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AGC Education and Research Foundation Board of Directors PRESIDENT

Jake Jorgensen

John F. Kelley, III



Martin J. Garza

Robert C. Lanham

William M. Kuhne




Francis W. Madigan III

Francis W. Madigan, Jr.



Barry Paceley

J. David Pepper



Shannon Sapp

Richard S. Pepper



Lester C. Snyder III

James D. Pitcock



Harry L. Mashburn

Leonard P. Toenjes

James Pizzagalli

South Carolina



Stephen C. VanderBloemen

Kenneth F. Robson



Kristine L. Young

Norman J. Walton



VICE PRESIDENT Eric Wilson Colorado


SECRETARY Monique V. Ford Virginia

BOARD OF DIRECTORS Philip E. Beck Georgia

Richard Burt Alabama

Dan K. Fordice III Mississippi

Maryanne Guido Texas

B. Scott Holloway Pennsylvania

Bryan Hubbard Indiana

EMERITUS ADVISORS Russell F. Agosta Michigan

Thomas J. Burleson Tennessee

Peter K.W. Wert Oklahoma

Frank N. Young, Jr. Washington

H. Bartell Zachry, Jr. Texas

Robert H. Boh Louisiana

Terry Deeny Washington

Paul W. Diederich North Dakota

Robert B. Fay, Sr. Pennsylvania

Larry C. Gaskins Florida

Lee Kearney



AGC Education and Research Foundation Mission Statement The AGC Education and Research Foundation shall advance and support education in the construction industry and support or contribute to scientific or research projects and programs deemed to be beneficial to the advancement of technological, educational, or vocational expertise in the industry. The AGC Foundation will achieve this by: ++Awarding scholarships to qualified undergraduate and/or graduate students enrolled at ABET or ACCE accredited schools and colleges in the field of construction or construction-related engineering who demonstrate an interest in pursuing careers in the construction industry and meet the Foundation’s academic and extra-curricular criteria for such scholarships. ++Providing financial assistance to support teaching faculty in the field of construction or construction-related engineering at ABET or ACCE accredited schools and colleges. ++Awarding funding for scientific research projects or other programs deemed by the Foundation to be beneficial to the advancement of educational, technological, or vocational expertise in the construction industry with awards based in part upon recommendations of ABET or ACCE accredited schools and colleges or other groups with special knowledge in construction or construction-related engineering.



AGC Education and Research Foundation 2017 Financial Performance The AGC Education & Research Foundation ended the year on strong financial footing with nearly $10.7 million in net assets. Total contribution revenue was up 50% over 2016 and overall income including investments was up 62% for the year. Scholarships awarded in 2017 represented 64% of total expenses and program expenses made up 10% of overall expenses.


Where the Money Came From in 2017

Where the Money Went in 2017


In 1968, a group of prominent, forward-thinking AGC leaders came together and formed the AGC Education and Research Foundation (AGCERF). Fifty years later, with a history that has included industry names such as Kuhne, Lindstrom, Cianchette, Pepper, Deeny, Boh, Pizzagalli, Fay, Zachry, Diederich, Young, Wert, Burleson, Kelley, Mashburn, and Pitcock, those leaders’ legacy is honored with a continuing effort to be a strong influence on the education of young constructors. Take a look inside the first 50 years of the AGC Education and Research Foundation.


W.A. Klinger named first AGCERF President. Board Members included Clare Miller, VP, C.I. Mehl, SecretaryTreasurer, John E. Healy II, T.T. Flagler Jr., William M. Kuhne & Thomas C. Jellinger


First six scholarships totaling $19,000 announced at annual convention in New Orleans

AGCERF provides $2,000 in seed money to help establish American Council for Construction Education (ACCE)

1975 1970

Research Advisory Council created and chaired by board member F.W. “Bud” Madigan Jr.

2017 Klinger Outstanding Senior Award Recipient Dylan Busby


AGCERF approves funding to develop Supervisory Training Program (STP)

Klinger Award for Iowa State Seniors established


Merrill E. Blackman, Kansas State University named AGCERF’s first Outstanding Educator

AGCERF begins James L. 1978 Allhands Essay Contest— “How the Construction First Industry Serves the graduate Community” scholarship established by Saul Horowitz, Jr.

70 scholarships awarded



1985 Founder William Klinger’s goal of $2 million endowment achieved


Specialty Contractors Council and Supplier/Service Providers Council sponsor first auction and Bill Ratz Memorial Golf Tournament to raise a combined total of $80,000 for AGCERF



AGCERF hosts endowment dinner at City Club in Washington DC to garner $275,000 for new named scholarships


Construction Accident Victims Educational Scholarship established

2004 Board President Pete Wert encourages launch of “Fifty for the Foundation” campaign to establish named scholarships

Missouri Chapter President, Leonard Toenjes is elected to AGCERF Board to represent Executive Leadership Council (ELC); Shannon Sapp elected to represent Construction Leadership Council (CLC)


AGCERF awards over $362,000 in new scholarships to 125 students

2010 AGCERF hires first foundation director with development background

“My grandfather once told me that an education was something no one could ever take from you. His value of education was passed on to me and I truly believe an investment in education has tremendous possibilities. I know the education that you are helping to provide for me will have a positive impact on myself, the community in which I live and the people closest to me.” - Ryan Henderson, Consulting Constructor’s Council Scholarship Recipient


“I want to thank you for being awarded this scholarship, and assure you that I am making the most of my education, which I am certain will produce promising results upon my graduation and career placement. I want to give a hand back to the AGC, the organization that has made such a profound impact on enabling me to pursue a unique and experience-filled undergraduate degree.”

- Jacqui Scibior, Paul B. Richards Memorial Scholarship Recipient


Klinger research funds approved for “handson” research including Faculty Internships and Industry Case Studies


AGCERF welcomes first female board member, Rebecca Mirsky of Boise State University

2013 AGCERF publishes first Industry Case Study, “Ethics in Construction” by Northern Kentucky University with Turner Construction


AGCERF adopts fiveyear fundraising goal to support scholarships and new research initiatives

Under AGCERF President Jack Kelley’s leadership, AGCERF launches planned giving program

AGCERF awards first 19 Workforce Development Scholarships for technical and craft students with initial funding supplied by NCCER



Consulting Constructors’ Council invites AGC San Antonio convention attendees to first benefit gala for AGCERF, “Diamonds and Denim” netting $80,000

AGCERF endowment exceeds $10 million

180 undergraduate and graduate scholarships awarded for over $600,000


2017 AGC Education and Research Foundation celebrates 50th anniversary!

Faculty Internship program renamed Robert L. Bowen Industry Residency Program


“Construction has improved so much over the years, but I feel it is our duty not only as managers, but as leaders to improve it every day.” - Ryan Denoon, AGC of America Scholarship Recipient

“I’m extremely grateful to the AGC Education and Research Foundation for awarding me the scholarship and helping me land a great job.”

“Not only has this scholarship helped with the financial burden of school, it has also introducd me to some wonderful people... people I wouldn’t normally have had the opportunity to meet.” - Laura Dunham, Board of Certified Safety Professionals Scholarship Recipient

- DJ Arwood, Project Engineer, Governor Kirk Fordice Memorial Scholarship Recipient

“After graduating high school, I joined the Air Force where I worked as a Pavement and Construction Equipment Craftsman. As a veteran, I have faced multiple challenges adjusting to being back at school, especially after deployment to Afghanistan. I am now working for a general contractor as a project manager intern in St. Louis, where I am excited to apply my classroom knowledge.” - Patrick Enrich, James D. and Lynne S. Waltze Scholarship Recipient



AGC Education and Research Foundation Family of Funds ENDOWED FUNDS AGC Build America AGC of North Dakota AGC Partnering AGC Specialty Contractors Council & Service & Supply Council Alabama AGC James L. Allhands Memorial Alliant G. Von Anderson Memorial AON/Wisconsin AGC Steve Engelke Memorial Arizona Chapter AGC B.B. & Betty Ellen Armstrong Douglas & Nancy Barnhart CM Barton Malow Company Ben C. Maibach Jr. L. Bradford Barringer Honorary (Carolinas AGC) Catherine Boh Memorial Henry Boh Memorial Rick Brown Memorial Burleson Family G. E. Byrne Memorial Tommy D. Caldwell Honorary (Carolinas AGC) Billy R. Carter Memorial Central Illinois Builders – Richard “Jake” Jakowsky Larry & Beatrice Ching Memorial Cianbro Corporation Ival R. Cianchette CompTrust AGC MCIC of Georgia Robert Conley Construction Accident Victims Construction Leadership Council CONSTRUCTOR Consulting Constructors Council (CCC) Carolyn Cooney Memorial Ralph E. Dailey Memorial Tom & Jan Dailey David and Ruth Dando Terry & Darlene Deeny


Jack & Maggie Kelley W.A. Klinger Memorial Kokosing Construction Company William L. Kressenberg Memorial Central Illinois Builders -- William M. Kuhne John R. Lamberson Al & Gracie Landes The Lanham Family Richard D. Lawrence Memorial Lynn E. LeGault Memorial (Wisconsin AGC) Vernie & Flora Lindstrom Louisiana Contractors Educational Trust Fund Hoyt G. Lowder/FMI Corporation Bud & Mary Madigan MarCon, Inc. of Idaho Steve L. & Pamela C. Massie Fred & Elaine Mast Mary Jane and James D. McClary Robert B. McEachern Memorial William S. & Shirley C. McIntyre J. Howard & Judy Mock Barry & Joan Paceley PC Construction Company Richard & Roxelyn Pepper Stanley F. Pepper Memorial O. L. Pfaffmann Doug & Puddie Pitcock James D. Pitcock, Jr. Judith & James Pizzagalli Hal Pritchett Becky & Doug Pruitt Holt Rast Memorial William H. Ratz Memorial Paul B. Richards Memorial Frank Schneller Memorial Robert D. Siess Memorial Smith, Currie & Hancock Graduate Tom F. & Mary Kay Steele


Paul & Adrienne Stella Sundt Construction Tennessee AGC Textura Grant Thornton, CM Turner Construction Company Andrew Blair Walton Memorial Norman J. Walton, Sr. Memorial AGC of Washington Robert & Rita Desjardins The Diederich Family Warren & Irene Diederich Robert & D’Arcy Elsperman Owen Emme Carl W. Erickson Memorial Robert B. Evans Memorial Byron & Janice Farrell Robert B. & Celine Fay Humphrey Folk J. T. Folk, Jr. Memorial Governor Kirk Fordice Memorial Larry & Maggie Gaskins General Building Contractors Association (GBCA) Stephen P. Gennett Honorary (Carolinas AGC) Thomas Giardini William B. Gilliam Honorary (Carolinas AGC) Pete & Wanda Gilvin Memorial GLY Construction Dixon Hughes Goodman, LLP Honorary (Carolinas AGC) Griffith Company – James D. & Lynne S. Waltze Richard & Elizabeth Hall Hanson-Roscoe Heffner Graduate William E. Herzog Caswell F. Holloway, Jr. and Marie B. Holloway Karen & Scott Holloway Saul Horowitz, Jr. Memorial Graduate Howard R. Hunt Memorial Sam & Ann Hunter


The Jackson Family Irving F. Jensen Memorial Richard “Jake” Jakowsky Ralph W. & Marilyn A. Johnson Connie & Lee Kearney Connie & Lee Kearney II The Weitz Company Pete & Lynette Wert Gerald Williams Memorial (Western Kentucky AGC) WILLIS Andrea & Eric Wilson AGC of Wisconsin Municipal Utilities Industry Advancement Program Frank N. Young Memorial Frank & Susan Young Zachry Construction Corp. SPONSORED SCHOLARSHIP FUNDS Bartlett Cocke GC Board of Certified Safety Professionals Haskell Lemon Construction Company Hensel Phelps Mashburn Construction WORKFORCE DEVELOPMENT SCHOLARSHIP FUNDS Marek Brothers NCCER Travelers Foundation RESEARCH FUNDS Bowen Industry Residency Fund Klinger Research Fund/Industry Case Study Fund SPECIAL USE FUNDS Keene State College Construction Safety Science Degree Program


The AGCERF thanks Procore for its generous donation of the design for this report. AGC Education and Research Foundation 2300 Wilson Blvd. Suite 300 Arlington, VA 22201 Executive Director, Melinda Patrician patricianm@agc.org; 703-837-5342 Associate Director, Courtney Bishop courtney.bishop@agc.org; 703-837-5356

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AGC Education and Research Foundation Annual Report 2017  

AGC Education and Research Foundation Annual Report 2017