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Case Study: Connemara Coast Hotel, Co. Galway

CALOR GAS CHECKS IN FOR HOTEL HEATING “It’s great to have this peace of mind when working with Calor” • Four star hotel and leisure resort

• Fast, reliable hot water on demand

• Integrated heating and hot water system powers 90 guest rooms

• Reduced energy costs

Located on Galway Bay, Connemara Coast Hotel is widely regarded as one of the most luxurious in the area, combining an Edwardian ambience with modern facilities and comforts. ‘This was the biggest development in the hotel’s long history,’ says Anne. ‘Our guests recognised our hotel for its style and luxury and we were determined that this new extension would illustrate everything that was best about the Connemara Coast Hotel. We were especially keen to make sure that our guests had every comfort available, and that of course meant reliable, constant heating and hot water in all the rooms. From the outset, it was clear that Calor Gas had the expertise we required.’

One of the recently developed additional 60 guest bedrooms.


Connemara Coast Hotel


Anne Downey

POSITION Hotel Manager The four star Connemara Coast Hotel is located on a spectacular site on Galway Bay, with panoramic views of the Aran Islands and the Clare coast. Widely regarded as one of the most luxurious hotels in the area, it offers Edwardian ambience and charm with the most modern facilities and comfort. The hotel boasts award winning bars and restaurants and top class leisure facilities for guests, with style and quality in evidence throughout. The hotel’s established reputation and success recently saw the development of an additional 60 guest bedrooms built on the east wing of the hotel in 2006. This dedicated project required an integrated, efficient and reliable heating and hot water system. Owner Charles Sinnott and hotel manager Anne Downey decided early on that only one call was needed – to Calor Gas.

Local Calor Gas Sales Representative Paul Byrne knew the Connemara Coast Hotel and its reputation for excellence. Paul had already worked with the hotel when they installed three 26i Rinnai water heaters to supply hot water to 30 of their bedrooms on the east wing of the hotel. Due to the success of this installation, when this wing was to be extended with a further 60 bedrooms, Calor Gas was chosen as the ideal heating and hot water solution for this new extension. From initial meetings with Charles and Anne, Paul recognised the scale of the project and the absolute requirement to provide the optimum heating and hot water solution.

The hotel lobby area, combining an Edwardian ambience with modern comforts.

The key advantage of working with Calor Gas is that you’re getting more than a fuel, you gain access to decades of technical expertise. required, lowering energy costs. ‘The key advantage of working with Calor Gas is that you’re getting more than a fuel,’ Paul explains. ‘Besides dealing with the largest Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) supplier in the country, you’re gaining access to decades of technical expertise and a partnership with leading equipment manufacturers. This means that you have peace of mind that the equipment we specify meets

Three separate Rinnai HD50i wall hung water heaters provide a continuous flow of hot water.

your needs and the needs of your clients,’ he adds. Working with Calor’s technical team, Paul specified a range of water & heating equipment designed around the Connemara Coast Hotel’s specific requirements. He identified that Rinnai, one of the most highly regarded manufacturers in the industry, was best placed to provide the optimum hot water solution. Calor Gas engineers upgraded the existing three Rinnai 26i water heaters to accommodate the east wing’s 60 additional rooms. Three new Rinnai HD50i wall hung water heaters were fitted, providing a continuous flow hot water system capable of raising 50 litres of water to 40°C every minute – meaning a constant supply of hot water for all guests. The hot water is stored in a single cylinder prior to pumping to the individual rooms. This eliminates the need to heat up large storage tanks as hot water is only pumped as

The ornate gallery landing and balcony area brings together the newly developed wing of the hotel.

To supply the heating to the new extension, three 60kW ATAG Blauwe Engel boilers were installed. The whole system is powered from a single 7-tonne Calor bulk tank installed discreetly at the rear of the hotel’s service area. The result is reliable room heating and constant hot water on demand – just as it should be for guests used to luxury and comfort in stylish surroundings. ‘The new wing, with its integrated heating and hot water system, was completed without any problems and our guests are giving us extremely positive feedback,’ says Anne. ‘It’s great to have this peace of mind working with Calor Gas. Their expertise means that we can get on with our business – looking after our guests and giving them the highest standards of comfort.’

Rinnai water heaters fit the bill Calor Gas has a long standing relationship with one of the most established heating equipment manufacturers, ensuring that our reliable fuel and technical expertise, coupled with Rinnai’s equipment, gives you peace of mind.

Rinnai HD50i

• The Rinnai Heavy Duty HD50i Internal water heater installed in the Connemara Coast Hotel, is a wall

Comparative Greenhouse Gas Emission Levels Fuel LPG Electricity Oil Coal Peat Briquettes

gCO2 /kWh (NCV) 229.3 542.8 257.0 340.6 355.9

Source: SEI Energy in Ireland Report 2009


1850 812 450 (ROI) 028 9045 5588 (NI)


THE BENEFITS AT A GLANCE • K  inder to the environment – Calor Gas has a lower carbon footprint and lower carbon emissions than other traditional fuel types • C  alor Gas has a unique telemetry system that ensures tanks never run out of gas. • C  alor Gas is versatile – many applications can run off the same fuel supply • C  alor Gas is not susceptible to power cuts – unlike electricity • S table gas price throughout the day – avoiding peak time charges • T  he purity of Calor Gas means direct fired systems are almost 100% efficient • C  alor Gas appliances require less maintenance as it is cleaner burning and does not emit any soot • C  alor Gas tanks do not require the construction of containment bunds for potential spills – unlike oil

About Calor At Calor, we have been delivering innovative energy solutions for over 70 years. Our team can deliver a complete tailor-made energy solution for your needs. By working with manufacturers of energy efficient technologies, we stay at the cutting edge of developments in the energy industry. Accordingly, we recommend the most energy efficient solutions for you, allowing you to keep pace with changing building regulations and reduce CO2 emissions.

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