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Development and Investment Department

Infrastructure Investments

London, May 2012

• Secretary of State for Infrastructure Mr. Luis Roberto de Albuquerque – Infrastructural Investments Opportunities in Rio Grande do Sul

• Secretary of State for Sports Mr. Kalil Sehbe – Plans of Rio Grande do Sul to the World Cup

• Secretary of State for Tourism Ms. Abgail Pinheiro – Convention & Exhibition Centre for the Metropolitan Area of Porto Alegre

Infrastructure and Logistics Department

Infrastructural Investments Opportunities in Rio Grande do Sul Federal Deputy Beto albuquerque State Secretary of Infrastructure and Logistics

1. How Does the Infraestructure and Logistics State Department works? DAER - State Roads and Highways

• SEINFRA is responsable for formulating the state level policies to improve the Local Infrastructure, Energy, and Logistic sistems;

SPH - Inland Navigation

• The execution of the formulated policies is delegated to subsidiary Departments and Companies;

DAP - Airports

• We seek partners that may contribute with innovative solutions, technology, and know-how to adress our infrastructure investment needs.

SUPRG - Rio Grande Port

CRM - Coal Mining Sulgás - Natural Gás Distribution CEEE - Eletricity (Generation, Transmission and Distribution)

2. Rio Grande Port General Data: • Total cargo operation in 2011: 30.5 mi Tons; • Average operation growth 2006-2011: 6,7% • Operation growth in 2011: 10,3% • Total container operation in 2011: 640.000 TEU’s;

2. Rio Grande Port Investment Opportunities: Terrapleno Island Project:  Area of 1km², ± 250 Acre;  Possibility of Expansion of the area indicates an opportunity to double its operational area;  The first project ideas work with an 1.8 km² operational area.  Total

Investment: US$ 2 bi;

2. Porto de Rio Grande Investment Opportunities: Tunel construction through the Port’s Canal;

3. Inland Navigation General Information: •

Treaty establishing the Uruguay-Brazil Waterway;

• MOU between SEINFRA and the Federal Government for a Joint Management of the Inland Navigation in the State; • Inland navigation corresponds to ± 4% of the states’ transport, indicating a huge development potential;

Opportunities along the Waterway: • Establishment of new Cargo Terminals along the Uruguay-Brazil Waterway; • Establishment of a Container Terminal near Porto Alegre’s metropolitan area; • New Business Models on the existing Terminals of: Porto Alegre, Cachoeira do Sul and Pelotas.

4. Airports General Information: • The state main Airport is the Salgado Filho International Airport in Porto Alegre; •The International Airport in Porto Alegre is expanding to comprise 12 million passanger/year by 2014;

• National average operation growth: 14%/year; • The government’s forecast projects that its capacity is going to be exceeded by 2020; Opportunities in Airports: Regional Airport in Caxias do Sul; • “Serra” is the region to be served by the Airport, it comprises: • 31 Cities; • ± 870 thousand people; • GDP 2011: US$ 15 Bi; • Exports FOB 2011: US$ 1,8 Bi.

New International Airport in the Metropolitan area of Porto Alegre; • The Airport will serve the whole State; • 496 cities; • ± 10,7 Mi people (4 mi just on Porto Alegre’s Metropolitan region); • GDP 2011: US$ 153 Bi; • Exports FOB 2011: US$ 16,5 Bi.

4. Airports Regional Airport in Caxias do Sul Location:

4. Airports Regional Airport in Caxias do Sul:

Project developed in two steps: • First: • Runway 1 with 3.100m x 45m: • Cargo and Passanger Terminal; •Second: • Expand Runway 1 to 4.100m x 45m; • Add Runway 2 with 3.100m x 45m;

Total Investment: US$ 500 mi;

4. Airports

Location of the New International Airport in the Metropolitan area of Porto Alegre:

4. Airports New International Airport at Porto Alegre’s Metropolitan Area : Location •2 Runways of 3.200m x 45m each; • International Cargo and Passanger Terminals;

• Total operational capacity: 40 mi passangers/year;

Total Investment: US$ 1.2 bi.

4. Airports: State Map

5. Highways General Information: • The State of Rio Grande do Sul enjoys a total net of Roads and Highways that corresponds to 18.954 km, approximately, from which 12.629 km (almost 8 thousand miles) are maneged by the State Government; • The Governor recently signed a regulament on how such Public-Private-Partnerships (PPP’s) ought to work on the State, opening fruitful opportunities for new partnerships;

Opportunities on Highways: • Public-Private-Partnerships (PPP’s) and concessions to build new Highways and/or to improve (with second lane) the existing ones: • BR-470; • RS-324.

5. Highways Public-Private-Partnerships (PPP’s) and concessions to build new Highways and/or to improve (with second lane) the existing ones:

BR-470 • Implement the second lane in both ways between Nova Prata – Garibaldi: 73 km;

Total Investment: US$ 400 mi; • Build the São Jerônimo – Triunfo Bridge:

Total Investment: US$ 700 mi;

5. Highways Public-Private-Partnerships (PPP’s) and concessions to build new Highways and/or to improve (with second lane) the existing ones: RS – 324: • Implement the second lane in both ways between Nova Prata – Passo Fundo: 115 km;

Total Investment: US$ 650 mi;

“More investment, more work, more development.� Federal Deputy Beto Albuquerque Infrastruture and Logistics Secretary

Thank you!

• Plans of Rio Grande do Sul to

the World Cup

• RESPONSABILITIES: State and city Urban Mobility Arenas’ sourroundings Airports’ sourroundings Tourist port terminals’ sourroundings Union Airports: Passenger terminals Ports: Tourist terminals

Subject Groups 1 Infrastructure





Coordenation of Actions

CGCOPA 2014 4



Environment and sustainability


Touristic development


Commercial and technological promotion


Culture and education



+ Responsibility Committee of the host cities

Strategic plan of actions of Brazilian Goverment for 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil

BEIRA-RIO (SC Internacional) Capacity: 54.000 seats • Investment: - More than US$113 million

Beginning:2010 Expected Conclusion: 2013

ARENA – Grêmio FBPA • Capacity: 65.000 seats • Investment: US$ 226 million Beginning: 2010 Conclusion: December of 2012


• Development in Rio Grande do Sul of a model plan of security. • Partnership with State and Federal Courts; State Court, the Public Attorney. • Public Security integration - Federal (Army, Navy and Air force, Federal Police) - State ( State Police (civil and military), Forensics, warder) - City (Traffic Guard, City Guards)


Tecnological Improvement

Human Resources


Total Investments (2011-2014): R$ 1.213.382.875,61 ( US$ 670.303.212,69)

Social and Preventive Actions

• Increase of hospital beds to the World Cup, including public and private investments

HEALTH Cup Operation

Integrated Operations Center State Regulation Center

Call-Center Visitor Center

City Regulation Center

CIEVS Center for health vigilance

Beira Rio Stadium First Aid


Urgency Structores

• Agreements with public institutions and civil society organizations.

• Construction of 6 new substations.

• Upgrade of 5 substations. • Powerlines: new lines, upgrade and improvement of existing lines .

• Construction and upgrade of 8 transmission lines.

Investment: US$ 333 millions

• Commercial, gastronomic, culture and leisure Expected start : August of 2012 Investment: US$ 140 million

• Possibility of 6 thousand hotel beds to 2014 World Cup Investment: US$ 10 millions

• • • • • •

Extension of the runway - US$ 120 millions Construction of a new passenger terminal - US$ 190,6 millions Construction of a new cargo terminal - US$129 millions Extension of the runway: from 2.280m to 3.200m Resettlement of 2.798 families Upgrade of the Instrument Landing System to ILS cat-II

• Development Program in 13 regional airports Investment: U$$ 50 million (R$ 86,7 milhþes )

• Construction and expansion of roads in the metropolitan area of Porto Alegre

Metro Line 1–Expansion from São Leopoldo to Novo Hamburgo Investment: R$ 514 millions

• 9,3 km - 4 stations

Expected Operation Start: 2012

• Connection between Trensurb Airport Station and Salgado Filho Airport Expected operation start: 2012 Investment: R$ 16,5 millions

• Infrastructure works in the host city Investment: US$ 300 millions

• • • • •

Sustainable constructions and arenas; Waste management; Climate Changes; Organic Cup; Parks of the World Cup.

• • • •

• •

Integration among government, business and population; Learning of other languages; Full use of the implemented structures and venues; Economic and social development with environmental responsibility; Respect and accessibility; Improvement of the quality of life in the RS.

O BRASIL E O RIO GRANDE ESPERAM POR VOCĂŠ Brazil and Rio Grande do Sul await you.

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