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By Alexander - While migraine headaches are more common in women, cluster headaches are more common in men. The pain, however, can often be as severe as that of a migraine headache. Scientists have not yet found the cause of cluster headaches, but they do know that these headaches are not related to any other illnesses or diseases, and they are not hereditary. There is usually no warning sign that a cluster headache is about to start. They start suddenly, and the pain increases quickly. A person may feel pain and pressure behind one or both eyes, and the eye may even become red and swollen, not to mention watery. The nose may also become red, swollen, and mucous may drain. Learn More About Cluster Headache Treatment Cluster headaches can last anywhere from half an hour to forty-five minutes or more, but unlike migraines, they are quickly recurring. The sufferer will usually experience cluster headaches around the same time each day for up to eight weeks

However, for sufferers, cluster headaches are a serious health problem in themselves. The pain is severe. When one headache ends, they know that another one will come the next day or in a few hours. Some people report up to six or more headaches each and every day of the cluster period.

While tests are not required to diagnose cluster headaches, your doctor may suggest them anyway, just to rule out other serious health problems. Recurring headaches such as these are often the sign of neurological problems, and that does need to be ruled out. It is important that you tell your doctor how often the headaches are occurring, the severity of the pain, how long they last, and what time of the day they start. You should also discuss what you have done to try to relieve the pain, what has worked, and what has not. Your doctor needs all of this information to better treat you.

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Cluster headache treatment  

While there is no cure, cluster headaches can sometimes be prevented and acute attacks treated. Recommended treatments for acute attack incl...

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