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Case Study: Solis Lough Eske Castle, Co. Donegal

A FAIL-SAFE AND INTEGRATED ENERGY SOLUTION “A reliable, efficient and effective system that powers the entire Hotel and Spa complex” • Integrated Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) supply for heating in Award winning luxury 5 star hotel • Automated telemetry system monitors fuel supply

• Reduced CO2 emissions • Heating, catering and gas fire supply for the hotel and hot water and heating for the Spa

Located in the unspoilt woodlands of Donegal, Lough Eske Castle is one of Ireland’s most prestigious five star hotels. ‘The hotel owners had a very clear ambition in redeveloping the hotel; creating a new spa facility and top class restaurant, as well as guest suites fitted to the highest quality. We had a long-standing relationship with Calor Gas and knew that we could depend on their experience to specify the best solution,’ he adds.

Solis Lough Eske Castle Luxury 5 star Hotel benefits from the supply of Calor for heating, hot water and catering.


Solis Lough Eske Castle Eamon Tourish

POSITION Engineering Manager

Calor Gas Engineer Paul Gillespie and local Calor Gas Representative Alan Simms, worked with Eamon Tourish to assess the requirements for the Hotel. ‘We could see from the outset that this was a large and technically demanding project,’ Paul explains. ‘The developer wanted a reliable fuel source that could provide heating throughout the hotel, power the kitchens for the award-winning restaurant, and provide constant hot water for the spa and the rooms.’ ‘As the country’s largest supplier of LPG, we knew that we had the technical know-how and logistical back-up to meet the challenge,’ he adds. ‘Crucially, we work closely with manufacturers to ensure that the

Completely restored by its owners in 2007, this unique rural retreat is an integral part of the Donegal landscape, tracing its origins back to the 15th Century. The refurbished hotel has held the ultimate accolade of World’s Best Luxury Country Hotel for the past two years. Now part of the renowned Solis Group, it offers 96 guest rooms, a banqueting suite and conference facilities, a luxurious spa and an extensive golf course. It’s demanding clientèle expect the highest standards, which meant that when it came to installing a fail-safe and integrated energy solution, one name came to mind – Calor Gas. Lough Eske Castle’s Engineering Manager Eamon Tourish, says that the scale and complexity of the refurbishment required technical expertise and experience. ‘It’s no small job running an operation of this size and to the standards our guests demand,’ he says.

The busy kitchen uses Calor for cooking fine quality dishes for the most discerning of guests.

Calor Gas in conjunction with renewable energy wood chip fired boilers provide an ideal solution. equipment specified absolutely meets requirements. Due to the versatility of Calor Gas, we were able to provide a tailored solution that would ensure the hotel could provide a five star service for guests.’

Three separate 120kW Rendamax boilers are also powered by Calor Gas, heating the spa building and providing power for the hot water showers and swimming pool. ‘The entire system is fuelled from a dedicated Calor Gas installation of three 4-tonne LPG tanks located discreetly to the rear of the hotel. This installation from Calor allows for all energy requirements in the hotel to be fuelled from the one source.’ explains Alan. ‘It’s reliable, cleaner burning and economical.’

Four separate 120kW Rendamax boilers are used for heating and hot water in the Spa.

The hotel operates a wood chip fired boiler that is backed up by Calor Gas. Eight 120kW boilers for the hotel’s heating are powered by Calor Gas, as well as 10 hot water cylinders to provide constant hot water.

‘The real success is that all our guests experience continuous five-star comfort,’ concludes Eamon. ‘We’re extremely pleased with the result – a reliable, efficient and effective system that powers the whole complex. We have never had any problem and Calor supply gas automatically to our tanks all year round, ensuring we never run out. The system combines the latest technology and efficiency with the traditional luxury of our establishment – we couldn’t ask for more.’

Calor Gas provides the reliable, controllable fuel required in the kitchens as well as providing the warm glow guests require from the gas fires in the rooms and also in the bar and lounge areas of the main hotel.

The 5 star luxury Spa pool is heated by Calor powered water heaters.

The luxury suites come complete with ‘real flame’ gas fires.

About Calor At Calor, we have been delivering innovative energy solutions for over 70 years. Our team can deliver a complete tailor-made energy solution for your needs. By working with manufacturers of energy efficient technologies, we stay at the cutting edge of developments in the energy industry. Accordingly, we recommend the most energy efficient solutions for you, allowing you to keep pace with changing building regulations and reduce CO2 emissions.

THE BENEFITS AT A GLANCE • K  inder to the environment – Calor Gas has a lower carbon footprint and lower carbon emissions than other traditional fuel types • C  alor Gas has a unique telemetry system that ensures tanks never run out of gas

Comparative Greenhouse Gas Emission Levels Fuel LPG Electricity Oil Coal Peat Briquettes

gCO2 /kWh (NCV) 229.3 542.8 257.0 340.6 355.9

Source: SEI Energy in Ireland Report 2009


1850 812 450 (ROI) 028 9045 5588 (NI)


• Infinite hot water – on demand • C  alor Gas is versatile – many applications can run off the same fuel supply • C  alor Gas is not susceptible to power cuts – unlike electricity • S table gas price throughout the day – avoiding peak time charges • T  he purity of Calor Gas means direct fired systems are almost 100% efficient • C  alor Gas appliances require less maintenance as it is cleaner burning and does not emit any soot • C  alor Gas provides instantly controllable flame temperature • C  alor Gas tanks do not require the construction of containment bunds for potential spills – unlike oil • U  nderground Calor Gas installations do not require a pump – unlike oil installations

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