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Want to bring all the benefits of gas to your business? NOW YOU CAN Are you looking for an appropriate fuel source to meet your energy requirements; one that will lead to lower emissions, a reduced carbon footprint and reduced energy costs in a competitive marketplace? That fuel source is Calor LPG. Contents Introducing Calor What is LPG? Tanks or Cylinders? Calor - The versatile business fuel Calor - the cleaner fuel Case Study: Linwoods Case Study: Boyle GAA club Case Study: Lough Eske Castle Case Study: sps technologies Case Study: ballygowan Case Study: shannon airport How to Switch energy advice Never Run Out; Payment Methods CHP Middletown Case Study GHP Castle Leslie Case Study

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Introducing Calor Established in 1937, Calor has been delivering innovative energy solutions in Ireland for over 70 years. Calor is the leading distributor of LPG in Ireland and is part of the SHV Gas Group. SHV Gas is an independent, family-owned Dutch company and the largest distributor of LPG worldwide, fuelling homes, businesses and vehicles in more than 27 countries.

Constant hot water

Efficient space heating

Controllable cooking

Environmentally friendly



What is LPG? LPG stands for Liquefied Petroleum Gas - a very versatile, portable and manageable fuel that’s a naturally occurring by-product of the oil extraction process. Calor LPG is easily stored and delivered in cylinder and bulk tank form, and as it produces far lower carbon emissions than oil, coal, peat and even electricity, is one of the cleanest conventional fuels available.



Tanks or cylinders? The majority of businesses that use Calor Gas choose to receive a bulk tank supply, where Calor deliver LPG direct to a specially installed tank or tanks on your premises. If you prefer, your Calor Gas tank or tanks can be installed underground, remaining out of sight. Should your business require a small LPG supply, or if you do not have room for a tank, you can get your Calor Gas supply in propane cylinders.

• Propane performs at low temperatures, allowing it to be stored outdoors in tank or cylinder form all year round. • LPG propane cylinders are specially made to store propane in its liquid state, under moderate pressure, until it is used. As the leading distributor of LPG on the island of Ireland, Calor Gas can also offer the reassuring security of a fuel supply which doesn’t have to rely on Middle Eastern or Russian imports; 25% of our LPG is sourced from our Whitegate Refinery in Co. Cork, with the remainder sourced within Europe.



Calor - the versatile business fuel Wherever you’re based in Ireland, Calor Gas can offer a range of service solutions for your business. • Energy Advisors and Business Development Engineers carry out free energy reviews. • Appliance, system and solution recommendations are made based on energy review findings. • Recommendations are personalised to best suit your company’s needs and budget. For instance, due to the constant need for quick, highly controllable and consistent cooking in restaurants and hotels, Calor Gas is the ideal solution. In addition, Calor can deliver constant supplies of hot water to all manner of commercial enterprises, and because LPG-powered systems remove the need for water storage tanks, this is an area where considerable savings can be made. Similar savings can be made for heating your premises with the utmost cost effectiveness, whether it’s an exhibition hall or an industrial/commercial unit. Calor can also recommend cooling solutions for businesses from pubs and offices to retail outlets and conference venues.

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Calor - the cleaner fuel If you’re looking to make your business a more environmentally friendly operation, look no further than Calor Gas. As one of the cleanest burning, most environmentally sustainable fuels available, in terms of carbon emissions, Calor Gas emits 11% less CO2 than heating oil, 33% less than coal and a phenomenal 53% less than electricity. 600


500 400










Natural Gas







Source: (03/13). For Northern Ireland figures on CO2 emissions, please visit our website.

As environmentally attractive as this is, we still want to do even better. As a company, we adopt best practice industry solutions, encouraging our suppliers to do likewise. We have a sustainability programme with the primary objective of reducing the carbon emissions of our company by 25% by 2020. Under this programme, we have introduced a digital logistics system which greatly reduces the mileage travelled by our delivery trucks each year. This is the first of many new initiatives we are planning as part of our sustainability programme to reduce our carbon emissions. We consistently review our operations to become more environmentally friendly. For Northern Ireland figures on CO2 emissions, please visit our website. Details are provided at the back of the brochure.

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Case studies To give you some more specific examples of how we’ve provided energy solutions to businesses all over Ireland, please take a moment to read the following case studies:

Case Study Linwoods Bakery, Dairy and Healthfood Company, Armagh Calor provided Linwoods with a solution for their controllable baking and instant hot water needs, and are about to begin fuelling the company’s entire heating with Calor Gas. Premium bakery, fresh dairy and healthy superfood producers Linwoods have been in business for over 15 years. The company operates a vast distribution network, reaching over 1,600 retail customers every day. When they set up their bakery operation in 1996, Linwoods installed one hotplate and three small reel ovens powered by Calor Gas, alongside five large oil burning ovens. However, having worked with oil and gas simultaneously for almost a decade, when Linwoods expanded their business in 2004 to include a dairy operation, they chose Calor Gas to power the installation, due to its advantages over both oil and electricity.

Hot water on demand A fully modulating burner allows rapid response to any demand for steam, but with significantly reduced CO2 emissions compared to oil. The LPG-fired burners provide instant and constant steam and hot water on demand, in contrast to electric powered systems, which take time to heat the water supply.

Immediate benefits In 2010, impressed with Calor’s track record and the performance of LPG in the new dairy, company owner John Woods enlisted Calor’s expertise in replacing the five oil burners powering the bakery plant’s three rack ovens and two prover ovens. The new system and reliable Calor Gas fuel supply have produced immediate and noticeable benefits, mirroring the success already seen in the dairy.

Cost saving According to John, “Calor has more than delivered the results we were looking for. With the oil burners, we had problems with the ovens cutting off when the oil ran out and they also generated a lot of soot. The use of fully modulating gas burners has reduced both running and maintenance costs, thanks to the improved reliability of the new system and cleaner burning fuel. This has resulted in considerable cost savings with Calor.” Such is the success of the installation that Linwoods is now looking to convert the entire heating system for its administration building and the bakery despatch area from oil to Calor Gas. This final phase, due for implementation early in 2011, will see the elimination of all oil on the site, and all production and heating being powered by Calor.

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Case Study Boyle GAA Club, Co. Roscommon Calor provided Boyle GAA Club with a solution to their instant hot water requirements for clubhouse showers. Boyle GAA Club has been a successful sporting club for over 40 years, with a dedicated local following. In 2009, the club’s Board decided that a new clubhouse with more modern facilities was needed. The old clubhouse, built in the 1970s, was struggling to meet the requirements of the players, particularly with regard to hot water for the showers. Club Chairman Aidan Lavin explains: “The original system was no longer up to the job. It had a water storage system that took at least three hours to heat up. If there were two consecutive matches, the hot water would run out, and the second teams would have cold showers.” The existing system was electric powered, using immersion heaters to bring water up to temperature in hot water cylinder tanks. This provided only limited hot water, which regularly ran out, as, due to their design, traditional electric storage systems are typically unable to meet modern hot water demand. Heating recovery times are also often greater than the period of use. By contrast, LPG-powered Rinnai water heaters provide a continuous flow on demand, meaning that you never run out of hot water.

Instant hot water on demand The Board recognised that, with the old system no longer fit for purpose, there was a real opportunity to install a purpose designed Calor hot water system for the new clubhouse; a system that would avoid wastage, save money and provide instant hot water on demand right throughout the new clubhouse, from the changing rooms to the kitchens.

Eco-friendly, cost efficient Since the new clubhouse opened in May 2010, this has proved to be the case. The showers are eco-friendly and cost efficient, with 20-second supply push buttons minimising water wastage. There is also no requirement for anyone to turn the system on or off, as it is ready for use at any time, day or night. Club Chairman Aidan Lavin says that the project has been a resounding success. “We wanted a system that was instant, fool-proof and required no storage. Calor delivered a new, reliable hot water system that allows us to concentrate our efforts on the playing field - where they belong!”

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Case Study Lough Eske Castle Located in the unspoilt woodlands of Donegal, Lough Eske Castle is one of Ireland’s most prestigious five star hotels. Initially built in the 15th century, the Castle was completely restored by its owners in 2007, and when it came to installing a fail-safe and integrated energy solution, one name came to mind - Calor Gas. Lough Eske Castle’s engineering manager Eamon Tourish says that the scale and complexity of the refurbishment required technical expertise and experience. “The hotel owners had a very clear ambition in redeveloping the hotel; creating a new spa facility and top class restaurant, as well as guest suites fitted to the highest quality. We had a long-standing relationship with Calor Gas and knew that we could depend on their experience to specify the best solution for an operation of this size, and to the standards our guests demand.”

Tailored solution to provide single fuel source Calor Gas Engineer Paul Gillespie and local Calor Gas Representative Alan Simms worked with Eamon to assess the requirements for the hotel. “We could see from the outset that this was a large and technically demanding project,” Paul explains. “The developer wanted a reliable fuel source that could provide heating throughout the hotel, power the kitchens, and provide constant hot water for the spa and the rooms.” Calor’s technical know-how and logistical backup allowed Paul and Alan to meet the challenge and provide a tailored solution that would ensure the hotel could provide a five star service for guests.

Heating, hot water, cooking, warm glow fires The hotel operates a wood chip fired boiler that is backed up by Calor Gas. Eight 120kW boilers for the hotel’s heating are powered by Calor, as well as ten hot water cylinders, which provide constant hot water. Calor Gas provides the reliable, controllable fuel required in the kitchens as well as providing the warm glow from the gas fires in the rooms, bar and lounge areas of the main hotel. Three separate 120kW Rendamax boilers are also powered by Calor Gas, heating the spa building and providing power for the hot water showers and swimming pool.

Reliable, cleaner burning, economical As Alan explains, “The entire system is fuelled from a dedicated Calor Gas installation of four 4-tonne LPG tanks located discreetly to the rear of the hotel. This installation from Calor allows for all the hotel’s energy requirements to be fuelled from one source. It’s reliable, cleaner burning and economical.” “The real success is that all our guests experience continuous five-star comfort,’ concludes Eamon. ‘We’re extremely pleased with the result - a reliable, efficient and effective system that powers the whole complex. We have never had any problem and Calor supply gas automatically to our tanks all year round, ensuring we never run out. The system combines the latest technology and efficiency with the traditional luxury of our establishment - we couldn’t ask for more.”

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Case Study SPS Technologies, Shannon, Co. Clare

Case Study Ballygowan, Newcastle West, Co. Limerick

In addition to fuelling the commercial heating necessary to its manufacturing process, Calor Gas fuels SPS’s fleet of forklift trucks.

An integral part of the bottled water company’s industrial production heat process is made possible by their use of Calor Gas.

Located in Shannon, SPS Technologies is a world leader in the development, design and manufacture of critical fasteners such as cylinder head bolts, turbocharger shafts and high temperature exhaust manifold bolts and studs, which it supplies to the transportation and aviation industries worldwide.

Based in one of Europe’s most modern, high technology plants at Newcastle West, County Limerick, The Ballygowan Company is the undisputed leader in the Irish bottled water market, distributing more than 60 million litres of natural water per year.

Fewer emissions, less downtime In addition to supplying the fuel necessary for running its furnaces via a 50-tonne bulk LPG tank, Calor also gave SPS the option to run an LPG-fuelled fleet of forklift trucks. Choosing Calor Gas for this purpose was the sensible option, as given that gas-powered trucks are cleaner, with fewer emissions than diesel, it meant that SPS could have just one fuel provider and run the same trucks throughout the factory, rather than having to use diesel outside and electric in more sensitive areas. LPG-powered trucks also require considerably less downtime as opposed to electric trucks, making them a more costeffective option in the long run.

Save costs and storage space with a bulk tank For security of supply from their 50-tonne bulk heating tank, and to enjoy the same bulk rate savings for the fleet of trucks as they do on their heating supply, Calor suggested that SPS install a separate bulk tank specifically to fuel the fleet. Installing a dedicated bulk tank for this purpose removes the need to continually change cylinders on individual trucks, not to mention freeing up space which an on-site cylinder storage facility would require.

Sterilisation temperatures reached at high speed The Ballygowan plant is recognised industrywide as one of the finest bottling facilities in Europe, and with an automatic bottling line filling 600 bottles per minute, it is imperative that the plant’s sterilisation process is of an impeccable standard. In order to guarantee that bottles are perfectly clean and water doesn’t become contaminated, Ballygowan use Calor Gas in their sterilisation process, due to LPG’s ability to reach extremely high temperatures at speed. This allows the bottles to be sterilised quickly without slowing down the bottling process.

A dependable supply that never runs out For this process to continue seamlessly, it’s of the utmost necessity that Ballygowan have a dependable fuel supplier, which is just what Calor is. By fitting the Ballygowan plant’s two 2-tonne bulk LPG tanks with our unique telemetry system, the tanks themselves can gauge when a refill is required, letting Calor know how much gas has been used and when a delivery is required. These deliveries are always scheduled in good time, ensuring that Ballygowan - like all Calor bulk tank customers - never run out of Calor Gas.

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Case Study Shannon Airport Calor Gas powers this busy airport’s radiant and direct fired heating, as well as supplying the fuel for catering. Unique in both its location and its place in the history of world aviation, Shannon Airport’s geographical position has led to it being chosen as the transatlantic gateway between Europe and America. The airport covers 2,000 acres in Co. Clare, employs almost 2,000 people full time, with another 1,000 temporary staff during summer months, and handles approximately three million passengers and 50,000 metric tonnes of freight per annum. Heating the large areas of open airport space such as cargo areas, aircraft hangars and passenger thoroughfares was proving a difficult task until Calor got involved. Thanks to the versatility of Calor Gas-fuelled heating solutions, the airport was able to use different types of heating as best suited each area, all powered from the same fuel source.

Effective heating of large open spaces Direct fired heaters work best for locations with high ventilation rates, allowing large open spaces to be effectively heated without causing a massive drop in temperature. This makes them perfect for heating the airport’s hangars. Fresh air is drawn into the heater and heated as it passes over a gas burner, before being discharged into a distribution duct or via directional grilles to the point where it is required.

Quick, controllable quality cooking Not only does Calor provide the fuel resource for heating, it also fuels all of Shannon Airport’s catering, bringing the clean, fingertip-controlled heat and perfect results that only cooking with gas can achieve. It was the smart choice for a range of busy kitchens which need high quality, high volume food on a fast and ongoing basis.

Saving energy, saving money To supply all these LPG requirements over such a vast area, Shannon Airport opted for three 30-tonne bulk tanks, located away from the main airport terminals, while still proving accessible for refuelling. Not only does buying their gas at bulk rates help save them money, Shannon’s decision to have their gas supply metered around the airport means that in quieter times of the year, specific areas can be isolated to help save on energy costs.

For more detailed versions of these and other case studies, visit

Heavy footfall area heating without energy wastage For areas such as within the airport terminal, where large numbers of people are constantly passing through, radiant heaters are the ideal choice, given that they directly warm people (or surfaces) that are directly in their path. As radiant heaters operate without air movement, and do not heat air space above or below the targeted areas, they avoid any potential energy wastage.

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How to switch You’ll be glad to hear that the switching process from your current fuel provider to Calor is quick, clean and simple and can reduce your running costs! At Calor, we offer a full service where we take you right the way through conversion from oil over to Calor Gas. From the moment you decide to switch, we handle everything for you up to your first fill, via the following steps:


Sales Advice We discuss what’s involved in switching, the pricing options to consider and any potential grants which can be claimed.


Site Survey Our Business Development Engineers, working with Registered Gas Installers, will help you choose the energy system that best suits your business.

We can provide you with all the benefits of gas, no matter where you are in Ireland. You’ll also gain the comfort of using a cleaner burning, more environmentally sustainable alternative to your current fuel supply. In addition, you’ll be able to enjoy excellent Customer Support, online account management, money-saving energy solutions and the peace of mind that you’ll never run out of gas as a Calor customer.

3 Oil Removal/calor tank installation* We will assist you in removing and disposing of your existing oil tank and boiler in an environmentally friendly way.

4 system Installation/ Gas Delivery Our team will lead on the installation of your new energy efficient system and deliver your first fill of Calor Gas.


Customer support Now you’re up and running on Calor Gas, we provide after service care to ensure you’re fully comfortable with your new system. As you can see, once you decide to switch, we’re with you every step of the way to make it a simple and convenient process. If you’d like to find out how to switch today, please find contact details at the back of the brochure. *Terms and conditions apply. Some restrictions may apply.

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Never run out with Calor Gas When your business begins to use Calor Gas, you can do so safe in the knowledge that you’ll never run out. Our tanks come equipped with an automated telemetry system that constantly monitors your fuel level and automatically tells us when you need a top-up. You don’t have to do a thing - and with a nationwide fleet of tankers on the road all year round, you’ll always be in constant supply. For cylinders, you can avail of our switch over system, ensuring that you’ve always got plenty of time to order new ones.

Telemetry gauge activates when LPG in your tank reaches certain level


Remote Telemetry Monitoring Centre


Our monitoring centre is alerted that there is a need for your tank to be refilled



Tanker arrives at your premises to fill tank in plenty of time - guaranteeing you never run out

A little energy advice goes a long way With Calor, it’s the personal touch that counts. Our Business Development Engineers are highly skilled at putting together complete custom-made energy solutions and recommending the right appliances and systems, so that your business can become more energy efficient and more cost effective.

Calor Gas delivery tanker is dispatched from local depot

Better business bill control with Calor As we’ve mentioned, Calor Gas is a very manageable fuel - and with our range of payment options, paying your company’s Calor Gas bill is just as manageable.

With our new energy survey software, our Calor Sales Representatives, using a tablet PC, can carry out a free energy survey of your premises. This will provide you with an immediate report on the energy efficiency of your business, and will outline tailored recommendations.

Depending on your business’s particular gas requirements, our Energy Advisors will be able to work out a payment solution to suit you best.

For contact details please refer to the back of the brochure.

• check your business account details, whenever and wherever you want to

You can also enjoy the benefits of managing your Calor account directly at Once you complete a simple online registration, this website allows you to: • view and pay your company’s Calor bills online • place an order for gas delivery • view and print all transactions, invoices and statements • and submit meter readings to ensure up-to-date billings.

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CHP Case Study Middletown Nursing Home, Co. Wexford Opened in 1984, Middletown House Nursing Home has built up an enviable reputation for comfort and care to the highest standard. Catering for 50 residents with a range of requirements, the nursing home employs 50 dedicated staff. In addition, 20 one, two and three-bedroom houses have been built to provide an independent lifestyle for residents. Owner Joseph Butler explains, “We’ve built a community based on quality of life, support and attention to our residents’ needs. Constant, reliable and controllable heat is a must.”

Constant heat and power from a single fuel Recently, Joseph decided to further enhance the facilities of the complex, extending the main building and upgrading the old oil-fired heating system. The nursing home required constant heat and power, ideally from a single fuel that would be cleaner and more fuel efficient, therefore Calor were contacted to provide the solution - a CHP system.

combined heat and power Calor are constantly investing in innovative new energy solutions to help businesses and the environment alike. Combined heat and power (CHP) is the process of generating both electrical power and useful heat from one single source. • CHP units look and work like regular gas boilers, but are actually more than 90% energy efficient. • CHP units save money by off-setting electrical consumption. • Unused CHP-generated electricity can be sold back to the national grid.

The Dachs CHP system installed at Middletown uses 20.5kW heat input to deliver a constant 5.5kW of electricity and 12.5kW of heat. In addition, it provides back up to the solar panels that are the primary source of hot water.

Lower costs, reduced carbon emissions The CHP unit provides electricity to the nursing home complex with the overall demand for electricity being reduced, meaning lower costs and reduced carbon emissions. In addition, due to an internal heat exchanger, the system is 99% efficient. The total energy cost savings are €2,500 per year, and it also emits around 17 tonnes less CO2 each year. “Working with Calor has already delivered results,” says Joseph. “We’ve noticed a real reduction in our electricity bills. We’re delighted with the system.”

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GHP Case Study Castle Leslie, Monaghan One of the few remaining family-owned castles in Ireland has been involved in an ongoing improvement and restoration programme for the past number of years, during which the Castle’s guardian, Sammy Leslie, has regularly turned to Calor for reliable, controllable heating, water heating and catering facilities, which are also suitable to the specific requirements of the estate. Efficient, economical heating and cooling Most recently, the castle’s Long Gallery Wing required a heating and cooling solution which would be sympathetic to the preservation of the building, environmentally sensitive, efficient and economical, while also capable of both heating and cooling individual rooms quickly.

gas fired heat pumps Gas fired heat pumps (GHP) are a cost effective green technology that can be used to both heat and cool. • CO2 emissions are typically 20-25% less than with an equivalent sized electrically driven system. • The GHP cooler requires no defrost cycle making it capable of 100% heat output even when outside temperatures reach as low as -20˚C.

That solution was a Sanyo Gas Heat Pump, which, by using the castle’s original heating system, was able to be installed without affecting the Long Gallery’s architecture or features. Compared to traditional air conditioning units, GHPs require no defrost cycle, so the system has been able to function continuously even in severe winter conditions.

Underground tank minimises visual impact As with previous bulk Calor tanks installed for the estate’s other heating and catering requirements, the new tank serving the Long Gallery GHP was installed underground to minimise visual impact. All that is visible is a green access cover, allowing the ground above the tank to be landscaped. Sammy notes, “Calor has helped us to install a system that suits all of our needs, not only heating and cooling rooms but one that is in keeping with the aesthetics of the castle. The system is very effective and is extremely responsive, making it both cost and energy efficient.”


Calor contact For information, advice and

support on all Calor products and services, contact our Customer Support Team.


ROI: 1850 812 450 NI: 028 9045 5588

In the event of an emergency outside office hours, please dial:


ROI: 01 291 6229 NI: 0845 075 5588

Calor complies with the International Organisation for Standardisation ISO 9001.

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