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ABOUT JILLIAN REINSON REALTOR® A native of coastal BC, I was born and raised with a passion for nature and art. I’ve always had an eye for design, which led me to enroll in a Fashion Design program at Blanche Macdonald in Vancouver. My success in this field landed me the distinction of being voted one of “Vancouver’s Top 10 Designers” by IFW. While I was developing my talents in the arts, I also focused on building my skills in sales and marketing at BCIT. After spending some years as an International Sales Rep at a print marketing company, I later earned a diploma in Administration and I went on to work for a cutting edge company based out of Burnaby. One of my greatest achievements with this company was spearheading a project to streamline our inventory returns system. I then decided to further my skill set by taking a Project Management course at BCIT. Entrepreneurial spirit has led me to a Life as a Realtor on the Sunshine Coast, surrounded by nature and a thriving arts community. My family and I feel blessed to be here! My family and I feel blessed to live on the Sunshine Coast, surrounded by nature and a thriving arts community.

BUYING EXPERIENCE HOW I REDEFINE YOUR BUYING EXPERIENCE When purchasing a home, you, the buyer, can be faced with many different choices that affect the final decision. One of the toughest decisions to make is deciding on where you want your next home to be. You’ve heard the term “location, location, location” but there’s so much more to it than just that. The area not only embodies the amenities surrounding your home, but also determines the type of lifestyle you are going to live and whether or not that lifestyle fits you. It is always important to understand the things that are truly important to you and finding a home that meets your requirements. Homeowners want to find themselves in a community that fits their idea of lifestyle and culture. A consistent trend in any real estate market is finding the community where you and your family feel connected. Buying a home in a mature established community makes it doubly important to find the neighborhood that fits your lifestyle. I start by showing you community highlights, amenities, local events, parks, culture, and vibe before we introduce you to any potential properties. I help you decide whether the community is a fit for you and your lifestyle. Preparation is a key factor that helps us succeed. I research preferred communities, understand the needs and motivations of sellers and provide you with comprehensive feedback to help you make an informed decision.

BUYING PROCESS 7 STEPS TO THE LIFESTYLE YOU DESERVE! Buying a home can be an emotional, time-consuming and complex process. Even though this may not be your first go around, I always like to help our clients ensure all details are covered. Below are a few things that you can do to help make the process go as smooth as possible: STEP 1: Find a REALTOR® Well look no further you just found one! By choosing me as your REALTOR® you just found people who are experienced, punctual, efficient, fun and above all honest. I give you full accessibility so you can reach us at anytime. You can call me 24/7 with any thoughts, questions or concerns. Ask about my one hour call back guarantee. “Remember: REALTOR® fees are paid through the transaction. There is no cost to use my services & expertise!” STEP 2: Get your credit checked by one of our trusted mortgage lenders: Have you checked your credit lately? Before you apply for a home loan, it’s a smart idea to obtain a copy of your credit rating. There can be errors or things that need to be addressed. It’s easier to address these problems before you find “your dream home,” than after when you are trying to close the deal. STEP 3: Get approved before you go house hunting: Getting an approval is easy and very beneficial to you. Most banks can hold your rate for 120 days. You may not be looking to buy right away so by doing this you are locking your rate in case rates go up. If rates go down you get the new rate so it’s a win-win situation! During the approval process the bank will verify your employment history and assets to ensure you’re a strong lending candidate.

BUYING PROCESS STEP 4: Discover The Community Narrowing down your search location can be one of the hardest parts in finding a home. Often people find a home in a location that they never thought was a possibility. That’s why it’s important to discuss your housing needs with me. Then I can help guide you to an area. I have taken the liberty of enclosing an MLS® Map to help you narrow down your search. STEP 5: Protect Yourself I will provide you with a copy of the documents necessary to buy your new property. Read them ahead of time so that you’ll understand the questions that you will be asked, the things you need to know, and the decisions you will need to make. STEP 6: Have Reasonable Expectations Understanding and remembering the following two statements will help diffuse stresses that can arise during the negotiation, inspection stage and closing stage. “There is a lot of money at stake for all parties involved” When you go to purchase your home just remember the market value of the home is the price both buyer and seller are willing to agree to. “No house is “Perfect”, but we’ll find the perfect one for you!” STEP 7: Have Fun! This is a fun and exciting time in your life. I will make this process as easy and yes, even as fun as possible. The next few weeks will be filled with highs and lows and we’re excited to experience them with you.


A GUIDE ON HELPING YOU MAKE THE RIGHT DECISION. Making the Right Choice It is very important to evaluate yourself and your situation to help ensure that buying a home is the right decision for you. I believe in full disclosure and the importance of planning. Some questions you should ask yourself are: • What reasons are prompting you to move and what is your preferred timeline? • Have you been through the pre-approval process and what amount have you been approved for? • When I find the right home for you, are you prepared to make an offer? Your Lifestyle Deciding on what type of home you want to live in is just as important as deciding on where you want to live. For some, location is everything. For others, the home is everything. I focus on a complete lifestyle and believe that no matter what means more to you, I can match you up with a great home in the perfect location or a great location with a perfect home. Proximity To... Another important decision during the buying process is proximity to important things such as schools, work, grocery stores, and amenities such as shopping centres, restaurants, parks and recreation centres. These things define your lifestyle choice and are not only convenient, but necessary. I believe lifestyle matters. Not only now but for the future. So we have come prepared and reviewed all options in order for you to make the right choice!

B UY ER S AG E N CY WHAT IS THE BENEFIT OF USING A BUYERS AGENT? Many people are under a false impression that if you buy real estate directly through the listing agent you will save money. Commission is paid out of the sellers pocket, so regardless this portion of the commission is paid to either the sellers agent or the buyers agent. When you work with a buyers agent you are considered to be under “Designated Agency” representation and your agent is committed solely to you. When you buy a property directly from the listing agent you are represented as a “customer” or under “Dual Agency” and you’re agent can not be solely committed to your interests. Here are the differences in representation broken down. WORKING WITH A BUYERS AGENT UNDER “DESIGNATED AGENCY” REPRESENTATION: Realtor works solely on your behalf. Commission comes out of the sellers proceeds. Provided undivided loyalty by protecting your negotiating position and disclosing all facts. Obey all lawful instructions given by client. Realtor and brokerage are bound by ethics and the law. All information is kept in confidence by Realtor and Brokerage. WORKING WITH A SELLERS AGENT UNDER “CUSTOMER” REPRESENTATION: Represents without any kind of agency relationship. Both ‘ends’ of the commission are paid to the sellers agent. The Sellers agent owes the greatest amount of care to the seller. Can not recommend or suggest a price or negotiate on your behalf. Can not tell you what the sellers bottom line is or share any confidential information. Can only prepare and present all offers and counter offers. WORKING WITH A SELLERS AGENT UNDER “DUAL AGENCY” REPRESENTATION: Represents both buyer and seller in the same transaction. Realtor cannot be concerned exclusively with your interests in the transaction. Both ‘ends of the commission are paid to the sellers agent. Deals with both parties impartially.

BUYERS PREPARATION You’re ready to buy - or maybe you’re just ready to start seriously thinking about buying. There’s a lot you can do to prepare. With so much information available at your fingertips, you may already be doing a lot of your own research. Here are a few things to keep in mind while you get started. DETERMINE YOUR PRICE RANGE The best place to start when buying a home is to find out how much house you can afford. I can refer you to a mortgage broker who can assist you with determining how much of a down payment you can afford, comfortable monthly payment, and the type of loan that fits your needs best. Serious buyers who are highly motivated should go through the effort of getting pre-approved; not only will this allow you to focus your home search, but it will also position you as a serious buyer in the eyes of sellers when the time comes to make an offer. MAKE A LIST AND PRIORITIZE Imagine your ideal home and location. Now make a list of everything you envisioned, take that list and break it down from high to low priority. High-priority items are the things you cannot live without in your new home. (Large Bedrooms, Large Closets, High-end appliances, proximity to amenities and schools, etc.). Lower-priority items are those that are an added bonus, but not necessary. (Jetted-tub, landscaped yard). TOUR HOMES IN PERSON AND ONLINE Some people look at several homes before finding just the right one. And others find “the one” immediately. Thanks to the internet, you can streamline your search process significantly by checking out homes for sale online. You can visit open houses and preview everything that’s for sale in your market on one of our websites.

ONLINE CONNECT My website connects sellers with buyers and gives you access to potential listings that fit your criteria before they are exposed to the masses. I use the Internet and all online tools to help find the home that best suits you. With more than 90% of buyers checking the web, getting online is the most effective and efficient way to find your next home. My web presence and online network will help speed up this process. Below shows that 99% of people search for a home using three main search engines. I make sure to connect to these sources in order to utilize every avenue, including our own, in order to find that ideal home for you.




MOVING CHECKLIST IMPORTANT INFORMATION It is important that you use this checklist in order to be well-prepared when buying a home. The last thing you would want to happen is to move into a home without the necessities in life such as electricity, gas, water, or work/school related services such as internet/phone, etc. Be sure everything is in order to keep things running smoothly during the buying process. If you need assistance, I am always here to lend a helping hand. It`s what I do! UTILITY PROVIDERS • Electricity Providers • Telephone Providers • Water & Sewage • Cable & Internet Providers • Gas Providers

BUSINESS ACCOUNTS • Banking Institutions • Cell Phone Providers • Department Stores • Financial Companies • Credit Card Companies

GOVERNMENT INSTITUTIONS • CRA • Post Office • Schools • Provincial Licensing • Library

CLUBS & MISCELLANEOUS • Country Club • Health & Fitness Club • Recreation Club • Book Club • Other Club

INSURANCE COMPANIES • Auto Insurance • Health Insurance • Benefits Provider • Home Insurance • Life Insurance PROFESSIONAL SERVICES • Broker • Accountant • Doctor • Dentist • Lawyer

TESTIMONIALS JILLIAN IS FOCUSSED AND ALWAYS ON MY SIDE... Jillian is upbeat and focused and did a good job helping me find a home in an awful and very depressing market. She quickly got a handle on what would and would not work for me and kept me looking even when I’d almost given up. The real estate business is fraught with conflict-of-interest scenarios; in spite of this I got a good feeling that Jillian was always on my side during the negotiation and purchase of my home. - Rick C. JILLIAN IS EXCELLENT. 5 OUT OF 5! Jillian was an excellent agent who helped guide us through the process of purchasing a property on the Sunshine Coast - not an easy task when we are from Toronto, and had minimal area knowledge, but knew this is where we wanted to buy a retirement property. Jillian spent 1-2 weeks booking listing appointments, and showing us over 20 properties in 5-6 days - she was highly knowledgable regarding the BC real estate process, and what to look out for/know about homes on the Sunshine Coast, top areas to focus on, and weather and exposure issues etc. Jillian was highly responsive, very client oriented and was a pleasure to work with over our intensive 5 days together. Her diligence and her knowledge paid off, as we found our perfect property on our very last day. The purchase negotiation went very smoothly and we were happy with the final outcome. - Lesley B. JILLIAN IS INSIGHTFUL. Jillian is the type of agent you can call at any hour. She know exactly what’s up on the coast, and her insight into investment opportunities in real estate are always well researched and on point. I recommend Jillian unreservedly. - Branden B. JILLIAN IS VERY FREIDNLY... Jillian is a very friendly, enthusiastic, earnest, experienced and professional agent. Not only is she knowledgeable about the market but she also helps me understand the local situation and take the initiative to let a contractor do an assessment for me. In addition, She is always available to answer any questions and concerns. - Sunny W.



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C I T Y R E A LT Y JILLIAN REINSON REALTOR® DIRECT: (778) 322.0113 101 - 938 GIBSONS WAY, GIBSONS, BC V0N 1V7 LICENSE #: 175536 www.coastallivingbc.ca

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