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Listening to every story Because no two situations are the same

To discuss a Will, Lasting Power of Attorney, Probate or any other personal matter, please call Gurvinder Sehra on 01494 619773 or email gsehra@kiddrapinet.co.uk AY L ESB URY







Contents SPRING 2021 Foreword …................................. p.5 from our CEO Accompanied walks at the.….... p.6 Chiltern Open Air Museum Project Find out all about the walks held at the Chiltern Open Air Museum. Volunteer and Job Ads …......... p.7 Adverts for welfare benefits volunteers, fundraising and Help in the Home Jobs. Keep Calm ….............................. p.8 Get your FREE copy of Engage delivered to your door. Winter gifting ......................... p.9-10 Giving back to our community

Dog first aid ................................ p.11 All you need to know about dog first aid. The kindness of Christmas ...p.12-13 Looking back at the kindness of Christmas and AUKB Welcome and farewell …........ p.14 to staff

Digital Connections ….............. p.18 Digital help when you need it. In Your Area …......................... p.19 Zoom Classes

Useful Contact Numbers ........ p.20 Cut out and keep A page of really useful numbers you may find helpful.

Staying active at home …....... p.15 Word Search ….......................... p.16 Why not give our word search a go? Services Age UK Bucks ............ p.17 Information about the services we offer.


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4 | spring 2021


Meet the team… Editor

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Foreword from the CEO Welcome to the latest spring 2021 edition of Engage.

In the first instance, I would like to pass on our thoughts to any family in Bucks who has been affected by the current and unprecedented COVID-19 pandemic. You may have lost loved ones, suffered illness and worry or experience financial hardship. It is now just about 1 year since our world changed and we have had to adapt to new working practices, social distancing, increased social isolation and fears for family and friends. This takes its toll on our health and well being and we urge any older adult living in Buckinghamshire to contact us for advice, information or just someone to talk to. We have high expectations that the COVID-19 vaccination will start to increase confidence, protection and safety for our most vulnerable and hope that the spring and summer starts to see the emergence of life as we once knew it. At Age UK Bucks we recognise the impact of the extended lockdown on the physical and mental wellbeing of older people. As we speak, we are reviewing our service offers to provide a holistic approach to support older people recover, re-condition and ‘get back on their feet’. We are particularly interested to

suppor ting older people since 1945

extend our Befriending offer to include digital connectivity and physical activity. We would love to hear from any local people who are keen to help us make this happen. Christmas can be a challenging time for many and this year we were delighted to send a copy of the Christmas and New Year Radio Times to each of our Befriending clients – it has been great to hear from so many who have been in touch to say thank you. I would like to take this opportunity to thank our supporters, those who have made donations and of course, our army of volunteers who have remained committed, patient and generous during this difficult time. The students and families of Wycombe High School who donated the funds raised at the Annual Carol Concert to Age UK Bucks, This was a staggering £1330. The Haddenham and District Rotary Club also very kindly distributed plants and seasonal goodwill leading up to the Christmas period. We cannot deliver our services and responses to older people without the continued support and generosity of our local community.

I do hope that you enjoy reading our stories and features in this spring edition. We would absolutely love to hear your thoughts, views stories, anecdotes, poems. Tell us all about your hobbies, and your past times that you want to share with our other readers of this Engage magazine. Finally, I would like to take this opportunity to wish all our readers good health and hope that the spring will bring renewed anticipation of longer days, warmer weather, nature’s beauty and hope that we can emerge from what has felt like hibernation once again. Age UK Bucks is here for you and your families please contact us on 01296 431911, visit our website www.ageukbucks.org.uk or follow us on Facebook, Instagram, Flickr, Twitter and LinkedIn.

Berna d ette A sh croft spring 2021 | 5

engage Accompanied Walks at

Chiltern Open Air Museum

Wednesdays & Fridays, March - October 2021 (subject to health guidelines)

The Project T

he team at Chiltern Open Air Museum (COAM) recognises that since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, difficulties for those members of the elderly community who were already experiencing social isolation, have been exacerbated. To promote and support the health and wellbeing of this sector of our community, COAM is inviting individuals to the museum for an accompanied walk with a friendly and knowledgeable COAM volunteer. This project, funded by the Sherling Trust, will give visitors the opportunity to enjoy a walk around the Chalfont St Giles - based museum and learn about its 37 heritage buildings which are set in 45 beautiful acres of gardens, park and woodland.

Chiltern Open Air Museum Dig For Victory Allotment

Accompanied Walks are free of charge for over 65s and finish with a free cuppa or cold drink on the Museum’s village green. For those without transport, taxis may be arranged at a pre-agreed cost. Government guidelines on social distancing will be followed and a carer or friend can come along for support, if needed. Chiltern Open Air Museum gardens

Benefits include: n A dose of ‘vitamin green’ from being outdoors in a rural setting. n The security of being in a supervised setting (as opposed to a public park) with clean and attended toilets. n A social interaction. n The knock-on well-being benefits associated with the above, such as an increase in confidence, a greater ability to manage existing heath conditions, and a diversion from negative thoughts. n The option of bringing a relative, friend or carer along for moral support, who is also likely to benefit from the experience. “From the time my friend and I arrived and were greeted, we were made to feel welcome. The walk was very well organised and put together. The volunteer had a wealth of knowledge on each exhibit, conveyed this in an i nteresting an informative way and sought input from us where available. The tea and biscuits at the end of the walk gave an opportunity to have further conversation in a friendly group.” Walker, Accompanied Walks 2020

Accompanied walks at Chiltern Open Air Museum

6 | spring 2021

If you are interested in an Accompanied Walk at COAM, please contact Jacqui Gellman, COAM Outreach, outreach@coam. org.uk, 01494 871117.



Welfare Benefits Volunteers

Do you have 2-3 hours a week to help older people in Buckinghamshire?

We are currently looking for Welfare Benefit Volunteers in the Chiltern, Wycombe and South Bucks Districts!

experienced volunteer to observe and then advise before taking on one-to-one visits.

Many older people struggle financially because they do not maximise their incomes by claiming the welfare benefits to which they are entitled. Within this role, you would visit clients in their own home and help them through the process of claiming benefits such as Attendance Allowance.

If you are interested in this volunteer position then please contact Sue Gehnich on: sgehnich@ageukbucks.org.uk or telephone 01296 431911. More information on our website: www. ageukbucks.org.uk

You will need to be empathetic, non-judgemental, patient and professional with a friendly and approachable manner. Attention to detail, good record keeping and a willingness to learn about older people’s benefits is vital. You can commit to as many visits a week as you wish, with each visit taking around 2-3 hours. We will provide training to successful applicants and at the end of the initial training you will be “buddied” with a more

Freelance Home Helpers

Do you want to help the older members of our community whilst earning money? We are looking for self-employed Home Helpers, in High Wycombe, Amersham and Chesham. When older people are unable to look after their homes and need help with cleaning, Age UK Buckinghamshire provide friendly, competent Home Helpers as regularly as they wish. Local Help in the Home agents are needed to provide help with general cleaning, laundry, prescription collection and shopping for older people in Buckinghamshire. We are looking for committed, caring and personable adults who want to help older people whilst earning. You will be a self-employed freelance agent, Disclosure and Barring Scheme (DBS) checked and able to provide references. For more information and an application form please contact Zoe Stevenson (Help in the Home Coordinator) on zstevenson@ ageukbucks.org.uk or call on 01296 438416. You can also download the application form from our website: www.ageukbucks.org.uk

suppor ting older people since 1945

Calling all Digital Heroes !!

Do you have time to spare and experience of using Smartphones, Tablets and other IT platforms ? Age UK Buckinghamshire is looking for new volunteers aged 18+ to assist our work across the county. We want to help older residents Get Connected and Stay Connected. The recent COVID-19 pandemic has raised our awareness that people who do not have access to digital communications are more likely to become socially isolated and disadvantaged in terms of maintaining contact with family and friends, accessing the internet and less able to manage day to tasks e.g. shopping independently. If you would like to work with us to build digital confidence and connectivity, then please contact us for more information. All volunteers receive training and complete DBS clearance. If you would like more information, please contact us on 01296 431 911 E-mail age@ageukbucks.org.uk

WINTER 2020 | 7



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Gentle stretches Try some gentle stretches in bed or a chair every day to keep supple. n While sitting or lying, bring your toes towards your shin and then point them toward the floor. Repeat for both feet.

n Sitting on a chair with your feet on the floor, bend your knee as much as possible. Repeat for both legs.

n Sitting on a chair, lift your leg up off the seat, keeping your knee bent. Return to starting position and repeat.

n Sitting on a stool, let your back drop and get rounded, then use your back muscles to straighten your back and arch it (but not too much!).


Sitting on a chair, pull your toes up, tighten your thigh muscle and straighten your knee. Hold for about 5 seconds, if you can, and then slowly relax your leg. Repeat for both legs.

8 | spring 2021

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Age UK Buckinghamshire-giving back to our community. Over the past Winter months we ran a creative Winter project to help older people in Buckinghamshire get through the often lonely bleak months. We sent out creative flat pack shoe boxes with gift wrap and accessories for those participants to assemble, find items for, and wrap up as a gift for a homeless person in Buckinghamshire. The shoe boxes were collected and were delivered to the charity we chose; the Aylesbury Vineyard Storehouse. Thank you to Maria (pictured below) and Linda (pictured overleaf) and all those others who showed their kindness generosity and creativity in helping this project become a success.

suppor ting older people since 1945

spring 2021 | 9

engage LOOK AT WHAT WE DID!! continued Thank you to Margaret (left) and Carolyn (right) (pictured below) who volunteer at the charity and took the 17 parcels on behalf of the charity. We would like to thank all of the readers who put together the lovely winter gift boxes. Last year was a very difficult year for so many people and these gift boxes will be a very nice treat for our clients who have been struggling. It is clear that a lot of thought and kindness have gone into making these boxes. Thank you again.

1 0 | spring 2021


A dog can be everybody’s best friend. However when they get poorly some first aid. This course is Trading Standards Approved. We are delighted to introduce to you Dog First Aid who can help you with your dog first aid training.

styles and we have ensured that

The course is split into 3 modules and you need to complete all 3 modules to gain your accredited CPD certificate, which is valid for 3 years. We understand that people have different learning

suppor ting older people since 1945

The 3 modules include the following:


Essential Basics Case Studies Course Aims What is Dog First Aid Foundations Full Body Examination Vital Signs

When you purchase a course, you will also be benefiting Age UK Buckinghamshire with a small contribution going to our good causes helping older people in Buckinghamshire. At Dog First Aid we are passionate about ensuring that we can support responsible dog owners in meeting the requirements of the Animal Welfare Act 2006. It is so important now more than ever that we are able to recognise early signs of illness and support our veterinary professionals in knowing how to check our dog’s vital signs and what is normal for them. We will also provide you with the knowledge and skills to manage any emergency canine first aid situation that you may find yourselves in to ensure that you do the right thing at the right time in order that your dog has the best chance of recovery when they reach the vets.

it helps if we know


the programme is interactive and has a real mix of presentations and videos to help you gain the best possible understanding. Again, to assist with different learning preferences we are delivering the course with 2 different options: Option 1 The 3 modules will be delivered over 3 separate live sessions over a 3-week period (Wednesday evenings 1900-2030 or Saturday mornings 0930-1100) Option 2 The 3 modules will be delivered on the same day with a 15-minute break between modules. (Sunday mornings 0900 - 1330)

Critical First Aid Actions CPR Seizures Bleeding Shock


Emergency Situatios Dog Fights Burns and Scolds Poisoning Eye Injuries Heat Stroke Choking Road Traffic Collisions If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact, Bridget Simms on the following: www.dog-first-aid.com/oxfordbucks​ Email: Bridget.simms@dog-first-aid.com Phone: 07809 423157.

spring 2021 | 11




e would like to thank the following for raising funds for Age UK Buckinghamshire. Wycombe High School Wycombe Wanderers pen pals Haddenham and District Rotary Club gifting Over the Christmas period Student from Wycombe High School raised £1,300 for Age UK Buckinghamshire when they held a LIVE Christmas concert for us on 6th of December 2020. The online TV show, produced entirely by students, raised more than


£1,300 for Age UK Buckinghamshire. Wycombe High School pupils filled all the production roles for the live broadcast, which achieved over 1,600 views. The student crew of four camera operators, a sound engineer, teleprompter operator, vision mixer and floor manager, were all specially mentored by two Wycombe-based TV facilities companies, Siyan Productions and Klink Audio. Crystal, one of the camera operators, said “It was the best day ever!”. Rather than cancel the concert because of current lockdown restrictions, the school decided to

go ahead with a televised show that parents, relatives, friends and school staff could watch from the safety of their own homes. Christmas Concert Live from Wycombe High’ featured musicians from all age groups at the school and had two student presenters. One of them, Anna, said: “It was a great night and such fun producing the show ourselves”. Meanwhile, her co-host Evie added: “When we heard how much we had raised for Age UK Buckinghamshire, it was amazing - we are so pleased and very grateful to everyone who donated.”

This photo is of Rob Finlay who is a Befriending Volunteer. He is receiving a Poinsettia from Peter Gehnich, who is a member of Haddenham and District Rotary.

1 2 | spring 2021




Fred Durrans from Age UK Buckinghamshire said: “We are absolutely delighted that ‘Christmas Concert Live from Wycombe High’ has raised this amount. Thanks to this kind of fundraising effort, we can continue to help older people during the lockdown with our friendship calls and our advice line, and we will continue to be here for older people in the future”. Wycombe High’s Headteacher, Sharon Cromie said: “I am so proud of our students. From the camera operators to the sound engineer, the presenters to the performers, this was their show - they produced it themselves. It was a

joyous occasion and all the more so with the significant amount of money raised for Age UK Buckinghamshire”. The Haddenham and District Rotary Club reached out to Age UK Bucks to bring some festive thanksgiving and cheer to the lives of older people. The rotary club members gifted poinsettia plants to and number of our volunteers and clients just to say thank you for being part of our community. The photographs show how these gifts were gratefully received and gave people a smile.

Age UK Buckinghamshire always welcomes the support of local groups to carry out our work in the community. Please contact us on age@ageukbucks.org.uk or 01296 431 911 Finally, I do hope that you enjoyed the last copy of Engage plus your FREE copy of the Radio Times. If you would like to receive, postal copies of future issues of this FREE magazine through your door do let me know via the form below. The magazine is quarterly. Alternatively please send me an email age@ageukbucks.org.uk leaving your name and address where you would like the copies to be sent.

h AnK



for your donations and support and helping make a difference to older people in Buckinghamshire This is Margaret Scott with her plant. She is a Befriending Volunteer.

suppor ting older people since 1945

This is Mr Brian Morton. He is a Befriending Client.

spring 2021 | 13



e would like to say hello to Rosalind Shorrocks who has joined us at the beginning of January 2021 on the Befriending Team. We say goodbye to Elaine Wilson at the end of December 2020. Elaine has been a familiar and helpful voice at the end of our telephones for a number of years and a valued member of the 1st Contact team. We wish her a long and happy retirement. We also say goodbye to Susan Deadman at the end of December 2020. Susan was a very valued member of the Befriending team covering the High Wycombe area. We wish Susan a long and happy retirement. Befriending Scheme Organisers here at Age UK Bucks. We also said goodbye to Catherine Owen who joined us in 2020 and helped us to set up our digital projects.

1 4 | spring 2021

There has also been a number of changes to our Board of Trustees. Caroline Abel-Smith has been a committed Trustee for many years and will continue to keep in touch and support our work. Jerina Hardy has stepped down as Trustee but will continue to provide volunteer support with our Befriending service. We wish them both well in future endeavours. Our Chair, Keith Horlock stepped down from Chair on the 1st March 2021, Keith will remain on the board for the foreseeable future. We welcome Sam Russell to take up the mantle and lead our charity into its next phase.

We wish all our colleagues the very best of luck and hope to see you all for a socially distanced reunion cup of tea and cake once lockdown has lifted.


www.csp.org.uk/easyexercises With an indoor lifestyle, physiotherapists recommend a few simple steps to help you stay active at home, lift your spirits and reduce stress. Try them at least twice a week – or even better, daily!

1 23 456 Sit to stand

Sit tall near the front of a chair with your feet slightly back. Lean forwards slightly and stand up (with hands on the chair if needed). Step back until your legs touch the chair then slowly lower yourself back into the chair. Repeat 10 times.

001728 SPED 03/2020

ne leg stand

Stand close to your support and hold it with one hand. Balance on one leg, keeping the support knee soft and your posture upright. Hold the position for 10 seconds. Repeat on the other leg.

Heel raises

Stand tall, holding the back of a sturdy kitchentype chair or kitchen sink, then lift your heels off the floor, taking your weight onto your big toes. Hold for three seconds, then lower with control. Repeat 10 times.

Heel-toe stand

Stand tall, with one hand on your support. Put one foot directly in front of the other to make a straight line. Look ahead, take your hand off the support and balance for 10 seconds. Take the front foot back to hip width apart. Then place the other foot in front and balance for 10 seconds.

Toe raises

Stand tall holding the same support, then raise your toes – taking your weight on your heels. Don’t stick your bottom out. Hold for three seconds, then lower with control. Repeat 10 times.

Heel-toe walking

Stand tall, with one hand on a support like a kitchen cabinet. Look ahead and walk 10 steps forwards, placing one foot directly in front of the other so that the feet form a straight line. Aim for a steady walking action. Take the feet back to hip width apart, turn around and repeat the steps in the other direction.


suppor ting older people since 1945

spring 2021 | 15



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Neat Feet Footcare Providing toenail cutting and general footcare

We can direct you to local Footcare services for older people and people with a physical disability who can no longer manage to cut their own toenails. If you struggle to trim your toenails and you would like someone come to your home and cut them at a time that suits you, we can help.

Handyperson Service A service to help you maintain your home.

The aim of our Handyperson service is to enable older people in Buckinghamshire to remain in control of their home and their independence. If you have simple DIY jobs around the house that need doing our Handyperson service may be able to help.

Gardening Do you need help with your garden?

Our gardening service provides regular grass cutting throughout the growing season, together with general garden maintenance all year round. You will be referred to one of our local and trusted gardeners who will telephone you to arrange an appointment, at a time that is convenient to you.

Help in the Home Do you need help around the home?

Our Home Helpers can assist with general cleaning, vacuuming, laundry, shopping and prescription collections. You choose which tasks your Home Helper For more carries out for you each information call: week, supporting you to 01296 431911 or email: remain in control of age@ageukbucks.org.uk keeping your home the Information can also be way you like it to be. found on our website: www.ageukbucks. org.uk

suppor ting older people since 1945

spring 2021 | 17




new year and some may consider it as a great time to learn a new skill! We are all spending more time indoors, not always able to pursue our other hobbies and interests so despite the challenges we are all facing with the Covid-19 pandemic this could be a perfect time to begin to develop and progress your digital skills.

Last year saw a huge acceleration in the digital shift. Being able to go online can be extremely valuable, especially for older people experiencing changing mobility, health issues and increasing care and support needs. Using a digital device really can be a revelation! It can help to reduce loneliness, improve connectivity with others and open up opportunities for increasing independence. It has been reported that more people than ever are using video calls to ensure they stay connected with their loved ones. How wonderful that this is possible! The Age UK Bucks Digital Connections project began in November 2020 and is beginning to support several residents in Buckinghamshire to become more digitally connected! Age UK Bucks are able to offer support in the form of a volunteer visiting your home to assist you to progress your digital skills. You set the goals, we support you to achieve them….at your pace! One person in particular I would like to tell you about is Terry, from Winslow. He was the first person to receive digital support, after receiving a new smartphone as part of another charity initiative. We initially visited Terry twice at home but the lockdown restrictions meant

1 8 | spring 2021


he has continued with telephone digital support since December. At our first meeting Terry wasn’t using his smartphone and stated low confidence and a lack of knowledge and skills as the reasons for this. Now, 3 months on Terry uses his phone several times a day! He has developed the skills to change the settings on his phone, send text messages, use communication apps such as WhatsApp, make a video call, take photos and make phone calls. In fact Terry says it’s easier to make a call on his smartphone now rather than his home phone. Terry has progressed in leaps and bounds and reports much higher confidence and capability. What an achievement! He even admitted he looks forward to his digital sessions!! Terry stated, “I gratefully received the phone, with a huge amount of instructions but without the digital volunteer support I may have given up. I would not have progressed as I have done if I hadn’t received the help. You gave me the confidence I needed and I would thoroughly recommend anyone to use this service if they want to become more digitally connected.” If like Terry, you would like to be supported by an Age UK Bucks digital volunteer or would like further information please contact us on 01296 438411 or email rshorrocks@ageukbucks.org.uk. If you would like to become more digitally connected but do not have a device or broadband, don’t let this stop you! We have the potential to loan a device with data for you to trial.


Zoom Exercise Classes W

hy not try out these Zoom exercise classes in Bucks and Aylesbury Vale area with Active in the Community

Contact Louise for further information about classes. Louise.Exton@activeinthecommunity.org.uk

They have various classes from yoga to stretching“We have a Strength and Stretch class that runs every Tuesday from 9.30-10.30am. A little bit about the class” This Strength and Stretch class is ideal if you are looking to gain strength and flexibility. The class includes a 5 minute warm up, 25 minutes strength exercises using dumbbells (or tins) and body weight and 25 minutes full body stretch. The class is of medium intensity and is suitable for anyone who is mobile and able to exercise and stretch on the floor.

Jan Baker is a British Wheel of Yoga teacher specialising in Gentle Years Yoga, Chair Yoga and Yoga for Health, and is currently delivering classes to the Univeristy of the Third Age (U3A) by Zoom.

Then we also have an online yoga class running every Saturday from 10-10.45am.

You can find out more by calling Jan on 07969 77922, emailing jan@janbakeryoga or visiting the website/facebook page janbakeryoga.com.






Photo by ESB Professional © Shutterstock

Jan’s classes are suitable for all, whatever level of experience, age or fitness and beginners are welcomed. Classes are small, friendly and fun. If you haven’t yet tried zoom why not give it a go? and Jan will be happy to give you a short private telephone lesson to familiarise you with the key features.


This 45 minute Hatha Yoga class is designed for anyone and everyone. A flow to help you release tension and leave you feeling rejuvenated at the end. It is really easy to get involved in these, you can book online at: www.bookwhen.com/activeinthecommunity They do have a small cost, between £4-£5. This is so we are able to continue running them long term.

Photo by insta-photos © Shutterstock

suppor ting older people since 1945

spring 2021 | 19

engage Everyone has a story to tell. Whatever your tale, fiction or reality, short or long, we can help you get it out there. Send in your manuscript and we can professionally set up and publish your story. Working with a skilled team of graphic designers, we work hard to make your book a reality. For more details, contact us: 01536 334 220 mike@lanceprint.co.uk www.lanceprint.co.uk

Age UK Buckinghamshire and the publishers, Lance Print limited, would like to thank The NHS and all Key Workers and volunteers.

2 0 | spring 2021


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spring 2021 | 21


If you think a care home is inevitable... Think again Dr Jim Morrisroe With an increasingly ageing population, you’d be forgiven for thinking that spending your twilight years in a residential care home is inevitable. Stick a pin in a map of South Bucks/ Chilterns and the chances are you’ll find one of the 50 plus residential care homes in the area. It’s the one thing that we’re not short of. But what happens if you’ve reached that stage in life where you need care, but the only home you want to live in is your own? What happens of you enjoy your independence and home comforts, but need a little help around the house, or with the shopping? And what happens if you have a child or young adult with a disability and need a break now and again? Well, the good news is that you now have a choice.

A More Caring Approach...

Eden Care at Home, based in Gerrards Cross offer quality care at home for you, or your loved one, whether a child, young adult or an elderly person. Eden care’s management team have more than 50 years in the care sector and was established by Dr Jim Morrisroe.

Unique care Plan

Eden Care is committed to making a difference, helping their clients achieve optimum levels of independence, health and well-being. Together with their clients and their clients’ families they create a unique, tailored care-package focusing on each client’s individual needs and aspirations.

Live-in care or respite breaks At Eden Care they believe that getting old should not automatically mean moving into a care home. Most elderly people prefer to retain their independence, home comforts, social network and dignity by remaining in their own homes. However, there are times when we all need a little extra help. Eden Care offer a range of support from personal care, to help within the home and can also assist with attending appointments, running errands or offering companionship. Whether you are looking for 24 hour support or a respite break from 30 minutes to a hour, up to 24 hours a day Eden Care can be there for you. 2 2 | spring 2021


Have you made a Will? Do you want to learn more?

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Helen Taylor TEP of Franklins Solicitors LLP provides details: Can that they have their Canyou you introduce introduce thought Will doesn’t have to be aallsad or affairs yourself tellus inawkward order and how relieved arehow yourself and and tell time, clients oftenthey tell me uswhat what you knowing that their be met. you do?do? comforted they arewishes by the will thought that A they Will have allows appoint the and all you theirto affairs in order I am executors of your and those I amaaPartner Partner in in how relieved theyestate are knowing that their Franklins chosen FranklinsSolicitors Solicitors wisheswill willensure be met.your A Willestate allowsisyou to LLP up administered and yourofwishes carried LLPand and head head up appoint the executors your estate and both the private client andthe family out. It will allow you to state will both private those chosen will ensure yourwho estate is law teams Northampton client andacross family our law teams across our administered and your and wishes benefit, by how much forcarried you and Milton Keynes offices.Keynes Initially Northampton and Milton offices. toout. willspecific allow you to state whoaswill set Itout wishes (such I practised as a barrister in London, Initially I practised as a barrister in benefit, by how much and for you to set funeral arrangements). but looking morefor personal client London, butfor looking more personal out specific wishes (such as contact, I requalified as a solicitor and client contact, I requalified as a solicitor funeral arrangements). in and 2018 it will with the the 2020 willbe bemy my 20th 22nd year with firm. I am of the the Society firm. I ama afull fullmember member of of Trusts andPractitioners Estate Practitioners ofSociety Trusts and Estate (STEP)and andaafully fully accredited accredited member (STEP) memberof the Elderly (SFE). ofSolicitors Solicitorsforfor the Elderly (SFE). Additionally I hold the STEP Advanced Certificate in Advising We are a friendly and approachable Vulnerable Clients. team and enjoy helping our clients plan for the future. Our work requires We are a friendly approachable understanding andand compassion and Without a properly drafted Will, your and enjoy helping our clients plan estate Without properly drafted weteam are experienced in handling the willahave to be dealtWill, withyour by for the future. Our work requires estate will have to be dealt with by the sensitivities of making a Will or Lasting the rules set out in law - the intestacy understanding and We compassion andinwe rulesItset in law - the intestacy rules. Power of Attorney. take pride rules. is out a common misconception are experienced in handling the It iscouples a common misconception guiding clients through the process in that who live togetherthat will of making Will or Lasting couples whotheir live together willthat ansensitivities understandable waya and helping inherit from partner or Power Attorney. We take pride in inherit from theirwill partner or that them to of make informed decisions. married couples automatically guiding clients through the process in an inherit married couples will automatically everything. This is not correct understandable way and helping them inherit This is not correct and mosteverything. people are horrified when to make informed decisions. and most people are horrified they hear how their estate willwhen be they hear howthe their estate will be divided under intestacy rules. divided undercarers, the intestacy rules. Close Close friends, godchildren friends, carers, godchildren and and unmarried partners whether unmarried partners whether heterosexual or same sex will not heterosexual or same sex will not benefit under these rules. benefit under these rules. The offices work closely together and support each other in ensuring that our clients’ needs are met. The whole team, including support staff The offices work closely together and and trainee solicitors are Dementia support each other in ensuring that our Friends. clients’ needs are met. The whole team, including support staff so andimportant? trainee Why is making a Will solicitors are Dementia Friends.

I have often found that a clear and I have often found that a clear and valid valid Will helps provide directions, Will helps provide directions, during during what is such a difficult time, for what is such a difficult time, for those those left behind. left behind.

Understandably many people don’t Why makingofa preparing Will so important? like theisthought a Will. However, in my experience making Understandably many people don’t a Will doesn’t have to be a sad or like the thought of preparing a Will. awkward time, clients often tell in my experience meHowever, how comforted they aremaking by thea

Foraa10% 10% discount discount on or Lasting Power of Attorney please For onaaWill simple Will or Lasting Power of Attorney contactcontact Helen Taylor by email please HelenTEP Taylor, TEP Helen.Taylor@franklins-sols.co.uk by email Helen.Taylor@franklinsor call 01908 660966 quoting discount codediscount BUCKS10code BUCKS10. sols.co.uk or call 01908 660966 quoting

Can CanI Inot notjust justwrite writethe the Will Will myself? myself? InIntheory, stopping theory,there there is is nothing nothing stopping you you from writing from writing youryour own own Will. Will. However, However, this is aand complex and this is a complex intricate area of intricate law and there are law and area thereof are a number of legal a formalities number ofthat legal formalities thatwith must be complied must be complied in order in order for the Willwith to take effect.for It is the Will to to take It isexperienced advisable advisable useeffect. a solicitor toinuse solicitor experienced in this thisaarea, to make sure that the Will is drafted correctly order have area, to make sure in that thetoWill is the effect that youinwant and drafted correctly order towithout have the any unintended consequences arising. effect that you want and without any Sometimes it is not the drafting of the unintended consequences arising. Will that is difficult advice of and Sometimes it is notbut thethe drafting the the decisions behind it. Will that is difficult but the advice and the decisions behind it. If you have complex family (such as a 2nd marriage, If circumstances you have complex family children from different or circumstances (such asrelationships a 2nd any familychildren breakdown) if you wish to marriage, fromordifferent include moreor complex provisions such relationships any family breakdown) as the use of trusts for tax purposes or or if you wish to include more the protection of your home or other complex provisions such as the use is even more important ofassets, trustsitfor tax purposes or the to obtain specialist legal advice. We take protection of your home or other pride init providing our clients with the assets, is even more important to best advice and service possibleWe andtake to obtain specialist legal advice. do this, we spend time getting to know pride in providing our clients with the our advice clients, understanding their personal best and service possible and circumstances and their to do this, we spend time getting to familyour arrangements. know clients, understanding their personal circumstances and their family arrangements.

A carefully drafted Will can, in the right circumstances provide opportunities for the mitigation of inheritance tax. It can fordrafted vulnerable disabled Aprovide carefully Willorcan, in children whilst protecting their benefits and the right circumstances provide most importantly, canmitigation give you peace opportunities for the of of mind that your affairs are in order. inheritance tax. It can provide for

vulnerable or disabled children whilst protecting their benefits and most importantly, can give you peace of mind that your affairs are in order.

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