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Whiskey Wedge shown here. See page 12.

Great for Reds & Whites.

ALWAYS CHILLING. NOW AERATING AND POURING. Chill. Keeps already chilled whites at the perfect temp. Cools down room temperature reds to cellar

Item: 5064C 8 Boxes Per Case



Aerate. Instantly enhance the f lavor prof ile of your wine by simply pouring into the glass. Both red and white wine display the same types of f lavor improvement from aerating.

Pour. Remove cap and pour right from the bottle to the glass with ease.

CHILL REDS? A common misperception is that reds should be served at room temperature. Reds are properly served at cellar temperature, which averages near 60 degrees. Average room temperature is 72. Drinking at cellar temp will enhance the flavor profile of your red wine. AERATE WHITES? While it is commonly known that aerating red wine draws out the flavors and aromas, it is an enduring myth that white wine does not need aeration. In fact, white wine displays the exact same improvements with aeration as red wine.


The beautiful, premium packaging doubles as a freezer case.

CHILL. AERATE. POUR. Introducing the next generation of awesome: Corkcicle.ONE. This beauty is made of pure stainless steel and adds new, exciting features that separate it from the original Corkcicle...


Chill. Using our proprietary thermal gel combined with the powerful cooling properties of stainless steel for perfectly chilled whites and reds.

Aerate. The only one of its kind, this amazing aerator will bring instant balance to your wine and draw out the properties gained from decanting or “letting it breathe” immediately when pouring into the glass.

Pour. This convenience factor means you don’t need to remove Corkcicle from the bottle to pour.

Stainless Steel Construction

Item: 5063C Case Of 9 Units Item: 5063C4 Case Of 4 Units


Drink Through

The one and only in-bottle beer chiller that keeps cold ones cold from the first sip to the last, whether drinking from the bottle or as you pour into your glass. Just freeze, insert into a standard 9� bottled beer, and drink right through the Chillsner. Never deal with warm beer again.

Freezer Case Included

Perfect for parties, tailgating or pretty much any occasion where beloved beers are enjoyed. Requires freezing before use.

Item: 4002C 12 - 2 Packs In Case

Item: 4001C 12 In Case


A new slant on whiskey sippin’.

Hello whiskey. Goodbye watered-down. Take the edge off with Whiskey Wedge, a more artful way to enjoy your favorite spirits, perfectly chilled, but not watered down. The Whiskey Wedge is perfect for sipping Whiskey, Bourbon, Tequila, or Scotch. After freezing, the large ice forms in the shape of a wedge on one side of the glass and similar to a glaicer, melts slowly due to its mass compared to smaller ice cubes served “on the rocks.” Whiskey Wedge is the perfect gift for whiskey lovers and design enthusiasts. Included Each unit contains one Double-Old Fashioned Whiskey Glass and one silicone mold (for freezing wedge of ice into glass).

Large “wedge” of slow melting ice

Double Old Fashioned Whiskey Glass Included.

Whiskey Scotch Bourbon Vodka Tequila

Item: 7001C2 16 units per case

25 Hours of Cool. Seriously. This product is amazing. Vinnebago keeps your favorite beverages perfectly chilled while you’re on the go.

The Modern Canteen.

Vacuum sealed, containing three walls of proprietary insulation, Vinnebago is the best-performing insulated bottle...ever. Once you use it once, you won’t stop.



No cumbersome cooler needed.  No annoying “bottle sweating.”  No freezing required.

25 HRS. Keeps any cold beverage ice cold for a full 25 hours! Fits up to 750mL (or a full bottle of wine).

12 HRS.


Also maintains hot beverages for up to 12 hours.

25 HRS. White Wine Cellar-Temp Red Wine Water Sports Drinks Iced Coffee Pina Coladas Soda Mixed Cocktails Vodka

I go where glass bottles can’t.

12 HRS. Coffee Hot Tea Hot Water Cider Hot Cocoa Hot Toddy Mulled Wine Mocha Soup




Vinnebago will keep your drinks ice cold while you’re out in the hot sun. The beach, the boat, the pool deck, you name it, it’s great for any place you want a cold beverage without having to bring a cooler. Stainless Steel Construction. Holds 750mL / 25oz.

Item: 2001BC Black – 6 Per Case

Item: 2001WC White – 6 Per Case

Item: 2001SC Stainless Steel – 6 Per Case

Insert a cold 12-ounce can into the main housing to keep it cold for hours.

3x colder

Double-wall stainless steel with a vacuum seal means cold stays in and warm stays out..

3x longer than the average koozie

NEVER LOSE YOUR COOL. Designed to keep 12 ounce drinks cold for 3 hours.

Remove the twist-on cooling core from the freezer and attach to Arctican when ready to use. Keeps drinks cold for up to 3 hours.

Item: 3001BC Black – 6 Per Case

Item: 3001SC Stainless Steel– 6 Per Case

CLASSIC. THE ORIGINAL IN-BOTLLE CHILLER. Keeping your wines at just the right drinking temperatures – it’s a great dilemma. Too cold and it could mask the vintner’s uniquely crafted complexities. Too warm and the flavors may take a back seat to the alcohol. The answer to this perplexity? Corkcicle.


Freeze it. Pop it. Use it. Love it. These colorful corks are available in Pink, Orange, Green, and Blue.

Item: 5060C Case Of 16 Units

Lose the bucket. Buckets of ice frequently make your wine much too cold, plus they’re messy and a hassle.

Whites and reds. Corkcicle helps maintain optimal drinking temperatures for both white and red wines.

Use again and again. Don’t throw it away. Just give it a rinse and use it again.

Item: 5061MC 4 Blue, 4 Orange, 4 Green, 4 Pink

Item: 5061PC 8 Pink Item: 5061OC 8 Orange Item: 5061GC 8 Green Item: 5061BC 8 Blue


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