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Every once in awhile something new comes along that creates attention and shakes up the scene. It’s a movement, a change, a new direction of what’s to come. The Greater Ottawa Group is a real estate team of motivated & trained specialist, who are here to over serve you at the highest level possible. From the first phone call, email, and personal meeting, you’ll realize that this is not your average real estate team. More like a family. A family that treats each member as an equal. Listening, learning, teaching, and growing with every step. The true recipe to success is helping others. The Greater Ottawa Group is all about helping reduce your concerns, improve your knowledge, as well as gaining and maintaining your trust thought the entire real estate process. Start to finish. We are proud and excited to meet you. Now let’s get you moving! From exceptional communication, to exceptional marketing, to exceptional service; our agents strive to be exceptional.


BRAD VAN DE WALLE (BROKER/OWNER) Brad Van De Walle found his calling 6 years ago when he became a Realtor. Since then, Brad had created a powerful, successful, reliable team of agents known asThe-888SOLDTeam. However, his ability to connect with all types of people, his understanding of the Real Estate industry, an sales approach has made Brad one of the most innovative agents in country. “I started at the bottom, I knew nothing. I took it upon myself to master this industry and my hard work has paid off” Brad has now brought his talents to a thriving real estate industry in Ottawa where he has some roots. The Greater Ottawa Group was formed with one goal in mind; create exceptional agents, with exceptional marketing and service to create exceptional results. Pride of ownership of the team radiates through Brads actions and personality. This career, his business partners and most importantly his clients mean everything to him. “The Greater Ottawa Group is not in this for the transaction, we care about our clients, they become our friends, we want what is best for them”

Exceptional Agents.

Exceptional Results. 4



SALES REPRESENTATIVE Darcy Whyte is a five-year real-estate veteran and founding partner of Re/Max Core’s The Greater Ottawa Group. A listing and investor specialist, the Ottawa native is attuned with the market and honest with his clients. His personable manner and impeccable memory— just ask him to recite the entire history of Stanley Cup winners, or your house’s every spec—have made him an early success in the competitive industry. Darcy brings his enthusiasm and impassioned know-how (plus just the right amount of stress-relieving humour) to every venture. “My main goal is to give my clients a stress-free experience with as little hassle as possible,” says Darcy, whose trusted network of mortgage brokers, contractors and lawyers can save clients time and trouble. Darcy’s knowledge, experience and negotiating skills help take the strain out of the buying/selling process. “I always protect my clients’ best interests and make the transaction smooth and, even, fun.”



Greg comes to the Greater Ottawa Group after 10 years in the business with his real estate mentor and mother, Lynda. He has a track record of proven results and has secured 100’s of transactions. His passion for the business and positive outlook towards helping people achieve their real estate goals stems from years in the music industry as a producer, performer, DJ and personality. Greg says “The look on your clients face at the end of a successful transaction is exactly the same as watching someone light up after they hear your music. Excitement and happiness” He prides himself on keeping you motivated and focused on your goals without making you feel pressured in any way. His concern is making sure his clients are 100% satisfied and enjoying a lifelong relationship together. Greg loves to travel and was married in Bulgaria to his beautiful wife Anna. They have a young daughter named Alexa and newborn Savannah. These 3 ladies are what keeps him focused to succeed and exceed his clients expectations.



There are two things Rob does well - travel the world and real estate. Rob got started in real estate in 2006 after several years of trekking around the globe. Beginning as an investor, Rob quickly and aggressively acquired numerous rental properties and used several creative financing techniques and strategic leveraging to amass a multi-million dollar investment portfolio. Rob considers any purchase or sale in real estate an investment and uses his personal experience to help guide his clients in making smart investment decisions. Rob is always ready, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to help each and every client with their real estate needs! Send him a quick message or give him a shout. He’s ready!



Nick brings an intimate knowledge of the real estate market in Ottawa to the team. Being born and raised here is part of it, but having worked as a Heating, Ventilation and Air-Conditioning (HVAC) business professional for 8 years prior to becoming a Realtor gives him an advantage. Listening is his first and foremost priority in helping with your home search and he prides himself on making sure any decisions made align with your interest. Outside of Ottawa, Nick has traveled and lived in Hong Kong and India. This experience gives him insight into different cultures and how they do business. A definite asset in the real estate world. Nick is thrilled to be part of the something new and exciting to the city. The Greater Ottawa Group.



Nick had spent years helping youth at risk get on the right path as an active listener and mentor. He has worked in group homes and has helped build various programs and workshops for kids who would otherwise not have such opportunities. His most recent is Pathways to Educations “Hop Shop” in which Nick helps teach music production and recording. That’s right, Nick Is also a very talented singer / songwriter and music expert. Coming from these environments makes him an excellent choice to help you with your real estate needs. “Patience and persistence are key traits and must haves when dealing with kids and musicians alike.” Nick says. His expert senses will help keep you calm and collected throughout what can be a stressful experience. Nick is great at holding hands



ADMINISTRATIVE ASSISTANT Ariel comes to the team with a great attitude and awesome skills and credentials. A graduate from Bishop’s University, Ariel keeps all the team members on point and on schedule. An expert in customer service, organization, scheduling, and sales, Ariel is multi-talented and is an essential and integral part of our team. Out of the office, Ariel enjoys yoga, running, and has an innate love for animals. She grew up with horses and has been an amateur competitor since a young age. Before coming to work for the Greater Ottawa Group she spent time in Florida learning from some of the equestrian industry’s finest. Ariel is passionate about helping connect potential clients with a place to call home. What can she do for you today!”


THE DIFFERENCE What’s the difference? Exceptional Service: It all starts with Quality Customer Service. We provide the help you need to make a educated decision. Exceptional Marketing: Marketing is one of the most important aspects of the successful sale of your home. Exceptional Agents: Our agents are experienced and talented enough to get your home sold. We live by a different standard. A higher standard. Exceptional Results: At the end of the day, results are what matter the most.


Exceptional Marketing.

Exceptional Results. 13

ABOUT OTTAWA Ottawa is known as the one of the best places to live, not only in Canada, but in the world. Known for its political institutions and multicultural diversity, Ottawa offers residents the versatility desired for any lifestyle. Though nearly 1 million residents call Ottawa home, it has a quiet, not-so-crowded feel that truly provides the best mix of urban and suburban. It has a reputation for being a quiet, reserved, family oriented city, where people are laid back, more into sport than nightlife. ATTRACTIONS Though this city is booming and well known for their political influence, Ottawa offers so much more. It is actually a highly desired community with reasonable house prices, high earning jobs, and cultural diversity like no other. One of the most popular attractions is the world’s largest ice-skating rink in winter – the Rideau Canal. Skate through the heart of Ottawa like a true Canadian. Covering almost 8 km along the Rideau Canal Skateway, the Canal allows skaters to change skates, snack and enjoy those cool winter days and nights, when hundreds of skaters appear on the canal when the historic waterway freezes over during the winter. Experience this Canadian tradition with a cup of hot chocolate, or a beavertail (invented in Ottawa) sold at one of the on-ice shops, in hand. FUN FACTS Ottawa has a population of more than 900,000 and has a population of 1.5 million in the National Capital Region. Ottawa Is not a crowded city and offers the second highest quality of life of any city in North America. 14



DEMOGRAPHICS In 2011, the populations of the City of Ottawa and the Ottawa-Gatineau census metropolitan area (CMA) were 883,391 and 1,236,324 respectively. Ottawa’s median age of 39.2 is both below the provincial and national averages as of 2011. Youths under 15 years of age comprised 16.8% of the total population as of 2011, while those of retirement age (65 years and older) comprised 13.2%. In 2011, females made up 51.5% of the amalgamated Ottawa population. ECONOMICS Ottawa’s primary employers are the Public Service of Canada and the high-tech industry. The city has a high standard of living and low unemployment. Mercer ranks Ottawa with the third highest quality of living of any large city in the Americas, and 16th highest in the world. It is also rated the second cleanest city in Canada, and third cleanest city in the world. In 2012, the city was ranked for the third consecutive year as the best community in Canada to live in by MoneySense. Ottawa had the fourth highest GDP growth rate among major Canadian cities in 2007 at 2.7%, which exceeded the Canadian average of 2.4%. It is estimated that the National Capital Region attracts around 7.3 million tourists annually who spend about 1.18 billion dollars. The region of Ottawa-Gatineau has the third highest income of all major Canadian cities. - Sourced by Wikipedia 15

THE RE/MAX DIFFERENCE UNDERSTANDING THE DIFFERENCE A RE/MAX AGENT CAN MAKE An independent, unbiased third party has recognized RE/MAX as the commanding presence in Canadian Real Estate. Real Trends, the leader in performance ranking for residential brokerages, has identified 159 RE/MAX Brokerages in this year’s Top 250 report.

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RE/MAX OUTSELLS MORE PROOF THAT RE/MAX AGENTS OUTSELL THE COMPETITION The most well known brand in the Real Estate industry for over 30 years. Combine that with one of the most successful Real Estate teams in the industry and you have a recipe for success! “We believe the two simply go hand in hand.”




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There are several steps to selling a home. We have broken down the process into seven basic steps. The main objective is to get the best possible price, with as little hassle and inconvenience! Finding Your Team of RealtorsŽ: With a strong marketing strategy. We advocate a fair market price. Our team above all works with strong integrity and honesty. Launch a Marketing Strategy: List your property on MLS. Photographs & Virtual Tours. Lawn Sign. Internet Ads Romance your home to over 100 of the top agents and a database of over 18,000. Show Your Home: Mega Open House. Strong Online Presence. Review Progress: We take the time to go over feedback given every week and strategize accordingly to help sell your home. Review Offers: Our negotiating skills help get the job done. Closing: We specialize in closing all deals we open. If it’s in reach, and in your best interest, we will get it done. Sold: We help you move out and into your new home.


MARKETING 101 YARD SIGNS: A great way to advertise the availability of your home to people with an interest in your neighborhood or those who are becoming acquainted with your community. A yard sign is the #1 way to show your home is for sale. The RE/MAX yard sign are the most trusted real estate symbols in Canada. RE/MAX Real Estate Associates are known for their high quality service and advise. When home buyers see that sign in your yard, they understand that you’re working with a trusted brand and that you are marketing for maximum exposure.


BROKER TOURS & OPEN HOUSES: The broker tour opens up your home to agents from other various firms. It is a great, most effective, and most convenient way to expose the great qualities of your home that may be otherwise missed and for other agents to bring their buyers in to see your property. We help show off your home by bringing the best out of your home. SALES BROCHURES & FACT SHEETS: We are committed to marketing your home with high quality materials that represents the time and effort you have taken in obtaining and maintaining your home. VIRTUAL TOURS & WEBSITES: Creating a digital experience for home buyers on the local, national, and international market with personalized property specific websites. BOMB BOMB: Video email to our thousands of contacts throughout Canada and the world 19

SELLING TIPS It is important to have your home in a “ready-to-sell” state to bring out the best and most important qualities of your home. This is a crucial aspect that sometimes can get overlooked by sellers and sometimes lead to an unsuccessful sale of your home. • Lights should be on and drapes should be left open during daylight hours. • Heat set at a comfortable temperature. • Fresh flowers/plants in various rooms. • Chipped plaster and paint touched up and repaired. • Doors and cupboards properly closed. • Leaky taps and toilets repaired. • Burned out light bulbs replaced. • Squeaky doors oiled. • Mirrors, fixtures, and taps cleaned and polished. • Seals around tubs and basins in good repair. • Floors cleaned, garbage containers emptied. • Inside of closets and cupboards neat and tidy. • Valuable property, out of reach, out of sight, or locked away. • Pets absent, where possible, or contained during showings.


OUR TRUE NEIGHBORHOOD SPECS WHAT 2 LOOK 4 ADVANTAGE Selling your home takes preparation, organization and professional marketing. By using me as your real estate agent I will guide you through every milestone, from analyzing your needs to closing the sale. Below are some things to look four in a new neigbourhood. ONE: If you are considering buying a home in a community that is unfamiliar to you, get to know its layout, offering, and ambiance. TWO: What amenities does the neighborhood have to offer? Is public transportation readily accessible? Are there schools, churches, parks and grocery stores within reach? Consider visiting schools in the area if you have children. THREE: What is the nature of the job market in the area? Keep in mind that if area employers are producing more jobs, you can expect property values to increase, especially if the jobs offered fall within a higher salary bracket. FOUR: Speak with the neighbors and don’t be afraid to ask questions. They can offer you a wealth of information from an inside perspective. FIVE: How will you be affected by a new commute to work? Drive the route between the new neighborhood and your office during the appropriate times to gauge the volume of traffic you could expect to encounter and the amount of time you need to put aside for daily travel. 21

RE/MAX ONLINE PRESENCE REMAX.COM and The With over 4 million unique visitors quarterly, remax. com is a leading real estate resource for consumers. More than 130,000 leads are generated each month from interested home buyers. Your RE/MAX Associate is immediately notified when a visitor has expressed interest or requested a showing on your property. GLOBAL.REMAX.COM The first real estate company with true global reach, markets your home to 97 countries in minutes, translating your listing into 26 languages. REMAX.CA Through our massive online, television, outdoor and print ad campaigns, generating valuable exposure for your listing in over 93 countries around the world. Prospective buyers go to our websites and to search for listings in their cities and towns. MOBILE REMAX.CA RE/MAX Canada has made it very simple for their customers to review a property for sale, is designed to be compatible with all smart phones. By simply logging into users can view favorites and browse as they would on a desktop, without downloading any applications.




We use the Internet and our innovative website to make your listing highly visible. With more than 90% of buyers checking the web first when looking for a home, this is a part of your marketing strategy that you can’t afford to miss. Below shows that 99% of people search for a home using three main search engines. We make sure to be as visible as possible on these platforms to make sure you are as visible as possible.


40 YEARS OF OUTSTANDING AGENTS & OUTSTANDING RESULTS From a single office that opened in 1973 in Denver, Colorado, RE/MAX has grown into a global Real Estate network of franchisee-owned and operated offices with nearly 90,000 Sales Associates. Those agents constitute the world’s most productive Real Estate sales force. Though their efforts, they’ve made it possible to say that nobody in the world sells more real estate than RE/MAX. RE/MAX, LLC is a privately held company still based in Denver and led by its founders, Dave and Gail Liniger. the system is based on attracting productive agents and providing them with the valuable support, incredible brand awareness, educational opportunities, and other competitive advantages. Customer service built on a foundation of drive, experience, and education is the cornerstone of RE/MAX success. The RE/MAX track record built over the past 40 years is proof that a focus on the customer’s needs, backed by the ability to deliver, remains as important as ever. Great things happen when driven individuals come together and treat real estate as a profession. That in a nut-shell, is RE/MAX. 24

RE/MAX BRAND RECOGNITION MARKETSHARE AND AGENT PRODUCTIVITY Nobody in the world sells more real estate than RE/MAX, and RE/MAX Associates average more sales than any other real estate agents.


BRAND NAME AWARENESS RE/MAX is the most recognized brand in real estate. Our national advertising campaign positions the RE/MAX name in front of millions of buyers and sellers all over the country and is designed to keep the brand, as well as, top-of-mind when someone decides it is time to buy or sell their home. ADVERTISING In Canada, RE/MAX has the real estate industry’s strongest presence in national television advertising, helping to make the red, white, and blue RE/MAX hot air balloon one of the most recognizable business logos in the world. WEBSITE TRAFFIC AND ONLINE SEARCHES is the most visited real estate franchise website attracting over 250,000 unique visitors every month in Canada. RE/MAX’s internet presence attracts nearly 50 million potential buyers and sellers annually. When consumers search online, “RE/MAX” is the most used search term among real estate brokerages. PROFESSIONAL EDUCATION RE/MAX Associates lead the industry in professional designations. THE NUMBER OF COUNTRIES SERVED RE/MAX is in over 93 countries, more than any of its competitors. 25

Exceptional Marketing.



Exceptional Results.


CLIENT TESTIMONIALS We were originally referred to Frost as he was well-known in the community for being a successful real estate investor. What we learned from Rob far exceeded any expectations we had. Rob not only guided us through the entire legal process of real estate investing but he also helped us develop a complex strategic investment plan that we continue to follow to this day. We now have 6 rental properties and earn more cash flow passively then with both our full-time jobs combined. We are financially secure and cannot thank Rob enough for all he has done for us. - BRIGITTE AND DEREK

“Darcy Whyte made house shopping/buying and selling so easy and stress free!! He was incredibly organized, honest and efficient with every step of the process. As a first time home buyer, it was very intimidating to me but I never once felt worried - he’s incredible!! Highly recommend him for any real estate needs!! Thanks for finding us our dream home!” - KATIE SKINNER


I’ve been with Darcy for a few years and will never deviate! He’s personal, professional, detail-oriented, effective and keeps your needs above his. He and his team work tirelessly at doing their best and I highly recommend them and their services.” - SCOTT MATHESON My wife and I had the pleasure of working with Greg on the purchase and sale of our first home, and the purchase of our new home. Greg always went out of his way to make sure that he understood our requirements, and was critical in walking us through both the purchasing and selling process. Greg has a great sense of humour and upbeat personality which makes the entire buying and selling process run smoothly. I would highly recommend Greg for your real estate needs. - ADRIAN & AMY

Greg is definitely the person to go to for all your real estate needs. He is a hard worker and ready to go to any length to help out. I would recommend Greg to anyone looking for a trustworthy agent. His knowledge will get the job done. - MOHAMMED 29

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