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Securatek Systems Incorporated SYSTEMS INC. isbrings 70% blackyears of experience, the latest technologies, superior service, and total customer satisfaction to a host of industrial and commercial clients. Securatek specializes in the design, installation and service of integrated security management, closed-circuit television, photoID badging and network communication systems. We have a team of dedicated Application Engineers. All the products we offer are evaluated for their stability, reliability, and cost effectiveness. If you need the latest in advanced safety technology, superior services, and a wide variety of product, look no further.

Superior Service E N G I N E E R I N G D E PA R T M E N T

Over the years, Securatek has developed and refined an 8-step process that helps ensure a prompt and professional installation. These steps include mobilization (product & personnel), cable, panel and device installation, panel termination, system programming and integration and final testing. Securatek has learned that to properly manage this 8-step approach to installation, it is best to control all aspects of the process. All installation is fulfilled by Securatek’s own expert technicians, not sub-contractors. SERVICE & MAINTENANCE

Installation of a system is important. Maintenance and service are equally as important. We provide a professionally trained service staff to respond to these needs. We have a toll free 24-hour customer hotline, customized preventative maintenance, critical response and escalation plans. We also require that our technicians undergo manufacturer’s training to ensure our ability to meet our full service commitment.

Call when you need to... Our service team provides 24 hour support! C U S TO M E R R E L AT I O N S S P E C I A L I S T S

Our experts can address your business needs on a regional and industry-specific level. We work closely with you to determine your needs then collaborate with your team to define and map your system. This joint effort delivers a world-class solution that makes a bottom-line difference. Securatek will fulfill your every expectation. At Securatek we ensure that your requirements are met before, during, and after every project. We offer turnkey installation, manufacturers certified training, and a service team for 24 hour support.


Securatek has a long history of CCTV installations. We have upgraded hundreds of customers from analog to new digital recording technologies. We offer optimized video storage so customers can effortlessly capture and retrieve crucial video footage. Securatek provides according to your needs, whether just a few fixed cameras, engineering guard and monitoring station consoles, or entire long-range video transmission systems.

You can take confidence in knowing that we offer the finest in advanced security technology, and employ the best technical personnel in the region.


Securatek enhances the security of educational institutions, healthcare centers, and corporate complexes. As we install emergency call boxes and integrated intercom stations, we secure the safety and confidence of students, pedestrians and employees. PERIMETER BURGLAR / FIRE ALARM

Many electronic security systems are complimented by commercial alarm and fire monitoring devices that provide an added layer of protection. Whether tying perimeter alarm points back to a control panel for 24 hour supervision or bringing full smoke, fire and heat detection to a location, we provide high level alarm and electronic security integration. ACCESS CONTROL

Securatek services both national consumer sites throughout the country and smaller local businesses. Access Control services include: photo ID badging, smart card technology, locking hardware, and peripheral door monitoring devices. We also offer more advanced and specialized security solutions, such as biometric authentication, perimeter intrusion detection, motorized gate and barrier arms(?), as well as infant or patient monitoring systems.


System Design While knowledge of the latest technology and components is essential, it is a small part of the big picture. Securatek strives to meet the current client needs, but to also plan for their future requirements. Our motto is quite simply, “Let’s do it right the first time.” Our Engineering Group has undergone certified training in all the products we represent. With over 25 years of experience, Securatek has the expertise to accommodate any system. Our Engineering Group specializes in complex Access Control, Intrusion, and CCTV systems. Projects are designed and engineered to ensure quality installation that conforms to specifications and client requirements. CAD drawings and engineering documents are utilized to provide a clear integration plan for both installer and client.

Securatek plans for both current and future client requirements... We do it right the first time! The security industry is constantly changing and adding new technology. Our Engineering Group analyzes these new products to either optimize our clients existing infrastructure or create a new one. New products are tested in our lab environment to simulate real life situations to identify potential problems and make improvements. Products that don’t meet our strict requirements are not sold by our sales group. Some of the technologies we approved are:

Access Control Systems CCTV Camera and Switching Systems Digital Video Recording Electric Locking Hardware Fence Protection Systems (copper and fiber based) Fiber Optic Transmission Microwave and Passive Infrared Intrusion Systems Video Detection & Intrusion

“Securatek is a one stop security service.” —Satisfied Customer (Never Partners)

“It was right “They have my vote.” —Fabulous Customer (Good Partners)

“Our Security System is everything they promised.” —Ryan Cohen (Suggestive Inc.)

the first time!” —Jane Ryan (Marllee Inc.)

“I asked for a security system and received peace of mind.” —Happy Man (Suggestive Inc.)

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