporting Having up-to-date and accurate information is critical to making business decisions. The energy, telecommunication, transportation, transmission, and utility industries are dynamic and critical information is sometimes located in disconnected and antiquated systems. Our professionals are skilled at navigating the different systems and have the problem solving skills necessary to obtain critical information in a timely fashion. We rely heavily on our background in data management, computer systems and business reporting to find the information that is important to your project and present it in an easy to use and professional manner. We have the hardware and software necessary to generate professional maps as well as Excel and other database reports. Our ability to provide this information quickly and accurately in a time sensitive and competitive project could be the advantage that your company needs to stay one step ahead of the competition.

Our Company

OUR COMPANY PROFILE Who We Are Mid-Central Land Services, Inc. (MCLS) is a privately held Indiana company with its principle office in Evansville, Indiana in the hub of the Illinois Basin. We are a third generation land company and have provided a full range of land services to a distinguished and growing list of clients in numerous industries for the past 35 years. Who We Serve We have effectively served clients in the energy, telecommunication, transportation, transmission, utility and other industries throughout the United States. MCLS can accommodate you whether you have a small project requiring one individual for a week or a large project requiring an entire team for an extended period of time. What We Do We provide a full range of land services and administration including, but not limited to, Acquisition and Negotiation, Title and Abstract, Project Evaluation and Supervision, GIS Maps and Reports. Where We Work We work on projects anywhere in the United States; strategically locating regional offices throughout the country to meet our clients’ needs. Our ability to understand our clients’ requirements and quickly and effectively execute a strategy to enter into a project area coupled with our track record of effectively handling all phases of land work throughout the United States, has afforded us the opportunity to work on many projects outside of the basin in which our principle office is located.


• M  CLS maintains a core group of oil and gas professionals with an extensive background in the oil and gas industry, knowledge and previous experience in project management, accounting, finance, computer science and law.

• Our dedicated professionals have a comprehensive knowledge of the ever changing market place.

• W  e have both the human and technical resources at our headquarters to handle various types and sizes of projects.

• W  e analyze the local laws and customs, county requirements and computer and information systems in order to develop the optimum project design.

• W  e have an excellent track record of utilizing independent contractors with industry experience and have an experienced group of project managers.

• W  e treat all of our projects as if we were spending our own money. We epitomize accountability and cost consciousness by constantly looking for ways to increase efficiency and keep costs to a minimum.

• We often are able to anticipate our clients’ needs and stay one step ahead of the project.

• R  elying heavily on our project management, computer and business reporting background, we work with the client to create an efficient reporting and communication system.

• O  ur focused and measured approach to project management paired with our well rounded workforce gives us the competitive edge to provide a superior work product in a timely fashion at a competitive price.


OUR PROJECTS AND CLIENTS Project Areas The states shown in yellow represent the areas where we have performed the majority of our work; however, we accept work anywhere in the United States. These projects range from short term title checks and well site curative to multi-year full service projects.

Our Clients MCLS has served a distinguished and growing list of clients including but not limited to: Oil and Gas – XTO Energy, EOG Resources, EXCO – North Coast Energy, Inc., Penn-Virginia Corporation, Noble Energy, Inc., East Resources, Inc., Rex Energy Corp, Sierra Resources, LLC, Meridian Resources Company, LLC., Abarta Oil & Gas Company, Inc., Atlas Energy Resources, LLC, BPI Energy Inc., Colombia Natural Resources, LLC, Hunt Petroleum (acquired by XTO Energy), Vintage Petroleum (acquired by Occidental Petroleum Corp), Peabody Energy, Dart Energy Corp, Endeavour Energy Resources, Suncor Energy, Tamarack Petroleum Co., True Oil, LLC. Coal – American Coal Company, Drummond Coal Company, Inc., Peabody Coal, Lexington Coal Company, LLC. Utilities – Dominion, Vectren, Citizens Energy Group, Florida Power & Light, Tenaska Energy. Pipeline/ROW – BP Pipeline, Marathon, Buckeye Partners, LP, CSX, Evansville Belt Line Railroad, Johnson County REMC, Sun Pipeline Company, The Talon Group, Texas Gas Transmission, LLC, Ubiquitel. Other Projects – Chicago Title Company, Cingular Wireless, GTE Wireless, Divine Telecorp, Enviro Power Services, Indiana Gasification, LLC, Indiana Department of Transportation, Kimball, St Charles Tower, Inc.

Our Personnel

OUR KEY PERSONNEL Dale Perdue, President

Dale obtained his B.S. from the University of Evansville (IN) and is a Certified Professional Landman, Certified Professional Landman Environmental Site Assessor and Real Estate Broker. Dale is a member of numerous oil and gas associations and has served in a leadership capacity for some of the associations. He has received various honors and awards for his work in the oil and gas industry, including being named a Kentucky Colonel. Dale started his company in 1975 after working for his father who was an oil and gas attorney and President of Mid-West Producing Company, Inc., which was one of the top oil producers in the Illinois Basin from the mid 1970s through 1986. Dale’s 35 years of experience in the oil and gas industry have provided him opportunities to work in various capacities in most of the major oil and gas producing basins in the United States and Canada.

Nathan Perdue, Chief Operating Officer/Chief Financial Officer

Nathan graduated Beta Gamma Sigma from Butler University, obtaining High Honors with a B.S. in Finance with an emphasis in International Business Management and a B.A. in Spanish. He has worked for two different Fortune 500 companies in the corporate finance arena with a focus on special project development and management, budgets and forecasts and cost accounting. He has managed numerous oil and gas projects throughout the United States. He has also handled all areas of design and implementation for such land projects. As a third-generation Landman, Nathan has been exposed to the oil and gas industry from a young age when he used to visit his Grandfather’s production sites.

Mary Perdue Esq., In-House Counsel

Mary obtained a B.S. in Accounting from the University of Evansville (IN). She graduated Order of Coif from the College of Law at the University of Kentucky. She clerked at Stoll Keenon & Ogden, formerly Stoll, Keenon & Park focusing on coal and energy clients. She later worked at McGuire Woods in Virginia for 3 years focusing on commercial real estate and commercial bankruptcy law. Mary then moved to Evansville where she worked at a local firm and taught at a local university. Mary has been working in the oil and gas industry with an emphasis on title, abstracting and contract law for the past 20 years.

Scott Lee, Manager of Land & Business Development

Scott obtained a B.A. in Accounting and Computer Science from Indiana Wesleyan University. He has 20 years experience in the areas of project management, accounting, and data processing. Scott has managed oil and gas projects throughout the United States and worked in numerous capacities within the industry.

101 Plaza East Blvd, Suite 203, Evansville, Indiana 47715 Phone 812.476.9393 • Fax 812.476.9950 • Member of IRWA, AAPL and ILTA

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#75058 MidCentral E Brochure  

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