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Thank you for taking time from your busy schedule to get to know a bit more about Alyss. Forming new relationships is one of her favourite things. Alyss has been in the real estate business since 2010 and loves matching buyers and sellers to their dreams while making the experience enjoyable. Her roots are from Saskatchewan and she has carried a strong work ethic with her, as her family moved to chase adventures closer to the mountains in Alberta. Alyss’ passion for real estate is the direct result of having to move many times as a child which provides her with great empathy for her clients and their families. A large portion of Alyss’ business has come from referrals, not only is she humbled that her clients are pleased with her service - Alyss is overjoyed that they want their friends and family to have the same experience. To best explain Alyss’ attributes, we went back to client reviews. They all commented on her professionalism, her attention to detail, honest communication with no pressure for a quick sale. They were impressed with how available she was, how prepared, how compassionate and patient. For many they started out as business associates and left as friends. Years of purchasing, renovating, staging, and selling properties has lead to a wealth of experience in many different areas. Alyss likes to put on her creative hat and help her clients see the potential! Alyss would love the opportunity to be trusted with all of your real estate needs. Alyss can and will put in the hard work to make your move a success. Let’s see if you are a fit for each other.

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s h o w i n g s SHOWING YOUR HOME I provide instructions for potential buyers during listings and create optimum showings that fall in line with the Seller’s schedule. At your request, we can adjust anything to meet your expectations, timing and preferences as the seller. I understand that presentation is key and I definitely want to have a great first impression of the property right from the start. I want to make sure the home is in “ready-to-show” condition so we can optimize overall appeal and target those who are most interested. Some points of emphasis when preparing your home are: - Beds made-up. - Counter tops clear (no dirty dishes).. - De-clutter (helps create an open and comfortable feel). - Shoes put away. - Fresh scent throughout. It is important for you to be out of the home during showings so that buyers can comfortably relate and create their own opinions without any influence. Their feedback is also a key component to the successful sale of your home. Once an agent shows their clients your home, they will most likely leave a business card as a courtesy to allow you, the seller, to know that they showed your home or were in your home. This also helps us understand the foot traffic coming into your home and understand its overall appeal. It is always important to follow up, just to ensure these common and professional steps are taken when showing your property.

s c h e d u l e KEEPING UP-TO-DATE It is important to be up-to-date with showings and market information that fits your property. Strategic showings can sometimes save thousands of dollar and lessen your days on the market. From the start I create a buzz about your property and we don’t want that to die down, therefore it is key to continue to re-establish your home as a great option for potential buyers. By keeping up-to-date and on schedule, I can plan the next move using the valuable feedback given to us by potential buyers and other agents. How do I keep you up-to-date? • I record all marketing strategies and evaluate their success. • I keep a written record of everything to help strategize the next move. • I speak with you on consistent basis and provide necessary feedback. • I review market conditions to ensure the price reflects the current market. • I review future developments that may increase the value of the property and incorporate it as a selling point. • I engage the community to find possible selling points that other may have missed. These are some of the main things I do to keep you up-to-date and on schedule en route to successfully selling your home for all it’s worth!

f e e d b a c k FEEDBACK, COMMUNITY PROFILE & PROPERTY BOOKS FEEDBACK is a key component to the successful sale of your home. I get in touch with the REALTORSÂŽ immediately after the showings. Many agents are reluctant to provide feedback because of the influence it may have during negotiations, however, when feedback is given, we use it as a marketing tool to develop a strategy that may affect the overall success of the sale. Information is a key component to my sales approach. COMMUNITY PROFILE sources will help the buyer get a good understanding of the area and its amenities. Local restaurants, coffee shops, golf courses, parks, bike trails, and transportation routes are essential to overall understanding of lifestyle the buyer can envision themselves having. I provide the sources necessary so the buyer has a great understanding of the neighborhood. PROPERTY BOOKS during an open house and/or Feature Sheets should always be present when foot traffic is in the home. These marketing products help a buyer remember the property and envision themselves in it once they have left. I not only want to create a great first impression, but also a long lasting one.

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o f f e r

ABOUT THE OFFER PROCESS You get an offer. What happens next? Most offers are given in person or faxed/emailed over by the real estate agent representing the buyer. I can either take the offer and present to you in person or have the buyer’s agent send it over to me electronically. We then discuss the offer face to face and decide our next move. Sometimes the offer is reasonable and can determine the buyer’s motivation and seriousness in purchasing the property. Other times, the offer is far below expectations and can insult you, the seller. However, it is important not to take any offer too personally, as it may sometimes effect the overall goal. The next step is to strategize our next move. You can accept the offer and its terms. You can decline the offer and end all further negotiations. Or you can reject and counter the offer to get to a common ground on price and terms. If you decide to accept the offer, the buyer may ask for a home inspection that may affect the closing of the deal. The buyer also may ask the offer be subject to financing, which most of the time is common place and is there to protect the both parties. Home inspections will cost the buyers money, which is non-refundable and a common part of the process. A home inspection usually means that the buyer is serious and very rarely does a buyer back out of a deal after paying for the home inspection. Depending on the report, the buyer may ask to change terms, however, it is important to have a strategic backup plan in case this happens.

r. p. r. REAL PROPERTY REPORT (RPR) WHAT IS IT? A Real Property Report is a legal document that clearly illustrates the location of significant visible improvements relative to property boundaries. (Improvements to be shown are outlined in Part D, Section 8.5 of the Manual of Standard Practice.) Over the years, the standards for Real Property Reports have changed. It takes the form of a plan or illustration of the various physical features of the property, including a written statement detailing the surveyor’s opinions or concerns. It can be relied upon by the buyer, the seller, the lender and the municipality as an accurate representation of the improvements on your property. Property sellers need a RPR for protection from potential future legal liabilities resulting from problems related to property boundaries and improvements. Sourced from Alberta Land Surveyors Association.

home prep HOME EXTERIOR • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

House number should be easy to read Lights on timers to ensure house is lit up after sunset Eaves, troughs, and down spouts in good repair Garage/car port clean and tidy Litter picked up Cracked or broken window panes replaced Doorbell and door hardware in good repair Touch up trim paint on doors, window frames, fascia, etc. Mow, edge and weed the lawn frequently until the home is sold Cut back overgrown shrubbery to show as much of the exterior as possible Inspect the roof for necessary repairs and any visible broken shingles or tiles Stucco water stains can be repaired using a mild bleaching agent Fences should be mended and painted Wash all windows inside and outside

HOME INTERIOR • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Lights should be on and drapes left open during daylight hours Heat or A/C set at a comfortable temperature Chipped plaster and paint touched up and repaired Leaky taps and toilets repaired Burned out light bulbs replaced Squeaky doors oiled Mirrors, fixtures, and taps cleaned and polished Seals around tubs and basins in good repair Floors cleaned, garbage containers emptied Inside of closets and cupboards neat and tidy Valuable property out of reach, out of sight, or locked away Pets absent or contained during showings All torn screens should be repaired or replaced Countertops neat and polished and appliances cleaned

c h e c k l i s t 60 DAYS BEFORE YOU MOVE...

Get quotes from at least 3 moving companies Estimate the cost of moving yourself and compare to mover Get packing supplies ahead of time Purge unused items so you don’t clutter your new home Create an inventory checklist of everything you wish to bring to your new home Contact your insurance agent to notify them of the move Contact your children’s school to notify them of the move Contact your utilities and cable/Internet providers to ensure you are connected once you move in Notify doctors and dentists of your move Cancel gym memberships, if necessary.


Review quotes and decide on moving company or decide on whether you need to use a moving company or move yourself Setup utilities and cable/Internet services for your move in date Register your children in their new school, if necessary Get a new gym pass, subscription services for your new home Start packing early, especially larger more value items


Begin cleaning your new home (Garage, Exterior, Appliances) Organize important documents such as passports, medical cards, birth certificates, financial statements, wills, etc. Organize jewelry and other personal items in anticipation of your move Dispose of all unnecessary items so that the new owners can move in comfortably


“I did not know Alyss personally because we are new to the country, my brother introduced us to her, when I talked with her it seems that we are friends for a long time even though we are new here and have different customs and traditions. It did not cause any problem in our conversation she explained everything to me clearly. I remember when we are looking for the house, she always on time and keeps smiling, ready to help and she didn’t give up finally, Alyss find the best and perfect home, sweet home for me, my husband and our two daughters. Actually, if we have a bonding with family and friends, I always recommend Alyss. I told them she will never leave you until she will find a perfect home for you!” - Roger & Rowena “Alyss helped me find the perfect home for me and my kids. While we looked, she took all of my family needs and my financial situation into consideration. She never pressured me for a quick sale. She gave me her honest assessment of the house, price and location. She came prepared, professional and wanted me to be truly happy with this major purchase. Thank you Alyss, you have a lifetime client with me.” - Dean Hulm “We were referred to Alyss by our mortgage broker, Shawna MacDonald. What a great team of professionals!!” “Alyss contacted us via email immediately, and inquired as to what we were looking for. She was very specific in sending us listings that met the desires of our wishlist. After searching through the many homes, we contacted Alyss and asked to view them. She was prompt in making this happen very quickly! After our first meeting with Alyss, we felt confident in her ability to find us the home we were searching for.” “Alyss has a smile and personality that could melt anyone’s heart!! Her confidence in her experience as a Realtor, was very evident as we went through the homes. She drew our attention to any flaws, and positives, as we walked through the many homes. Alyss was very patient, and never left us feeling rushed. We had ample time to go through each home, and get a feel for the home, to see if it was the one.” “Needless to say, our experience with Alyss, was nothing but positive!! We will not hesitate to refer Alyss, to everyone who is in need of her services!! Alyss went above and beyond our expectations to find us our dream home. We not only gained a wonderful home, but a true genuine friend!!” - John & Margaret

r e m i n d e r IMPORTANT DATES Below are key dates to remember so that nothing is missed during the selling process: Offer acceptance date Home inspection date Procession date Home Appraisal date Real Property Report (RPR) sent to lawyer Condition dates such as home inspection, financing, etc. Get RPR back from lawyer Closing date and lawyer fees paid Moving date

thank you for your time


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