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Guarantee customer satisfaction Share information and resources Demand excellence

PF managers make an ongoing commitment to Ambition 2010


Management is a profession. It is also a passion for those who relish a daily challenge: working steadily towards enhancing the performance and the development of your team. Maintaining this balance makes this role complex, since managers are also responsible for orchestrating the change which is necessary to the long-term future of the company and to customer satisfaction. Thus, in addition to their everyday responsibility for managing results, teams and resources, the 3 key PF managerial behaviours provide managers with a number of pointers which are critical to achieving our Ambition 2010 objectives. Each manager must become familiar with them, specifically with the help of your own line manager, in order to evaluate your current practice and identify the support you will need: no-one is perfect‌ but everyone must make steady progress in order to achieve our Ambition 2010 objectives and secure the future of our company and its employees.

The 3 managerial behaviours which are key to Personal Finance and our Ambition 2010

This management guide is aimed at all team managers and those with project responsibility. In order to be more competitive, win more customers and increase their loyalty, PF is counting on its managers to develop, circulate and reinforce the three keys to achieving our Ambition 2010 objectives.


Guarantee customer satisfaction Because PF aims to meet the needs of ever-more customers, and achieve ever-higher levels of customer satisfaction: +5 million customers, +5% in the referral rate.

Share information and resources Because PF needs a cross-functional approach to ensure the universal application of its processes and the pooling of its resources (targeted savings of â‚Ź200 million) and to build its business internationally (emerging country development).

Demand excellence Because PF wants to enhance its performance: to rank amongst the top 5 globally, with a 50% increase in funds under management in 2010 and NBI of â‚Ź5 billion.

Three key managerial behaviours on which we must all make progress


Guarantee customer satisfaction • Guarantee the PF through innovation • Guarantee quality of customer service

Share information and resources • Promote a cross-functional approach by sharing information • Cooperate on projects

Demand excellence • Require that commitments are met • Recognise the level of performance in a differentiated way

Guarantee customer satisfaction

We want Line managers to maximise customer satisfaction by being more attentive to their needs and responding rapidly to their requests or complaints.


Three management actions that spell success Close customer relationships • Meet with customers on a regular basis • Be attentive to their needs • Handle mistakes personally and in a timely fashion • Suggest possible improvements

Customer-oriented collective management • Identify the collective performance indicators for customer satisfaction • Adapt your organisation to fit the customer • Empower the customer-facing teams

Customer-oriented individual management • Identify the individual performance indicators for customer satisfaction • Give the sales and marketing teams differentiated, visible and measurable responsibilities

Guarantee customer satisfaction

We want Functional managers to create innovative solutions to customer needs, specifically by keeping an open mind on how it is done ‘elsewhere’.


Three management actions that spell success A culture of innovation • Ensure your team remains open to new ideas (regular participation in professional events such as forums, conferences, visits to reference companies, etc.) • Organise customer meetings in order to identify their needs

Systematic benchmarking • Challenge your team to an ongoing comparison with the ‘best in class’ competitors • Systematically record the best practice for each project studied • Use external information to raise your professional standards

Customer satisfaction a criterion in decision-making • Involve line personnel in projects • Make decisions which take into account the customer impact

Share information and resources

We want Managers to promote a cross-functional approach by sharing information and cooperating with projects outside their own specific area.


Three management actions that spell success Circulating relevant information • Select all the information to be circulated within the team, concerning the team and the company • Report back on all relevant information • Don’t be afraid to speak out or blow the whistle if it helps to drive the business forward

Sharing best practice • Ensure best practice is shared within the team and organise its external circulation • Facilitate the adoption of external practice

Working as a team across the business • Contribute to cross-functional projects personally or as a project head • Leave your ‘own back yard’

Demand excellence

We want Managers to ensure that commitments are honoured, by setting clear targets, by delivering results in line with expectation and by rewarding success in the appropriate way. Managers to remain open to new ideas in aiming for ‘what must be done’ (and not only ‘what can be done’) in promoting those with innovative flair and in motivating those who are more conservative.


Four management actions that spell success Clear objectives • Tell every individual what is expected of him or her • Tell the team what is expected of it • Specify the resources and deadlines • Engage in dialogue to ensure you make yourself properly understood

Decisions taken, decisions acted upon • Plan and share decisions with the team • Provide a clear explanation at the time of the announcement • Ensure faultless execution

Early warning • Rapidly identify and flag any shortfalls/objectives • Look for the causes • Implement remedial solutions

Differentiated rewards for performance • Focus on where the individual has succeeded as much as where he or she has failed • Make allowances for mistakes • Know how to reward people but also sanction them

So that these three key managerial behaviours are promoted in the field

Managers and project heads must fulfil their ongoing responsibilities in terms of managing results, teams and resource. PF would also like them to develop, circulate and reinforce the three key behaviours which will enable us to achieve our Ambition 2010 objectives


How do you evaluate your current management skills and progress made? • Self-appraisal

• Annual appraisal

• Feedback on peer or colleague perception

Resources to support you? A manual (see attached) Line manager support

The sharing of best practice

Specific training courses

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